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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20180218 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:
ceph ( ->
chrome-gnome-shell (9 -> 10)
curl (7.57.0 -> 7.58.0)
dleyna-connector-dbus (0.2.0 -> 0.3.0)
dleyna-server (0.5.0 -> 0.6.0)
evolution-rss (0.3.95+git.20161130 -> 0.3.95+git.20171129)
flatpak (0.10.3 -> 0.10.4)
kmediaplayer (5.42.0 -> 5.43.0)
libsolv (0.6.31 -> 0.6.32)
perl-Params-ValidationCompiler (0.26 -> 0.27)
qqc2-desktop-style (5.42.0 -> 5.43.0)
suil (0.8.2 -> 0.10.0)
vala (0.38.7 -> 0.38.8)
xen (4.10.0_10 -> 4.10.0_12)

=== Details ===

==== bind ====
Subpackages: bind-chrootenv bind-doc bind-utils libbind9-160 libdns169
libirs160 libisc166 libisccc160 libisccfg160 liblwres160 python3-bind

- Add /dev/urandom to chroot env

==== btrfsprogs ====
Subpackages: btrfsprogs-udev-rules libbtrfs0

- use documentation shipped by upstream tar, reduce dependencies
- enable static build again, zstd now has static version

==== ceph ====
Version update ( ->
Subpackages: librados2 librbd1

- Update to version 13.0.1-1987-g4a523803f8:
+ py3 MGR fixes (bsc#1080758)
+ spec file:
* test/bench: remove smallio bench tools

==== chrome-gnome-shell ====
Version update (9 -> 10)

- Update to version 10:
+ FreeBSD is supported again.
+ Enabled GNOME Shell extensions synchronization in Firefox.
+ Added option to check updates of enabled only GNOME Shell
+ Added GNOME proxy support for update checks.
+ Update errors will not produce desktop notifications anymore.
All errors now goes to browser console.
+ Chrome managed policies no longer got installed so browser
extensions will not be force installed along with connector.
+ It's possible to use inline installation of browser extensions
through website now.
+ Added light icon for dark browser themes. Use options page to
switch icon.
+ Various fixes for options page in Firefox.
+ Updated translations.
- Drop chrome-gnome-shell-nb-translation.patch: Fixed upstream.
- No longer rm chrome-gnome-shell.json, upstream stopped installing

==== curl ====
Version update (7.57.0 -> 7.58.0)
Subpackages: libcurl-devel libcurl4

- ignore all test failures for PowerPC as bypass boo#1075219
(not only the 1501 previously skipped)
* Added patch ignore_runtests_failure.patch
- Build curl with
libssh offers a lot more features than libssh2, for example:
* Key Exchange Methods: curve25519-sha256@xxxxxxxxxx
* Hostkey Types: ssh-ed25519
* Authentication: gssapi-with-mic
- Update to version 7.58.0
* new libssh-powered SSH SCP/SFTP back-end
* curl-config: add --ssl-backends
* http2: fix incorrect trailer buffer size
* http: prevent custom Authorization headers in redirects
* travis: add boringssl build
* examples/xmlstream.c: don't switch off CURL_GLOBAL_SSL
* SSL: Avoid magic allocation of SSL backend specific data
* lib: don't export all symbols, just everything curl_*
* libssh2: send the correct CURLE error code on scp file not found
* libssh2: return CURLE_UPLOAD_FAILED on failure to upload
* openssl: enable pkcs12 in boringssl builds
* libssh2: remove dead code from SSH_SFTP_QUOTE
* sasl_getmesssage: make sure we have a long enough string to pass
* conncache: fix several lock issues
* threaded-shared-conn.c: new example
* conncache: only allow multiplexing within same multi handle
* configure: check for netinet/in6.h
* URL: tolerate backslash after drive letter for FILE:
* openldap: add commented out debug possibilities
* include: get netinet/in.h before linux/tcp.h
* CONNECT: keep close connection flag in http_connect_state struct
* BINDINGS: another PostgreSQL client
* curl: limit -# update frequency for unknown total size
* configure: add AX_CODE_COVERAGE only if using gcc
* curl.h: remove incorrect comment about ERRORBUFFER
* openssl: improve data-pending check for https proxy
* curl: remove __EMX__ #ifdefs
* CURLOPT_PRIVATE.3: fix grammar
* sftp: allow quoted commands to use relative paths
* RESOLVE: output verbose text when trying to set a duplicate name
* multi_done: prune DNS cache
* tests: update .gitignore for libtests
* tests: mark data files as non-executable in git
* CURLOPT_DNS_LOCAL_IP4.3: fixed the "SEE ALSO" to not self-reference
* curl.1: documented two missing valid exit codes
* curl.1: mention http:// and https:// as valid proxy prefixes
* vtls: replaced getenv() with curl_getenv()
* setopt: less *or equal* than INT_MAX/1000 should be fine
* examples/smtp-mail.c: use separate defines for options and mail
* curl: support >256 bytes warning messsages
* conncache: fix a return code
* krb5: fix a potential access of uninitialized memory
* rand: add a clang-analyzer work-around
* CURLOPT_READFUNCTION.3: refer to argument with correct name
* brotli: allow compiling with version 0.6.0
* content_encoding: rework zlib_inflate
* curl_easy_reset: release mime-related data
* examples/rtsp: fix error handling macros
* curl: Support size modifiers for --max-filesize
* examples/cacertinmem: ignore cert-already-exists error
* brotli: data at the end of content can be lost
* curl_version_info.3: call the argument 'age'
* openssl: fix memory leak of SSLKEYLOGFILE filename
* build: remove HAVE_LIMITS_H check
* --mail-rcpt: fix short-text description
* scripts: allow all perl scripts to be run directly
* progress: calculate transfer speed on milliseconds if possible
* system.h: check __LONG_MAX__ for defining curl_off_t
* easy: fix connection ownership in curl_easy_pause
* setopt: reintroduce non-static Curl_vsetopt() for OS400 support
* setopt: fix SSLVERSION to allow CURL_SSLVERSION_MAX_ values
* append extra linker flags instead of prepending them
* HTTP: bail out on negative Content-Length: values
* docs: comment about CURLE_READ_ERROR returned by curl_mime_filedata
* mime: clone mime tree upon easy handle duplication
* openssl: enable SSLKEYLOGFILE support by default
* smtp/pop3/imap_get_message: decrease the data length too...
* SMB: fix numeric constant suffix and variable types
* ftp-wildcard: fix matching an empty string with "*[^a]"
* curl_fnmatch: only allow 5 '*' sections in a single pattern
* openssl: fix potential memory leak in SSLKEYLOGFILE logic
* SSH: Fix state machine for ssh-agent authentication
* examples/url2file.c: add missing curl_global_cleanup() call
* http2: don't close connection when single transfer is stopped
* libcurl-env.3: first version
* curl: progress bar refresh, get width using ioctl()
* CONNECT_TO: fail attempt to set an IPv6 numerical without IPv6 support

==== dleyna-connector-dbus ====
Version update (0.2.0 -> 0.3.0)

- Update to version 0.3.0:
+ Don't crash when trying to unwatch non-existent client.
+ [m4]:
- Don't use bash arrays in m4 macros.
- Don't use bash "let" builtin.
- Use AS_VAR_APPEND macro instead of "+=".
- Do a minor spec cleanup.
- Add libtool BuildRequires and pass autoreconf, bootstrap tarball.
- Pass --disable-static to configure, ensure we do not build any
static files.

==== dleyna-server ====
Version update (0.5.0 -> 0.6.0)

- Update to version 0.6.0:
+ [Props]: Fix ChildCount property type.
+ Added new core.c and core.h to
+ Add Artist and AlbumArtURL to MediaContainer2.
+ ifaddrs.h for Andriod compile.
+ [m4]:
- Don't use bash arrays in m4 macros.
- Don't use bash "let" builtin.
- Use AS_VAR_APPEND macro instead of "+=".
+ Fix possible use-after-free on exit.
+ Invalid log line.
+ Dereference of undefined pointer value.
+ Result of operation is garbage or undefined.
+ Include libgupnp/gupnp-context-manager.h.
- Drop dleyna-server-includes.patch: Fixed upstream.
- Do a minor spec cleanup.
- Add libtool BuildRequires and pass autoreconf, bootstrap tarball.
- Pass --disable-static to configure, ensure we do not build any
static files.

==== evolution-data-server ====
Subpackages: evolution-data-server-lang libcamel-1_2-60 libebackend-1_2-10
libebook-1_2-19 libebook-contacts-1_2-2 libecal-1_2-19 libedata-book-1_2-25
libedata-cal-1_2-28 libedataserver-1_2-22 libedataserverui-1_2-1

- Format with spec-cleaner.
- Move license to %license tag.
- Allow building with python3 instead of python2:
+ Add eds-python3.patch: find python3 as valid interpreter.
+ Add python3-base BuildRequires: needed during build, and we
don't want to rely any longer on an implicit python interpreter
being pulled in.
- Drop obsolete obsoletes for 64bit and 32bit packages

==== evolution-rss ====
Version update (0.3.95+git.20161130 -> 0.3.95+git.20171129)
Subpackages: evolution-plugin-rss evolution-plugin-rss-lang

- Update to version 0.3.95+git.20171129:
+ Crash when importing OPML file with feeds without 'title'
+ gschema: Fix gettext-domain
+ Updated translations.

==== flatpak ====
Version update (0.10.3 -> 0.10.4)
Subpackages: libflatpak0 typelib-1_0-Flatpak-1_0

- Update to version 0.10.4:
* allow personality syscall in devel mode
* configure: Fix copy_file_range detection
* Add --disable-document-portal configure option
* lib: Make gnome-software work with an empty /var/lib/flatpak
* dir: Emit an error on non-root downgrade attempts
* common/dir: Skip progress reporting while setting up extra-data
* doc: Fix docs for --update-appstream
* flatpak remote-ls -u: only consider apps from the current remote
* extract_appstream: allow component IDs not to end in .desktop
* common/dir: Fix a memory leak

==== kmediaplayer ====
Version update (5.42.0 -> 5.43.0)
Subpackages: kmediaplayer-devel libKF5MediaPlayer5

- Update to 5.43.0
* New feature release
* For more details please see:
- Changes since 5.42.0:
* None

==== libsolv ====
Version update (0.6.31 -> 0.6.32)
Subpackages: libsolv-devel libsolv-tools perl-solv python-solv

- fixed bug that could make fileconflict detection very slow
in some cases [bnc#953130]
- bump version to 0.6.32

==== messagelib ====
Subpackages: messagelib-lang

- Add kde389592.patch to fix "Disable Emoticons" option not being
remembered (boo#1078174, kde#389592)

==== perl-Params-ValidationCompiler ====
Version update (0.26 -> 0.27)

- updated to 0.27
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Params-ValidationCompiler/Changes
0.27 2018-02-11
- Fixed a bug with inlining Moose types. If a type's parent needed environment
variables those would not get closed over. Reported by Mark Fowler. GH #22.
- Added a debug option to dump the source of the subroutine before it is

==== pulseaudio ====
Subpackages: libpulse-devel libpulse-mainloop-glib0 libpulse0
pulseaudio-bash-completion pulseaudio-lang pulseaudio-module-bluetooth
pulseaudio-module-gconf pulseaudio-module-jack pulseaudio-module-lirc
pulseaudio-module-x11 pulseaudio-module-zeroconf pulseaudio-utils

- Add pulseaudio-glibc2.27.patch: Fix build with glibc 2.27
(boo#1081023, fdo#104733).

==== qqc2-desktop-style ====
Version update (5.42.0 -> 5.43.0)

- Update to 5.43.0
* New feature release
* For more details please see:
- Changes since 5.42.0:
* use the inactive or disabled color group when needed
* Apply some C++11 niceties, styling consistency
* Add BusyIndicator to the styled controls list
* remove flicker when hovering scrollbar
* Cache KColorScheme instances

==== suil ====
Version update (0.8.2 -> 0.10.0)

- Fixed supplements lines
- Update to version 0.10.0
* Add support for X11 in Gtk3
* Add support for Qt5 in Gtk2
* Add suil_init() to support early initialization and passing
any necessary information that may be needed in the future
(thanks Stefan Westerfeld)
* Fix minor memory errors
* Fix building with X11 against custom LV2 install path (thanks
Robin Gareus)
version 0.8.4
* Configure based on compiler target OS for cross-compilation
* Add Cocoa in Gtk wrapper (patch from Robin Gareus)
* Various Windows fixes (patches from Robin Gareus)
* Center X11 UIs in Gtk (patch from Robin Gareus)
* Fix initial size of resizable X11 UIs in Gtk (patch from
Robin Gareus)
* Bubble X11 key events up to Gtk parent (patch from Filipe
* Add Gtk2 and X11 in Qt5 wrappers (patch from Rui Nuno Capela)
* Fix compilation with -Wl,--no-undefined
* Fix a few minor/unlikely memory errors
* Gracefully handle failure to open wrapper
* Only report suil_ui_supported() if necessary wrapper is
compiled in
* Upgrade to waf 1.8.14
- Dropped qt4 plugins
- Split plugins into separate packages so that only actually
required libraries are pulled in

==== tiff ====
Subpackages: libtiff-devel libtiff5 libtiff5-32bit

- bsc#1046077: Add tiff-4.0.9-bsc1046077-CVE-2017-9935.patch
Fix Heap-based buffer overflow in t2p_write_pdf

==== vala ====
Version update (0.38.7 -> 0.38.8)
Subpackages: libvala-0_38-0

- Update to version 0.38.8:
+ Various bug fixes:
- Fix GDestroyNotify of delegate parameters in delegate
declaration (bgo#639059).
- Avoid critical when connecting dynamic signals.
- compiler: Prefix headers for set_cheader_override() if
includedir is given (bgo#793299).
- Don't warn about unused internal methods which are meant to
be visible on DBus (bgo#593902).
- libvaladoc: Prevent WITH_CGRAPH conditional having an impact
on generated sources.
+ Bindings:
- gio-2.0: Cherry-pick some DBusProxy fixes from 0.40.
- gstreamer-1.0: Update from 1.13+ git master.
- gdk-3.0,gtk+-3.0: Update to 3.22.27.
- Update vala_priority define to 38, something we should have done
when stable 0.38.0 was released.

==== vim ====
Subpackages: gvim vim-data

- Split vim-data into vim-data-common package for low-disk usage
scenarios bsc#1078722 bsc#1078554 bsc#1075541
- Make set mouse= default in suse.vimrc bsc#1079185 bsc#1078564
bsc#1067890 bsc#1064068 bsc#1062691

==== virt-manager ====
Subpackages: virt-install virt-manager-common

- Upstream bug fix (bsc#1027942)

==== virtualbox ====
Subpackages: virtualbox-guest-kmp-default virtualbox-guest-tools

- Fix bug in video capture - boo#1081281.
The variable used to store the time code is only 16 bits, but needs to be
32-bits long.
File "fix_videocapture.patch" is added to fix the problem.

==== xen ====
Version update (4.10.0_10 -> 4.10.0_12)
Subpackages: xen-doc-html xen-libs xen-tools xen-tools-domU

- tools-domU: Add support for qemu guest agent. New files
80-xen-channel-setup.rules and configure a
xen-pv-channel for use by the guest agent
- Remove outdated /etc/xen/README*
- bsc#1073961 - VUL-0: CVE-2018-5244: xen: x86: memory leak with
MSR emulation (XSA-253)
- bsc#1074562 - VUL-0: xen: Information leak via side effects of
speculative execution (XSA-254). Includes Spectre v2 mitigation.

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