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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20180316 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:
GeoIP (1.6.11 -> 1.6.12)
SUSEConnect (0.3.7 -> 0.3.8)
bcm43xx-firmware (20170410 -> 20180314)
btrfsmaintenance (0.4 -> 0.4.1)
epiphany (3.26.6 ->
gdb (8.0.1 -> 8.1)
gnome-sudoku (3.26.0 -> 3.28.0)
gnome-tweaks (3.27.92 -> 3.28.0)
gnutls (3.6.1 -> 3.6.2)
installation-images-Kubic (14.359 -> 14.361)
kernel-source (4.15.8 -> 4.15.9)
nasm (2.13.02 -> 2.13.03)
publicsuffix (20180223 -> 20180312)
systemd (234 -> 237)
update-desktop-files (12.1 -> 84.87)

=== Details ===

==== GeoIP ====
Version update (1.6.11 -> 1.6.12)
Subpackages: GeoIP-data libGeoIP1

- Update to version 1.6.12:
* Populate metro and area code when performing lookups in IPv6
City databases. Previously this was only done when using IPv4
City databases.
- Modernise spec file with spec-cleaner

==== SUSEConnect ====
Version update (0.3.7 -> 0.3.8)

- Update to 0.3.8
- Fix list-extensions to show the full SLE 15 tree (bsc#1064264)
- Enable automatic activation of recommended extensions/modules
- Automatically deregister all installed extensions/modules when
deregistering a system

==== bcm43xx-firmware ====
Version update (20170410 -> 20180314)

- Add support for RPi 3 B+ (bcm43455, bsc#1085262)

==== btrfsmaintenance ====
Version update (0.4 -> 0.4.1)

- update to version 0.4.1
- defrag plugin: python2 and 3 compatibility
- defrag plugin: target extent size lowered to 32MiB (#43)
- shell compatibility fixes
- systemd unit type fixes
- Removed patch: python3-support-bsc1070322.diff (upstream)

==== epiphany ====
Version update (3.26.6 ->
Subpackages: epiphany-lang gnome-shell-search-provider-epiphany

- Update to version
+ No changes, new release because 3.28.0 was mistagged.
- Changes from versoin 3.28.0:
+ Fix buffer overflow in profile migrator test.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.27.92:
+ Add middle click close support to tab bar.
- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
- Update to version 3.27.90:
+ Improve handling of zoom (bgo#621067, bgo#792949).
+ Bookmark properties button is now always visible (bgo#772268).
+ Drop gnome-desktop dependency, copying needed thumbnailer code
+ Save snapshot thumbnails under ~/.cache/epiphany instead of
global directory.
+ Delete snapshot thumbnails when clearing history.
+ Fix profile migrator deleting bookmarks if run multiple times
+ Add touch support for address bar icons (bgo#792876).
+ Save Safe Browsing data only once, not once per web app
+ Fix crash caused by unexpected Safe Browsing data (bgo#792930).
+ Fix placement of select element with multiple monitors
+ Long press in address bar now selects the text (bgo#793267).
+ Hopefully fix the search provider.
+ Fix password prompt after bgo#742573.
- Drop pkgconfig(gnome-desktop-3.0) BuildRequires: no longer
- Drop epiphany-bump-httpseverywhere_dep.patch: fixed upstream.
- Disable pkgconfig(httpseverywhere-0.8) BuildRequires: Upstream
regards it as too unstable for use (bgo#793389).
- Add epiphany-bump-httpseverywhere_dep.patch: Bump libhttpsevery
dependency to current upstream release, following this, replace
pkgconfig(httpseverywhere-0.6) with
pkgconfig(httpseverywhere-0.8) BuildRequires.
- Update to version 3.27.4:
+ Show desktop notification when download finishes (bgo#722142).
+ Expand tag view in bookmarks popover (bgo#778843).
+ Add protection against IDN homograph attacks (bgo#791168).
+ Improved logic to avoid corrupting session state
+ Fixes:
- Downloading blob URLs (bgo#788576).
- Launching WhatsApp web app (bgo#790781).
- Error in sync migration when migrating from 3.26.2 or
- Update Url to current Epiphany's
web page.
- Update to version 3.27.3:
+ Several miscellaneous fixes for Firefox Sync and Google Safe
+ Flatpak - Support added for custom stylesheets, downloading
files and a view source page.
+ Bug fixes: bgo#776682, bgo#778843, bgo#790286, bgo#790693,
bgo#790732, bgo#790905, bgo#790094, webkit#180365.
- Drop pkgconfig(libdazzle-1.0) BuildRequires following upstream's
- Add pkgconfig(gio-2.0) BuildRequires. Note that it was being
pulled with the other pkgconfig modules that comes from
glib2-devel, e.g. glib-2.0, and used already.
- Uncomment pkgconfig(httpseverywhere-0.?) BuildRequires. It can
already be tested under GNOME Next once upstream is planning to
make its use unconditional rather than optional.
- Update to version 3.27.2:
+ Hide Copy from context menu when appropriate (bgo#772106).
+ Hide home page button when appropriate (bgo#783299).
+ Fix multiple issues with the bookmark popover (bgo#788584).
+ Major change: web apps are now more like silos, rather than
prisons (bgo#788845).
+ Various fixes for safe browsing implementation (bgo#788899).
+ Fix Firefox Sync crash on 32-bit systems (bgo#789656).
+ Move Firefox Sync settings to the right GSettings path.
+ Fix middle click on back/forward navigation buttons
+ Various fixes for Firefox Sync implementation.
+ Restore search engine support.
+ Fix incognito mode theme.
- Update to version 3.27.1:
+ Fix search engine dialog, which has been borked since 3.24.3
- Allow overriding autofilled username in password forms
- Fix non-HTML/MHTML files being saved as MHTML (bgo#788111).
- Don't disable navigation actions when history is cleared
- Various improvements to Flatpak support.
- Fix bookmarks import crash when there's no Firefox profile.
- Allow access to web inspector in application mode.
- Add new address bar dropdown using libdazzle.
- Add Google Safe Browsing support.
- Add pkgconfig(libdazzle-1.0) BuildRequires: new upstream

==== fwupd ====

- Ensure library package has a dependency on main package,
otherwise it won't be usable.

==== gdb ====
Version update (8.0.1 -> 8.1)

- Rebase to 8.1 release:
* ptype/o prints offsets and sizes of members (like pahole)
* tab-completion improved: quoting function names is not generally
necessary anymore, completion offers for breakpoint don't include
data symbol
* enable/disable breakpoints now accept ranges: 'disable 1.3-5'
* new commands:
- set/show cwd: working directory of debuggee
- set/show compile-gcc: program to use for 'compile' command
- starti: start program and stop at first instruction
- TUI single-key commands: 'i' for stepi and 'o' for nexti
* --readnever option disables any reading of debug info (for dumping)
* s390: guarded storage register access for z14
* gcore option -a dumps all memory mapping
* C++ breakpoints: 'b foo' will now set a breakpoint on all functions
and methods named 'foo' no matter the scope. Use -qualified if you
don't want that
* python scripting: new events gdb.new_inferior, gdb.inferior_deleted
and gdb.new_thread; new command rbreak (breakpoint accepting regexps)
* gdbserver can be passed environment parameters to remote debuggee
- Added patches from Fedora:
- Removed unused gdb-libstdc++-v3-python-7.1.1-20170526.tar.bz2
- Removed obsolete upstream patches:
- Removed obsolete Fedora patches:

==== gnome-sudoku ====
Version update (3.26.0 -> 3.28.0)
Subpackages: gnome-sudoku-lang

- Update to version 3.28.0:
+ Updated translations.
- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
- Update to version 3.27.3:
+ Remove the OMF file.
+ Updated user docs.
+ Updated help.
+ Updated translations.
- Update Url to current
Sudoku's web page.
- Adopt the use of %make_build macro rather than raw make command,
following the best practices.
- Drop %glib2_gsettings_schema_requires macro: it's no longer
required since RPM file triggers.

==== gnome-tweaks ====
Version update (3.27.92 -> 3.28.0)
Subpackages: gnome-tweaks-lang

- Update to version 3.28.0:
+ Updated translations.

==== gnutls ====
Version update (3.6.1 -> 3.6.2)
Subpackages: libgnutls-dane0 libgnutls-devel libgnutls30 libgnutls30-32bit

- gnutls.keyring: Nikos key refreshed to be unexpired
- GnuTLS 3.6.2:
* libgnutls: When verifying against a self signed certificate ignore issuer.
That is, ignore issuer when checking the issuer's parameters strength,
resolving issue #347 which caused self signed certificates to be
additionally marked as of insufficient security level.
* libgnutls: Corrected MTU calculation for the CBC ciphersuites. The data
MTU calculation now, it correctly accounts for the fixed overhead due to
padding (as 1 byte), while at the same time considers the rest of the
padding as part of data MTU.
* libgnutls: Address issue of loading of all PKCS#11 modules on startup
on systems with a PKCS#11 trust store (as opposed to a file trust store).
Introduced a multi-stage initialization which loads the trust modules, and
other modules are deferred for the first pure PKCS#11 request.
* libgnutls: The SRP authentication will reject any parameters outside
RFC5054. This protects any client from potential MitM due to insecure
parameters. That also brings SRP in par with the RFC7919 changes to
* libgnutls: Added the 8192-bit parameters of SRP to the accepted parameters
for SRP authentication.
* libgnutls: Addressed issue in the accelerated code affecting
interoperability with versions of nettle >= 3.4.
* libgnutls: Addressed issue in the AES-GCM acceleration under aarch64.
* libgnutls: Addressed issue in the AES-CBC acceleration under ssse3 (patch by
Vitezslav Cizek).
* srptool: the --create-conf option no longer includes 1024-bit parameters.
* p11tool: Fixed the deletion of objects in batch mode.
- Dropped gnutls-check_aes_keysize.patch as it is included upstream now.

==== installation-images-Kubic ====
Version update (14.359 -> 14.361)

- merge gh#openSUSE/installation-images#236
- remove default driver update url (bsc#1084510)
- 14.361
- merge gh#openSUSE/installation-images#235
- udevadm should retrigger 'add' events (bsc#1084357)
- 14.360

==== kernel-source ====
Version update (4.15.8 -> 4.15.9)
Subpackages: kernel-default kernel-default-devel kernel-devel kernel-docs
kernel-macros kernel-syms

- Linux 4.15.9 (bnc#1012628).
- bpf: fix mlock precharge on arraymaps (bnc#1012628).
- bpf: fix memory leak in lpm_trie map_free callback function
- bpf: fix rcu lockdep warning for lpm_trie map_free callback
- bpf, x64: implement retpoline for tail call (bnc#1012628).
- bpf, arm64: fix out of bounds access in tail call (bnc#1012628).
- bpf: add schedule points in percpu arrays management
- bpf: allow xadd only on aligned memory (bnc#1012628).
- bpf, ppc64: fix out of bounds access in tail call (bnc#1012628).
- scsi: mpt3sas: fix oops in error handlers after shutdown/unload
- scsi: mpt3sas: wait for and flush running commands on
shutdown/unload (bnc#1012628).
- KVM: x86: fix backward migration with async_PF (bnc#1012628).
- Refresh
- commit 23fae4b
- Refresh to upstream patch (bsc#1083694)
- commit f3b4992

==== libX11 ====
Subpackages: libX11-6 libX11-6-32bit libX11-data libX11-devel libX11-xcb1

- u_Use-flexible-array-member-instead-of-fake-size.patch
* Fixes build error with gcc8. (bnc#1084639)

==== libbonoboui ====
Subpackages: libbonoboui-devel libbonoboui-lang

- Fix RPM groups. Update summaries. Ensure fdupes does not run
over partition boundaries.

==== liboil ====
Subpackages: liboil-devel

- add s390-asm.patch using different constraints for the asm
to fix build on s390x (bnc#1085397)

==== libreoffice ====
Subpackages: libreoffice-base libreoffice-base-drivers-mysql
libreoffice-branding-upstream libreoffice-calc libreoffice-draw
libreoffice-filters-optional libreoffice-gnome libreoffice-gtk3
libreoffice-icon-themes libreoffice-impress libreoffice-kde4
libreoffice-l10n-cs libreoffice-l10n-da libreoffice-l10n-de libreoffice-l10n-el
libreoffice-l10n-en libreoffice-l10n-es libreoffice-l10n-fr libreoffice-l10n-hu
libreoffice-l10n-it libreoffice-l10n-ja libreoffice-l10n-pl
libreoffice-l10n-pt_BR libreoffice-l10n-ru libreoffice-l10n-zh_CN
libreoffice-l10n-zh_TW libreoffice-mailmerge libreoffice-math libreoffice-pyuno
libreoffice-writer libreofficekit

- Require liberation-fonts instead of Recommends wrt bsc#1083213
* Basically we need ANY font, but liberation-fonts are the
Arial/etc. compatible and thus you can view the MS Word
- Drop Build/Require on xorg-x11-fonts

==== nasm ====
Version update (2.13.02 -> 2.13.03)

- Modernise spec file with spec-cleaner
- New upstream version 2.13.03:
* Add flags:
* Add VPCLMULQDQ instruction
* elf: Add missing dwarf loc section
* documentation updates
- 9f45a77f4.patch: fixes compilation with gcc8 (bsc#1084631)

==== publicsuffix ====
Version update (20180223 -> 20180312)

- Update to version 20180312:
* Add Cloudeity customer subdomains
* Removed
* .br updated - one new city domain
- use %license (bsc#1082318)

==== re2c ====

- Modernise spec file with spec-cleaner

==== ristretto ====
Subpackages: ristretto-lang

- Drop bogus pkgconfig(pkg-config) BuildRequires.
- Conditionalize the post/postun scriptlet: the relevant macros
there are now handled by file triggers.
- Use SPDX-3.0 license identifier.

==== slang ====
Subpackages: libslang2 slang-slsh

- handle s390 like s390x

==== systemd ====
Version update (234 -> 237)
Subpackages: libsystemd0 libsystemd0-32bit libudev-devel libudev1
libudev1-32bit systemd-32bit systemd-bash-completion systemd-logger
systemd-sysvinit udev

- Add 0001-basic-macros-rename-noreturn-into-_noreturn_.patch
This fix a build error triggered by the introduction of the new
version of libgpg-error package. Patch submitted to upsream:
- Turn off the IP sandboxing for systemd-logind
Since v235 logind run inside an IPv4/IPv6 sandbox by default. This
creates incompatibilites for systems using NIS.
- Restore (maybe temporarly) "pam_config --add systemd"
During its installation pam-config seems to overwrite the defaults
shipped by "pam" for "some" reasons (see bsc#1084924)
No idea why but since pam_systemd is not part of the "pam-config"
defaults, we need to restore pam_systemd in common-session
- Remove dropin that was used to turn delegation off for user instances
Upstream now enables "memory" and "pids" controllers only which
should have a very limited impact on performance compare to the
"cpu" controller.
- Import commit 46d6bc9c4f1c05f3b4fcfca754cc59963bd86ce3
2a79f4e78 units: delegate "memory" instead of "cpu" by default for user
instances (#8320) (bsc#954765 bnc#953241 fate#320421)
88174ae85 compat-rules: fix syntax errors spotted by test/
- Remove udev-remount-tmpfs script
Complete the previous commit.
- Fix hotplug memory in 80-hotplug-cpu-mem.rules
When new memory was hotplugged, the rule was supposed to call an
external script (udev-remount-tmpfs) to remount all tmpfs. However
the script was broken since its introduction (commit rev=715,
14/07/2014) and had no effects... this makes me wonder if we
shouldn't get rid of this...
- Make sure /var/lib/machines is created when systemd-container is installed
- BS forces us to own %{_prefix}/lib/modprobe.d
This seems wrong but that's how the SUSE BS works.
- Upgrade to v237 (commit 78221ca750a9c266f9f8497dda59d7ee44000a6c)
Udev rules 60-ssd-scheduler.rules and 80-hotplug-cpu-mem.rules have
been removed from the git repo and are now maintained at the package
level. Those rules have been rejected by upstream as they seem to be
written to workaround some kernel shortcomings...
- add basic user space support for suspend to idle (fate#323814)
add 99-wakeup-from-idle.rules
Currently this only covers the power button and usb/AT keyboards
as wakeup devices. It is planned to make that configurable in
the future.
- Don't call "pam-config --systemd" has been integrated directly in the PAM stack since
bsc#812462. So there's no need to call pam-config.

==== update-desktop-files ====
Version update (12.1 -> 84.87)

- create separate subpackage that extracts translations from desktop
files but does not actually strip them. Needed for SLE.

==== virt-manager ====
Subpackages: virt-install virt-manager-common

- bsc#1067018 - L3: KVM Guest creation failed - Property .cmt not
- Upstream bug fix (bsc#1027942)

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