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Re: [opensuse-factory] openSSL 1.1 is now the default SSL implementation

On Monday 2017-11-27 12:18, Bruno Friedmann wrote:
There is a Prefer: entry in the prjconf that selects openssl over libressl.
Not sure if one can override it with another Prefer: in a home: project.

I don't see that we have the Prefer: openssl in server:db:pg

$ osc meta prjconf openSUSE:Factory
Prefer: libopenssl-devel

server:db:pg inherits that.

[ 13s] [188/398] cumulate libressl-devel-2.6.3-1.1

Well that's simply because you have a

# We are not compatible with openssl1.1 changes

# So we adopt Debian way, use libressl instead.

BuildRequires: libressl-devel

libgcrypto is not API compatible, and so that is a packager choice
more than a buildsystem preference.
This one is possible due to the fact that upstream code support it as an
alternative to openssl

(I thought you meant that libgcrypt itself offered
an openSSL-looking API)
If pgadmin3 can switch between openssl and gnutls/gcrypt, it is up to
the packager to pick one. Some project declare their openssl support
as being slightly less featurecomplete or something (as was the case
with "sssd" at some point in the past), and that would influence
that decision.
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