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Re: [opensuse-factory] snapshot 20180301 - lots of new warning messages

Syslog-ng is killed by a single rule? wow ...

no, not by the rule as single cause, but:
Since Leap 42.3 syslog-ng already uses up 100% cpu time and doesn't keep
up with lots of messages. Sometimes it lags back for over an hour.
I opened a bug report last August, but didn't get any answer yet:

Just filter for _SYSTEMD_SLICE=system.slice, if you are only interested in
system messages, not messages from the user sessions.

Note, messages from the user sessions where already sent to the user
journals, depending on the program. All Gnome programs sent their messages to
the journal, everything dbus activated (e.g. kscreen) already sent their
stdout/ stderr to the journal, ...

Thx for the information.
I used rules and filters up to 42.2, but had to remove them with 42.3 to
get syslog-ng to work at all 8-(



Michael Hirmke
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