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Re: [opensuse-factory] libevtlog
On Fri, 2017-12-01 at 09:01 +0100, Peter Czanik wrote:

For the public record (I mentioned the same on the submit request):
Repo checker is right.

The packaging guidelines about 'merging packages' was not adhered

Once this is adhered to, r-c won't complain and let this package

OK. So I should revoke this request.

Is it OK if I modify packages this way?

Provides: libevtlog0 = 0.2.13
Obsoletes: libevtlog0 <= 0.2.13

This one no: the right thing here is to also split libevtlog0 in the
new souece package (syslog-ng), according to the shared library
packaging policy. Then, as the name stays the same, no
provides/obsoletes are needed


Provides: libevtlog-devel = 0.2.13
Obsoletes: libevtlog-devel <= 0.2.13

This one yes; alternatively you could also split out a libevtlog-devel
package out of the syslog-ng source build; but since there is no
consumer (yet?) this might be overkill

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