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[opensuse-factory] Python3 only system status
Hello all,

just for the interest and to motivate people to help I am going to tell
you how screwed up are we with python3 only base system.

The staging stays the same:

As you can see on the base there is bunch of unresolvables, that is
currently caused by Mesa requiring python2 to build, matejcik is
hopefully going to ammend this ASAP and we will get much further in the

Apart from that on the failed front you can see jack/mozjs and syslinux
(rest has already pending fixed submissions iirc).

mozjs is really archaic version and we will really cry in order to get
it rolling with py3.

jack is using waf version that is python2 only... This translates even
into more fun. All of the SAMBA stuff is using waf to produce things,
the waf included in them is from 2010/2011 and does not consider py3,
when you put in new waf blidnly all hell breaks. Anyone with fond love
of windows style filesharing should probably start up with upstream and
get them to tweak it and/or tweak it together with them.

syslinux is another quite important package that was not updated in
ages, the current version is 6.04 while we have 4.0x series, the latest
can work with py3 but the one in factory can't, someone wanting to play
with booting fun would be lovely here.

On the DVD the errors are even more fun (most of the unresolvables are
again thanks to Mesa so it is not proper state).

You can see various kde packages failing to find the ECM for some
reason thus some kde lover to tweak dependencies would be welcome:
Also ECM depends on sphinx for docu build, might be easiest just to not
build the dpes and give op on pulling the python2 dependency there.

Rest of the fails there is simply what they mean, some hardcoded python
calls and so on.


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