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[opensuse-factory] Origami and Geeko themes
  • From: Stasiek <LetCP@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2018 09:13:03 -0500
  • Message-id: <>

I have been working on openSUSE branding for the past few months, and in
the process, I have found there was something missing. I booted my trusty
old 11.3 DVD with GNOME on top and it hit me. GNOME had an awesome green
theme, so green it basically leaked out from both sides of the window,
and I knew what I had to do.

I downloaded Arc (it has a really nice layout) and made a quick script to
get all the colours out of it and started comparing it to the theme, a
few nights passed and I had it done. I took some hints from the
community, on Discord and on Reddit to see what's up with that, and
feedback was generally positive. Modified the CSS a little because some
things like fonts needed attention, the top bar on GNOME didn't have
dynamic transparency, which is a great feature used too rarely. I also
made sure it looked nice on XFCE, which I truly love. Thus, Geeko was
born, for GTK based DEs with my love to openSUSE.

Then came a realization. Icons are as an important part of the theme as
everything else -- that needed attention too. I really liked some older
icons still preserved in Papirus-KDE hanging in OBS since 2016, from
which was adopted some of those with the rest of icons from newer
versions of Papirus and the Origami icon theme was born too, for KDE and
GTK-based DEs with the same love. With __full__ support for YaST
(although keep in mind that YaST doesn't support SVG icons so those has
to be png first).

Both projects can coexist in a way which is beneficial to both of these
base projects and vice versa. Most tweaks to Arc will work on Geeko and
most tweaks to Geeko will work on Arc, the same with Origami and Papirus.
In case of momentous messes such as new versions of GTK that will most
likely break everything, whichever project manages to fix issues first
can be used as a patch to another one without a problem, which usually
happens between stable versions like 3.25 and 3.27, never landing on
Tumbleweed, so it can be fixed beforehand (as such the only thing I
can give KDE credit for in the case of theming, is it doesn't break so
much as GTK).

Now is a great time to finally get them in Factory. My goals, of course,
would be to make them the default themes on both Leap 15 and Tumbleweed,
but considering the nature of, especially Tumbleweed, that might be hard
to achieve. I think at least giving people the option to switch themes
right from the get-go would be nice. Adwaita and XFCE themes are not
cutting it for me, as well for a lot of people, as the theming community
showed us already with how popular some themes are.

Quoting Richard:
"Makes me want to run XFCE for the looks... which is not something I've
said since like 2001"
(It was most likely about the new splash screen, not exactly this but

​LCP [Stasiek]
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