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Re: What about PyPI itself? [Was: Re: [opensuse-factory] Plan for python2-only packages]
On 2018-05-23, 18:29 GMT, Todd Rme wrote:
The main advantage in my view is having multiple eyes on it.
If I maintain my own set of packages I am solely responsible
for keeping thing running, up to date, etc. But if it is part
of openSUSE, then people can and do work together to do this.
It is less work for each individual since any work one person
does benefits everyone rather than just themself.

Of course, that’s standard theory why Linux distros are useful.
However, what about the situation when there are actually less
eyes on openSUSE package than on the upstream project (shared by
all operating systems and distributions, and either number is
not very high in the first place)?

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