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[opensuse-factory] y2k-bug reloaded

The older ones among you will remember the much dreaded year 2000 bug

Today I discovered that there is still plenty software around using
2-digit year entries and when those are evaluated relative to the
current year, things are going to break.

Related: software that assumes that this will print 0

perl -e 'use Time::Local; print Time::Local::timelocal(localtime(0))'

will break in 2020, because localtime returns a year of 70 and timelocal
will then interpret that as 2070.

There is certainly more than just this in the wild: python-dateutil FTBFS-2027

perl-Test-MockTime FTBFS-2020

perl-TimeDate FTBFS-2020

perl-OLE-Storage_Lite FTBFS-2020

perl-Parse-Win32Registry breaks in 2020

perl-Archive-Zip breaks in 2030

and perl-Time-modules being more complicated

unrelated to this, there is also plenty software that breaks for other
reasons in the future, because suddenly the previous future is the past.

python-Paste mbedtls
gpgme libvirt libressl
python-M2Crypto python-trollius python-urllib3 python-vcrpy
python-keystoneauth1 python-keystoneclient python-keystonemiddleware

luckily 90% of this only breaks the tests...
but OTOH I only looked for (future) Factory build failures so far, so
there will be more and worse... and 2020 is not so far away either.

Bernhard M.
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