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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20180114 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:
GraphicsMagick (1.3.26 -> 1.3.27)
bind (9.10.4P5 -> 9.11.2)
cpupower (4.11 -> 4.15)
dpdk (17.08.1_k4.14.12_1 -> 17.11_k4.14.12_1)
icu4j (58.1 -> 60.2)
kchmviewer (7.2.1 -> 7.5)
lxterminal (0.3.0 -> 0.3.1)
mariadb (10.2.11 -> 10.2.12)
perl-URI (1.72 -> 1.73)
python-Pillow (4.2.1 -> 5.0.0)
python-rpm ( -> 4.14.0)
rpm ( -> 4.14.0)
texlive-specs-m (2017.132.20170101_pl1svn43813 ->
texlive-specs-n (2017.132.2.004svn28119 -> 2017.133.2.004svn28119)
thunar (1.6.12 -> 1.6.13)
ucode-intel (20171117 -> 20180108)
whois (5.2.19 -> 5.2.20)

=== Details ===

==== GraphicsMagick ====
Version update (1.3.26 -> 1.3.27)
Subpackages: GraphicsMagick-devel libGraphicsMagick-Q16-3
libGraphicsMagick3-config libGraphicsMagickWand-Q16-2

- update to 1.3.27:
* New Features:
. PNG: Implemented eXIf chunk support.
. WEBP: Add support for EXIF and ICC metadata provided that at
least libwebp 0.5.0 is used.
. Magick++ Image autoOrient(): New Image method to auto-orient an
image so it looks right-side up by default.
* Behavior Changes:
. PALM: PALM writer is disabled.
. ThrowLoggedException(): Capture the first exception
at ErrorException level or greater, or only capture exception
if it is more severe than an already reported exception.
. DestroyJNG(): This internal function is now declared static
and is removed from shared library or DLL namespace.
* lot of security and other bug fixes, see
- added GraphicsMagick-release-date-missing-quote.patch

==== bind ====
Version update (9.10.4P5 -> 9.11.2)
Subpackages: bind-chrootenv bind-doc bind-utils

- Use getent when adding user/group
- update changelog to mention removed options
- license changed to MPL-2.0 according to legal.
- Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
%_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
- Add back init scripts, systemd units aren't ready yet
- Add python3-bind subpackage to allow python bind interactions
- Sync configure options with RH package and remove unused ones
* Enable python3
* Enable gssapi
* Enable dnssec scripts
* Remove no longer recognized --enable-rrl
- Drop idnkit from the build, the bind uses libidn since 2007 to run
all the resolutions in dig/etc. bsc#1030306
- Add patch to make sure we build against system idn:
* bind-99-libidn.patch
- Refresh patch:
* pie_compile.diff
- Remove patches that are unused due to above:
* idnkit-powerpc-ltconfig.patch
* runidn.diff
- drop bind-openssl11.patch (merged upstream)
- Remove systemd conditionals as we are not building on sle11 anyway
- Force the systemd to be base for the initscript deployment
- Bump up version of most of the libraries
- Rename the subpackages to match the version updates
- Add macros for easier handling of the library package names
- Drop more unneeded patches
* dns_dynamic_db.patch (upstream)
- Update to 9.11.2 release:
* Many changes compared to 9.10 see the README file for in-depth listing
* For detailed changes with issues see CHANGES file
* Fixes for CVE-2017-3141 CVE-2017-3140 CVE-2017-3138 CVE-2017-3137
CVE-3136 CVE-2016-9778
* OpenSSL 1.1 support
- Remove support for some old distributions and cleanup the spec file
to require only what is really needed
- Switch to systemd (bsc#1053808)
- Remove german from the postinst messages
- Remove patches merged upstream:
* bind-CVE-2017-3135.patch
* bind-CVE-2017-3142-and-3143.patch
- Refresh named.root with another update

==== cpupower ====
Version update (4.11 -> 4.15)
Subpackages: libcpupower0

- Update cpupower to latest kernel version (version name 4.15, but
checked out against latest kernel tag 4.15-rc7. There will not
be important changes any more, maybe a fix).
- cpu online/offline fixes
- This is the first cpupower package (with updated version) which
includes x86_energy_perf_policy binary.
This is important for later package dependencies, namely tuned.
A cpupower_exclude_kernel_Makefile.patch

==== crash ====

- Added
With latest NMI IPI changes, crash_ipi_callback is found multiple
times on the stack. Ensure the chosen symbol relates to an actual
backtrace. bsc#1072718

==== curl ====
Subpackages: libcurl-devel libcurl4

- disable 1501 test for PowerPC as byass boo#1075219

==== dpdk ====
Version update (17.08.1_k4.14.12_1 -> 17.11_k4.14.12_1)

- Upgraded to latest major 17.11(fate#322609); some of the fixes include:
* Extended port_id range from uint8_t to uint16_t
* Added a new driver for Marvell Armada 7k/8k devices
* Updated mlx4 driver
* Updated mlx5 driver
* Added SoftNIC PMD
* Added support for NXP DPAA Devices
* Updated support for Cavium OCTEONTX Device
* Added PF support to the Netronome NFP PMD
* Updated bnxt PMD
* Added bus agnostic functions to cryptodev for PMD initialization
* Updated QAT crypto PMD
* Updated the AESNI MB PMD
* Updated the OpenSSL PMD
* Added NXP DPAA SEC crypto PMD
* Add new benchmarking mode to dpdk-test-crypto-perf application
* Added IOMMU support to libvhost-user
* Added the Generic Segmentation Offload Library
* Added the Flow Classification Library
- Removed 0002-kni-fix-build-on-SLE12-SP3.patch since patch merged upstream and
available in 17.11

==== fontconfig ====
Subpackages: fontconfig-32bit fontconfig-devel

- fc-query: remove redundant debug output
+ fontconfig-remove-debug-output.patch

==== ghostscript-fonts ====
Subpackages: ghostscript-fonts-other ghostscript-fonts-std

- Revert last change: reconfigure_post_* does not know a -n
parameter, which in turn results in warnings (rpm < 4.14) or
errors (rpm >= 4.14).
> reconfigure_fonts_post: invalid option -- 'n'
> error: Unknown option n in reconfigure_fonts_post(c)

==== icu4j ====
Version update (58.1 -> 60.2)

- Version update to 60.2
* jdk9 upstream fixes
- Obsoleted patches:
* icu4j-jdk9.patch
- Obsoleted by upstream fixes
* icu4j-taglet.patch
- Obsoleted by removal of the old style taglet removal
- Added patch:
* icu4j-jdk10plus.patch
- Fix build with jdk10 and possibly later jdks
- Don't build the ICUTaglet, since it depends on removed APIs

==== idnkit ====
Subpackages: libidnkit1

- add idnkit-powerpc-ltconfig.patch
- Update to 1.0 release as distributed properly by upstream tags
- Split out of bind package taking the upstream spec file and
tweaking it up for SUSE needs
- include runmdn, libmdnresolv
- 2.0.1 release
- 2.0 release
- 1.3 release
- add brace/lace functions to libmdnresolv(mdnkit-1.2-runmdn.patch)
- include /var/dnsproxy
- change files section for compressed man pages
- 1.2 release
- 1.1 release
- dnsproxy.patch1
- move libmdnresolv.{la,so} from mdnkit-devel to mdnkit package

==== kchmviewer ====
Version update (7.2.1 -> 7.5)

- Update to 7.5:
* Added more useful information into About window
* Fixed EPUB default encoding to be UTF-8
* Changed the TOC/Index/Search default click to be single-click, not
* On Windows we do not store the window size if it is minimized or maximized;
using default size instead.
- Update to 7.4:
* Zoom level is now inherited in newly opened windows
* Fixed the empty or stale tab names while using the back/forward navigation
buttons and new tab options
* Added -v and --version command-line options
* Added an option (Settings/Browser/Always use single click) to use a
single-click to open tree items in the contents/index tabs despite the selected
OS activator such as KDE double-click. Off by default.
* Fixed TOC parsing on some CHM files which had TOC names without associated
* Disabled encoding selection menu for epubs
- Update to 7.3:
* Fixed Windows-specific issues, Windows build works again
* Added X11-specific way to bring the window to front when requested
* Added search highlighting suggested by Jomart
* Various KDE build fixes
* Added an option to disable automatic auto-expansion of Table of Contents
* Fixed the new version check which was triggered on older versions
* Fixed Qt5 build, it works fine now
* Fixed settings storage on Qt4/Qt5

==== kexec-tools ====

- Fix kexec error on ppc64 (bsc#1074947).

==== libtxc_dxtn ====

- Use pkgconfig(gl) instead of Mesa-devel
- devel package requires pkgconfig(gl)

==== log4j ====

- Add log4j-reproducible.patch to drop javadoc timestamps to make
package builds more reproducible (boo#1047218)

==== lxterminal ====
Version update (0.3.0 -> 0.3.1)
Subpackages: lxterminal-lang

- new upstream version 0.3.1:
* Fix CVE-2016-10369, a Denial-of-Service vulnerability. (boo#1038127)
* Fix bug that prevents changing tab name, which is introduced since 0.3.0.
* The keyboard shortcut can be changed by pressing key combinations.
- added lxterminal-0.3.1-return-value-unixterminal.patch to fix compiler

==== mariadb ====
Version update (10.2.11 -> 10.2.12)
Subpackages: libmysqld19 mariadb-client mariadb-errormessages

- update to 10.2.12 GA
* release notes and changelog:
- remove mysql-community-server-5.5.6-safe-process-in-bin.patch
becuase this moving is done in the specfile
- get rid of the archive with patches (remove mysql-patches.tar.xz
and series files), handle patches in the standard way
- add comments to the section with removing unused files (based on
- put rm statements together
- install the new upstream systemd-tmpfiles configuration file
'tmpfiles.conf' and rename it to 'mariadb.conf' in order to
follow the manual
- remove the new upstream systemd-sysusers configuration file as
we handle creating of mysql user in the specfile
- mysql.service: remove calling of the wait function and let
systemd to do this job. Switch from 'Type=simple' to
'Type=notify' and add TimeoutSec=300
- rename unit files from mysql to mariadb and add mysql alias for
the backward compatibility [bsc#1067443]
* mysql.service -> mariadb.service
* ->
* mysql@.service -> mariadb@.service
- remove configuration-tweaks.tar.xz and move configuration to
my.ini/my.cnf file (omit default_plugins.cnf as all
configuration here was commented out)
- add a numeric prefix for galera.cnf file in order to allow users
to speficy in which order the configs will be loaded within the
my.cnf.d directory [bsc#1055268]
- add 'bind-address =' as a default option to my.cnf file
for security reasons (disable MariaDB to listen for TCP/IP
connections by default) [bsc#1058374]
- update my.cnf file and add a section with SSL configuration
- switch from deprecated 'net-tools' to 'iproute2' for
mariadb-galera subpackage. This dependency switch is sufficient
for making script to use 'ip' instead of
'ifconfig' command

==== openssl-1_1_0 ====
Subpackages: libopenssl-1_1_0-devel libopenssl1_1_0 libopenssl1_1_0-32bit

- Add support for s390x CPACF enhancements (fate#321518)
patches taken from
* 0004-s390x-assembly-pack-add-OPENSSL_s390xcap-environment.patch
* 0005-s390x-assembly-pack-add-OPENSSL_s390xcap-man-page.patch
* 0006-s390x-assembly-pack-extended-s390x-capability-vector.patch
* 0007-crypto-evp-e_aes.c-add-foundations-for-extended-s390.patch
* 0008-s390x-assembly-pack-extended-s390x-capability-vector.patch
* 0010-doc-man3-OPENSSL_s390xcap.pod-update-KMA.patch
* 0012-s390x-assembly-pack-add-KMA-code-path-for-aes-gcm.patch

==== perl-URI ====
Version update (1.72 -> 1.73)

- updated to 1.73
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-URI/Changes
1.73 2018-01-09 06:42:51Z
- Update documentation for URI::_punycode (GH Issue #45)

==== python-Pillow ====
Version update (4.2.1 -> 5.0.0)

- Add freetype-2.9.patch to fix tests with FreeType 2.9 gh#2954
- Remove other distro conditions as they can't use singlespec really
- Version update to 5.0.0:
* Docs: Added docstrings from documentation #2914 [radarhere]
* Test: Switch from nose to pytest #2815 [hugovk]
* Rework Source directory layout, preventing accidental import of PIL. #2911
* Dynamically link libraqm #2753 [wiredfool]
* Removed scripts directory #2901 [wiredfool]
* TIFF: Run all compressed tiffs through libtiff decoder #2899 [wiredfool]
* GIF: Add disposal option when saving GIFs #2902 [linnil1, wiredfool]
* EPS: Allow for an empty line in EPS header data #2903 [radarhere]
* PNG: Add support for sRGB and cHRM chunks, permit sRGB when no iCCP chunk
present #2898 [wiredfool]
* Dependencies: Update Tk Tcl to 8.6.8 #2905 [radarhere]
* Decompression bomb error now raised for images 2x larger than a
decompression bomb warning #2583 [wiredfool]
* Test: avoid random failure in test_effect_noise #2894 [hugovk]
* Increased epsilon for due to Arch update.
#2896 [wiredfool]
* Removed check parameter from _save in BmpImagePlugin, PngImagePlugin,
ImImagePlugin, PalmImagePlugin, and PcxImagePlugin. #2873 [radarhere]
* Make PngImagePlugin.add_text() zip argument type bool #2890 [jdufresne]
* Depends: Updated libwebp to 0.6.1 #2880 [radarhere]
* Remove unnecessary bool() calls in Image.registered_extensions and
skipKnownBadTests #2891 [jdufresne]
* Fix count of BITSPERSAMPLE items in broken TIFF files #2883 [homm]
* Fillcolor parameter for Image.Transform #2852 [wiredfool]
* Test: Display differences for test failures #2862 [wiredfool]
* Added executable flag to file with shebang line #2884 [radarhere]
* Setup: Specify compatible Python versions for pip #2877 [hugovk]
* Dependencies: Updated libimagequant to 2.11.4 #2878 [radarhere]
* Setup: Warn if trying to install for Py3.7 on Windows #2855 [hugovk]
* Doc: Fonts can be loaded from a file-like object, not just filename #2861
* Add eog support for Ubuntu Image Viewer #2864 [NafisFaysal]
* Test: Test on 3.7-dev on #2870 [hugovk]
* Dependencies: Update libtiff to 4.0.9 #2871 [radarhere]
* Setup: Replace deprecated platform.dist with file existence check #2869
* Build: Fix on Debian #2853 [wiredfool]
* Docs: Correct error in ImageDraw documentation #2858 [meribold]
* Test: Drop Ubuntu Precise, Fedora 24, Fedora 25, add Fedora 27, Centos 7,
Amazon v2 CI Support #2854, #2843, #2895, #2897 [wiredfool]
* Dependencies: Updated libimagequant to 2.11.3 #2849 [radarhere]
* Test: Fix to use tempfile #2841 [radarhere]
* Replace PIL.OleFileIO deprecation warning with descriptive ImportError
#2833 [hugovk]
* WebP: Add support for animated WebP files #2761 [jd20]
* PDF: Set encoderinfo for images when saving multi-page PDF. Fixes #2804.
#2805 [ixio]
* Allow the olefile dependency to be optional #2789 [jdufresne]
* GIF: Permit LZW code lengths up to 12 bits in GIF decode #2813 [wiredfool]
* Fix unterminiated string and unchecked exception in _font_text_asBytes.
#2825 [wiredfool]
* PPM: Use fixed list of whitespace, rather relying on locale, fixes #272.
#2831 [markmiscavage]
* Added support for generators when using append_images #2829, #2835
* Doc: Correct PixelAccess.rst #2824 [hasahmed]
* Depends: Update raqm to 0.3.0 #2822 [radarhere]
* Docs: Link to maintained version of aggdraw #2809 [hugovk]
* Include license file in the generated wheel packages #2801 [jdufresne]
* Depends: Update openjpeg to 2.3.0 #2791 [radarhere]
* Add option to Makefile to build and install with C coverage #2781 [hugovk]
* Add context manager support to ImageFile.Parser and
PngImagePlugin.ChunkStream #2793 [radarhere]
* ImageDraw.textsize: fix zero length error #2788 [wiredfool, hugovk]
* Fix warning on pointer cast in isblock #2775, #2778 [cgohlke]
* Doc: Added macOS High Sierra tested Pillow version #2777 [radarhere]
* Use correct Windows handle type on 64 bit in imagingcms #2774 [cgohlke]
* 64 Bit Windows fix for block storage #2773 [cgohlke]
* Fix "expression result unused" warning #2764 [radarhere]
* Add 16bit Read/Write and RLE read support to SgiImageFile #2769 [jbltx,
* Block & array hybrid storage #2738 [homm]
* Common seek frame position check #1849 [radarhere]
* Doc: Add note about aspect ratio to Image thumbnail script #2281 [wilsonge]
* Fix ValueError: invalid version number '1.0.0rc1' in scipy release
candidate #2771 [cgohlke]
* Unfreeze requirements.txt #2766 [hugovk]
* Test: ResourceWarning tests #2756 [hugovk]
* Use n_frames to determine is_animated if possible #2315 [radarhere]
* Doc: Corrected parameters in documentation #2768 [radarhere]
* Avoid unnecessary Image operations #1891 [radarhere]
* Added register_extensions method #1860 [radarhere]
* Fix TIFF support for I;16S, I;16BS, and I;32BS rawmodes #2748 [wiredfool]
* Fixed doc syntax in ImageDraw #2752 [radarhere]
* Fixed support for building on Windows/msys2. Added Appveyor CI coverage for
python3 on msys2 #2476 [wiredfool]
* Fix ValueError in Exif/Tiff IFD #2719 [wiredfool]
* Use pathlib2 for Path objects on Python < 3.4 #2291 [asergi]
* Export only required properties in unsafe_ptrs #2740 [homm]
* Alpha composite fixes #2709 [homm]
* Faster Transpose operations, added 'Transverse' option #2730 [homm]
* Deprecate ImageOps undocumented functions gaussian_blur, gblur,
unsharp_mask, usm and box_blur in favor of ImageFilter implementations #2735
* Dependencies: Updated freetype to 2.8.1 #2741 [radarhere]
* Bug: Player skipped first image #2742 [radarhere]
* Faster filter operations for Kernel, Gaussian, and Unsharp Mask filters
#2679 [homm]
* EPS: Add showpage to force rendering of some EPS images #2636 [kaplun]
* DOC: Fix type of palette parameter in Image.quantize. #2703 [kkopachev]
* DOC: Fix Ico docs to match code #2712 [hugovk]
* Added file pointer save to SpiderImagePlugin #2647 [radarhere]
* Add targa version 2 footer #2713 [jhultgre]
* Removed redundant lines #2714 [radarhere]
* Travis CI: Use default pypy/pypy3 #2721 [hugovk]
* Fix for SystemError when rendering an empty string, added in 4.2.0 #2706
* Fix for memory leaks in font handling added in 4.2.0 #2634 [wiredfool]
* Tests: cleanup, more tests. Fixed WMF save handler #2689 [radarhere]
* Removed debugging interface for Image.core.grabclipboard #2708 [radarhere]
* Doc syntax fix #2710 [radarhere]
* Faster packing and unpacking for RGB, LA, and related storage modes #2693
* Use RGBX rawmode for RGB JPEG images where possible #1989 [homm]
* Remove palettes from non-palette modes in _new #2702 [wiredfool]
* Delete transparency info when convert'ing RGB/L to RGBA #2633 [olt]
* Code tweaks to ease type annotations #2687 [neiljp]
* Fixed incorrect use of 's#' to byteslike object #2691 [wiredfool]
* Fix JPEG subsampling labels for subsampling=2 #2698 [homm]
* Region of interest (box) for resampling #2254 [homm]
* Basic support for Termux (android) in #2684 [wiredfool]
* Bug: Fix Image.fromarray for numpy.bool type. #2683 [wiredfool]
* CI: Add Fedora 24 and 26 to Docker tests [wiredfool]
* JPEG: Fix ZeroDivisionError when EXIF contains invalid DPI (0/0). #2667
* Depends: Updated openjpeg to 2.2.0 #2669 [radarhere]
* Depends: Updated Tk Tcl to 8.6.7 #2668 [radarhere]
* Depends: Updated libimagequant to 2.10.2 #2660 [radarhere]
* Test: Added test for ImImagePlugin tell() #2675 [radarhere]
* Test: Additional tests for SGIImagePlugin #2659 [radarhere]
* New Image.getchannel method #2661 [homm]
* Remove unused im.copy2 and core.copy methods #2657 [homm]
* Fast Image.merge() #2677 [homm]
* Fast Image.split() #2676 [homm]
* Fast image allocation #2655 [homm]
* Storage cleanup #2654 [homm]
* FLI: Use frame count from FLI header #2674 [radarhere]
* Test: Test animated FLI file #2650 [hugovk]
* Bug: Fixed uninitialized memory in bc5 decoding #2648 [ifeherva]
* Moved SgiImagePlugin save error to before the start of write operations
#2646 [radarhere]
* Move so isn't installed globally #2645 [hugovk]
* Bug: Fix unexpected keyword argument 'align' #2641 [hugovk]
* Add newlines to error message for clarity #2640 [hugovk]
* Docs: Updated redirected URL #2637 [radarhere]
* Bug: Fix JPEG DPI when EXIF is invalid #2632 [wiredfool]
* Bug: Fix for font getsize on empty string #2624 [radarhere]
* Docs: Improved ImageDraw documentation #2626 [radarhere]
* Docs: Corrected alpha_composite args documentation #2627 [radarhere]
* Docs: added the description of the filename attribute to images.rst #2621
* Dependencies: Updated libimagequant to 2.10.1 #2616 [radarhere]
* PDF: Renamed parameter to not shadow built-in dict #2612 [kijeong]

==== python-rpm ====
Version update ( -> 4.14.0)

- Update RPM groups
- Add a comment to note that prep and build stages come from rpm.spec
- Properly quote the conditional for Obsoletes+Provides
- Unify rpm-python and python3-rpm into singlespec
- Switch the build to use setuptools-based build, so that
the Python module is properly built with all its metadata
- adapt to python-3.3, which no longer looks at

==== rpm ====
Version update ( -> 4.14.0)
Subpackages: rpm-build rpm-devel

- fix signature header writing if the archive size is bigger
than 2 GByte
new patch: bigarchive.diff
- remove shebang from
new patch: pythondistdeps.diff
- Update RPM groups
- patch debugedit so that it also handles the .debug.macro section
new patch: debugedit-macro.diff
- switch build id generation to "alldebug" mode
- Replace PreReq fillup with Requires(post), so that we can
deinstall it later if we don't need it anymore
- update to rpm-4.14.0
* new with/without/unless rich dependencies
* multifile optimized debuginfo packages
* much improved macro engine
- dropped patches:
* 0001-set-SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH-from-changelog.patch
* 0002-Extend-changelog-to-support-full-timestamps-903.patch
* 0003-Allow-SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH-to-override-file-timestamps.patch
* 0004-Allow-SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH-to-override-RPMTAG_BUILDTIME.patch
* buildidprov.diff
* changes-doc.diff
* convertdb1static.diff
* debugedit-canon-fix.diff
* debugedit-comp-dir.diff
* debugsource-package.diff
* find-lang-python.patch
* nobfd.diff
* normalize_blocksize.diff
* perlprov-package.diff
* perlprov.diff
* python3-abi-kind.diff
* rpmrctests.diff
- new patches (backports from master):
* editdwarf.diff
* rofs.diff
* transfiletriggerpostun.diff
* hardlink.diff

==== systemd ====
Subpackages: libsystemd0 libsystemd0-32bit libudev-devel libudev1
libudev1-32bit systemd-32bit systemd-bash-completion systemd-logger
systemd-sysvinit udev

- Import commit 82dbe8a2ae56649231111eaadd4c302a2d2175ee
8c7f0c449 service: Don't stop unneeded units needed by restarted service
869be64ce sysctl: use raw file descriptor in sysctl_write (#7753)
0c2400810 sysctl: disable buffer while writing to /proc (bsc#1071558)
9eb1f30b8 Use read_line() and LONG_LINE_MAX to read values configuration
files. (bsc#1071558)
4dbea654f def: add new constant LONG_LINE_MAX
48f14cd71 fileio: add new helper call read_line() as bounded getline()
861e1a222 build-sys: udevadm should have LOG_REALM=LOG_REALM_UDEV
8ed5cf3fb meson: libudev_core and udevadm should have
a9f93f1d0 virt: use XENFEAT_dom0 to detect the hardware domain (#6442, #6662)
(#7581) (bsc#1048510)
fe56abdf9 seccomp: arm64/x32 do not have _sysctl
c9194fe37 seccomp: arm64 does not have mmap2
31d9b3c32 fs-util: small tweak in chase_symlinks()
9dd0bc7a3 meson: do not include man/ if xsltproc not found
7e29e2b07 analyze: replace --no-man with --man=no in the man page

==== texlive ====

- If zypper way of posttrans scripts are disabled do use the rpm
%posttrans scriptlets (boo#1074128)

==== texlive-specs-m ====
Version update (2017.132.20170101_pl1svn43813 -> 2017.133.20170101_pl1svn43813)

- If zypper way of posttrans scripts are disabled do use the rpm
%posttrans scriptlets (boo#1074128)

==== texlive-specs-n ====
Version update (2017.132.2.004svn28119 -> 2017.133.2.004svn28119)

- If zypper way of posttrans scripts are disabled do use the rpm
%posttrans scriptlets (boo#1074128)

==== thunar ====
Version update (1.6.12 -> 1.6.13)
Subpackages: libthunarx-2-0 thunar-lang

- update to 1.6.13:
* Handle cases when file watch is not supported (bxo#13881)
* Missing Trash Translation String (bxo#13409)
* Handle g_mem_is_system_malloc deprecation
* Prefer local (file://) URIs than native ones (e.g. smb://)
(bxo#13845), fixes drag-and-drop to third-party apps.
* Translation updates

==== ucode-intel ====
Version update (20171117 -> 20180108)

- Fix URL to point to latest microcode on Intel web site
- Fix double size/content microcode bug (bsc#1075680)
- Add an overview of provided Intel processor microcodes for:
family, model, stepping and the revision in:
- Update to version 20180108 (bsc#1075262)
- Revert last changes:
D firmware-CVE-2017-5715.tar.gz
The pre-released microcode fixing some important security issues
is now officially published (and included in the added tarball).
- New firmware updates since last version (20170707) are avail for these
Intel processors:
IVT C0 (06-3e-04:ed) 428->42a
SKL-U/Y D0 (06-4e-03:c0) ba->c2
BDW-U/Y E/F (06-3d-04:c0) 25->28
HSW-ULT Cx/Dx (06-45-01:72) 20->21
Crystalwell Cx (06-46-01:32) 17->18
BDW-H E/G (06-47-01:22) 17->1b
HSX-EX E0 (06-3f-04:80) 0f->10
SKL-H/S R0 (06-5e-03:36) ba->c2
HSW Cx/Dx (06-3c-03:32) 22->23
HSX C0 (06-3f-02:6f) 3a->3b
BDX-DE V0/V1 (06-56-02:10) 0f->14
BDX-DE V2 (06-56-03:10) 700000d->7000011
KBL-U/Y H0 (06-8e-09:c0) 62->80
KBL Y0 / CFL D0 (06-8e-0a:c0) 70->80
KBL-H/S B0 (06-9e-09:2a) 5e->80
CFL U0 (06-9e-0a:22) 70->80
CFL B0 (06-9e-0b:02) 72->80
SKX H0 (06-55-04:b7) 2000035->200003c
GLK B0 (06-7a-01:01) 1e->22

==== vulkan ====
Subpackages: libvulkan1 vulkan-devel

- Drop ImageMagick build-time requirement

==== whois ====
Version update (5.2.19 -> 5.2.20)

- whois 5.2.20:
* Added the .mr TLD server
* Removed the .bs TLD server
* Updated the .ai, .gh, .gr, .kw, .ls, .ph, .sb, and .vn
TLD servers

==== xmlformat ====

- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner

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