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[opensuse-factory] dropping duplicated .changes files
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for valid reasons we have many packages that have related linked
packages (e.g. coreutils-testsuite or cross-aarch64-binutils)

A pattern that I often found there is to also duplicate the .changes
file then, e.g. via

fgrep -l .changes openSUSE:Factory/*/ | wc -l

so instead of one binutils.changes I have 22 identical .changes files
in each of the 22 linked package checkout dirs,

a) wasting N^2 space in my checkout (maybe in OBS storage too?)

b) forcing me to give a file parameter to 'osc vc'

c) requiring me to read to not get my updates wiped by it

d) making 'osc status' output harder to read

e) making 'osc ci' default commit message less readable by duplicating
diffs (same for 'osc sr' ?)

Now, when working on
I found that it has rather powerful logic to find the correct .changes

1) if you only have one .changes file of any name, it is just taking tha

2) stripping components (separated by - or .) from the right until it
finds a match, taking the shortest matching .changes file name

3) if no match is found, it opts for the shortest available .changes
file name

And I think, we could use that to get rid of most of the duplication,
e.g. having just one binutils.changes file that will be picked up by
all linked cross-foo-binutils packages.

Or do you know of tools that expect a foo-bar package to contain a
foo-bar.changes file and are not happy with a foo.changes being used
in the package build? And if so, could we adjust those tools?

Any other good reason to keep this duplication that outweighs
disadvantages (see above)?

Bernhard M.

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