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[opensuse-factory] Leap 15.0 Build 196.1 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to discuss some issues, make sure to change the subject.
Please use the test plan at
to record your testing efforts and use bugzilla to report bugs.

Packages changed:
appstream-glib (0.7.4+git.3 -> 0.7.7)
autoyast2 (4.0.44 -> 4.0.45)
curl (7.58.0 -> 7.59.0)
exempi (2.2.2 -> 2.4.5)
gcab (0.8 -> 1.1)
gcc7 (7.3.1+r258313 -> 7.3.1+r258812)
gegl (0.3.28 -> 0.3.30)
gstreamer (1.12.4 -> 1.12.5)
gstreamer-plugins-bad (1.12.4 -> 1.12.5)
gstreamer-plugins-base (1.12.4 -> 1.12.5)
gstreamer-plugins-good (1.12.4 -> 1.12.5)
gstreamer-plugins-ugly (1.12.4 -> 1.12.5)
kcm_tablet (2.9.82 -> 3.0.0)
kernel-firmware (20180320 -> 20180402)
libmygpo-qt (1.0.9 -> 1.1.0)
libreoffice ( ->
libsmbios (2.3.3 -> 2.4.1)
multipath-tools (0.7.3+59+suse.1b6191c26774 -> 0.7.3+60+suse.46ac839)
openldap2 (2.4.45 -> 2.4.46)
patterns-yast (20171005 -> 20180403)
php7 (7.2.3 -> 7.2.4)
re2 (20180301 -> 20180401)
skanlite (2.0.1 ->
yast2 (4.0.61 -> 4.0.65)
yast2-auth-client (3.3.18 -> 4.0.0)
yast2-hardware-detection (3.1.8 -> 4.0.0)
yast2-installation (4.0.42 -> 4.0.43)
yast2-journal (3.2.1 -> 4.0.0)
yast2-ldap (3.1.14 -> 4.0.0)
yast2-network (4.0.24 -> 4.0.25)
yast2-nfs-client (4.0.3 -> 4.0.5)
yast2-packager (4.0.52 -> 4.0.55)
yast2-ruby-bindings (4.0.4 -> 4.0.6)
yast2-storage-ng (4.0.142 -> 4.0.148)
yast2-trans (84.87.20180316.72781395d -> 84.87.20180406.01ef53789)
yast2-transfer (3.1.3 -> 4.0.0)
yast2-vm (3.2.5 -> 4.0.0)

=== Details ===

==== appstream-glib ====
Version update (0.7.4+git.3 -> 0.7.7)
Subpackages: appstream-glib-lang libappstream-builder8 libappstream-glib8

- Update to version 0.7.7:
+ Use shell-extensions::uuid for custom shell extensions metadata
- Update to version 0.7.6+git.12:
+ Always resize AppStream icons to fit the destination size.
+ Add AS_IMAGE_LOAD_FLAG_ALWAYS_RESIZE to always resize the
+ Correctly validate files using OR in the metadata_license.
+ Update the SPDX license list to v3.0.
+ Don't abort the build if pngquant fails.
+ Add custom metadata key for shell extension uuid.
+ Do not fail to validate if the timestamps are out of order.
+ Treat pngquant exit code of 98 (nothing done) as success.
- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner.
- Update to version 0.7.6:
+ Never include '&' in attribute values.
+ Add support for release types.
+ Fix an invalid read when using as_app_parse_data() from Python.
+ as-app-desktop: don't deference invalid lists.
- Use pkgconfig(yaml-0.1) instead of libyaml-devel: it's what meson
actually looks for.
- Add docbook-xsl-stylesheets and gtk-doc BuildRequires to avoid
implicit dependencies.
- Drop intltool BuildRequires: it is no longer required since
upstream migrated to Gettext long ago, and gthread-2.0 and
sqlite3 BuildRequires: both of them are no longer used/needed.
- Pass dep11, builder, rpm, man, gtk-doc and introspection meson
options as true, and alpm, fonts and stemmer as false, ensuring
the desired features are enabled and visa versa.
- Update to version 0.7.5:
+ Add as_app_parse_data().
+ Add as_store_get_apps_by_provide().
+ Add more GObject Introspection annotations for Python.
+ Describe connection problems/HTTP errors when validating
+ Do not use an 'enable' prefix for meson arguments.
+ Don't expect an enum when really passing a bitfield.
+ Don?t fall back to en if other languages are available.
+ Explicitly require a new enough json-glib.
+ Fix a crash when calling as_release_add_location() directly.
+ Fix appstream-compose when using new-style desktop IDs.
+ Fix compile with GCab v1.0.
+ Generate icons and samples for emoji fonts..
+ Never change the default screenshot when processing AppData.
+ Support OARS v1.1 additions.
+ Use pngquant to make the application icons take up less space.
- Add pngquant Requires: new runtime dependency to make the
application icons take up less space.

==== ark ====
Subpackages: ark-lang libkerfuffle17

- Drop 0001-Swap-priorities-around-between-unar-and-unrar.patch
again, unar's "unrar" wrapper has been split out and doesn't
replace unrar anymore.
There are good reasons not to prefer unar over unrar, it
currently only supports a subset of RAR archives, and this also
breaks creating of RAR archives with Ark if unar is installed.
People who do want to install the new unrar_wrapper instead of
the real unrar can still disable the rar plugin in Ark's settings
to be able to open RAR archives with unar.

==== autoyast2 ====
Version update (4.0.44 -> 4.0.45)
Subpackages: autoyast2-installation

- Fix tests to use correct storage instance (part of fate#318196).
- 4.0.45

==== boost ====

- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]

==== boost-base ====
Subpackages: boost-license1_66_0 libboost_date_time1_66_0
libboost_filesystem1_66_0 libboost_iostreams1_66_0 libboost_locale1_66_0
libboost_system1_66_0 libboost_thread1_66_0

- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]

==== branding-openSUSE ====
Subpackages: grub2-branding-openSUSE plymouth-branding-openSUSE

- Fix to boo#1087547, yast installation visibility

==== chrony ====

- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]

==== createrepo_c ====
Subpackages: libcreaterepo_c0 python3-createrepo_c

- fix spelling of old weakdeps feature switch (bsc#1088328)

==== curl ====
Version update (7.58.0 -> 7.59.0)
Subpackages: libcurl4 libcurl4-32bit

- Added message about protocol redirection not supported or
disabled to the function findprotocol() [bsc#1076446]
* Added curl-disabled-redirect-protocol-message.patch
- Update to version 7.59.0
[bsc#1084521, CVE-2018-1000120][bsc#1084524, CVE-2018-1000121]
[bsc#1084532, CVE-2018-1000122]
* curl: add --proxy-pinnedpubkey
* CURLOPT_RESOLVE: Add support for multiple IP addresses per entry
* Add new tool option --happy-eyeballs-timeout-ms
* openldap: check ldap_get_attribute_ber() results for NULL before using
* FTP: reject path components with control codes
* readwrite: make sure excess reads don't go beyond buffer end
* lib555: drop text conversion and encode data as ascii codes
* lib517: make variable static to avoid compiler warning
* lib544: sync ascii code data with textual data
* GSKit: restore pinnedpubkey functionality
* darwinssl: Don't import client certificates into Keychain on macOS
* parsedate: fix date parsing for systems with 32 bit long
* openssl: fix pinned public key build error in FIPS mode
* SChannel/WinSSL: Implement public key pinning
* cookies: remove verbose "cookie size:" output
* progress-bar: don't use stderr explicitly, use bar->out
* build: open VC15 projects with VS 2017
* curl_ctype: private is*() type macros and functions
* configure: set PATH_SEPARATOR to colon for PATH w/o separator
* curl_easy_reset: clear digest auth state
* curl/curl.h: fix comment typo for CURLOPT_DNS_LOCAL_IP6
* range: commonize FTP and FILE range handling
* progress-bar docs: update to match implementation
* fnmatch: do not match the empty string with a character set
* fnmatch: accept an alphanum to be followed by a non-alphanum in char set
* build: fix termios issue on android cross-compile
* getdate: return -1 for out of range
* formdata: use the mime-content type function
* openssl: Don't add verify locations when verifypeer==0
* fnmatch: optimize processing of consecutive *s and ?s pattern characters
* schannel: fix compiler warnings
* content_encoding: Add "none" alias to "identity"
* get_posix_time: only check for overflows if they can happen
* http_chunks: don't write chunks twice with CURLOPT_HTTP_TRANSFER_DECODING
* README: language fix
* sha256: build with OpenSSL < 0.9.8
* smtp: fix processing of initial dot in data
* --tlsauthtype: works only if libcurl is built with TLS-SRP support
* tests: new tests for http raw mode
* libcurl-security.3: man page discussion security concerns when using libcurl
* curl_gssapi: make sure this file too uses our *printf()
* BINDINGS: fix curb link (and remove ruby-curl-multi)
* nss: use PK11_CreateManagedGenericObject() if available
* travis: add build with iconv enabled
* ssh: add two missing state names
* CURLOPT_HEADERFUNCTION.3: mention folded headers
* http: fix the max header length detection logic
* header callback: don't chop headers into smaller pieces
* CURLOPT_HEADER.3: clarify problems with different data sizes
* curl --version: show PSL if the run-time lib has it enabled
* examples/sftpuploadresume: resume upload via CURLOPT_APPEND
* Return error if called recursively from within callbacks
* sasl: prefer PLAIN mechanism over LOGIN
* winbuild: Use CALL to run batch scripts
* curl_share_setopt.3: connection cache is shared within multi handles
* projects/README: remove reference to dead IDN link/package
* lib655: silence compiler warning
* configure: Fix version check for OpenSSL 1.1.1
* docs/MANUAL: is not accessible on the site anymore
* unit1307: proper cleanup on OOM to fix torture tests
* curl_ctype: fix macro redefinition warnings
* build: get CFLAGS (including -werror) used for examples and tests
* NO_PROXY: fix for IPv6 numericals in the URL
* krb5: use nondeprecated functions
* http2: mark the connection for close on GOAWAY
* limit-rate: kick in even before "limit" data has been received
* HTTP: allow "header;" to replace an internal header with a blank one
* http2: verbose output new MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS values
* SECURITY: distros' max embargo time is 14 days
* curl tool: accept --compressed also if Brotli is enabled and zlib is not
* WolfSSL: adding TLSv1.3
* add -i and -m options
* CURLOPT_COOKIEFILE.3: "-" as file name means stdin
- Refreshed patch libcurl-ocloexec.patch

==== dhcp ====
Subpackages: dhcp-client

- Update to dhcp-4.3.6-P1:
* CVE-2018-5733, bsc#1083303: reference count overflow in dhcpd.
* CVE-2018-5732, bsc#1083302: buffer overflow bug in dhclient.
* Plugged a socket descriptor leak in OMAPI
* The server now allows the client identifier (option 61) to own
leases in more than one subnet concurrently [ISC-Bugs #41358].
* When replying to a DHCPINFORM, the server will now include
options specified at the pool scope, provided the ciaddr field
of the DHCPINFORM is populated.
[ISC-Bugs #43219] [ISC-Bugs #45051].
* When memory allocation fails in a repeated way the process
writes "Run out of memory." on the standard error and exists
with status 1 [ISC-Bugs #32744].
* The new lmdb (Lightning Memory DataBase) bind9 configure
option is now disabled by default to avoid the presence of
this library to be detected which can lead to a link failure.
[ISC-Bugs #45069]
* The linux interface discovery code has been modified to use
getifaddrs() as is done for BSD and OS-X.
[ISC-Bugs #28761] and others.
* Fixed a bug in OMAPI that causes omshell to crash when a
name-value pair with a zero length value is shipped in an
object [ISC-Bugs #29108].
* On 64-bit platforms, dhclient now generates the correct value
for the script environment variable, "expiry", the lease
expiry value exceeds 0x7FFFFFFF [ISC-Bugs #43326].
* Common timer logic was modified to cap the maximum timeout
values at 0x7FFFFFFF - 1 [ISC-Bugs #28038].
* DHCP6 FQDN option unpacking code now correctly handles values
that contain spaces, special, or non-printable characters.
[ISC-Bugs #43592]
* When running in -6 mode, dhclient can enforce the require
option statement and will discard offered leases that do not
contain all the required options specified in the client
configuration [ISC-Bugs #41473].
* Altered DHCPv4 lease time calculation to avoid roll over
errors on 64-bit OS systems when using -1 or large values
for default-lease-time [ISC-Bugs #41976],
* Added --dad-wait-time parameter to dhclient [ISC-Bugs #36169].
* The server nows checks both the address and length of a
prefix delegation when attempting to match it to a prefix
pool [ISC-Bugs #35378].
* Modified DDNS support initialization such that DNS related
ports will only be opened by the server (dhcpd) at startup
if ddns-update-style is not "none"; by dhclient only if and
when the it first attempts an update; and never by dhcrelay.
[ISC-Bugs #45290] [ISC-Bugs #33377]
* Added error logging to two memory allocation failure checks.
[ISC-Bugs #41185]
* Corrected a dhclient -6 issue that caused the client to crash
with an "Impossible condition" error after de-preferencing its
only IA binding [ISC-Bugs #44373].
* By defining CALL_SCRIPT_ON_ONETRY_FAIL in includes/site.h,
dhclient will now call the script with reason set to FAIL when
run with -1 (one try) and there are no server responses.
[ISC-bugs #18183]
* The server now detects failover peers that are not referenced
in at least one pool when run with the command line option for
test mode, -T [ISC-Bugs #29892].
* Linux script updated [ISC-bugs #19430] [ISC-bugs #18111].
* Changed severity of the log message indicating UDP checksum
errors in the received packets from 'info' to 'debug'.
[ISC-bugs #41757]
* Corrected a bug which could cause the server to sporadically
crash while loading lease files with the lease-id-format is
set to "hex" [ISC-Bugs #43185].
- Obsoleted patches:
* 0011-Fixed-linux-interface-discovery-using-getifaddrs.patch
* 0019-dhcp-4.2.4-P1-interval.patch
* 0021-master-Plugs-a-socket-descriptor-leak-in-OMAPI.patch
* 0022-Optimized-if-and-when-DNS-client-context-and-ports.patch

==== ethtool ====

- add warning that changes should be submitted via git (i.e. not
directly to IBS) to the specfile
- drop BuildRoot (no longer needed in SLE15)
- drop BuildRequire for xz (no longer needed in SLE15)
- use %license rather than %doc for license file (bsc#1082318)
- add backported post-4.13 upstream fixes (bsc#1088294):

==== exempi ====
Version update (2.2.2 -> 2.4.5)

- Extend descriptions.
- Update to 2.4.5:
* Fix a buffer overflow in the PSD parser. (CVE-2018-7730 bnc#1085295)
* Fix a buffer overflow in the TIFF parser. (CVE-2018-7728 bnc#1085297)
* Fix a buffer overflow in PostScript parser. (CVE-2018-7729 bnc#1085296)
* Fix a null dereference in WEBP parser. (CVE-2018-7731 bnc#1085294)
* Properly initialize pointers in WEBP.
* Fix an infinite loop in RIFF parser.
* Fix an infinite loop in QuickTime parser.
* Fix an infinite loop in ASF parser.
* Adjust minimum version for gcc in documentation.
* Fix a buffer overrun, memcpy() on overlapping regions, use after free in
the exception handling. Fix a fatal assert with corrupt WEBP.
* Fix a crash on a corrupt file.
* Upgrade XMPCore to Adobe XMP CC 2014.12.
* New flag to optimize layout on MPEG4 files.
* GoPro MPEG4 video files support.
* Improved JPEG support.
* iXML support in WAVE files.
* Several bugs and memory leaks fixes.
* Changes from Adobe XMP CC 2013.06.
* Pluggable file handlers (not exposed yet in Exempi)
* Support for Exif 2.3 properties
* New RIFF file handler
* Better Postscript support.
* Lot of bug fixes.
* Now require (partial) C++11 support to compile (gcc 4.4.7 tested)
* WebP format handler (contributed: Frankie Dintino, The Atlantic)
* Several API improvements
* Fix potential crash with corrupt TIFF file.
* Fix header to pass -Wstrict-prototypes

==== ffmpeg ====
Subpackages: libavcodec57 libavdevice57 libavfilter6 libavformat57
libavresample3 libavutil55 libpostproc54 libswresample2 libswscale4

- Create a new package ffmpeg-private-devel which contains some
headers under /usr/include/ffmpeg/private that were not installed
by upstream. Those headers are needed by the libav package in order
to build avconv and other tools using the libav* libraries generated
by ffmpeg instead of its own. No other package should require
- Build and install also the sidxindex tool

==== gcab ====
Version update (0.8 -> 1.1)
Subpackages: gcab-lang libgcab-1_0-0

- Update description.
- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
- Add gcab-revert-git-dep.patch: Revert new dependency on git,
having a builddependency on git just to able to show version when
using a git checkout is a bit much (bgo#793406).
- Following the above patch, drop git BuildRequires.
- Update to version 1.1:
+ Add git version in --version.
+ Fix list of new symbols in index page.
+ Fix unused declarations.
- Drop fixed upstream patches:
- Drop intltool BuildRequires: it's no longer a requirement after
upstream migration to Gettext.
- Add git BuildRequires: new dependency.
- Add a little summary of its content to the main package

==== gcc7 ====
Version update (7.3.1+r258313 -> 7.3.1+r258812)
Subpackages: cpp7 libgcc_s1 libgcc_s1-32bit libgfortran4 libgomp1 libobjc4
libquadmath0 libstdc++6 libstdc++6-32bit

- Update to gcc-7-branch head (r258812).
* Picks fix to no longer enable -mpc-relative-literal-loads by default
with --enable-fix-cortex-a53-843419.
- Enable --enable-fix-cortex-a53-843419 on aarch64. [bnc#1084812]

==== gegl ====
Version update (0.3.28 -> 0.3.30)
Subpackages: gegl-0_3 gegl-0_3-lang libgegl-0_3-0

- Update to 0.3.30
- Rather complex code changes, which is in NEWS file
- Now minimum build requirement for GIMP 2.10.0
- Update to version 0.3.28:
+ New stable branch, long packaged as gegl-unstable in openSUSE,
changes far to many to list, please see NEWS packaged in
docs sub-package.
- Lots of BuildRequires, Requires and sub-package changes.
- Drop upstream fixed patches:
+ gegl-UF_long.patch.
+ gegl-lua52.patch.
+ gegl-0.2.0-CVE-2012-4433.patch.
+ gegl-ruby19.patch.
+ gegl-0.2.0-linker-flags.patch
- Fix SRPM group. Update descriptions. Remove idempotent
%if..%endif around %package.
- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
- require liberation-fonts instead of liberation2-fonts, it is dead
[bsc#1077375] [rh#856239]
- Replace liberation-fonts BuildRequires with liberation2-fonts:
the new set works as well.
- Fix CVE-2012-4433 (bsc#789835):
+ Add gegl-0.2.0-CVE-2012-4433.patch: Fix buffer overflow in and
add plausibility checks to ppm-load op.
- Use pkgconfig instead of libffmpeg-devel
- Add gegl-0.2.0-linker-flags.patch to add -lm to linker flags.
- fix build for factory
* add patch: gegl-UF_long.patch
* newer suitesparse abandoned UF_long in favor for SuiteSparse_long
- fix build for graphics repo
* ugly fix, multiple provides of gd by gd and gd-tools from libgd2
- update license to new format
- Add gegl-ruby19.patch: Fix build with ruby 1.9.
- Add liberation-fonts: the documentation references bitstream
vera sans font, so we need to provide it for the build.
- Update to version 0.2.0:
+ OpenCL support
+ Build improvements.
+ High level API to apply ops directly to buffers with arguments.
+ Final bits of translation infrastructure.
+ Invalidate regions when disconnecting input pads.
+ Operations:
- New operation: global-matting
- Allow transform core to do perspective transforms.
- Added string based key/value pairs to operations.
- Added arguments for dealing with scaled down preview
+ Added human interaction ranges and non-linear mapping to
+ Buffer:
- Removed broken lanczos sampler.
- Add gegl_buffer_set_color and gegl_buffer_set_pattern
- Added ability to drop cached tiles.
- Added API for handling abyss policy (not implemented yet)
- Avoid iterating global tile cache when flushing/destroying
buffers that have no tiles in the cache.
- Add intltool BuildRequires: new dependency upstream, for
- Add lensfun-devel BuildRequires to build with lensfun support.
- Add libexiv2-devel BuildRequires to build with libexiv2 support.
- Add libjasper-devel BuildRequires to build with Jasper support.
- Add libspiro-devel BuildRequires to build with SPIRO support.
- Add suitesparse-devel BuildRequires to build with UMFPACK
- Uncomment ruby BuildRequires: it was commented out because a file
was missing in a earlier tarball.
- Rename subpackages from gegl-0_1/libgegl-0_1-0 to
gegl-0_2/libgegl-0_2-0 following the upstream soname change.
- Create a gegl-0_2-lang subpackage for new translations.
- Add gegl-lua52.patch: fix build with lua 5.2, while still being
compatible with lua 5.1.
- Update to version 0.1.8:
+ New operations: spread, vignette, map-relative,
noise-reduction, plasma, fractal-trace, exr-save, lens-correct,
emboss, cubism, ripple, color-to-alpha, color-rotate,
red-eye-removal, convolution-matrix, deinterlace,
polar-coordinates, lens-distortion, pixelise.
+ Split GeglView GTK Widget into separate utility library
+ build/test improvements.
+ Buffer:
- Added lohalo resampler, API and infrastructure for doing non
affine resamplings.
- Clean spec-file using spec-cleaner.
- Drop docs-build-fix.diff: fixed upstream.
- update to 0.1.6 (see NEWS)
? New operations: max-rgb, pixelise, motion blur.
? Fixed a bugs in matting-levin that made GEGL halt due to errors
detected by babl sanity code, this made 0.1.4 be unusable if you had
all dependendency when building.
? build/test improvements.
? Buffer:
Added API to use external tile backends, allowing to plug-in alien
tilebackends, for GIMP/Krita/OSM or similar.
- remove upstreamed patches bgo609706 bgo610680 (thanks, Vincent)
- BuildRequire graphviz-gd instead of graphviz: we do require png
capabilities, which are split out of the main package.
Theoretically, we should require graphviz-devel, but this package
also does not drag in -gd.
- Add gegl-fix-overflow.patch to fix overflow found by gcc 4.5.
- Update to version 0.1.2:
+ GeglLookup, configurable floating point lookup tables for lazy
+ Use GFileIOStream in GeglTileBackendFile.
+ Optimizations: in-place processing for point filters/composers,
SIMD version of gegl:opacity, avoid making unneccesary
sub-buffers, removed some manual instrumentation from critical
paths, improved speed of samplers.
+ Added xml composition/reference image based regression tests.
+ Added performance tracking framework.
+ Syntactic sugar using varargs for constructing gegl graphs from
+ Build fixes on cygwin.
+ Gegl# fixes.
+ Initial, but unstable code towards multithreading.
+ Improvements to lua op in workshop.
+ Added new resamplers upsize, upsharp, upsmooth, downsize,
downsharp and downsmooth.
+ Removed gegl:tonemap and gegl:normal ops.
- Drop gegl-new-babl.patch: fixed upstream.
- Add gegl-fix-build.patch: remove printf that breaks build because
of missing include.
- Rename package from gegl-0_0 and libgegl-0_0-0 to gegl-0_1 and
libgegl-0_1-0 following soname bump.
- Add gegl-new-babl.patch to fix build with babl 0.1.2.
- Update to version 0.1.0:
+ Renamed gegl:load-buffer to gegl:buffer-source and
gegl:save-buffer to gegl:buffer-sink (but the old names still
+ Represent colors using doubles instead of floats (this change
is independent from internal processing)
+ Removed the GTK+ UI parts of the gegl binary and turned gegl
into a pure command line tool (which can still visualize stuff
with help help the SDL based display operation)
+ Consider {x=G_MININT/2, y=G_MININT/2, width=G_MAXINT,
height=G_MAXINT} as the only valid region wichin processing
may occur. Processing outside of this region is undefined
+ Added support for storing allocation stack traces for
GeglBuffers so that debuging buffer leaks becomes much easier
+ Made small changes and cleanups of the public API, e.g.
- Removed gegl_node_adapt_child()
- Made GeglConfig an explicit object
- Removed most of the ifdeffed stuff to mask away internal
- Added gegl_rectangle_infinite_plane() and
+ Added new sampler GeglSamplerSharp
+ Added format property go gegl:buffer-sink
+ Cleaned up and made gegl:introspect work again
+ Add a bunch of test cases using the automake test sytem (make
check) and also port buffer tests to automake
+ General cleanups, bug fixes, increased robustness and improved
- Drop gegl-babl_api_change.patch: fixed upstream.
- Temporarly remove ruby BuildRequires as the build is broken when
it's there right now.
- Add gegl-babl_api_change.patch to make gegl build with babl
0.1.0. Patch taken from Fedora.
- Remove autoreconf call.
- Do not make gegl0_0 explicitly Requires libbabl-0_0-0.

==== gnome-settings-daemon ====
Subpackages: gnome-settings-daemon-lang

- Add gnome-settings-daemon-timeout-grabbing-keys.patch: Retry
grabbing media-key accelerators when timed out (bgo#792353).

==== gnutls ====

- Simplify the DANE support %ifdef condition
* build with DANE on openSUSE only
- Adjust RPM groups. Drop %if..%endif guards that are idempotent.

==== gptfdisk ====

- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]

==== grub2 ====
Subpackages: grub2-i386-pc grub2-snapper-plugin grub2-systemd-sleep-plugin

- Fix Nvidia GPU in legacy I/O slot 2 disappears during system
startup (bsc#1082914)
* 0001-Fix-PCIe-LER-when-GRUB2-accesses-non-enabled-MMIO-da.patch
- Fix packed-not-aligned error on GCC 8 (bsc#1084632)
* 0001-Fix-packed-not-aligned-error-on-GCC-8.patch

==== gstreamer ====
Version update (1.12.4 -> 1.12.5)
Subpackages: gstreamer-lang gstreamer-utils libgstreamer-1_0-0

- Update to version 1.12.5:
+ pad: fix some stream deactivation deadlocks/races.
+ registrychunks: don't read from unaligned memory when loading
+ ptp: fix build failure with #undef USE_MEASUREMENT_FILTERING.
+ downloadbuffer: Don't hold the mutex while posting the
download-complete message.
+ playbin3: Fix accessing invalid index in GstStream when
received select-stream event.
+ id3v2: re-fix handling of ID3 v2.4 tags with extended headers.
+ audio: fix handling of U32BE format.
+ videodecoder: Reset QoS time after pushing segment. This fixes
playbin gapless playback with videos.
+ subparse: push out of last chunk of text if last line has no
+ aacparse: When parsing raw input, accept frames of any size.
This fixes handling of encoded silence.
+ splitmuxsrc: Improve not-linked handling.
+ rtspsrc: also proxy multicast-iface property to RTCP udpsrc.
+ flacdec: flush flac decoder on lost sync, so that it can
+ matroskamux: Only mark new clusters as keyframe if they start
on a keyframe or we're muxing only audio.
+ matroskamux: Clip maximum cluster duration to the maximum
possible value.
+ h264parse: reset internal 'state' variable properly.
+ x264enc: fix build with newer x264 with support for multiple
bit depths.
+ x265enc: Fix tagging of keyframes on output buffers.
+ glimagesink: Correct PAR in output caps when transforming.
+ vtdec: destroy and create the GL context on start()/stop(),
fixing a refcount loop.
+ player: fix criticals when reading info/track properties that
are NULL.
+ lv2: fix inverted boolean properties.
+ rtponviftimestamp: fix state change function init/reset, fixing
memory corruption or leaks on shutdown.
+ libav: some build issues fixes.
+ rtsp-server: Place netaddress meta on packets received via TCP.
Fixes keep-alive via RTCP in TCP interleaved mode.
+ rtsp-server: gi annotation fixes.
+ gst-libav: internal ffmpeg copy was updated to ffmpeg 3.3.6.
+ Various fixes for memory leaks, deadlocks and crashes in all
- Unconditionally enable translation-update-upstream: on
Tumbleweed, this results in a NOP and for Leap in SLE paid
translations being used (boo#1086036).
- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner

==== gstreamer-plugins-bad ====
Version update (1.12.4 -> 1.12.5)
Subpackages: gstreamer-plugins-bad-lang libgstadaptivedemux-1_0-0
libgstbadaudio-1_0-0 libgstbadbase-1_0-0 libgstbadvideo-1_0-0
libgstbasecamerabinsrc-1_0-0 libgstcodecparsers-1_0-0 libgstgl-1_0-0
libgstmpegts-1_0-0 libgstphotography-1_0-0 libgsturidownloader-1_0-0

- Update to version 1.12.5:
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#794069, bgo#794353, bgo#794620, bgo#794537,
bgo#793629, bgo#789476, bgo#789476, bgo#791910, bgo#791813,
bgo#791772, bgo#791330, bgo#791982.
- Drop gst-bad-vtdec-destroy-create-fix.patch and
gst-bad-player-transfer-ownership.patch: Fixed upstream.

==== gstreamer-plugins-base ====
Version update (1.12.4 -> 1.12.5)
Subpackages: gstreamer-plugins-base-lang libgstallocators-1_0-0 libgstapp-1_0-0
libgstaudio-1_0-0 libgstfft-1_0-0 libgstpbutils-1_0-0 libgstriff-1_0-0
libgstrtp-1_0-0 libgstrtsp-1_0-0 libgstsdp-1_0-0 libgsttag-1_0-0
libgstvideo-1_0-0 typelib-1_0-GstAudio-1_0 typelib-1_0-GstPbutils-1_0
typelib-1_0-GstTag-1_0 typelib-1_0-GstVideo-1_0

- Update to version 1.12.5:
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#668995, bgo#792983, bgo#784530, bgo#771853,
bgo#789358, bgo#791638
- Drop gst-pb-playbin3-fix-accessing-invalid-index.patch: Fixed
- Unconditionally enable translation-update-upstream: on
Tumbleweed, this results in a NOP and for Leap in SLE paid
translations being used (boo#1086036).
- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner.
- Drop filesystem PreRequires: this is simply nonsense.

==== gstreamer-plugins-good ====
Version update (1.12.4 -> 1.12.5)
Subpackages: gstreamer-plugins-good-lang

- Update to version 1.12.5:
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#792775, bgo#793067, bgo#792376, bgo#792644,
bgo#791473, bgo#757449, bgo#791494.
- Drop upstream fixed patches:
+ gst-good-equalizer-fix-Wincompatible-pointer-types-warning.patch.
+ gst-good-fix-memory-leak-GAP-buffers.patch.
+ gst-good-flacdec-flush-flac-decoder.patch
- Unconditionally enable translation-update-upstream: on
Tumbleweed, this results in a NOP and for Leap in SLE paid
translations being used (boo#1086036).

==== gstreamer-plugins-ugly ====
Version update (1.12.4 -> 1.12.5)
Subpackages: gstreamer-plugins-ugly-lang

- Update to version 1.12.5:
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#792111.
- Drop gst-ugly-amrnwbdec-fixes.patch and
gst-x264enc-fix-build-x264-multiple-bit-depths.patch: Fixed
- Add gst-x264enc-fix-build-x264-multiple-bit-depths.patch:
x264enc: fix build with newer x264 with support for multiple bit
depths (bgo#792111).

==== hdf5 ====
Subpackages: libhdf5-101 libhdf5_hl100

- Only build one examples package for all flavors, do not
include dependencies as these would be flavor specific
- Fix some typos, one trivial, two mispelled macros

==== iproute2 ====

- list of patches packed into patches.tar.xz on its creation (this
is a fake changelog entry added to silence factory-auto bot):
- add Provides and Obsoletes for removed iproute2-doc
- use fdupes to avoid OBS warnings (and unlinked duplicate files)
- use %license for license file (bsc#1082318)
- drop outdated sgml/tex/pdf documentation:
- move remaining files from iproute2-doc (which are fairly small)
into the main package and drop iproute2-doc completely
- make guards and apply-patches scripts executable in prep phase
(needed to fix build in IBS)
- add more post-4.12 fixes (bsc#1085669):
- add warning that changes should be submitted via git (i.e. not
directly to IBS) to both specfiles
- reorder patches into upstream order (and move SUSE specific ones
to the end); this allows fewer modifications compared to original
upstream commits and makes future backports easier (no effect
on expanded source tree)
- transform the package to patches tarball and series.conf for
easier maintenance (no effect on expanded source tree)
* pack all patches into a tarball
* list them in series.conf
* apply patches in a loop using guard utility

==== kbd ====
Subpackages: kbd-legacy

- Disable characters >=U+F000. These do not work properly
(bsc#1085432#c15, kbd-unicode-fxxx.patch).

==== kcm_tablet ====
Version update (2.9.82 -> 3.0.0)
Subpackages: kcm_tablet-lang

- Update to version 3.0.0
* Implemented hotplugging on Xlib (by Fabian Vogt). Hotplugging
should now work on Debian/Ubuntu based distributions, and all
other distributions that don't build libXCB with Xinput
* Screen mapping configuration now uses output names instead of
screen indices. This invalidates existing screen mapping
* Tablet Finder should no longer skip button detection.
* First steps in fixing rotation handling in multi-screen setup.
However, for now if you want your screen rotation to be
tracked, it has to be set as primary screen. Qt bug:
* Minor calibration dialog fixes. Calibration still might be off
with Cintiq devices. Fixing those would require some feedback:
* New device definitions:
+ Lenovo Yoga 520 (by Felipe Abrahao)
+ Wacom Intuos Pro L (PTH-860) (by Melvin Vermeeren)
+ Wacom Bamboo One M (CTL-671) (by Alexander)
- Drop Implement-hotplugging-on-Xlib.patch, merged upstream
- Mark license file as %license

==== kernel-firmware ====
Version update (20180320 -> 20180402)
Subpackages: ucode-amd

- Update to version 20180402:
* amdgpu: update vce firmware for Polaris
* linux-firmware: Add firmware file for Intel Bluetooth,9560
* linux-firmware: Add firmware file for Intel Bluetooth,9260
* linux-firmware: Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth,8265
* linux-firmware: Update firmware patch for Intel Bluetooth 8260
* nfp: update Agilio SmartNIC firmware to rev 2.0.7
* cxgb4: update firmware to revision
* linux-firmware: intel: Update Geminilake audio firmware
* linux-firmware: intel: Update Kabylake audio firmware
* linux-firmware: intel: Update Broxton audio firmware
* linux-firmware: intel: Update Skylake audio firmware

==== kernel-source ====

- Update arm kabi files to reflect changes in iProc driver.
- commit 5c17dc1
- Update ppc kabi files to reflect kabi fixes.
- commit d584de6
- Remove patces for bug 1087405 due to regression
- Refresh
- Delete patches.arch/cpu-hotplug-Convert-hotplug-locking-to-percpu-rwsem.patch.
- Delete patches.arch/cpu-hotplug-Provide-cpus_read-write_-un-lock.patch.
- Delete patches.arch/cpu-hotplug-Provide-lockdep_assert_cpus_held.patch.
- Delete
- Delete
- Delete patches.arch/stop_machine-Provide-stop_machine_cpuslocked.patch.
- Delete
- Delete
- commit f91a2ea
- Update ppc kabi files.
A change in mm_context_t
- commit 4e5f64a
- mm, sparse: do not swamp log with huge vmemmap allocation (bnc#1082184,
- commit 080516f
- powerpc/mm: Fixup tlbie vs store ordering issue on POWER9
- powerpc/mm/radix: Move the functions that does the actual tlbie closer
- Refresh
- Refresh
- commit 9f17cf2
- powerpc/mm: Workaround Nest MMU bug with TLB invalidations
- commit 2dc45cc
- powerpc/64s/radix: Optimize TLB range flush barriers
- commit ab0534b
- Fix kABI for musb flush_irq_work field addition (bsc#1085536).
- commit bd7d8c7
- kABI: protect struct mlx5_core_srq (bsc#1046305 FATE#322943).
- Delete
Move kABI workaround to patches.kabi/
- commit 8b4c573
- kABI: protect struct mlx5_core_srq (bsc#1046305 FATE#322943).
- commit 722e1e3
- kabi/severities: Ignore livepatching kABI changes
Namely klp_*_patch symbols (enable, disable, (un)register).
- commit 1162b94
- powerpc/lib/xor_vmx: Ensure no altivec code executes before
enable_kernel_altivec() (bsc#1065729).
- commit a384ead
- powerpc: Fix check for copy/paste instructions in alignment
handler (bsc#1055117).
- commit d9df9cc
- livepatch: Add an extra flag to distinguish registered patches
(bsc#1071995 fate#323487).
- livepatch: Remove Nop structures when unused (bsc#1071995
- livepatch: Remove replaced patches from the stack (bsc#1071995
- Refresh patches.suse/livepatch-add-atomic-replace.patch.
- Refresh
- Refresh

- Refresh
- Refresh

- Delete

- Delete

- Delete

- Delete
- Delete
Atomic replace, update to v11.
- commit 25ee7a3
- Delete kabi/arm64/symtypes-default.
- Delete kabi/arm64/symvers-default.
- Delete kabi/ppc64le/symtypes-default.
- Delete kabi/ppc64le/symvers-default.
- Delete kabi/s390x/symtypes-default.
- Delete kabi/s390x/symvers-default.
- Delete kabi/x86_64/symtypes-default.
- Delete kabi/x86_64/symvers-default.
Disable imported kABI for now for openSUSE-15.0 branch.
- commit 460eb3a
- Refresh

- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh

- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh

- Refresh
- Refresh

- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
Move patches to the sorted section.
- commit fbb5005
- intel_th: Use correct method of finding hub (FATE#325099).
- commit 0af4c94
- Preliminary patch sort & update
- commit 1073359
- scsi: lpfc: Add missing unlock in WQ full logic (bsc#1077989).
- scsi: lpfc: use __raw_writeX on DPP copies (bsc#1077989).
- commit 62cee1d
- s390/qeth: on channel error, reject further cmd requests
(bnc#1088343, LTC#165985).
- commit 5b6cf5f
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh

- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh

- Refresh
- Refresh

- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- commit 78112c4
- hv_balloon: fix bugs in num_pages_onlined accounting
- hv_balloon: simplify hv_online_page()/hv_page_online_one()
- hv_balloon: fix printk loglevel (fate#323887).
- commit 0be921f
- PCI: hv: Only queue new work items in hv_pci_devices_present()
if necessary (fate#323887, bsc#1087659).
- PCI: hv: Remove the bogus test in hv_eject_device_work()
(fate#323887, bsc#1087659).
- PCI: hv: Fix a comment typo in _hv_pcifront_read_config()
(fate#323887, bsc#1087659).
- PCI: hv: Fix 2 hang issues in hv_compose_msi_msg() (fate#323887,
bsc#1087659, bsc#1087906).
- PCI: hv: Serialize the present and eject work items
(fate#323887, bsc#1087659).
- commit ae18380
- add mainline tag to various patches to be able to get further work done
- commit 6ad1ff6
- scripts/git_sort/ Handle unsupported cache db format
The upcoming python3 port will introduce two changes to the database format
used for the cache: the default database format of python's "shelve" module
changed from bdb to gnu dbm and the default protocol version of the
"pickle" module changed from 0 to 3.
python2 only supports the gnu dbm format if the gdbm module is available.
python2 does not handle pickle protocol version 3. In case a user runs the
python3 version of git-sort and then runs the python2 version again, the
cache file will be unreadable. Handle that situation explicitly by
rebuilding the cache.
If this commit is not available, the alternative workaround is to delete
the cache file manually (typically under ~/.cache/git-sort).
- commit 15bd1c2
- iscsi-target: Fix non-immediate TMR reference leak
- iscsi-target: Make TASK_REASSIGN use proper se_cmd->cmd_kref
- iscsi-target: fix memory leak in lio_target_tiqn_addtpg()
- commit 34e6573
- Ran prior to adding my patches.
- commit da61622
- kabi/severities: ignore PPC KVM
- commit 7d22756
- powerpc/traps: Use SRR1 defines for program check reasons
- commit ea11890
- powerpc: Add PPC_FEATURE2_HTM_NO_SUSPEND (bsc#1055117).
- commit 7ef8218
- powerpc/xive: prepare all hcalls to support long busy delays
- powerpc/xive: shutdown XIVE when kexec or kdump is performed
- powerpc/xive: fix hcall H_INT_RESET to support long busy delays
- powerpc/64/kexec: fix race in kexec when XIVE is shutdowned
- commit 61f67a6
- KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Work around TEXASR bug in fake suspend
state (bsc#1061840).
- KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Work around XER[SO] bug in fake suspend
mode (bsc#1061840).
- KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Work around transactional memory bugs in
POWER9 (bsc#1061840).
- powerpc/powernv: Provide a way to force a core into SMT4 mode
- powerpc: Add CPU feature bits for TM bug workarounds on POWER9
v2.2 (bsc#1061840).
- powerpc: Free up CPU feature bits on 64-bit machines
- powerpc: Book E: Remove unused CPU_FTR_L2CSR bit (bsc#1061840).
- powerpc: Use feature bit for RTC presence rather than timebase
presence (bsc#1061840).
- powerpc/pseries: Fix clearing of security feature flags
- commit acbd042
- powerpc/powernv: Enable TM without suspend if possible
- Refresh
- Refresh
- commit 53035ed
- powerpc/tm: Add commandline option to disable hardware
transactional memory (bsc#1055117).
- commit d4945ad
- powerpc/64s: msgclr when handling doorbell exceptions from
system reset (bsc#1065729).
- commit 920b4d2
- powerpc/64s: Avoid cpabort in context switch when possible
- Refresh
- Refresh
- commit 4153120
- fw_cfg: write vmcoreinfo details (bsc#1077919).
- crash: export paddr_vmcoreinfo_note() (bsc#1077919).
- fw_cfg: add DMA register (bsc#1077919).
- fw_cfg: add a public uapi header (bsc#1077919).
- fw_cfg: handle fw_cfg_read_blob() error (bsc#1077919).
- fw_cfg: remove inline from fw_cfg_read_blob() (bsc#1077919).
- fw_cfg: fix sparse warnings around FW_CFG_FILE_DIR read
- fw_cfg: fix sparse warning reading FW_CFG_ID (bsc#1077919).
- fw_cfg: fix sparse warnings with fw_cfg_file (bsc#1077919).
- fw_cfg: fix sparse warnings in fw_cfg_sel_endianness()
- commit d4b3f19
- powerpc/64: Drop explicit hwsync in context switch
- Refresh
- Refresh patches.arch/powerpc-Add-barrier_nospec.patch.
- commit e5a5881
- powerpc/64: Drop reservation-clearing ldarx in context switch
- commit 6038e82
- fw_cfg: fix driver remove (bsc#1077919).
- fw_cfg: fix the command line module name (bsc#1077919).
- commit e296044
- powerpc/powernv: Fix SMT4 forcing idle code (bsc#1061840).
- powerpc/lpar/debug: Initialize flags before printing debug
message (bsc#1065729).
- powerpc: Move default security feature flags (bsc#1068032).
- commit a13eef9
- Refresh

- commit 6ad4507
- x86/platform/UV: Fix critical UV MMR address error
- x86/platform/UV: Fix GAM Range Table entries less than 1GB
- commit 1ed61f7
- Refresh

- commit 8376280
- ipc/shm: Fix pid freeing (bsc#1088323).
- ipc/sem: Fix semctl(..., GETPID, ...) between pid namespaces
- ipc/msg: Fix msgctl(..., IPC_STAT, ...) between pid namespaces
- ipc/shm: Fix shmctl(..., IPC_STAT, ...) between pid namespaces
- ipc/util: Helpers for making the sysvipc operations pid
namespace aware (bsc#1088323).
- commit 834881a
- powerpc/64: Call H_REGISTER_PROC_TBL when running as a HPT
guest on POWER9 (bsc#1055117).
- commit d22d56e
- cxl: Fix possible deadlock when processing page faults from
cxllib (bsc#1055014).
- cxl: Fix timebase synchronization status on P9 (bsc#1055014).
- commit 97da1b3
- run
- commit dcd8dad
- powerpc/64s: Wire up cpu_show_spectre_v2() (bsc#1068032).
- powerpc/64s: Wire up cpu_show_spectre_v1() (bsc#1068032).
- powerpc/64s: Enhance the information in cpu_show_meltdown()
- commit 63a2f99
- powerpc/64s: Move cpu_show_meltdown() (bsc#1068032).
Refresh patches.arch/powerpc-64-barrier_nospec-Add-debugfs-trigger.patch.
- commit e6621ab
- powerpc/powernv: Use the security flags in pnv_setup_rfi_flush()
- powerpc/powernv: Set or clear security feature flags
- commit 88dba39
- powerpc/pseries: Set or clear security feature flags
- powerpc/pseries: Use the security flags in
pseries_setup_rfi_flush() (bsc#1068032).
- Refresh
- commit a943584
- FS-Cache: fix dereference of NULL user_key_payload
- commit 55e6fcf
- nilfs2: fix race condition that causes file system corruption
- commit a722fb7
- ocfs2: fix cluster hang after a node dies (bsc#1052766).
- commit 4120511
- powerpc: Add security feature flags for Spectre/Meltdown
- commit 5f230fd
- quota: propagate error from __dquot_initialize (bsc#1052766).
- commit cb9d963
- fsnotify: fix pinning group in fsnotify_prepare_user_wait()
- commit c437982
- fscrypt: lock mutex before checking for bounce page pool
- commit 209ee5e
- fscrypt: fix dereference of NULL user_key_payload (bsc#1052766).
- commit f373382
- powerpc/pseries: Add new H_GET_CPU_CHARACTERISTICS flags
- commit b7a53a4
- isofs: fix timestamps beyond 2027 (bsc#1052766).
- commit a587b63
- Refresh rfi patches
- commit d7870ce
- NET: usb: qmi_wwan: add support for YUGA CLM920-NC5 PID 0x9625
- commit 1d9d091
- jbd2: fix sphinx kernel-doc build warnings (bsc#1052766).
- commit fc5bd65
- ext4: correct documentation for grpid mount option
- commit 93f8b5b
- ext4: save error to disk in __ext4_grp_locked_error()
- commit 3dda242
- net: usb: qmi_wwan: add Telit ME910 PID 0x1101 support
- commit c074125
- ext4: fix a race in the ext4 shutdown path (bsc#1052766).
- commit 51e6374
- ext4: fix crash when a directory's i_size is too small
- commit 7d7ac9f
- ext4: fix fdatasync(2) after fallocate(2) operation
- commit 887455a
- powerpc/64s: Relax PACA address limitations (bsc#1065729).
- commit 16255f0
- net: qmi_wwan: add Sierra EM7565 1199:9091 (bsc#1085539).
- commit d8901e2
- powerpc/64s/radix: Remove bolted-SLB address limit for per-cpu
stacks (bsc#1055186, fate#323286).
- commit 79fc554
- net: qmi_wwan: add Quectel BG96 2c7c:0296 (bsc#1085539).
- commit 78209a8
- ext4: fix interaction between i_size, fallocate, and delalloc
after a crash (bsc#1052766).
- commit cbe1a44
- ext4: fix quota inconsistency during orphan cleanup for
read-only mounts (bsc#1052766).
- commit f8cbe3f
- ext4: fix incorrect quotaoff if the quota feature is enabled
- commit 5e83762
- run
- commit b8d67c7
- Refresh
- commit 0f4792f
- lkdtm: fix handle_irq_event symbol for INT_HW_IRQ_EN
- cpu/hotplug: Remove unused check_for_tasks() function
- commit aff55d7
- scsi: aacraid: remove redundant setting of variable c
- commit 46a3cd8
- eeprom: at24: fix reading from 24MAC402/24MAC602 (bsc#1052766).
- commit e377943
- scripts/git_sort/ helgas/pci.git
- commit 718b019
- add mainline tag to one crypto patch to be able to get further work done
- commit ce6483f
- libata: Modify quirks for MX100 to limit NCQ_TRIM quirk to
MU01 version (bsc#1077989).
- libata: Make Crucial BX100 500GB LPM quirk apply to all firmware
versions (bsc#1077989).
- libata: Apply NOLPM quirk to Crucial M500 480 and 960GB SSDs
- libata: Enable queued TRIM for Samsung SSD 860 (bsc#1077989).
- ahci: Add PCI-id for the Highpoint Rocketraid 644L card
- libata: disable LPM for Crucial BX100 SSD 500GB drive
- libata: Apply NOLPM quirk to Crucial MX100 512GB SSDs
- libata: don't try to pass through NCQ commands to non-NCQ
devices (bsc#1077989).
- libata: remove WARN() for DMA or PIO command without data
- libata: fix length validation of ATAPI-relayed SCSI commands
- libata: apply MAX_SEC_1024 to all LITEON EP1 series devices
- commit c6aedf4
- libnvdimm: passthru functions clear to send (FATE#324636).
- Refresh
- commit 9f63ca3
- scsi: ibmvfc: fix misdefined reserved field in
ibmvfc_fcp_rsp_info (bsc#1077989).
- scsi: core: scsi_get_device_flags_keyed(): Always return device
flags (bsc#1077989).
- scsi: core: Fix a scsi_show_rq() NULL pointer dereference
- scsi: ufs: ufshcd: fix potential NULL pointer dereference in
ufshcd_config_vreg (bsc#1077989).
- commit 56f0ee6
- scsi: aacraid: Fix udev inquiry race condition (bsc#1077989).
- Refresh patches.drivers/scsi-aacraid-Fix-hang-in-kdump.patch.
- commit 2a83436
- scsi: mpt3sas: wait for and flush running commands on
shutdown/unload (bsc#1081917).
- scsi: mpt3sas: fix oops in error handlers after shutdown/unload
- commit a349d88
- scsi: mpt3sas: Do not use 32-bit atomic request descriptor
for Ventura controllers (bsc#1081917).
- scsi: mpt3sas: make function _get_st_from_smid static
- scsi: mpt3sas: lockless command submission (bsc#1081917).
- scsi: mpt3sas: simplify _wait_for_commands_to_complete()
- scsi: mpt3sas: simplify mpt3sas_scsi_issue_tm() (bsc#1081917).
- scsi: mpt3sas: simplify task management functions (bsc#1081917).
- scsi: mpt3sas: always use first reserved smid for ioctl
passthrough (bsc#1081917).
- scsi: mpt3sas: check command status before attempting abort
- scsi: mpt3sas: Introduce mpt3sas_get_st_from_smid()
- scsi: mpt3sas: open-code _scsih_scsi_lookup_get() (bsc#1081917).
- scsi: mpt3sas: separate out _base_recovery_check()
- scsi: mpt3sas: use list_splice_init() (bsc#1081917).
- scsi: mpt3sas: set default value for cb_idx (bsc#1081917).
- scsi: mpt3sas: Remove unused variable requeue_event
- scsi: mpt3sas: Replace PCI pool old API (bsc#1081917).
- commit cb50073
- libnvdimm, {btt, blk}: do integrity setup before add_disk()
- libnvdimm, btt: Fix an incompatibility in the log layout
- libnvdimm, namespace: fix label initialization to use valid
seq numbers (FATE#323731).
- libnvdimm, dimm: clear 'locked' status on successful DIMM enable
- commit d622fe7
- ceph: only dirty ITER_IOVEC pages for direct read (bsc#1084898).
- commit 39d3e00
- Refresh

- commit 0eac7e1
- Refresh

- commit 31ba015
- dm: bump DM_VERSION_MINOR in response to target method error
code changes (fate#322738,fate#322919,fate#322950,fate#323773).
- dm ioctl: fix alignment of event number in the device list
- bcache: don't attach backing with duplicate UUID (bsc#1076110).
- bcache: fix crashes in duplicate cache device register
- Refresh with patch-mainline info from upstream

- commit d9ed9f7
- Refresh

- commit 3c722f3
- hv_netvsc: enable multicast if necessary (fate#323887).
- commit 8ac01bc
- i40evf: fix mac filter removal timing issue (bsc#1085952).
- commit 77d77ad
- Check all profiles attached to the label (bsc#1085996).
- commit bdb6960
- EDAC, sb_edac: Fix missing DIMM sysfs entries with KNL SNC2/SNC4
mode (bsc#1087398).
- commit 379aede
- clk: bcm2835: Protect sections updating shared registers
- clk: bcm2835: Fix ana->maskX definitions (bsc#1085535).
- clk: migrate the count of orphaned clocks at init (bsc#1085535).
- i2c: bcm2835: Set up the rising/falling edge delays
- clk: Don't touch hardware when reparenting during registration
- clk: fix a panic error caused by accessing NULL pointer
- clk: imx: imx7d: Fix parent clock for OCRAM_CLK (bsc#1085535).
- clocksource/drivers/arm_arch_timer: Validate CNTFRQ after
enabling frame (bsc#1085535).
- clocksource/drivers/arm_arch_timer: Fix mem frame loop
initialization (bsc#1085535).
- commit 99eb15b
- perf/x86/intel/uncore: Fix multi-domain PCI CHA enumeration
bug on Skylake servers (bsc#1086359).
- commit e6b5922
- arm64: Relax ARM_SMCCC_ARCH_WORKAROUND_1 discovery
- arm64: mm: fix thinko in non-global page table attribute check
- arm64: Remove unimplemented syscall log message (bsc#1085535).
- arm64: cpufeature: Fix CTR_EL0 field definitions (bsc#1085535).
- arm64: proc: Set PTE_NG for table entries to avoid traversing
them twice (bsc#1085535).
- arm64: fix CONFIG_DEBUG_WX address reporting (bsc#1085535).
- arm64: mm: Fix false positives in set_pte_at access/dirty race
detection (bsc#1085535).
- arm64: Initialise high_memory global variable earlier
- arm64: fpsimd: Prevent registers leaking from dead tasks
- arm64: prevent regressions in compressed kernel image size
when upgrading to binutils 2.27 (bsc#1085535).
- arm64: Implement arch-specific pte_access_permitted()
- arm64: ensure __dump_instr() checks addr_limit (bsc#1085535).
- arm64: fault: Route pte translation faults via
do_translation_fault (bsc#1085535).
- arm64: mm: Use READ_ONCE when dereferencing pointer to pte table
- arm64: Make sure SPsel is always set (bsc#1085535).
- commit 9ca6ca7
- mmc: block: fix updating ext_csd caches on ioctl call
- commit 750d5f5
- blacklist.conf: update mmc entry
- commit 2ee5678
- usb: usbmon: Read text within supplied buffer size
- commit 86b2669
- USB: storage: Add JMicron bridge 152d:2567 to unusual_devs.h
- commit 1ed8de7
- Revert "usb: musb: host: don't start next rx urb if current
one failed" (bsc#1087092).
- commit b079d8b
- usb: ohci: Proper handling of ed_rm_list to handle race
condition between usb_kill_urb() and finish_unlinks()
- commit 5b90439
- xhci: Fix front USB ports on ASUS PRIME B350M-A (bsc#1087092).
- commit f61cb1b
- nohz: Prevent a timer interrupt storm in
tick_nohz_stop_sched_tick() (bsc#1051510).
- Refresh
- Refresh patches.suse/sched-throttle-nohz.patch.
- commit a31081c
- blacklist.conf: Add mac80211 entry
- commit 8a71e13
- media: s3c-camif: fix out-of-bounds array access (bsc#1051510).
- media: vivid: fix incorrect capabilities for radio
- media: cx25821: prevent out-of-bounds read on array card
- media: au0828: fix VIDEO_V4L2 dependency (bsc#1051510).
- ath10k: fix recent bandwidth conversion bug (bsc#1051510).
- ath10k: advertize beacon_int_min_gcd (bsc#1051510).
- iwlwifi: mvm: check if mac80211_queue is valid in
iwl_mvm_disable_txq (bsc#1051510).
- ath9k: Protect queue draining by rcu_read_lock() (bsc#1051510).
- mac80211: don't WARN on bad WMM parameters from buggy APs
- mt7601u: let mac80211 validate rx CCMP PN (bsc#1051510).
- regmap: Format data for raw write in regmap_bulk_write
- regmap: Don't use format_val in regmap_bulk_read (bsc#1051510).
- regmap: Correct offset handling in regmap_volatile_range
- regmap-i2c: Off by one in regmap_i2c_smbus_i2c_read/write()
- regmap: Fix reversed bounds check in regmap_raw_write()
- regmap: Correct comparison in regmap_cached (bsc#1051510).
- commit f0366d2
- add a cherry-picked id to earlycon fix patch
- commit c41f9b4
- x86/cpu/amd: Derive L3 shared_cpu_map from cpu_llc_shared_mask
(stable fixes).
- x86/efi: Fix kernel param add_efi_memmap regression (stable
- x86: Make X86_BUG_FXSAVE_LEAK detectable in CPUID on AMD
(stable fixes).
- x86/microcode/intel: Disable late loading on model 79 (stable
- x86/microcode/intel: Extend BDW late-loading further with LLC
size check (stable fixes).
- x86/microcode/intel: Extend BDW late-loading with a revision
check (stable fixes).
- x86/mm, mm/hwpoison: Clear PRESENT bit for kernel 1:1 mappings
of poison pages (stable fixes).
- x86/mm, mm/hwpoison: Don't unconditionally unmap kernel 1:1
pages (stable fixes).
- blacklist.conf:
- Refresh

- Refresh
- commit 6fad1e8
- HID: multitouch: Support PTP Stick and Touchpad device
- commit 121a18f
- blacklist.conf: arm64: ignore compiler warning fix
- commit f435aeb
- HID: quirks: Fix keyboard + touchpad on Toshiba Click Mini
not working (bsc#1087092).
- commit c28bdad
- HID: multitouch: Only look at non touch fields in first packet
of a frame (bsc#1087092).
- commit d86f5f8
- PCMCIA / PM: Avoid noirq suspend aborts during suspend-to-idle
- commit c4ccc7e
- Refresh patches.suse/0001-lan78xx-Connect-phy-early.patch.
- commit 1f9e0fb
- arm64: assembler: Change order of macro arguments in
phys_to_ttbr (bsc#1087414).
- commit 50ba314
- net/mlx4_core: Fix memory leak while delete slave's resources
(bsc#1046300 FATE#322946).
- net/mlx4_en: Fix mixed PFC and Global pause user control
requests (bsc#1046299 FATE#322947).
- net/mlx5e: Avoid using the ipv6 stub in the TC offload neigh
update path (bsc#1046303 FATE#322944).
- net/mlx5e: Fix memory usage issues in offloading TC flows
(bsc#1046303 FATE#322944).
- net/mlx5e: Fix traffic being dropped on VF representor
(bsc#1046303 FATE#322944).
- net/mlx5e: Don't override vport admin link state in switchdev
mode (bsc#1046303 FATE#322944).
- RDMA/ucma: Check that device exists prior to accessing it
(bsc#1046306 FATE#322942).
- RDMA/ucma: Check that device is connected prior to access it
(bsc#1046306 FATE#322942).
- RDMA/qedr: Fix QP state initialization race (bsc#1050545
- RDMA/qedr: Fix rc initialization on CNQ allocation failure
(bsc#1050545 FATE#322893).
- RDMA/qedr: fix QP's ack timeout configuration (bsc#1050545
- bnxt_en: Check valid VNIC ID in bnxt_hwrm_vnic_set_tpa()
(bsc#1050242 FATE#322914).
- RDMA/ucma: Ensure that CM_ID exists prior to access it
(bsc#1046306 FATE#322942).
- RDMA/ucma: Fix use-after-free access in ucma_close (bsc#1046306
- RDMA/ucma: Fix access to non-initialized CM_ID object
(bsc#1046306 FATE#322942).
- commit bacc3ae
- net/mlx5e: Sync netdev vxlan ports at open (bsc#1046303
- RDMA/core: Do not use invalid destination in determining port
reuse (bsc#1046306 FATE#322942).
- IB/mlx5: Fix integer overflows in mlx5_ib_create_srq
(bsc#1046305 FATE#322943).
- IB/mlx5: Fix incorrect size of klms in the memory region
(bsc#1046305 FATE#322943).
- commit 78a69dd
- net/mlx5: Make eswitch support to depend on switchdev
(bsc#1046305 FATE#322943).
- RDMA/rdma_cm: Fix use after free race with process_one_req
(bsc#1046306 FATE#322942).
- RDMA/ucma: Correct option size check using optlen (bsc#1046306
- RDMA/ucma: Check AF family prior resolving address (bsc#1046306
- RDMA/ucma: Don't allow join attempts for unsupported AF family
(bsc#1046306 FATE#322942).
- IB/mlx5: Fix out-of-bounds read in create_raw_packet_qp_rq
(bsc#1046305 FATE#322943).
- commit 9a507f9
- Move a few upstreamed i915 patches into sorted section
- commit 31b54c4
- Re-sorted sorted section.
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh patches.arch/powerpc-mm-radix-Remove-unused-code.patch.
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh patches.drivers/drm-i915-cnl-Add-AUX-F-support.
- Refresh
- Refresh patches.drivers/drm-i915-cnl-Add-HPD-support-for-Port-F.
- Refresh patches.drivers/drm-i915-cnl-Add-Port-F-definition.
- Refresh
- Refresh patches.drivers/drm-i915-cnl-Enable-DDI-F-on-Cannonlake.
- Refresh patches.drivers/drm-i915-cnl-Extend-Wa-1178-to-Aux-F.
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh patches.drivers/drm-i915-dmc-DMC-1.07-for-Cannonlake.
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- commit 7eebb19
- powerpc/kexec_file: Fix error code when trying to load kdump
kernel (bsc#1065729).
- powerpc: Fix invalid use of register expressions (bsc#1065729).
- commit 7f76cbc
- drm/i915: Fix hibernation with ACPI S0 target state
- drm/i915/execlists: Use a locked clear_bit() for synchronisation
with interrupt (bsc#1051510).
- drm/i915: Wrap engine->schedule in RCU locks for set-wedge
protection (bsc#1051510).
- drm/i915/psr: Check for the specific AUX_FRAME_SYNC cap bit
- drm/i915: Correctly handle limited range YCbCr data on VLV/CHV
- ALSA: pcm: Use dma_bytes as size parameter in
dma_mmap_coherent() (bsc#1051510).
- ASoC: mt8173-rt5650: fix child-node lookup (bsc#1051510).
- commit 2b920b8
- Preliminary patch sort and update
- commit 7e40132
- blacklist.conf: Update drm and ath9k blacklist
- commit cd79980
- arm64: mm: ignore memory above supported physical address size (bsc#1087414).
- commit 492164f
- arm64: fix comment above tcr_compute_pa_size (bsc#1087414).
- commit 084a935
- KVM: arm/arm64: fix HYP ID map extension to 52 bits (bsc#1087414).
- commit 816eb92
- arm64: fix ID map extension to 52 bits (bsc#1087414).
- commit 08c26ef
- objtool: Fix 32-bit build (bnc#1058115 git-fixes).
- commit 17df039
- acpi, numa: fix pxm to online numa node associations
- commit cc55a09
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh patches.arch/powerpc-mm-radix-Remove-unused-code.patch.
- commit 8e8e208
- ppc64le: reliable stacktrace: fix .text check (bsc#1087458).
- commit 1aa954a
- ppc64le: reliable stacktrace: fix stacktrace for idle tasks (bsc#1087458).
- commit 5938588
- x86/entry/64: Don't use IST entry for #BP stack (bsc#1087088).
- commit 10d3c90
- posix-timers: Protect posix clock array access against
speculation (bnc#1081358 CVE-2017-5715).
- commit 5a1acc8
- KABI: cpu/hotplug: provide the old get|put_online_cpus()
- commit f687c6d
- Import kabi files from RC2
- commit 3f5879f
- run
- commit d353f7c
- powerpc: Don't call lockdep_assert_cpus_held() from
arch_update_cpu_topology() (bsc#1087405).
- workqueue: Work around edge cases for calc of pool's cpumask
- powerpc: Only obtain cpu_hotplug_lock if called by rtasd
- cpu/hotplug: Convert hotplug locking to percpu rwsem
- stop_machine: Provide stop_machine_cpuslocked() (bsc#1087405).
- cpu/hotplug: Provide lockdep_assert_cpus_held() (bsc#1087405).
- cpu/hotplug: Provide cpus_read|write_[un]lock() (bsc#1087405).
- commit 47384e4
- ipc/shm.c: add split function to shm_vm_ops (bsc#1052766).
- commit 4d132c0
- dax: fix vma_is_fsdax() helper (bsc#1052766).
- commit b56bd6f
- Run
- commit d6d2551
- blacklist.conf: config only
- commit 80e80db
- HID: wacom: generic: Recognize WACOM_HID_WD_PEN as a type of
pen collection (bsc#1085539).
- commit 45e56be
- HID: hid-elecom: extend to fix descriptor for HUGE trackball
- commit 31aa2e9
- Update config files.
- commit f6b4573
- HID: usbhid: fix out-of-bounds bug (bsc#1085536).
- commit 8c5a469
- arm64: Fix TTBR + PAN + 52-bit PA logic in cpu_do_switch_mm (bsc#1087414).
- commit 78c2b65
- HID: wacom: Always increment hdev refcount within
wacom_get_hdev_data (bsc#1085536).
- commit 928bfef
- arm64: enable 52-bit physical address support (bsc#1087414).
- commit 19c75f1
- HID: wacom: generic: Clear ABS_MISC when tool leaves proximity
- commit 52ce6f1
- HID: wacom: generic: Send MSC_SERIAL and ABS_MISC when leaving
prox (bsc#1085536).
- commit 7d14c4c
- HID: i2c-hid: allocate hid buffers for real worst case
- commit 8469205
- HID: wacom: Correct coordinate system of touchring and pen twist
- HID: wacom: Properly report negative values from Intuos Pro
2 Bluetooth (bsc#1085536).
- commit 3415c32
- HID: wacom: leds: Don't try to control the EKR's read-only LEDs
- commit 9dd7e47
- HID: wacom: bits shifted too much for 9th and 10th buttons
- commit 981162e
- isdn/i4l: fetch the ppp_write buffer in one shot (bsc#1085536).
- commit b48a9e9
- arm64: allow ID map to be extended to 52 bits (bsc#1087414).
- commit 6c68c5d
- arm64: handle 52-bit physical addresses in page table entries (bsc#1087414).
- commit b24364b
- ohci-hcd: Fix race condition caused by ohci_urb_enqueue()
and io_watchdog_func() (bsc#1087092).
- commit 9648543
- arm64: don't open code page table entry creation (bsc#1087414).
- commit d140261
- arm64: head.S: handle 52-bit PAs in PTEs in early page table setup
- Delete out-of-tree patch
- commit a185a0c
- arm64: handle 52-bit addresses in TTBR (bsc#1087414).
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh
- Refresh

- commit 2db3dd8
- mfd: lpc_ich: Avoton/Rangeley uses SPI_BYT method (bsc#1051510).
- commit 4767d8c
- ima/policy: fix parsing of fsuuid (bsc#1051510).
- ima: relax requiring a file signature for new files with zero
length (bsc#1051510).
- commit 2cdd97f
- arm64: limit PA size to supported range (bsc#1087414).
- commit 70ee670
- arm64: add kconfig symbol to configure physical address size (bsc#1087414).
- commit d185b34
- earlycon: add reg-offset to physical address before mapping
- commit 4cbd533
- brcmfmac: fix P2P_DEVICE ethernet address generation
- commit f59d048
- Bluetooth: btusb: Add Dell OptiPlex 3060 to
btusb_needs_reset_resume_table (bsc#1051510).
- commit f568264
- Preliminary series sort / update
- commit 50c4a36
- usb: Don't print a warning if interface driver rebind is
deferred at resume (bsc#1087211).
- commit a2c4fdd
- USB: usbip: remove useless call in usbip_recv (bsc#1087092).
- commit 01880ff
- Input: matrix_keypad - fix race when disabling interrupts
- commit e958019
- Drivers: hv: vmbus: Fix ring buffer signaling (fate#323887).
- hv_netvsc: common detach logic (fate#323887).
- hv_netvsc: change GPAD teardown order on older versions
- hv_netvsc: use RCU to fix concurrent rx and queue changes
- hv_netvsc: disable NAPI before channel close (fate#323887).
- hv_netvsc: fix locking during VF setup (fate#323887).
- hv_netvsc: fix locking for rx_mode (fate#323887).
- hv_netvsc: avoid repeated updates of packet filter
- hv_netvsc: fix filter flags (fate#323887).
- scsi: storvsc: Spread interrupts when picking a channel for
I/O requests (fate#323887).
- hv_netvsc: propagate rx filters to VF (fate#323887).
- hv_netvsc: filter multicast/broadcast (fate#323887).
- hv_netvsc: defer queue selection to VF (fate#323887).
- hv_netvsc: use napi_schedule_irqoff (fate#323887).
- hv_netvsc: fix race in napi poll when rescheduling
- hv_netvsc: cancel subchannel setup before halting device
- hv_netvsc: fix error unwind handling if vmbus_open fails
- hv_netvsc: only wake transmit queue if link is up (fate#323887).
- hv_netvsc: avoid retry on send during shutdown (fate#323887).
- scsi: storvsc: Increase cmd_per_lun for higher speed devices
- commit c2c371a
- rtlwifi: rtl8723be: Fix loss of signal (bsc#1051510).
- mmc: dw_mmc: fix falling from idmac to PIO mode when
dw_mci_reset occurs (bsc#1051510).
- mmc: core: Disable HPI for certain Micron (Numonyx) eMMC cards
- mmc: dw_mmc: Avoid accessing registers in runtime suspended
state (bsc#1051510).
- mmc: sdhci-pci: Fix S0i3 for Intel BYT-based controllers
- mmc: avoid removing non-removable hosts during suspend
- mmc: mmc_test: Ensure command queue is disabled for testing
- commit f5a53da
- ALSA: aloop: Fix access to not-yet-ready substream via cable
- ALSA: aloop: Sync stale timer before release (bsc#1051510).
- ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix speaker no sound after system resume
- ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix Dell headset Mic can't record
- ALSA: hda - Force polling mode on CFL for fixing codec
communication (bsc#1051510).
- ALSA: usb-audio: Fix parsing descriptor of UAC2 processing unit
- ALSA: hda/realtek - Always immediately update mute LED with
pin VREF (bsc#1051510).
- drm: udl: Properly check framebuffer mmap offsets (bsc#1051510).
- drm: Reject getfb for multi-plane framebuffers (bsc#1051510).
- drm/vmwgfx: Fix a destoy-while-held mutex problem (bsc#1051510).
- drm/vmwgfx: Fix black screen and device errors when running
without fbdev (bsc#1051510).
- drm/radeon: Don't turn off DP sink when disconnected
- commit f5e4005
- btrfs: add missing initialization in btrfs_check_shared
- commit 0dc4dff
- mei: me: allow runtime pm for platform with D0i3 (bsc#1087204).
- commit 91f0e9a
- usbip: keep usbip_device sockfd state in sync with tcp_socket
- commit a9c0193
- CIFS: zero sensitive data when freeing (bsc#1087092).
- commit 342e490
- usbip: list: don't list devices attached to vhci_hcd
- commit 80e4e06
- usbip: prevent bind loops on devices attached to vhci_hcd
- commit 1b1531b
- cifs: Fix autonegotiate security settings mismatch (bsc#1087092).
- commit 7bd8fc2
- cifs: Fix missing put_xid in cifs_file_strict_mmap (bsc#1087092).
- commit 15a395c
- cifs: fix NULL deref in SMB2_read (bsc#1085539).
- commit a05b05d
- cifs: check MaxPathNameComponentLength != 0 before using it
- commit 5af1893
- usbip: vudc_tx: fix v_send_ret_submit() vulnerability to null
xfer buffer (bsc#1085539).
- commit cba3218
- cifs: Select all required crypto modules (bsc#1085536).
- commit 23399f9
- cifs: release auth_key.response for reconnect (bsc#1085536).
- commit 0221ea3
- cifs: release cifs root_cred after exit_cifs (bsc#1085536).
- commit 5fcee93
- cifs: check rsp for NULL before dereferencing in SMB2_open
- commit bb4352e
- usbip: remove kernel addresses from usb device and urb debug
msgs (bsc#1085539).
- usbip: fix vudc_rx: harden CMD_SUBMIT path to handle malicious
input (bsc#1085539).
- commit 6015ddb
- usbip: fix usbip bind writing random string after command in
match_busid (bsc#1085539).
- commit 251451b
- powerpc/64s: Fix i-side SLB miss bad address handler saving
nonvolatile GPRs (bsc#1065729).
- commit 5dca109
- usbip: prevent leaking socket pointer address in messages
- commit c149b42
- powerpc/livepatch: Fix livepatch stack access (bsc#1086660).
- commit 37df8c9
- usbip: stub: stop printing kernel pointer addresses in messages
- commit 9f24363
- usbip: vhci: stop printing kernel pointer addresses in messages
- commit dbda174
- blacklist.conf: we do not build the tools
- commit 24b7f9c
- Update patches.arch/powerpc-tm-Flush-TM-only-if-CPU-has-TM-feature.patch
(bsc#1075746, bsc#1087231, CVE-2018-1091).
- commit 7102e9a
- blacklist.conf: false positive
- commit d595303
- usbnet: fix alignment for frames with no ethernet header
- Refresh
- commit 45660b1
- uwb: properly check kthread_run return value (bsc#1085536).
- commit f546456
- uwb: ensure that endpoint is interrupt (bsc#1085536).
- commit 5aba24e
- xhci: Don't add a virt_dev to the devs array before it's fully
allocated (bsc#1085539).
- commit df88c42
- xhci: Cleanup current_cmd in xhci_cleanup_command_queue()
- commit b7e5b94
- xhci: Identify USB 3.1 capable hosts by their port protocol
capability (bsc#1085536).
- commit bd7eec8
- Revert "xhci: Limit USB2 port wake support for AMD Promontory
hosts" (bsc#1085536).
- commit 6bc0fd3
- xhci: Fix sleeping with spin_lock_irq() held in ASmedia 1042A
workaround (bsc#1085536).
- commit bb7b728
- staging: ncpfs: memory corruption in ncp_read_kernel()
(bsc#1086162, CVE-2018-8822).
- commit 4da6eb3
- /pirq: fix error path cleanup when binding MSIs (bnc#1065600).
- commit 01219ee
- x86/mm: Fix {pmd,pud}_{set,clear}_flags() (bnc#1065600).
- commit f6df79c
- xen/balloon: Mark unallocated host memory as UNUSABLE
- commit d2ace39
- x86-64/Xen: eliminate W+X mappings (bnc#1065600).
- commit df523b5
- xhci: fix wrong endpoint ESIT value shown in tracing
- commit 33411cf
- xhci: fix finding correct bus_state structure for USB 3.1 hosts
- commit 85ca58c
- blacklist.conf: we do not buil the tools
- commit a686bd3
- uas: fix comparison for error code (bsc#1051943).
- commit 3e3561a
- usb: uas: unconditionally bring back host after reset
- commit 323a206
- blacklist.conf: patch changes only logging
- commit ac5efdb
- blacklist.conf:subsystem not used
- commit 695a5dd
- net: ibm: ibmveth: constify vio_device_id (bsc#1061843).
- ibmveth: properly unwind on init errors (bsc#1061843).
- net: ibm: ibmveth: constify dev_pm_ops structures (bsc#1061843).
- commit da73308
- USB: serial: io_edgeport: fix possible sleep-in-atomic
- usb: misc: usb3503: make sure reset is low for at least 100us
- commit 4030478
- USB: serial: cp210x: add new device ID ELV ALC 8xxx
- commit 885cc1c
- Update
- commit 44b0542
- USB: serial: cp210x: add IDs for LifeScan OneTouch Verio IQ
- commit de14177
- blacklist.conf: subsystem not used
- commit 0406ef2
- USB: fix usbmon BUG trigger (bsc#1085539).
- commit 4896206
- usb: xhci: Add XHCI_TRUST_TX_LENGTH for Renesas uPD720201
- commit 4a1b6e3
- USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add id for Airbus DS P8GR (bsc#10855539).
- commit 8912afa
- USB: serial: option: adding support for YUGA CLM920-NC5
- commit 651ceb3
- USB: serial: qcserial: add Sierra Wireless EM7565 (bsc#1085539).
- commit 814b845
- USB: serial: option: add support for Telit ME910 PID 0x1101
- commit ccecbba
- blacklist.conf: not needed in our configuration
- commit 192f439
- usb: Add device quirk for Logitech HD Pro Webcam C925e
- commit 2db4499
- usb: add RESET_RESUME for ELSA MicroLink 56K (bsc#1085539).
- commit fdc4f36
- sched/numa: avoid trapping faults and attempting migration
of file-backed dirty pages (bnc#1064414 reduce unnecessary
migrations and numab conflicts).
- commit ca8fdbf
- audit: fix memleak in auditd_send_unicast_skb (bsc#1086997).
- commit a70d9a2
- crypto: dh - fix memleak in setkey (bsc#1086994).
- commit e6b64ce
- sched/sysctl: Check user input value of sysctl_sched_time_avg
- commit b6afd97
- brcmsmac: allocate ucode with GFP_KERNEL (bsc#1085174).
- commit f82808c
- crypto: ccp - add check to get PSP master only when PSP is
detected (bsc#1063068).
- KVM: x86: Fix device passthrough when SME is active
- x86/efi: Free efi_pgd with free_pages() (git-fixes
- x86/vsyscall/64: Use proper accessor to update P4D entry
(git-fixes 49275fef986a).
- scripts/git_sort/
- commit 0188aa6
- blacklist
c179ea270100 powerpc/kprobes: Fix warnings from __this_cpu_read() on preempt
94d3084a0f8c powerpc/32s: Fix compile error with CONFIG_PPC_PTDUMP
- commit f6243d1
- powerpc/bpf/jit: Fix 32-bit JIT for seccomp_data access
- commit b6d0e6a
- usb: dwc3: of-simple: fix missing clk_disable_unprepare
- commit c383569
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Wait longer for controller to end command
processing (bsc#1085539).
- commit ccd154d
- usb: xhci: fix TDS for MTK xHCI1.1 (bsc#1085539).
- commit 9eac7a6
- USB: uas and storage: Add US_FL_BROKEN_FUA for another JMicron
JMS567 ID (bsc#1085539).
- commit 23cc14b
- Refresh
- commit c83e9b6
- usb: musb: da8xx: fix babble condition handling (bsc#1085539).
- commit 1be976d
- drm/amdgpu: fix prime teardown order (bsc#1051510).
- watchdog: hpwdt: Remove legacy NMI sourcing (bsc#1051510).
- Revert "drm/radeon/pm: autoswitch power state when in balanced
mode" (bsc#1051510).
- PM / runtime: Update links_count also if !CONFIG_SRCU
- watchdog: imx2_wdt: restore previous timeout after
suspend+resume (bsc#1051510).
- watchdog: hpwdt: fix unused variable warning (bsc#1051510).
- watchdog: hpwdt: Check source of NMI (bsc#1051510).
- watchdog: hpwdt: SMBIOS check (bsc#1051510).
- watchdog: Fix potential kref imbalance when opening watchdog
- media: [RESEND] media: dvb-frontends: Add delay to Si2168
restart (bsc#1051510).
- media: bt8xx: Fix err 'bt878_probe()' (bsc#1051510).
- PCI: designware-ep: Fix ->get_msi() to check MSI_EN bit
- PCI: endpoint: Fix find_first_zero_bit() usage (bsc#1051510).
- vgacon: Set VGA struct resource types (bsc#1051510).
- pinctrl: Really force states during suspend/resume
- pinctrl: intel: Initialize GPIO properly when used through
irqchip (bsc#1051510).
- agp/intel: Flush all chipset writes after updating the GGTT
- ath10k: handling qos at STA side based on AP WMM enable/disable
- rtlwifi: rtl_pci: Fix the bug when inactiveps is enabled
- Bluetooth: btqcomsmd: Fix skb double free corruption
- Bluetooth: hci_qca: Avoid setup failure on missing rampatch
- crypto: cavium - fix memory leak on info (bsc#1051510).
- PM / devfreq: Propagate error from devfreq_add_device()
- pinctrl: cherryview: Mask all interrupts on Intel_Strago based
systems (bsc#1051510).
- drm/exynos: gem: Drop NONCONTIG flag for buffers allocated
without IOMMU (bsc#1051510).
- PM / runtime: Fix handling of suppliers with disabled runtime PM
- crypto: brcm - Explicity ACK mailbox message (bsc#1051510).
- rtl8188eu: Fix a possible sleep-in-atomic bug in
rtw_disassoc_cmd (bsc#1051510).
- PM: core: Fix device_pm_check_callbacks() (bsc#1051510).
- commit 6b1c180
- usb: xhci: fix panic in xhci_free_virt_devices_depth_first
- commit 821249d
- qed: Fix MPA unalign flow in case header is split across two
packets (bsc#1050536 FATE#322898 bsc#1050545 FATE#322893).
- bnxt_en: Return standard Linux error codes for hwrm flow cmds
(bsc#1050242 FATE#32291).
- bnxt_en: Remove unwanted ovs-offload messages in some conditions
(bsc#1050242 FATE#32291).
- infiniband: bnxt_re: use BIT_ULL() for 64-bit bit masks
(bsc#1050244 FATE#322915).
- infiniband: qplib_fp: fix pointer cast (bsc#1050244
- commit 72c0fdb
- blacklist.conf: subsystem not used
- commit c778a11
- blacklist.conf: subsystem not used
- commit 11379a6
- blacklist.conf: subsystem not used
- commit 1fab475
- blacklist.conf: subsystem not used
- commit 506214b
- blacklist.conf: subsystem not used
- commit 5d07732
- USB: serial: usb_debug: add new USB device id (bsc#1085539).
- USB: serial: option: add Quectel BG96 id (bsc#1085539).
- commit c98442a
- svcrdma: Estimate Send Queue depth properly (bsc#1081515).
- svcrdma: Limit RQ depth (bsc#1081515).
- commit 8eb6546
- usb: quirks: Add no-lpm quirk for KY-688 USB 3.1 Type-C Hub
- commit 4176e03
- blacklist.conf: not applicable change to Makefiles
- commit a0544d1
- usb: hub: Cycle HUB power when initialization fails
- commit d1a83ef
- PCI/DPC: Enable DPC only if AER is available (bsc#1082368).
- commit 654d5a4
- powerpc: System reset avoid interleaving oops using die
synchronisation (bsc#1086791).
- commit 715df69
- powerpc/crash: Remove the test for cpu_online in the IPI
callback (bsc#1086791).
- powerpc: Do not send system reset request through the oops path
- commit fe60432
- get_fs_type: Validate fs type string argument (bsc#1082943).
- commit 709e045
- dcache: Add cond_resched in shrink_dentry_list (bsc#1086194).
- commit 413a765
- net: phy: mdio-bcm-unimac: fix potential NULL dereference in
unimac_mdio_probe() (bsc#1084829 CVE-2018-8043).
- commit 4836f39
- Fix whitespace breakage in series.conf
Commit ceb4998ac05a ("s390: scrub registers on kernel entry and KVM exit
(LTC#164304, bsc#1084911).") changed the first line of series.conf.
Incidentally, the scripts in scripts/git_sort/ rely on this
line being present for the replacement (via the modified quilt) of the
simple series file in the expanded tree with a link to series.conf.
- commit d49c5e2
- Refresh
- commit caebf3e
- KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Disable tb_offset (bsc#1086196).
- commit 529e36c
- armv7hl: Disable uacces with memcpy (boo#1080435)
- commit 4e513aa
- drm/amdgpu/dce: Don't turn off DP sink when disconnected
- commit 15ae848
- drm/i915: Disable tv output on i9x5gm (bsc#1086657).
- drm/i915: Specify which engines to reset following
semaphore/event lockups (FATE#322643 bsc#1055900).
- commit 0838c05
- powerpc: Remove unused flush_dcache_phys_range() (bsc#1065729).
- powerpc/mm/radix: Remove unused code (bsc#1055186, fate#323286,
- powerpc/mm: Add tracking of the number of coprocessors using
a context (bsc#1055014).
- powerpc/64s: Fix lost pending interrupt due to race causing
lost update to irq_happened (bsc#1065729).
- commit ff3617a
- drm/i915/dp: Write to SET_POWER dpcd to enable MST hub
- ACPI / watchdog: Fix off-by-one error at resource assignment
- Bluetooth: btusb: Fix quirk for Atheros 1525/QCA6174
- Bluetooth: btusb: Remove Yoga 920 from the
btusb_needs_reset_resume_table (bsc#1051510).
- commit ce5f883
- Preliminary patch sort / update (again)
- commit 805d5d7
- ibmvnic: Potential NULL dereference in clean_one_tx_pool()
(bsc#1085224, git-fixes).
- commit 7acb565
- supported.conf: Add AMDGPU driver (bsc#1069343)
- commit 591ff59
- hugetlbfs: check for pgoff value overflow (bnc#1084353,
- commit 621f100
- test_bpf: Fix testing with CONFIG_BPF_JIT_ALWAYS_ON=y on other
arches (bsc#1083647).
- commit 4714d41
- Move bpf-introduce-ARG_PTR_TO_MEM_OR_NULL.patch to the sorted section
The patch was added to the KABI section mistakenly.
- commit 638bcf0
- USB: Fix off by one in type-specific length check of BOS SSP
capability (bsc#1085539).
- commit f57a20f

==== kexec-tools ====

- kexec-tools-vmcoreinfo-in-xen.patch: Revert "kexec-tools: Read
always one vmcoreinfo file" (bsc#1085626, bsc#951740).
- kexec-tools-fix-kexec-p-segfault.patch: Fix a segmentation fault
when trying to run "kexec -p" (bsc#1080916).
- kexec: add -a option to fall back to KEXEC_LOAD when KEXEC_FILE_LOAD is not
supported (bsc#1080916, boo#1076839).
* kexec-tools-Return-ENOSYS-when-kexec-does-not-know.patch
* kexec-tools-Fix-option-checks-to-take-KEXEC_FILE_LOAD.patch
* kexec-tools-Do-not-special-case-the-s-option.patch
* kexec-tools-Add-option-to-revert-s.patch
* kexec-tools-Add-option-to-fall-back-to-KEXEC_LOAD.patch
* kexec-tools-Document-s-c-and-a-options-in-the-man-page.patch
- kexec-tools-ppc64-leverage-kexec_file_load-support.patch: kexec/ppc64:
leverage kexec_file_load support (bsc#1080916).

==== korganizer ====
Subpackages: korganizer-lang

- Add fix-folder-properties.patch to fix "Folder Properties" not
appearing (kde#392395)

==== libedit ====

- move Changelog back to runtime package as it might not
be only developer documentation
- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
- Move development docu into -devel subpackage

==== liblogging ====

- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]

==== libmygpo-qt ====
Version update (1.0.9 -> 1.1.0)

- Update to 1.1.0:
* Deprecated Qt4 support
* Improvements in Qt5 support
* Fix in URL parsing, preventing Double Encoding of URLs

==== libnfnetlink ====

- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]

==== libreoffice ====
Version update ( ->
Subpackages: libreoffice-base libreoffice-base-drivers-mysql
libreoffice-branding-upstream libreoffice-calc libreoffice-draw
libreoffice-filters-optional libreoffice-gnome libreoffice-gtk3
libreoffice-icon-themes libreoffice-impress libreoffice-kde4
libreoffice-l10n-cs libreoffice-l10n-da libreoffice-l10n-de libreoffice-l10n-en
libreoffice-l10n-es libreoffice-l10n-fi libreoffice-l10n-fr libreoffice-l10n-hu
libreoffice-l10n-it libreoffice-l10n-ja libreoffice-l10n-nb libreoffice-l10n-nl
libreoffice-l10n-pl libreoffice-l10n-pt_BR libreoffice-l10n-ru
libreoffice-l10n-sv libreoffice-l10n-zh_CN libreoffice-l10n-zh_TW
libreoffice-mailmerge libreoffice-math libreoffice-pyuno libreoffice-writer

- Reduce the ifarch condition based on new exclusivearch
- Name directly dependencies that were accidentaly pulled by gtk3
- Conditionalize gtk3 build as it requires "newer" gnome than the
one we ship on SLE12 currently
- Update glib2 requirement to match what code actually uses
- Reduce archs to only those that are really capable of finishing
the build
- Update to fate#324870:
* Final 6.0.3 tag for release
- Disable firebird engine on SLE for now
- Also drop boost_string_fixes.patch merged in upstream differently
- Version update to
* Another bugfix release milestone
- Drop patch orcus-0.13.3.patch merged upstream
- Drop patch bnc955545.patch merged upstream
- Drop patch bnc1081079.patch merged upstream
- Require liberation-fonts instead of Recommends wrt bsc#1083213
* Basically we need ANY font, but liberation-fonts are the
Arial/etc. compatible and thus you can view the MS Word
- Drop Build/Require on xorg-x11-fonts

==== libsmbios ====
Version update (2.3.3 -> 2.4.1)
Subpackages: python-smbios smbios-utils-bin smbios-utils-python

- Update shared library packaging to meet guideline.
- Use find's -exec + strategy.
- Escape all % signs to %% where needed.
- Update to 2.4.1:
* Minor fixes submitted for help2man improvements and a signed
* Fix a crash when used by fwupd [boo#1086732]
- Changes in 2.4.0:
* Convert all python2 -> python3.
* Drop libsmbios C++ library.
* Introduce support for WMI SMM API provided by Linux kernel
* Add proper support for SMBIOS 3.0 tables.
* Fix many many crashers.
* Clean up long standing coverity errors.
- Package was ported to python3 by upstream, no functional changes,
no api changes.

==== libyajl ====

- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
- Move other docu to -devel package where it better fits

==== mokutil ====

- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]

==== multipath-tools ====
Version update (0.7.3+59+suse.1b6191c26774 -> 0.7.3+60+suse.46ac839)
Subpackages: kpartx multipath-tools-rbd

- Fixed license tags in spec file
* multipath tools / libmultipath is GPL-2.0-only
* libmpathcmd is LGPL-2.0-or-later
* kpartx is GPL-2.0-or-later
* libdmmp is GPL-3.0-or-later
* adopt SPDX format.
- Update to version 0.7.3+60+suse.46ac839:
* libmultipath/hwtable: don't hard-code ALUA for IBM IPR
(bsc#1085212, bsc#1075129)

==== ncurses ====
Subpackages: libncurses6 ncurses-utils terminfo terminfo-base

- Change baselibs.conf to avoid mixed version requirements (bsc#1082744)
- Add ncurses patch 6.1-20180317
+ fix a check in infotocap which may not have detected a problem when
it should have.
+ add a check in tic for the case where setf/setb are given using
different strings, but provide identical results to setaf/setab.
+ further improve fix for terminfo.5 (patch by Kir Kolyshkin).
+ reorder loop-limit checks in winsnstr() in case the string has no
terminating null and only the number of characters is used (patch
by Gyorgy Jeney).

==== net-tools ====
Subpackages: net-tools-lang

- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]

==== open-iscsi ====
Subpackages: iscsiuio libopeniscsiusr0_1_0

- Cleaned up complaints by gcc-8 about strings (bsc#1084640)
- Fixed rpmlint complaint about libopeniscsiusr summary
not starting with a capital letter
- Fixed libopeniscsiusr global variable overload
- No functional changes. This updates:
* open-iscsi-SUSE-latest.diff.bz2, and
* open-iscsi.spec

==== openldap2 ====
Version update (2.4.45 -> 2.4.46)
Subpackages: libldap-2_4-2 libldap-2_4-2-32bit libldap-data openldap2-client

- bsc#1085064 Add script "" which
which removes the configuration item olcModulePath in cn=config
which is after upgrade from SLE12 to SLE15 holds inappropriate
information. If the cn=config is being used on a system, the
conflicting items in slapd.conf are ignored, despite of it, the
backend DB configuration section has been also commented out in
the default slapd.conf.
In case of correct cn=config (the olcModulePath has been already
removed), the script stops without touching anything.
- Upgrade to upstream 2.4.46 release
- removed obsolete back-port patches:
* 0013-ITS-8692-let-back-sock-generate-increment-line.patch
* 0016-ITS-8782-fix-cancel-memleak.patch
OpenLDAP 2.4.46 Release (2018/03/22)
Fixed libldap connection delete callbacks when TLS fails to start (ITS#8717)
Fixed libldap to not reuse tls_session if TLS hostname check fails (ITS#7373)
Fixed libldap cross-compiling with OpenSSL 1.1 (ITS#8687)
Fixed libldap OpenSSL 1.1.1 compatibility with BIO_method (ITS#8791)
Fixed libldap MozNSS CA certificate hash matching (ITS#7374)
Fixed libldap MozNSS with PEM certs when also using an NSS cert db (ITS#7389)
Fixed libldap MozNSS initialization (ITS#8484)
Fixed libldap GnuTLS with GNUTLS_E_AGAIN (ITS#8650)
Fixed libldap memory leak with cancel operations (ITS#8782)
Fixed slapd Eventlog registry key creation on 64-bit Windows (ITS#8705)
Fixed slapd to maintain SSF across SASL binds (ITS#8796)
Fixed slapd syncrepl deadlock when updating cookie (ITS#8752)
Fixed slapd syncrepl callback to always be last in the stack (ITS#8752)
Fixed slapd telephoneNumberNormalize when the value is spaces and hyphens
Fixed slapd CSN queue processing (ITS#8801)
Fixed slapd-ldap TLS connection timeout with high latency connections
Fixed slapd-ldap to ignore unknown schema when omit-unknown-schema is set
Fixed slapd-mdb with an optimization for long lived read transactions
Fixed slapd-meta assert when olcDbRewrite is modified (ITS#8404)
Fixed slapd-sock with LDAP_MOD_INCREMENT operations (ITS#8692)
Fixed slapo-accesslog cleanup to only occur on failed operations (ITS#8752)
Fixed slapo-dds entryTTL to actually decrease as per RFC 2589 (ITS#7100)
Fixed slapo-syncprov memory leak with delete operations (ITS#8690)
Fixed slapo-syncprov to not clear pending operation when checkpointing
Fixed slapo-syncprov to correctly record contextCSN values in the accesslog
Fixed slapo-syncprov not to log checkpoints to accesslog db (ITS#8607)
Fixed slapo-syncprov to process changes from this SID on REFRESH (ITS#8800)
Fixed slapo-syncprov session log parsing to not block other operations
Build Environment
Fixed Windows build with newer MINGW version (ITS#8697)
Fixed compiler warnings and removed unused variables (ITS#8578)
Fixed ldapc++ Control structure (ITS#8583)
Delete stub manpage for back-ldbm (ITS#8713)
Fixed ldap_bind(3) to mention the LDAP_SASL_SIMPLE mechanism (ITS#8121)
Fixed ldap.conf(5) to note SASL_MECH/SASL_REALM are no longer user-only
Fixed slapd-config(5) typo for olcTLSCipherSuite (ITS#8715)
Fixed slapo-syncprov(5) indexing requirements (ITS#5048)

==== osinfo-db ====

- bsc#974580 - modify volume id for some windows iso files
First, use "X64FREE?" instead of "X64FRE".
Second, add "IR1_SSS_X64FREV_EN-US_DV5".

==== p7zip ====

- add p7zip-16.02-CVE-2017-17969.patch to fix a heap-based buffer
overflow in a shrink decoder [bnc#1077725], [CVE-2017-17969]
- remove CPP/7zip/Compress/Rar* files from the tar archive as they
have incompatible license [bnc#1077978]
* also remove DOC/unRarLicense.txt
* add p7zip_16.02_norar.patch to adjust makefile according to it
* remove no longer used Codecs
- remove 7zr manpage, fixes boo#899627
- Explicitly package %{_docdir}/%{name} to fix build with RPM 4.13.
- Add CVE-2016-9296.patch to fix a null pointer dereference
problem (CVE-2016-9296)
- Update to version 16.02
- From Windows version of 7-Zip 16.02:
- The BUG in 16.00 - 16.01 was fixed: 7-Zip mistakenly reported
the warning "There are some data after the end of the payload
data" for split archives.
- Version 16.01 (never published)
- From Windows version of 7-Zip 16.01:
- The bugs in SWM (WIM), EXE (PE) and CHM code were fixed.
- There are some internal changes in source code for better
compatibility with VS2015 C++ compiler.
- Version 16.00 (never published)
- Better support for OpenBsd (CPP/Windows/System.cpp), thanks Josh

- From Windows version of 7-Zip 16.00:
- 7-Zip now can extract multivolume ZIP archives (z01, z02,
... , zip).
- Some fixed bugs:
- bzip2 decoder -mmt2 reported E_FAIL
(for k_My_HRESULT_WritingWasCut case), if we extract
partial file.
- 7z solid update (hang in break).
- sha1 worked incorrectly for call after call with ((size & 3) != 0).
- 7z update bcj bugs were fixed.
- Split (aaa.001) fixed.
- iso loop fix.
- rar4 multivol -stdin kpidSize.
- Drag and drop 1<2.txt.
- Memory access violation fix.
- Removed CVE-2016-2334.patch and CVE-2016-2335.patch, fixed upstream.
- Temporarily disable gui building
- Fix security issues:
- CVE-2016-2334: 7zip HFS+ NArchive::NHfs::CHandler::ExtractZlibFile
Code Execution Vulnerability (boo#979822)
- CVE-2016-2335: 7zip UDF CInArchive::ReadFileItem Code Execution
Vulnerability (boo#979823)
(CVE-2016-2334.patch, CVE-2016-2335.patch)
- Build 7zG (gui for p7zip) and added subpackage p7zip-gui for
openSUSE >= 13.2 and Leap 42.1.
- Update to version 15.14.1
- Patch #32 Compiling in OS X fails with p7zip_15.14.
- Fixed spec file to build with copied makefile.linux_amd64_asm
for arch x86-64 and added required yasm as BuildRequires.
- Update to version 15.14
* Based on 7-zip 15.14 release
* Build fixes
* All the fixes from 7-zip 15.14, see the included ChangeLog
- Drop p7zip-CVE-2015-1038.patch, upstream.
- Enable PIE & LD_BIND_NOW security features
- Package all the text documentation
- Update to version 15.09
* Based on 7-zip 15.09 release
* 7-Zip now can extract ext2 and multivolume VMDK images.
* 7-Zip now can extract ext3 and ext4 (Linux file system) images.
* 7-Zip now can extract GPT images and single file QCOW2, VMDK, VDI images.
* 7-Zip now can extract solid WIM archives with LZMS compression.
* 7-Zip now can extract RAR5 archives.
* 7-Zip now doesn't sort files by type while adding to solid 7z archive.
new -mqs switch to sort files by type while adding to solid 7z archive.
* 7-Zip now can create 7z, xz and zip archives with 1536 MB dictionary for
* 7-Zip now can extract .zipx (WinZip) archives that use xz compression.
- Refresh p7zip-CVE-2015-1038.patch
- fixed CVE-2015-1038 [bnc#912878]
+ p7zip-CVE-2015-1038.patch
- update to 9.38.1
- bug #145 "p7zip crashes while moving memory in MoveItems"
- update to 9.38
- patch #23 fixes "7z with unicode file name with surrogate pair is not
handled well in Linux"
- bug #139 "password from commanline is visible in processes list"
Now the characters of the password are replaced with *.
- bug#138 If you extract the password with # program crashes
7z now supports long password in RAR 3 and 4.
- 7-Zip could ignore some options when you created ZIP archives.
For example, it could use ZipCrypto cipher instead of AES-256.
- New -mf=FilterID switch to specify compression filter. Examples:
7z a -mf=bcj2 a.7z a.tar
7z a -mf=delta:4 a.7z a.wav
7z a -mf=bcj a.tar.xz a.tar
- New class FString for file names at file systems.
- Speed optimization in CRC code for big-endian CPUs.
- Speed optimizations in AES code for Intel's 32nm CPUs.
- Speed optimizations in CRC calculation code for Intel's Atom CPUs.
- bug with multi archives which are links.
- #3283518 : Asm/x{32,64}/7zCrcT8U.asm introduces executable stack
- test suite segfaults on qemu-arm, we will see if it is a bug
in p7zip or a glitch in qemu later.
- Enable assembly support for x86-64
- Update to version 9.20
- From Windows version of 7-zip 9.20, What's new after 7-Zip 4.65
- 7-Zip now supports LZMA2 compression method.
- 7-Zip now can update solid .7z archives.
- 7-Zip now supports XZ archives.
- 7-Zip now supports PPMd compression in ZIP archives.
- 7-Zip now can unpack NTFS, FAT, VHD, MBR, APM, SquashFS, CramFS, MSLZ
- 7-Zip now can unpack GZip, BZip2, LZMA, XZ and TAR archives from stdin.
- 7-Zip now can unpack some TAR and ISO archives with incorrect headers.
- 7-Zip now supports files that are larger than 8 GB in TAR archives.
- NSIS and WIM support was improved.
- Partial parsing for EXE resources, SWF and FLV.
- The support for archives in installers was improved.
- 7-Zip now can stores NTFS file timestamps to ZIP archives.
- Speed optimizations in PPMd codec.
- Speed optimizations in CRC calculation code for Intel's Atom CPUs.
- New -scrc switch to calculate total CRC-32 during extracting / testing.
- 7-Zip File Manager now doesn't use temp files to open nested archives
stored without compression.
- Disk fragmentation problem for ZIP archives created by 7-Zip was fixed.
- Some bugs were fixed.
- New localizations: Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, Tatar, Uyghur, Kazakh.
- Not in p7zip : Speed optimizations in AES code for Intel's 32nm CPUs.
- From Windows version of 7-zip 9.17
- Disk fragmentation problem for ZIP archives created by 7-Zip was fixed.
Notes: 7-Zip now uses 4 MB RAM buffer as file cache, when you create ZIP
It reduces the number of Move_File_Position and Write_to_File operations.
- From Windows version of 7-zip 9.18
- 7-Zip now can unpack SquashFS and CramFS filesystem images.
- 7-Zip now can unpack some TAR and ISO archives with incorrect headers.
- Some bugs were fixed.
- From Windows version of 7-zip 9.16
- 7-Zip now supports files that are larger than 8 GB in TAR archives.
- NSIS support was improved :
- 7-Zip now supports BZip2 method in NSIS installers.
- 7-Zip now can extract identical files from NSIS installers.
- Some bugs were fixed.
- New localizations: Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit.
- From Windows version of 7-zip 9.15
- Some bugs were fixed.
- New localization: Tatar
- From Windows version of 7-zip 9.14
- WIM support was improved. 7-Zip now can create WIM archives without
- sf#3069545 "kSignatureDummy?" fixed
- fix deps
o no fdupes on suse_version < 1100 (SLES9, SLE10)
- remove Author from description
- update to version 9.13
* From Windows version of 7-zip 9.12
- Some bugs were fixed.
* #2863580 "Crash in Rar decoder on a corrupted file" fixed
* #2860898 "Dereferencing a zero pointer in cab handler" fixed
* #2860679 "Division by zero in cab decoder" fixed
- update to version 9.12
* From Windows version of 7-zip 9.12
- ZIP / PPMd compression ratio was improved in Maximum and Ultra modes.
- The BUG in 7-Zip 9.* beta was fixed: LZMA2 codec didn't work,
if more than 10 threads were used (or more than 20 threads in some modes).
* makefile.openbsd is now compatible with OpenBSD ports tree.
(thanks to jggimi)
* cmake projects added.
* 7zFM and 7zG can be built on MacOSX but these ports are in very alpha stage.
make app to build (p7zip for MacOSX)
- update to version 9.11 (never published)
* From Windows version of 7-zip 9.11
- 7-Zip now supports PPMd compression in .ZIP archives.
- Speed optimizations in PPMd codec.
- The support for archives in installers was improved.
- Some bugs were fixed.
- update to version 9.10 (never published)
* From Windows version of 7-zip 9.05 to 9.10
- 7-Zip now can unpack Apple Partition Map (APM) disk images.
- 7-Zip now can unpack MSLZ archives.
- Partial parsing for EXE resources, SWF and FLV.
- Some bugs were fixed.
* p7zip can now use hugetlbfs on Linux (thank to Joachim Henke)
Like with the Windows large pages, this gives a nice speedup,
when running memory intensive operations.
* p7zip now uses UTF8 (kCFStringNormalizationFormD) On MacOSX
fixes #2831266 "p7zip can't find NFC Unicode filename in OSX Terminal"
and #2976169 "German Umlauts Failure"
- update to version 9.05 (never published)
* p7zip now uses precompiled header with gcc 4
- remove obsolete patch (gcc_missing_include.patch)
- renew patch (install.patch)
- update to version 9.04
* 7-Zip now can update solid .7z archives
* 7-Zip now supports LZMA2 compression method
* 7-Zip now supports XZ archives
* 7-Zip now can unpack NTFS, FAT, VHD and MBR archives
* 7-Zip now can unpack GZip, BZip2, LZMA, XZ and TAR archives from stdin
* New -scrc switch to calculate total CRC-32 during extracting / testing
* Some bugs were fixed
* #2799966 " A newly created 7z archive (by p7zip 4.65) is broken and cannot
be unpacked / listed / tested"
Fixed: now "7za a -mx=9 archive.7z directory" creates a good archive even
if there are a lot of executable files
* Fixed: the RAM size was reported incorrectly on MacOSX 64bits (with 2Gb+
* #2798023 "segfault handling very large multivolume .7z file"
p7zip now displays the following error "Error: Too many open files"
if you don't have enough rights to open all the splitted files
(on Linux: ulimit -n)
- included update from 4.65
* The bug in 7-Zip 4.63 was fixed: 7-Zip could not decrypt .ZIP archives
encrypted with WinZip-AES method
* 7-Zip now can unpack ZIP archives encrypted with PKWARE-AES
* Some bugs were fixed
* Fixed: the RAM size was reported incorrectly on MacOSX 64bits
* Fixed: makefile.linux_amd64_asm_icc
* DJGPP: makefile.djgpp becomes makefile.djgpp_old
* DJGPP: makefile.djgpp_watt added (thank to Rugxulo)
* you can now compile 7za with a cmake project (see README)
- included update from 4.61
* 7-Zip now supports LZMA compression for .ZIP archives
* Ask for password twice when creating encrypted archive
* 7zG added (read GUI/readme.txt)
* p7zip didn't use the BCJ /BCJ2 filters for executables (:
* makefile.linux_amd64_asm_icc added (tested with Intel Compiler 11 on Ubuntu
8.04 x64)
* 7-Zip now can unpack UDF, XAR and DMG/HFS archives
* It's allowed to use -t switch for "list" and "extract" commands
* Bug: wrong timestamp for files extracted from .zip or .rar archives

==== patterns-base ====
Subpackages: patterns-base-32bit patterns-base-apparmor
patterns-base-apparmor_opt patterns-base-base patterns-base-basesystem
patterns-base-console patterns-base-enhanced_base
patterns-base-enhanced_base-32bit patterns-base-enhanced_base_opt
patterns-base-minimal_base patterns-base-minimal_base-32bit
patterns-base-readonly_root_tools patterns-base-sw_management
patterns-base-update_test patterns-base-x11 patterns-base-x11_enhanced

- Don't install systemd-coredump by default on Leap (bsc#1083849)
- Add systemd-coredump to the list of recommended packages of miminal_base
Latest systemd package splitted off its coredump management facility
into a sub-package. Recommend this package so this functionnality is
still available by default on SLE (but will be disabled on Leap, see
Also give the possibility to block it by using a soft dep
(Recommends:). This might be needed on live images for example where
space is rather low.
- Remove grub varients from patterns bsc#1064265
- added timezone as recommended to minimal_base pattern
- ethtool is available on SLE 15, moving out of "opensuse only"
section [bsc#1087354]

==== patterns-kde ====
Subpackages: patterns-kde-kde patterns-kde-kde_edutainment
patterns-kde-kde_games patterns-kde-kde_imaging patterns-kde-kde_internet
patterns-kde-kde_multimedia patterns-kde-kde_office patterns-kde-kde_plasma
patterns-kde-kde_utilities patterns-kde-kde_utilities_opt patterns-kde-kde_yast

- Replace plasma-nm5-vpnc with plasma-nm5-openconnect

==== patterns-yast ====
Version update (20171005 -> 20180403)
Subpackages: patterns-yast-x11_yast patterns-yast-yast2_basis

- Suggest yast2-kdump on all arches (bsc#1078393)
- yast2_install_wf shouldn't be a visible pattern (bsc#1081724)
- Recommend yast2-support (bsc#1084073)
- yast2-auth-server package should be recommended (bsc#1085330)

==== perl-Bootloader ====

- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]

==== php7 ====
Version update (7.2.3 -> 7.2.4)
Subpackages: apache2-mod_php7 php7-ctype php7-dom php7-iconv php7-json
php7-mysql php7-pdo php7-pgsql php7-sqlite php7-tokenizer php7-xmlreader

- updated to 7.2.4: This is a security release with also contains
several minor bug fixes.
- php7-no-build-date.patch refreshed

==== plasma5-workspace ====
Subpackages: plasma5-session plasma5-session-wayland plasma5-workspace-lang

- Add Fix-weather-engine-BBC-provider.patch to adapt the BBC
weather engine provider to changes in the RSS feed that broke it

==== python-rpm ====

- remove rpmlint-Factory buildignore
- Switch really to singlespec thus allowing us to build without
python2-devel present in the distribution

==== qemu ====

- Fix OOB access in VGA emulation (CVE-2018-7858 bsc#1084604)
- Patch queue updated from git:// opensuse-2.11
- Add new look up path "sys/class/tpm" for tpm cancel path based
on Linux 4.0 change (commit 313d21eeab9282e)(bsc#1070615)

==== rdma-core ====
Subpackages: libibverbs libibverbs1 libmlx4-1 libmlx5-1

- Add Provide/Obsolete for librdmacm in librdmacm1 (bsc#1086173)

==== re2 ====
Version update (20180301 -> 20180401)

- Update to version 2018-04-01
* developer visible changes only

==== rpm ====
Subpackages: rpm-32bit

- %install_info: if we are going to fail, at least fail on install
not on attempted upgrades or uninstall [bsc#1084997]

==== sg3_utils ====
Subpackages: libsgutils2-1_43-2

- Update to svn r763:
* More NVMe bugfixes
* sg_vpd: add device constituents vpd
* sg_raw: add --raw option
* sg_turs: add --low option
* sg_ses: decoding dpage fixes; add --quiet option
- Fixup syntax error (bsc#1087008)
- Use separate repository for SLE15

==== skanlite ====
Version update (2.0.1 ->
Subpackages: skanlite-lang

- Update to version
* Add translations that were missing in 2.1.0 (kde#392598)
- Update to version 2.1.0:
* Allow index to start from 0 (kde#360432)
* D-BUS support
* Bugfix: wrong folder selection dialog behavior (kde#377929)
* Fix DPI info in 16-bit PNG
* Fix handling of empty prefix
* Correct display of applied filename templates
* Default to PNG format if no format is provided (kde#374315)

==== systemd ====
Subpackages: libsystemd0 libudev1 libudev1-32bit systemd-32bit
systemd-bash-completion systemd-sysvinit udev

- Split systemd-coredump sub-package off (bsc#1083849)

==== texinfo ====

- install-info_exitcode.patch: install-info needs to return success
when it does nothing. We need 0 return value even on failure as
old packages in SLE-11 and SLE-12 can become uninstallable.

==== transactional-update ====

- Add conflicts with snapper-zypp-plugin

==== tuned ====

- Remove sap subpackages entirely. These conflict with possible other
SLE optimized sap subpackages (bnc#1064832).

==== util-linux ====
Subpackages: libblkid1 libblkid1-32bit libfdisk1 libmount1 libsmartcols1
libuuid1 libuuid1-32bit util-linux-lang

- su: Set ALWAYS_SET_PATH default to "yes" (bsc#353876#c7);
add one-time wrapper forcing ALWAYS_SET_PATH on upgrade.
- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]

==== util-linux-systemd ====

- su: Set ALWAYS_SET_PATH default to "yes" (bsc#353876#c7);
add one-time wrapper forcing ALWAYS_SET_PATH on upgrade.
- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]

==== xdm ====

- systemd-logind integration requires to use -keeptty with X server
to hold the controlling tty (and breaks startx!).[boo#1088365]
- Do not generate an error on not existing shell functions *_vars
in /usr/lib/X11/display-manager

==== yast2 ====
Version update (4.0.61 -> 4.0.65)

- improve wayland support (bsc#1083907)
- 4.0.65
- Use SHA2 instead of MD5 when determining whether a license
was already accepted or not (related to fate#325461).
- 4.0.64
- Add a new API to handle product licenses.
- Given a license, remember whether another one with the same
content was already accepted (fate#325461).
- 4.0.63
- Added ProductUpgrade class to better evaluate the product for
upgrading (related to bsc#1086259)
- 4.0.62

==== yast2-auth-client ====
Version update (3.3.18 -> 4.0.0)

- bnc#1087957
- version bump
- 4.0.0

==== yast2-hardware-detection ====
Version update (3.1.8 -> 4.0.0)

- bnc#1087957 - version bump
- 4.0.0

==== yast2-installation ====
Version update (4.0.42 -> 4.0.43)

- Fix tests to use correct storage instance (part of fate#318196).
- 4.0.43

==== yast2-journal ====
Version update (3.2.1 -> 4.0.0)

- bnc#1087957 - version bump
- 4.0.0

==== yast2-ldap ====
Version update (3.1.14 -> 4.0.0)

- bnc#1087957 - version bump
- 4.0.0

==== yast2-network ====
Version update (4.0.24 -> 4.0.25)

- Fixed preformatted proposal for network module (bsc#1088488)
- 4.0.25

==== yast2-nfs-client ====
Version update (4.0.3 -> 4.0.5)

- Use only nfsvers (or its alias) to specify the version of the
NFS protocol, instead of the legacy nfs4 (vfstype) and
minorversion (bsc#1088426).
- Detect legacy entries and warn the user.
- 4.0.5
- Command line interface: display correct content in the 'Options'
column (bsc#1087826) when listing.
- Command line interface: updated help about the 'type' option.
- 4.0.4

==== yast2-packager ====
Version update (4.0.52 -> 4.0.55)

- Given a license, remember whether another one with the same
content was already accepted (fate#325461).
- 4.0.55
- Better evaluate the product to upgrade, do not use the package
solver if there is only one base product to install, use some
fallbacks when the solver fails (bsc#1086259)
- 4.0.54
- Fix tests to use correct storage instance (part of fate#318196).
- 4.0.53

==== yast2-ruby-bindings ====
Version update (4.0.4 -> 4.0.6)

- Allow to directly abort the process (needed for fate#318196).
- 4.0.6
- Log a warning if no text domain is configured for translations,
this helps with debugging (improved as a part of bsc#1081466)
- 4.0.5

==== yast2-storage-ng ====
Version update (4.0.142 -> 4.0.148)

- Force UTF-8 encoding for (most) strings coming from libstorage-ng
- 4.0.148
- Better error handling if no storage proposal is possible
- 4.0.147
- Recover method #exists_in_probed? (bsc#1087818).
- 4.0.146
- Partitioner: do not crash when a striped logical volume is
selected (bsc#1087702).
- Fixed an error searching devices by name introduced by the recent
sanitization related to bsc#1083672.
- 4.0.145
- Partitioner: add check for minimum size when using snapshots
- 4.0.144
- If a duplicate PV is found, show an specific error message with
instructions (bsc#1082542).
- 4.0.143
- Use correct probe mode in unit tests (fate#318196).

==== yast2-trans ====
Version update (84.87.20180316.72781395d -> 84.87.20180406.01ef53789)
Subpackages: yast2-trans-cs yast2-trans-da yast2-trans-de yast2-trans-en
yast2-trans-en_GB yast2-trans-en_US yast2-trans-es yast2-trans-fi
yast2-trans-fr yast2-trans-hu yast2-trans-it yast2-trans-ja yast2-trans-nb
yast2-trans-nl yast2-trans-pl yast2-trans-pt yast2-trans-pt_BR yast2-trans-ru
yast2-trans-sv yast2-trans-zh_CN yast2-trans-zh_TW

- Update to version 84.87.20180406.01ef53789
(bsc#1088113 and others).
* Added check_po_files.rb script
* Another translation update
* Experimentally add python-brace-format
* First round of translation fixes
* Fixed a format string.
* Manual tweaks
* More fixes
* New POT for text domain 'packager'.
* New POT for text domain 'registration'.
* New POT for text domain 'storage'.
* New POT for text domain 'tftp-server'.
* Restored the removed translations
* Revert back the removed strings
* Translated using Weblate (Catalan)
* Translated using Weblate (Japanese)
* Translated using Weblate (Slovak)
* Translated using Weblate (Swedish)
* another experiment, add c-format
- Update to version 84.87.20180404.7829627b4 (bsc#1085376,
* Translated using Weblate (Arabic)
* Translated using Weblate (Catalan)
* Translated using Weblate (Chinese (China))
* Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Taiwan))
* Translated using Weblate (Czech)
* Translated using Weblate (Danish)
* Translated using Weblate (Dutch)
* Translated using Weblate (French)
* Translated using Weblate (German)
* Translated using Weblate (Hungarian)
* Translated using Weblate (Indonesian)
* Translated using Weblate (Italian)
* Translated using Weblate (Japanese)
* Translated using Weblate (Korean)
* Translated using Weblate (Lithuanian)
* Translated using Weblate (Polish)
* Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil))
* Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
* Translated using Weblate (Russian)
* Translated using Weblate (Slovak)
* Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
* Translated using Weblate (Swedish)
* New POT for text domain 'add-on'.
* New POT for text domain 'alternatives'.
* New POT for text domain 'auth-client'.
* New POT for text domain 'autoinst'.
* New POT for text domain 'base'.
* New POT for text domain 'bootloader'.
* New POT for text domain 'cio'.
* New POT for text domain 'cluster'.
* New POT for text domain 'control'.
* New POT for text domain 'docker'.
* New POT for text domain 'firewall'.
* New POT for text domain 'firstboot'.
* New POT for text domain 'fonts'.
* New POT for text domain 'ftp-server'.
* New POT for text domain 'geo-cluster'.
* New POT for text domain 'installation'.
* New POT for text domain 'iscsi-lio-server'.
* New POT for text domain 'network'.
* New POT for text domain 'nfs'.
* New POT for text domain 'packager'.
* New POT for text domain 'registration'.
* New POT for text domain 's390'.
* New POT for text domain 'storage'.
* New POT for text domain 'update'.
* New POT for text domain 'users'.
* Update rpm-groups (bsc#1086643)
* Obsolete yast2-trans-sr-Latn by yast2-trans-sr-latin.

==== yast2-transfer ====
Version update (3.1.3 -> 4.0.0)

- bnc#1087957 - version bump
- 4.0.0

==== yast2-vm ====
Version update (3.2.5 -> 4.0.0)

- bnc#1087957 - version bump
- 4.0.0

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