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Re: [opensuse-factory] Killing Group tag in .spec files
On 05/29/2018 07:52 AM, Tomas Chvatal wrote:
Dominique Leuenberger / DimStar píše v Út 29. 05. 2018 v 13:18 +0200:

Just curious: did you run this through the SLE fate process already?
There the group is even strictly enforced. Dropping this requirement
the openSUSE side will cause our downstream to suffer from it, unless
they give up on the requirement too.

I so far only spoke with Yast-ers and they would be fine with it from
Technical PoV.

So if you know someone with a stake in this could you poke them to read
this thread? From my side we could drop it even on SLE without pushback

Packages without a Group: definition build in IBS, but they generate a
warning for SLE 15 builds, interestingly enough no warning for SLE 12
SP3 is generated. Thus this exercise would in effect train people to
ignore warnings, something I am not very fond of.

I'd say the issue of SLE builds in IBS not triggering warnings when no
Group is specified should be addressed first.

Also, keep in mind that not every package in SLE is a fork. There are
many packages that are duplicates/copies. That implies that any changes
in YaST would need to be carried back into SLE. Otherwise a lot of work
is generated for other people as they have to start maintaining forks
rather than duplicates/copies. Unless Group: becomes optional, i.e.
spec-cleaner does NOT remove it, and teams maintaining packages that are
duplicates/copies in both OBS and IBS can drop Group: when it works for
them, which without changes in YaST could be 10 years from now.


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