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Re: [opensuse-factory] Tumbleweed - Review of the week 2018/03
The week saw releases of the snapshot 0110, 0114, 0116 and 0117, with
those changes:

* mpfr 4.0: as announced last week, we needed an almost complete
rebuild of the distro, as this is deeply nested. This resulted in
snapshot 0110 being larger than average.
* Squid 4.0.22 (upgraded from 3.5.27)
* RPM 4.14. Caution for packagers: rpm is less forgiving on errors in
spec files
* Bind 9.11.2
* Mesa 17.3.2: in order to improve the distro build performance, Meas
was split into two parts to be built. Users that updated their system
using “–no-recommends” did not get Mesa-dri auto-installed, resulting
in the graphical system possibly not starting up. Simply install Mesa-
dri for now manually (dependency chain fixes are underway)
* Linux kernel 4.14.13
* librsvg 2.42.0: rewritten in Rust
* OpenSSH 7.6p1
* KDE Applications 17.12.1
* Default firewall module picked for new installs is now firewalld
* Last, but not least: libstorage-ng has arrived

I would also like to add that snapshot 0117 introduced the new btrfs
default subvolume layout

Any fresh installation of Tumbleweed using the default btrfs root
filesystem will no longer have multiple subvolumes under /var (eg
/var/lib/mysql, /var/cache, etc) and instead have a single unified
/var subvolume.

This simplifies snapshots and rollbacks, will prevent accidental
dataloss on rollback for any user data held in /var, and improve
performance of any database or VM images that are held in /var as all
of /var also now has Copy-on-Write disabled by default.
It's also particularly useful for openSUSE Kubic which was struggling
with the consequences of much of /var being read-only as it was
considered part of Kubic's read-only root filesystem.

Formerly important system data that was located in /var is now
available in /usr.
In particular rpm's database has moved from /var/lib/rpmdb to
/usr/lib/sysimage/rpm (with backwards compatible symlinks in place),
and /var/adm/fillup-templates now should be located in
If we've missed any important system data that is still in /var but
needs to be contained in a system snapshot, please contact me urgently
so we can address it's relocation from /var ASAP.

Packagers can expect rpmlint rules to prevent the storing of files in
/var/adm/fillup-templates in one of Tumbleweed's snapshots next week.

We will not be automatically moving user data from the old structure
to the new one, but I'm open to any suggestions on how to script it if
anyone has any bright ideas.
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