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Re: [opensuse-factory] Plan for python2-only packages
Todd Rme píše v Po 21. 05. 2018 v 12:09 -0400:
On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 10:45 AM, Tomas Chvatal <tchvatal@xxxxxxx>
Todd Rme píše v Po 21. 05. 2018 v 10:31 -0400:
There are still a large number of packages in openSUSE:Factory
are python2-only. Some have not been touched upstream in
years. We
probably should start thinking about what to do with them.

I think we should break python2-only packages into four

* Those that have python3 support that just hasn't been
should be updated.

* Those that upstream has indicated has python3 support in the
near-term roadmap should be kept as-is for now (or updated to the
latest version).

* Those that are python2-only and have not seen upstream activity
since 2016 should be dropped from openSUSE:Factory and dropped
devel:languages:python after a two-week warning period.

* All others, including backports packages, should be moved to a
subproject, devel:languages:python:legacy since they won't need
updates or rebuilds. This project should be built but not

I agree with pruning them from TW we will slowly reach that goal as
Matej is doing review all those pending in signlespec-staging
They will either be sloted for removal or updated properly.

Now for those pruned from Factory I wonder what would be best
course of
action. Pf course having legacy project is nice, but maybe it will
quite large amount of work for almost no gain as the python2 should
really quickly phased out in favor of python3.

What about packages that are maintained but remain python2-only?

And would it really be a large amount of work if we make it clear
no further work on legacy packages will be done by dlp maintainers?

Well there should be no conflict, atm we are pruning only py2 leaf
stuff that has no consumers and no updates in a long time, see all the
drop requests pending, last update 2009, last update 2014... Nothing is
so bugfree to not varrant even one bugfix release :).

Anyway we could detect all the py2 only stuff move it to separate
subproject and then offer it up for keeping?

Thus we can fire up the devel:language:python:legacy at least later on
when dropping py2 we will know what to kill with fire :))

We can still prune all those leafs from 200x that didn't have friends
but we would keep all py2 love in one spot for everyone to play with if
they desire so.


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