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Re: [opensuse-factory] Request 545194 would cause drop of fortune
NO package in openSUSE:Factory needs a maintainer set: it inherits the
info from the devel project (which your script likely forgot to follow)

No, it does follow (actually osc does):

~> osc maintainer openSUSE:Factory bluez
bugowner of Base:System/bluez :
seife, vbotka

maintainer of Base:System/bluez :
seife, vbotka

I just counted the ones like...
~> osc maintainer openSUSE:Factory zot
bugowner of devel:languages:haskell :
mimi_vx, psimons

maintainer of devel:languages:haskell :
mimi_vx, psimons, ptrommler, sbahling, spanne, group:factory-maintainers

which is 7057 of 12025 packages in openSUSE:Factory.

Shall I auto-file droprequests for all of them? ;-)

If there is no explicit package maintainer assigned, the project
maintainers are the designated maintainers of the packages therein.

you still can't have a package without maintainers 'declared' (does not
mean those are active, alive and kicking, but they are declared)

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