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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20180312 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:
PackageKit (1.1.8 -> 1.1.9)
SDL2 (2.0.7 -> 2.0.8)
e2fsprogs (1.43.8 -> 1.43.9)
gcc7 (7.3.1+r258025 -> 7.3.1+r258313)
gfxboot (4.5.35 -> 4.5.36)
ibus (1.5.17 -> 1.5.18)
kernel-firmware (20180201 -> 20180222)
libgusb (0.2.11 -> 0.3.0)
libinput (1.10.0 -> 1.10.2)
libmspub (0.1.3 -> 0.1.4)
libraw (0.18.7 -> 0.18.8)
mercurial (4.5 -> 4.5.2)
mkfontscale (1.1.2 -> 1.1.3)
nano (2.9.3 -> 2.9.4)
pciutils-ids (20180208 -> 20180306)
publicsuffix (20180218 -> 20180223)
python-setuptools (38.5.1 -> 38.5.2)
qpdf (8.0.0 -> 8.0.2)
udisks2 (2.6.5 -> 2.7.6)
vulkan ( ->
xf86-video-ati (7.10.0 -> 18.0.0)
xfsprogs (4.14.0 -> 4.15.1)

=== Details ===

==== PackageKit ====
Version update (1.1.8 -> 1.1.9)
Subpackages: PackageKit-backend-zypp PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin
PackageKit-gtk3-module PackageKit-lang libpackagekit-glib2-18

- Update to version 1.1.9:
+ Fix missing PK_STATUS_ENUM_RUN_HOOK in pk-enum.c.
+ Fix Qt annotation on DBus signature.
+ client: Fix an invalid read when cancelling races with Finish.
+ engine: Fix a memory leak when handling GetTransactionList.
+ Fix getting user session ID with D-Bus "user bus" model.
+ Fix g_object_ref() type cast warnings with glib 2.56.
+ Rename "Software Sources" to "Software Repositories".
+ transaction: Don't leak polkit authority.
+ transaction: Fix a memory leak when authorizing actions.
+ transaction: Log transaction completed messages on debug, not
info level.
+ Backends:
- zypp: remove memory leak from zypp backend.
- Various changes related to aptcc, dnf, slack and urpmi.

==== SDL2 ====
Version update (2.0.7 -> 2.0.8)

- Update to new upstream release 2.0.8
* Added SDL_fmod() and SDL_log10().
* Each of the SDL math functions now has the corresponding
float version.
* Added SDL_SetYUVConversionMode() and
SDL_GetYUVConversionMode() to control the formula used when
converting to and from YUV colorspace. The options are JPEG,
BT.601, and BT.709.
control whether the X server should skip the compositor for
the SDL application. This defaults to "1".
* Added the hint SDL_HINT_VIDEO_DOUBLE_BUFFER to control
whether the Raspberry Pi and KMSDRM video drivers should use
double or triple buffering (the default).

==== autofs ====

- BuildRequire pkgconfig(udisks2) instead of udisks2-devel: let's
be flexible on possible package name changes.
- Package COPYRIGHT as %license instead of %doc.

==== binutils ====
Subpackages: binutils-devel

- riscv-relax-size.patch: Fix symbol size bug when relaxation deletes bytes

==== corosync ====
Subpackages: libcmap4 libcorosync_common4

- [Build 489.1] Corosync is not working after upgrade from sle11sp4-ha to
Added: 0016-bsc#1083561-upgrade-from-1-x-y.patch

==== createrepo ====

- Use SPDX3.0 license tags and package COPYING as %license.
- Fix misspelled createrepo-implementation provides.

==== dracut ====

- purge-kernels: Handle SLE 15 kernel live patches (bsc#108437)

==== e2fsprogs ====
Version update (1.43.8 -> 1.43.9)
Subpackages: e2fsprogs-devel libcom_err-devel libcom_err2 libcom_err2-32bit
libext2fs-devel libext2fs2

- libext2fs-fix-build-failure-in-swapfs.c-on-big-endia.patch: Removed as it is
included in the new release
- switched to .xz archive as is going to deprecate gzip archives
- Update to 1.43.9
* fix build failure on big endian systems
* inode flag cleanup in libe2p

==== freetype2 ====
Subpackages: freetype2-devel libfreetype6 libfreetype6-32bit

- Add bnc1079600.patch: Fix several integer overflow issues in
truetype/ttinterp.c (bsc#1079600)

==== gcc7 ====
Version update (7.3.1+r258025 -> 7.3.1+r258313)
Subpackages: cpp7 gcc7-c++ gcc7-fortran gcc7-info gcc7-locale gcc7-objc
libasan4 libcilkrts5 libgfortran4 libstdc++6-devel-gcc7 libubsan0

- Update to gcc-7-branch head (r258313).
* includes spectre V2 mitigation patch for s390x. [bnc#1083946]

==== gfxboot ====
Version update (4.5.35 -> 4.5.36)

- Translated using Weblate (Galician)
- 4.5.36

==== gimp ====
Subpackages: gimp-lang gimp-plugins-python libgimp-2_0-0 libgimpui-2_0-0

- Add gimp-gegl03-buildfix.patch: Port to gegl-03, patch taken from
- Following the above port, replace pkgconfig(gegl-0.2) with
pkgconfig(gegl-0.3) BuildRequires and add libtool BuildRequires:
and pass autoreconf as the above patch touches the buildsystem.

==== glibc ====
Subpackages: glibc-32bit glibc-locale-32bit

- nss-database-multiple-dfn.patch: Fix multiple definitions of
__nss_*_database (BZ #22918)

==== glibc ====
Subpackages: glibc-devel glibc-extra glibc-info glibc-locale nscd

- nss-database-multiple-dfn.patch: Fix multiple definitions of
__nss_*_database (BZ #22918)

==== ibus ====
Version update (1.5.17 -> 1.5.18)
Subpackages: ibus-branding-openSUSE-KDE ibus-gtk ibus-gtk-32bit ibus-gtk3
ibus-lang libibus-1_0-5 libibus-1_0-5-32bit python-ibus typelib-1_0-IBus-1_0

- Update version to 1.5.18
* tools: Do not change keymaps with 'use-system-keyboard-layout'
* src: Fix GVariant leaks (Carlos Garnacho)
* src: Added some error handlings from a code review
* src: Add to LDADD for Debian libtool (Danny)
* src: Reintroduce the hex mode keybind with an environment variable (Aaron
Muir Hamilton)
* ui/gtk3: Translate input method name in ibus (Peng Wu)
* Added DBus filtering against malware
* Implement Unicode choice on Emojier
* Implement ibus-extension-gtk3 for the global keybinding
* Disable panel extension for 'gdm' and 'liveuser' user
* ui/gtk3: Set title string in gnome-shell
* Updated translations

==== ibus-chewing ====

- Change xorg-x11-devel --> pkgconfig(x11)
- Explicitly buildrequire glib components and gtk x11, not just

==== kcm5-fcitx ====
Subpackages: kf5-kcm-fcitx kf5-kcm-fcitx-icons

- Repair next removed dependency, that is add build require

==== kernel-firmware ====
Version update (20180201 -> 20180222)
Subpackages: ucode-amd

- Update to version 20180222:
* ath10k: QCA9984 hw1.0: update firmware-5.bin to 10.4-3.5.3-00053
* ath10k: QCA988X hw2.0: update firmware-5.bin to 10.2.4-1.0-00037
* ath10k: QCA9888 hw2.0: update firmware-5.bin to 10.4-3.5.3-00053
* ath10k: QCA9887 hw1.0: update firmware-5.bin to 10.2.4-1.0-00037
* ath10k: QCA9377 hw1.0: update firmware-5.bin to
* ath10k: QCA6174 hw3.0: update board-2.bin
* ath10k: QCA6174 hw3.0: update firmware-6.bin to
* ath10k: QCA4019 hw1.0: update board-2.bin
* ath10k: QCA4019 hw1.0: update firmware-5.bin to 10.4-3.5.3-00053
* rtl_bt: Add firmware and configuration files for the Bluetooth parts of
RTL8821C and RTL8723D
* qed: Add firmwares and
* nfp: update Agilio SmartNIC firmware to rev 2.0.4

==== kmod ====
Subpackages: kmod-compat libkmod2

- Fix PKCS#7 signature display in modinfo (bsc#1077693).
* Add libkmod-signature-implement-pkcs7-parsing-with-asn1c.patch
* Add libkmod-signature-Fix-crash-when-module-signature-is.patch
* Refresh 0010-modprobe-Implement-allow-unsupported-modules.patch

==== libgit2 ====

- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner

==== libgusb ====
Version update (0.2.11 -> 0.3.0)

- Update to version 0.3.0:
+ New Features:
- Add Travis integration.
- Allow changing the path to usb.ids file.
- Port to the Meson build system.
+ Replace libusb-1.0/libusb.h with libusb.h.
- Port to meson build system:
+ Add meson BuildRequires.
+ Replace configure/make/make_install with
- Add gtk-doc BuildRequires: the meson-based tarball no longer
ships pre-built documentation.
- Drop xz BuildRequires: this is implicit in all openSUSE
- Fix SRPM group. Update summaries.

==== libinput ====
Version update (1.10.0 -> 1.10.2)
Subpackages: libinput-udev libinput10

- Update to bugfix release 1.10.2
* Fixes an assertion that triggered when the tapping code lost
track of the finger count. This was triggered by palm
detection, but only by specific event sequences.
* Hysteresis is disabled by default now, but if libinput detect
pointer jitter/wobble, the hysteresis is enabled for the rest
of the session.
- Update to new upstream release 1.10.1
* This release fixes three crashers, one during tapping, two on
startup/resume when the device node or seat were not assigned

==== libmspub ====
Version update (0.1.3 -> 0.1.4)

- Version update to 0.1.4:
* Fix several problems found by oss-fuzz
* Fix regression in closing shape groups that caused missing shapes
on second and subsequent pages. (tdf#116018)

==== libqmi ====
Subpackages: libqmi-glib5 libqmi-tools

- Update summary to standard language
- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner

==== libqt5-qtbase ====
Subpackages: libQt5Concurrent-devel libQt5Concurrent5 libQt5Core-devel
libQt5Core-private-headers-devel libQt5Core5 libQt5DBus-devel libQt5DBus5
libQt5Gui-devel libQt5Gui-private-headers-devel libQt5Gui5 libQt5Network-devel
libQt5Network5 libQt5OpenGL-devel libQt5OpenGL5 libQt5PlatformHeaders-devel
libQt5PrintSupport-devel libQt5PrintSupport5 libQt5Sql-devel libQt5Sql5
libQt5Sql5-mysql libQt5Sql5-postgresql libQt5Sql5-sqlite libQt5Sql5-unixODBC
libQt5Test-devel libQt5Test5 libQt5Widgets-devel libQt5Widgets5 libQt5Xml-devel
libQt5Xml5 libqt5-qtbase-common-devel libqt5-qtbase-devel

- Further review of build dependencies:
* pcre-devel is not required, only pcre2-devel, Remove
from buildrequires
* add explicit buildrequires on pkgconfig(libdrm) and
* sources do not use libtiff-devel at all, remove from
- Replace xorg-x11-devel for a long list of individual
pkgconfig() buildrequires

==== libraw ====
Version update (0.18.7 -> 0.18.8)
Subpackages: libraw-devel libraw16

- Updated to version 0.18.8:
* leaf_hdr_load_raw: check for image pointer for demosaiced raw
* NOKIARAW parser: check image dimensions readed from file
* quicktake_100_load_raw: check width/height limits
- Dropped libraw-glibc-2.27.patch: No longer needed

==== libreoffice ====
Subpackages: libreoffice-base libreoffice-base-drivers-mysql
libreoffice-branding-upstream libreoffice-calc libreoffice-draw
libreoffice-filters-optional libreoffice-gnome libreoffice-gtk3
libreoffice-icon-themes libreoffice-impress libreoffice-kde4
libreoffice-l10n-cs libreoffice-l10n-da libreoffice-l10n-de libreoffice-l10n-el
libreoffice-l10n-en libreoffice-l10n-es libreoffice-l10n-fr libreoffice-l10n-hu
libreoffice-l10n-it libreoffice-l10n-ja libreoffice-l10n-pl
libreoffice-l10n-pt_BR libreoffice-l10n-ru libreoffice-l10n-zh_CN
libreoffice-l10n-zh_TW libreoffice-mailmerge libreoffice-math libreoffice-pyuno
libreoffice-writer libreofficekit

- Require libreoffice-branding >= 6.0. Otherwise, an update of the libreoffice
package keeps the 5.0 branding (including the 5.0 splash screen),
which is not nice.
- Install gtk3 subpkg on mate desktop wrt bsc#1083993

==== libwmf ====
Subpackages: libwmf-0_2-7 libwmf-tools

- Fix -devel package Requires not to still include xorg-x11-devel

==== mbedtls ====
Subpackages: libmbedcrypto1 libmbedtls10 libmbedx509-0 mbedtls-devel

- Use more cmake macros
- Update spec file using spec-cleaner

==== mercurial ====
Version update (4.5 -> 4.5.2)
Subpackages: mercurial-lang

- Mercurial 4.5.2
(4.5.2 was released immediately after 4.5.1 to fix a release oversight.)
1. Security Fixes
All versions of Mercurial prior to 4.5.2 have vulnerabilities in the HTTP
server that allow permissions bypass to:
* Perform writes on repositories that should be read-only
* Perform reads on repositories that shouldn't allow read access
2. Backwards Compatibility Changes
The "batch" wire protocol command now enforces permissions of each invoked
sub-command. Wire protocol commands must define their operation type or the
"batch" command will assume they can write data and will prevent their
execution on HTTP servers unless the HTTP request method is POST, the
server is configured to allow pushes, and the (possibly authenticated) HTTP
user is authorized to perform a push.
Wire protocol commands not defining their operation type in
"wireproto.PERMISSIONS" are now assumed to be used for "push" operations
and access control to run those commands is now enforced accordingly.
3. Bug Fixes
fileset: don't abort when running copied() on a revision with a removed file
date: fix parsing months
setup: only allow Python 3 from a source checkout (issue5804)
annotate: do not poorly split lines at CR (issue5798)
subrepo: don't attempt to share remote sources (issue5793)
subrepo: activate clone pooling to enable sharing with remote URLs
changegroup: do not delta lfs revisions
revlog: do not use delta for lfs revisions
revlog: resolve lfs rawtext to vanilla rawtext before applying delta
See full cnahgelog on

==== mkfontscale ====
Version update (1.1.2 -> 1.1.3)

- Update to version 1.1.3:
* use quoted string variables
* mkfontscale: Avoid a buffer underrun
* autogen: add default patch prefix
* use exec instead of waiting for configure to finish
* fix handling of Type1 fonts without /FamilyName and/or /FullName
- supersedes

==== nagios ====
Subpackages: nagios-www

- remove unused xorg-x11-devel BuildRequires

==== nano ====
Version update (2.9.3 -> 2.9.4)
Subpackages: nano-lang

- GNU nano 2.9.4:
* allow binding a key to a string (any piece of text and/or
* permit customizing the color of error messages with
'set errorcolor'
* color those error messages by default in bright white on red
* make <Enter> at the bottom of the screen scroll just one row
when --smooth is used
* do not fail when redoing a file insertion
* cancel a Shift-selection when any cursor key is pressed without
Shift even when the cursor cannot move
* treat tabs fully the same as spaces when doing automatic
* allows syntax names to be unquoted
* remove deprecated options and deprecated bindable function

==== pam ====
Subpackages: pam-32bit pam-devel

- Use %license (boo#1082318)

==== pciutils-ids ====
Version update (20180208 -> 20180306)

- Update to 20180306

==== perl ====
Subpackages: perl-base perl-doc

- Use %license (boo#1082318)

==== pkg-config ====

- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner

==== polkit ====
Subpackages: libpolkit0 polkit-devel typelib-1_0-Polkit-1_0

- pkexec.patch: pkexec: allow --version and --help even if not setuid

==== publicsuffix ====
Version update (20180218 -> 20180223)

- Update to version 20180223:
* Add (#605)

==== python-requests ====

- Allows Recommends and Suggest in Fedora

==== python-setuptools ====
Version update (38.5.1 -> 38.5.2)
Subpackages: python2-setuptools python3-setuptools

- update to version 38.5.2:
* #1285: Fixed RuntimeError in pkg_resources.parse_requirements on
Python 3.7 (stemming from PEP 479).
- Allows Recommends and Suggest in Fedora

==== python-urllib3 ====

- Allows Recommends and Suggest in Fedora
- Recommends only for SUSE

==== python3-base ====
Subpackages: libpython3_6m1_0

- Created %so_major and %so_minor macros
- Put Tools/gdb/ script into proper place and ship it with devel

==== qpdf ====
Version update (8.0.0 -> 8.0.2)

- Update to version 8.0.2
* Proper handling of pages with no content
* Better handling of files with loops following cross reference
- Update to version 8.0.1
* Handle zlib streams with data checksum errors
* In the command line tool, allow specification of page numbers
counting from the end in page ranges.

==== udisks2 ====
Version update (2.6.5 -> 2.7.6)
Subpackages: libudisks2-0 udisks2-lang

- Fix BuildRequires/Requires tags related to libblockdev and
libatasmart dependencies.
- Drop storaged Provides tags since there is no need for them.
- Switch libconfig-devel and libstoragemgmt-devel BuildRequires by
their pkgconfig modules counterparts.
- Add a Recommends tag for the btrfs module to offer support for
the openSUSE's file system of choice by default.
- Rectify grammar issues in summaries
- Update to version 2.7.6:
+ Add: UdisksUtabEntry and read-write lock.
+ Fix escaping mountpoint for the cleanup service.
+ Check for all LUKS devices when looking for
+ First implementation of udisksutabmonitor.
+ Invoke job_complete in the proper context in order to avoid
+ Generate autocleanup functions for interfaces.
+ Update documentation.
- Changes from version 2.7.5:
+ Add:
- 'no-discard' option to formatting methods.
- An assertion method for checking an objects interfaces.
+ Fix:
- Possible NULL pointer dereference in:
udiskslinuxdrive.c, udiskslinuxmdraidobject.c and
- Resource leak.
- size_str memory leaks in UDisksObjectInfo.
- Copy-paste error in apply_configuration_thread_func from
- "Deadcode" and ignore "check return" warnings in udisksctl.c.
+ Resolve mountpoint to the real path.
+ Include exFAT as a possible partition type for ID 0x07.
+ Always try to read configuration from crypttab in
+ Make sure the table_type is consistent in
+ Wait for device to become initialized before probing it.
+ Use different mode/dmode for shared file systems.
- Changes from version 2.7.4:
+ Add: New function to set label on swap devices.
+ Fix:
- Uninitalized value in "udisks_linux_loop_update";
- Loop device automounting in GNOME.
+ Run cryptsetup before returning from non-blocking Format.
+ Use new libblockdev functionality to disable checks during
+ Do not try to create file watchers for RAIDs without
+ Try to use libblockdev to get RAID array size.
+ Re-add support the legacy BIOS bootable GPT flag.
- Changes from version 2.7.3:
+ Add:
- Version info to docstrings of the partition Resize function;
- New ResolveDevice function;
- New OpenDevice function;
- some missing functions to doc/
+ Fix:
- Wrong GSList pointer declaration in
- "supports_owners" flag for UDF;
- ExFAT partition type;
- Bash completion for udisksctl;
- Force unmounting;
- Building documentation with new gtk-doc.
+ Process partition resize update before return.
+ Wait for cleartext device object to disappear on Lock().
+ Ignore Asus Zendisk virtual CDROM and ZFS member partitions.
+ Set corrent part type/id and GUID for UDF formatted partitions.
+ Use LUKS specific partition ID and GUID.
+ Make iSCSI Login and Logout wait for DBus objects update.
+ Disable cleaning using blivet for now.
+ Start even if a libblockdev plugin fails to load.
- Changes from version 2.7.2:
+ Add:
- Filesystem Resize, Check and Repair;
- A new "Partitions" property to "PartitionTable" interface;
- A function to:
. "take ownership" of a filesystem;
. List all block devices.
- A function to wait for an object to disappear.
+ Fix:
- Detection of drives created using isohybrid images
- Setting "SetupByUID" property when adding a new loop device;
- How we create UDF file systems.
+ Wait for:
- The bcache object to disappear after BcacheDestroy;
- Zram objects to disappear on DestroyDevices().
+ Resize method for Partition interface.
+ Trigger change uevent on disk after adding partitions to it.
+ Use the assert with multiple tries for Block.Configuration.
+ Do not wait for partitions to appear after LoopSetup.
+ Try harder to ignore WD SmartWare virtual CDs.
- Changes from version 2.7.1:
+ Don't always fail on missing LibStorageMgmt support.
+ Fix:
- Broken partition authorization code;
- How UDisksClient filters property changes;
- The position to wait for a partition to appear at.
+ Don't use serial as unique ID for drive objects.
+ udiskslinuxblockbcache.c: Fix uninitialized variable.
+ udisksiscsiutil.c: Correct strncpy lengths.
+ udiskslinuxiscsisessionobject.c: Correct precondition check.
+ lsm_linux_drive.c: Remove std_lsm_vol_data_free error case.
+ udiskslinuxvolumegroupobject.c: Remove variable shadow lvs_p.
+ udiskssimplejob.c: Allow NULL for message.
+ Re-create sysfs watchers for changed mdraid devices.
+ UDisksClient: Do not try remove changed_blacklist hash table in
+ Query methods for available utility binaries.
+ Clear GError after calling "bd_part_get_part_by_pos".
+ Use "model_serial" as unique ID for drive objects.
+ Add "--yes" arg when resizing filesystem with "lvresize".
+ Do not trigger extra uevents for newly created partitions.
+ Free the partition spec libblockdev gives us.
+ Allow the user to specify the partition type.
- Changes from version 2.7.0:
+ udisksdaemonutil.c: Fix GVariant resource leak.
+ Use libblockdev swap plugin for swapspace.
+ Use libblockdev FS plugin for mounting and unmounting devices.
+ Use libblockdev:
- For:
. Partitioning code;
. Wiping newly created partitions;
. LUKS operations.
- To get LUKS UUID for LUKS open;
- As a library not just the plugins;
- MDRAID code and wipefs calls in MDRAID code.
+ Use libblockdev-lvm for:
- LV and VG operations;
- VolumeGroupCreate() too;
- When updating VG on Poll() call.
+ Fix:
- bd_reinit and g_clear_error calls in btrfs, zram and bcache;
- Docstring of 'CreateSnapshot' method in '.Filesystem.BTRFS';
- Requires and BuildRequires for libblockdev;
- API for BcacheCreate function.
+ Add:
- Libblockdev MDRAID and FS plugins to BuildRequires;
- 'options' parameter do zRAM 'Refresh' function;
- A function for running threaded jobs synchronously;
- A new configure option --enable-available-modules.
+ Remove unused variables in handle_mdraid_create.
+ Create Job objects for partitioning related actions.
+ Change:
- btrfs module API to be consistent with udisks core;
- bcache properties do CamelCase;
- ZRAM 'CreateDevices' function to return newly created;
- zRAM properties to CamelCase.
+ Bcache, btrfs and zRAM modules: Handle invocations in threads.
+ Do not try to set GError over the top of a previous GError.
+ zRAM: Extract used CompAlgorithm as a single value.
+ Move new partition start if overlaps with extended partition
+ Do not start threaded jobs automatically
+ Require and initialize the libblockdev-lvm plugin
+ Check that blockdev/lvm.h is available if LVM2 support
+ Also create thin pools using libblockdev-lvm.
+ Get VGs with bd_lvm_vgs() run in a thread.
+ Update information about PVs, LVs and VGs using
+ Get rid of the udisks-lvm helper program.
+ Use:
- Info for metadata LV when updating LV which has one;
- Systemd-defined macros in the spec file template;
- bd_lvm_vgreduce() instead of running 'vgreduce'.
+ REMOVE-ME: use the CLI-based libblockdev-lvm plugin.
+ Make sure we have the AX_CHECK_ENABLE_DEBUG macro.
+ Also check if libblockdev supports bcache.
+ Require 'udev' not 'systemd-udev'.
- Adopt the use of %make_build and %make_install while dropping
deprecated use of raw commands, following the best practices.
- Pass disable-static to configure as static libs are enabled by
default. And enable-bcache, enable-btrfs, enable-lsm,
enable-lvm2, enable-lvmcache and enable-zram to enable new
available features.
- Add blkid, blockdev, libsystemd and mount pkgconfig modules, and
libbd_btrfs-devel, libbd_crypto-devel, libbd_fs-devel,
libbd_kbd-devel, libbd_loop-devel, libbd_lvm-devel,
libbd_mdraid-devel, libbd_part-devel, libbd_swap-devel,
libconfig-devel, libstoragemgmt-devel, lvm2-devel BuildRequires
as new dependencies.
- Add libblockdev, libbd_crypto, libbd_fs, libbd_loop,
libbd_mdraid, libbd_part and libbd_swap Requires as new run time
- Add e2fsprogs, xfsprogs, and dosfstools Requires, being the first
needed by mkfs.ext3, mkfs.ext3 and e2label. The second, by
mkfs.xfs and xfs_admin. And the third, by mkfs.vfat.
- Add gio-unix-2.0 and gmodule-2.0 pkgconfig BuildRequires: note
that they was already being pulled with pkgconfig(glib-2.0) and
used, once they live in the same devel package.
- Drop pkgconfig(udev) BuildRequires: no longer needed.
- Replace libgudev-1_0-devel and pkgconfig(systemd) BuildRequires
by gudev-1.0 and libsystemd, respectively.
- Add LGPL-2.0+ to the preamble License tag once the preamble
License tag is used for the source RPM and binary RPM packages.
- Correct some subpackages LGPL-2.1+ License tags to LGPL-2.0+ as
pointed by the COPYING and source files.

==== vim ====
Subpackages: gvim vim-data vim-data-common

- Switch to make -j1 clean to see if it fixes random build failures
on Leap/SLE 15.

==== vulkan ====
Version update ( ->
Subpackages: libvulkan1 vulkan-devel

- Skip building tests that are neither packaged nor ran.
- vulkan-devel has missing dependencies, this causes further
confusion down the dependency chain, fix it by adding
the required X and wayland components
- Update to new snapshot 1.1.70
* Support for Vulkan 1.1 (Subgroup operations)

==== xf86-video-ati ====
Version update (7.10.0 -> 18.0.0)

- "I'm pleased to announce the 18.0.0 release of xf86-video-ati, the Xorg
driver for ATI/AMD Radeon GPUs supported by the radeon kernel driver.
This release supports xserver versions 1.13-1.19. It also works with
xserver 1.20 RC1, so unless something unexpected happens, it should work
with xserver 1.20 as well."
* New year-based versioning scheme
* Page flipping can now be used even when the HW cursor can't be used in
some cases
* Support for 30-bit RGB colour output. Note that gamma correction is
currently not available with 30-bit colour. Also, GLAMOR hardware
acceleration is not available with 30-bit colour with xserver versions
before 1.20.
Plus other improvements and fixes. Thanks to everybody who contributed
to this release in any way!

==== xfsprogs ====
Version update (4.14.0 -> 4.15.1)

- Bump release to v4.15.1, which has these minor fixes:
* po/pl.po: update Polish translation for 4.15.0
* debian: don't fail postinst when upgrading chroot
* debian: add build-depends on pkg-config
- Fix build on SLE11-SP4 by making the m4 macros required available.
- drops drop xfs_io-fix-copy_file_range-symbol-name-collision.patch,
this is now part of this release.
- adds make_xfs_scrub_interp_explicit.patch, rpm lint complains about
using env python, when this is used the dependency checker for rpm
will not be able to resolve dependencies correctly, so an explicit
interpreter is needed.
- Update to v4.15.0:
* xfs_scrub: experimental new tool added
* xfs_metadump: fix issues with -i flag
* mkfs.xfs: don't allow creation of realtime+reflink
* mkfs.xfs: don't crash on dswidth overflow
* mkfs.xfs: much refactoring
* xfs_copy: fix copy of v5 filesystems
* xfs_io: add a new 'log_writes' command
* xfs_io: add MAP_SYNC support to mmap()

==== xorg-x11-fonts ====
Subpackages: xorg-x11-fonts-core

- Drop font-bitstream-speedo-1.0.2.tar.bz2, Speedo font format is
deprecated since X11R7.0 (released 2005-12-21). Courier 10 Pitch
and Charter are still available as Type 1, see boo#1084661.

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