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Re: [opensuse-factory] Packages for FSFE's REUSE Initiative
Hi Bernhard,

Op 19-12-17 om 17:36 schreef Bernhard Voelker:
most packages here at openSUSE are just downstream, so I think the use of
'reuse' is limited to checking what upstream has put in their files?

The use of reuse is similar to that of python3-flake8: For developers to
use while writing their programs, to verify that all their files are
covered by copyright notices and licences. If you want to check what
upstream has put in their files, there are much better inspection tools
such as FOSSology or ScanCode.

When using it upstream: is this initiative of the FSF coordinated e.g.
with the GNU standards? I didn't see any discussion about
"SPDX-License-Identifier"s on the GNU mailing lists.

It's an initiative of the FSFE, the European sister organisation :)
There has been no coordination with the FSF/GNU yet. I'm also not
subscribed to the GNU mailing lists. Is this a good place to bring up
the initiative? I do not want to seem the part of a spammy intruder, in

Yours sincerely,

Carmen Bianca Bakker
en eo fy nl

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