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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20180410 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:
alsa (1.1.5 -> 1.1.6)
alsa-utils (1.1.5 -> 1.1.6)
gcc7 (7.3.1+r258313 -> 7.3.1+r258812)
rzsz (0.12.20 -> 0.12.21~rc)

=== Details ===

==== Mesa ====
Subpackages: Mesa-dri-devel Mesa-libEGL-devel Mesa-libEGL1 Mesa-libGL-devel
Mesa-libGL1 Mesa-libglapi0 libgbm1 libwayland-egl1

- Remove n_Disable-AMDGPU-GFX9-Vega-on-LLVM-lessthan-6.0.0.patch.
* Not needed since we build Mesa against LLVM 6. (bnc#1082298)
- Remove u_Fix-crash-in-swrast-when-setting-a-texture-for-a-pix.patch.
* It was disabled for long time and does not seem to be needed.
- Enable nine on arm/aarch64

==== Mesa-drivers ====
Subpackages: Mesa-dri Mesa-dri-nouveau Mesa-gallium Mesa-libva libvdpau_nouveau
libvdpau_r300 libvdpau_r600 libvdpau_radeonsi libvulkan_radeon libxatracker2

- Remove n_Disable-AMDGPU-GFX9-Vega-on-LLVM-lessthan-6.0.0.patch.
* Not needed since we build Mesa against LLVM 6. (bnc#1082298)
- Remove u_Fix-crash-in-swrast-when-setting-a-texture-for-a-pix.patch.
* It was disabled for long time and does not seem to be needed.
- Enable nine on arm/aarch64

==== alsa ====
Version update (1.1.5 -> 1.1.6)
Subpackages: alsa-devel libasound2 libasound2-32bit

- Avoid the use of license tag for old distros for fixing build
- Updated to alsa-lib 1.1.6:
* Change FSF address (Franklin Street)
* pcm: route: Fix use_getput flag computation for 3 byte formats
* test: correct emulation for channel-map TLV
* Change snd_dlopen() function to return the error string
* build extra mixer modules conditionally
* do not enable alisp code by default
* conf/ucm: Rearrange
* conf/ucm: Add dual HD-audio codecs config for Lenovo
* conf/ucm: Add Gigabyte mobo UCM profile with dual HD-audio codecs
* asound.h: add SNDRV_PCM_FORMAT_{S, U}20
* pcm: add and describe SND_PCM_FORMAT_{S, U}20
* pcm: linear, route: handle linear formats with 20-bit sample on 4 bytes
* pcm: plug: add SND_PCM_FORMAT_{S, U}20 to linear_preferred_formats
* pcm: remove unused macros of COPY_LABELS/COPY_END
* pcm: remove unused macros of GETU_LABELS/GETU_END
* pcm: remove unused macros of NORMS_LABELS/NORMS_END
* pcm: fix wrong comments for some cases of linear interpolation of PCM
* topology: Fix to skip writing of header for compound elements
* control: Proper reference of internal versioned functions
* timer: Proper reference of internal versioned symbols
* core: Proper reference of internal snd_dlopen()
* conf/ucm: Add chtrt5645-mono-speaker-analog-mic configuration
* pcm: Return the consistent error code for unexpected PCM states
* pcm: Fix two bugs in snd_pcm_area_silence()
* pcm: fix a bug to copy silent samples aligned to 64
* pcm: another fix for the snd_pcm_area_silence() fast path
* pcm: ioplug: Use boundary for wrap around
* pcm: Do not access lock_enabled if thread safe API
* pcm: ioplug: Provide hw_avail helper function for plugins
* pcm: Provide areas_copy function which handles buffer wrap around
* pcm: ioplug: update prepare and draining state correctly
* topology: Fix parsing config with multiple hw_configs
* pcm: hw: Keep control data from kernel when SND_PCM_APPEND
* control ext: fix the default .rawmidi_next_device callback
* modules: smixer_python - add support for python3
* a set of fixes to reduce gcc warnings
* pcm: Skip avail_min check during draining
* pcm: ioplug: Implement proper drain behavior
* conf: USB-Audio: Add second S/PDIF device on Phiree U2SX
- Remove obsoleted patches:
- Use %license file tag

==== alsa-utils ====
Version update (1.1.5 -> 1.1.6)

- Avoid %license tag for old distros to fix builds
- Updated to alsa-utils 1.1.6:
* Change FSF address (Franklin Street)
* aplay: Adjust sample rate limits to support newer hardware
* alsactl: Only start restore service when asoundrc file exists
* alsaloop: fix a typo in the comparison
* speaker-test: Refactor the tone-generator codes
* aplay: Fix wav file not being split on 32 bit platforms
* bat: alsa.c - move the thread cleanup pop before goto exit3
- Remove obsoleted patches:
- Use %license file tag

==== efibootmgr ====

- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]

==== file ====
Subpackages: file-devel file-magic libmagic1

- Correct line break in patch file-5.24-nitpick.dif (boo#1087924)

==== filesystem ====

- Add /etc/modprobe.d and /usr/lib/modprobe.d (bsc#1082050).

==== gcc7 ====
Version update (7.3.1+r258313 -> 7.3.1+r258812)
Subpackages: cpp7 gcc7-c++ gcc7-fortran gcc7-info gcc7-locale gcc7-objc
libasan4 libcilkrts5 libgfortran4 libstdc++6-devel-gcc7 libstdc++6-gcc7-locale

- Update to gcc-7-branch head (r258812).
* Picks fix to no longer enable -mpc-relative-literal-loads by default
with --enable-fix-cortex-a53-843419.
- Enable --enable-fix-cortex-a53-843419 on aarch64. [bnc#1084812]

==== gdb ====

- Add some -Wno-error flags for gcc-8 compatibility.

==== gnutls ====
Subpackages: libgnutls-dane0 libgnutls-devel libgnutls30 libgnutls30-32bit

- Simplify the DANE support %ifdef condition
* build with DANE on openSUSE only
- Adjust RPM groups. Drop %if..%endif guards that are idempotent.

==== hostname ====

- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]

==== pesign ====

- Add pesign-bsc1087742-fix-efisiglist.patch to fix the generation
of efi signature list. (bsc#1087742)

==== python-rpm ====
Subpackages: python2-rpm python3-rpm

- remove rpmlint-Factory buildignore

==== rpm ====
Subpackages: rpm-build rpm-devel

- %install_info: if we are going to fail, at least fail on install
not on attempted upgrades or uninstall [bsc#1084997]

==== rzsz ====
Version update (0.12.20 -> 0.12.21~rc)

- Update to 0.12.21~rc bsc#1086416:
* RC candidate from 1999 containing bunch of trivial fxies that
most other distributions ship
- Rebase patches:
* lrzsz-0.12.20-automake-1.13.patch
* lrzsz-autotools.patch
* lrzsz-po.patch

==== texinfo ====
Subpackages: info makeinfo

- install-info_exitcode.patch: install-info needs to return success
when it does nothing. We need 0 return value even on failure as
old packages in SLE-11 and SLE-12 can become uninstallable.

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