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[opensuse-factory] openSSL 1.1 is now the default SSL implementation
Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Over the weekend the Staging for openSSL 1.1 could be finalized and
checked in. as of now, openssl 1.1 is the default implementation used
for openSUSE Factory (Tumbleweed starting with snapshot 20171126)

This did result in quite some build failures (of non-ring packages),
that will await some love from the maintainers. The typical issues are:

* failed: the package does not build against openSSL 1.1. Preferably
the package is ported to openSSL 1.1. For now we still have openssl-
1_0_0-devel available as well in the repo, so it is possible, for now,
to revert those packages back. Keep in mind that you can only have one
SSL -devel branch in your buildroot. So if your deps are pulling in
SSL1.1, you might end up on the next common error

* unresolvable: A package specifies it requires 'openssl' (unversionen)
and now gets openssl 1.1 added to the buildroot. If you build against
another package that pulls in openssl 1.0 though (e.g. libqt4: I
understand that porting this to SSL 1.1 is a no-go), you result in
this. The 'easiest' would be to not BuildRequire openssl at all and
rely on libqt4 bringing it in (implicit dep) or, if you prefer,
buildrequire openssl-1_0_0-devel on suse_version >= 1330

Thank you all for looking after your packages

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