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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20171104 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:
at-spi2-atk (2.26.0 -> 2.26.1)
at-spi2-core (2.26.0 -> 2.26.2)
atk (2.26.0 -> 2.26.1)
augeas (1.8.0 -> 1.9.0)
bijiben (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
btrfsprogs (4.13.2 -> 4.13.3)
desktop-data-openSUSE (13.3 -> 15.0.20171024)
epiphany (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
evolution (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
evolution-data-server (3.26.1 ->
evolution-ews (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
ffmpeg (3.3.4 -> 3.4)
file-roller (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
gdm (3.26.1 ->
git (2.14.3 -> 2.15.0)
gjs (1.50.1 -> 1.50.2)
gmime (3.0.2 -> 3.0.3)
gnome-builder (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
gnome-control-center (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
gnome-desktop (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
gnome-disk-utility (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
gnome-logs (3.26.0 -> 3.26.2)
gnome-maps (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
gnome-screenshot (3.25.0 -> 3.26.0)
gnome-terminal (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
gnome-user-docs ( -> 3.26.2)
gspell (1.6.0 -> 1.6.1)
gtk3 (3.22.24 -> 3.22.25)
gucharmap (10.0.2 -> 10.0.3)
iso-codes (3.74 -> 3.76)
libdrm (2.4.85 -> 2.4.87)
libsoup (2.60.1 -> 2.60.2)
libthai (0.1.26 -> 0.1.27)
menu-cache (1.0.2 -> 1.1.0)
multipath-tools (0.7.3+11+suse.4de08d96 -> 0.7.3+13+suse.db431514)
openjpeg2 (2.1.2 -> 2.3.0)
perl-CGI (4.36 -> 4.37)
polari (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
purpose (1.1 -> 1.2.1)
python-gobject (3.26.0 -> 3.26.1)
python-kiwi (9.11.14 -> 9.11.16)
remmina (1.2.0~rcgit.21 -> 1.2.0~rcgit.24)
spice (0.12.8 -> 0.14.0)
units (2.14 -> 2.16)
vte (0.50.1 -> 0.50.2)
wget (1.19.1 -> 1.19.2)
xen (4.9.0_50 -> 4.10.0_01)
yast2-add-on (4.0.1 -> 4.0.2)
yast2-country (4.0.5 -> 4.0.6)

=== Details ===

==== at-spi2-atk ====
Version update (2.26.0 -> 2.26.1)
Subpackages: at-spi2-atk-common at-spi2-atk-gtk2 libatk-bridge-2_0-0

- Update to version 2.26.1:
+ Meson: Ensure paths written to .pc file are absolute.
+ Package a couple of missing files.

==== at-spi2-core ====
Version update (2.26.0 -> 2.26.2)
Subpackages: at-spi2-core-lang libatspi0 typelib-1_0-Atspi-2_0

- Update to version 2.26.2:
+ dist po/ (bgo#789666).
+ Generate correct sonname when building with meson.
- Update to version 2.26.1:
+ Remove unused dependency on libxkbcommon.
+ Various meson build fixes.
+ Updated translations.

==== atk ====
Version update (2.26.0 -> 2.26.1)
Subpackages: atk-devel atk-lang libatk-1_0-0 libatk-1_0-0-32bit

- Update to version 2.26.1:
+ Build: meson, tracked by bgo#785802
- Add option to disable introspection.
- Fix .rc generation in Meson builds.
+ Build: (Visual Studio)
- Enhance security of x64 binaries.
+ Updated translations.

==== augeas ====
Version update (1.8.0 -> 1.9.0)
Subpackages: augeas-lenses libaugeas0

- Version update to 1.9.0:
- General changes/additions
* Fix error in handling escaped whitespace at the end of path expressions
(addresses CVE-2017-7555)
* several improvements to the error messages when transforming a tree
back to text fails. They now make it clearer what part of the tree
was problematic, and what the tree should have looked like.
* Fixed the pkg-config file, which should now be usable
* Fix handling of backslash-escaping in strings and regular expressions
in the lens language. We used to handle constructs like "\\" and
/\\\\/ incorrectly. (Issue #495)
* do not unescape the default value of a del on create; otherwise we are
double unescaping these strings (Issue #507)
* remove tempfile when saving files because destination is not writable
(Issue #479)
* span information is now updated on save (Issue #467)
* fix lots of warnings generated by gcc 7.1
* Various changes to reduce bashisms in tests and make them run on
FreeBSD (Romain Tartière)
- API changes
* add function aug_ns_attr to allow iterating through a nodeset
quickly. See examples/dump.c for an example of how to use them
instead of aug_get, aug_label etc. and for a way to measure
performance gains.
- Lens changes/additions
* Ceph: new lens for /etc/ceph/ceph.conf
* Cgconfig: accept fperm & dperm in admin & task (Pino Toscano)
* Dovecot: also load files from /usr/local/etc (Roy Hubbard)
* Exports: relax the rules for the path at the beginning of a line so
that double-quoted paths are legal, too
* Getcap: new lens to parse generic termcap-style capability databases
* Grub: accept toplevel 'boot' entry (Pino Toscano)
* Httpd: handle empty comments with a continuation line (Issue #423);
handle '>""' in a directive properly (Issue #429); make space between
quoted arguments optional (Issue #435); accept quoted strings as part
of bare arguments (Issue #470)
* Nginx: load files from sites-available directory (Omer Katz) (Issue #471)
* Nslcd: new lens for nss-pam-ldapd config (Jose Plana)
* Oz: New lense for /etc/oz/oz.cnf
* postfix lenses: also load files from /usr/local/etc (Roy Hubbard)
* Properties: accept DOS line endings (Issue #468)
* Rtadvd: new lens to parse the rtadvd configuration file (Matt Dainty)
* Rsyslog: load files from /etc/rsyslog.d (Doug Wilson) (Issue #475);
allow spaces before the # starting a comment; allow comments inside
config statements like 'module'
* Ssh: accept '=' to separate keyword from arguments
* Sshd: split HostKeyAlgorithms into list of values; recognize quoted
group names with spaces in them (Issue #477)
* Sudoers: recognize "match_group_by_gid" (Luigi Toscano) (Issue #482)
* Syslog: allow spaces before the # starting a comment
* Termcap: new lens to parse termcap capability databases (Matt Dainty)
* Vsftpd: accept seccomp_sandbox (Denys Stroebel)
* Xymon: accept 'group-sorted' directive (Issue #462)

==== bijiben ====
Version update (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
Subpackages: bijiben-lang gnome-shell-search-provider-bijiben

- Update to version 3.26.2:
+ Added support for Tracker2.
+ Updated translations.
- Drop sed hack to inject tracker 2 support into configure.
- Drop libtool BuildRequires and call to autoreconf, as we no
longer modify the build system.

==== btrfsprogs ====
Version update (4.13.2 -> 4.13.3)
Subpackages: btrfsprogs-udev-rules libbtrfs0

- update to version 4.13.3:
* check: fix --force, wrong check for a mounted block device
* build: fix --with-convert parsing
* subvol list: don't list TOPLEVEL
* other: update tests
- update to version 4.13.2:
* subvol list:
* don't list toplevel subvolume among deleted (broken since 4.8.3)
* minor adjustments of uuid print format
* subvol delete:
* fix swapped behaviour of --commit-each and --commit-after
* fix potentially lost sync if subvolumes are from different filesystems
* check: add cache for metadata blocks, should improve performance
* other:
* new tests, testsuite updates
* doc updates
* cleanups
- update to version 4.13.1:
* image: speed up generating the sanitized names, do not generate unprintable
* completion: add missing commands, better mount point detection
* restore: add zstd support; libzstd detected automatically, will be
requested by default in the future, or can be configured out
* other:
* misc fixes found by sparse
* doc enhancements, ioctl manual page started
* updated and new tests
* build fixes
- update to version 4.13:
* convert: reiserfs support
* check: new option --force to allow check of a mounted filesystem (no repair)
* mkfs: --rootdir will now copy special files
* dump-tree: minor output changes
* inspect rootid: accept file as arugment
* dev usage: don't calculate slack space for missing devices
* fi du: don't print error on EMPTY_SUBVOL (inode number 2)
* build:
* fixed support for sanitization features on gcc (tsan, asan, ubsan)
* fix PIE build
* other:
* misc cleanups and stability fixes
* travis CI enhancements
* new tests, fuzzed images
* testsuite cleanups
- Removed patches:
- 0163-btrfs-progs-fsck-fix-segfault.patch - will be upstreamed
- local-version-override.patch - not needed anymore
- btrfs-support-pie.patch - upstremed
- Removed patches:
- 0167-Btrfs-progs-make-find_and_setup_root-return-an-error.patch
- 0168-Btrfs-progs-don-t-bug-out-if-we-can-t-find-the-last-.patch
- update to 4.12.1
* build:
* fix cross-compilation
* use gnu90 explicitly
* dump-tree: more relaxed checks so -b can print block on a damaged fs
* convert: fix the 1MB range exclusion
* check: more dir_item hash checks
* other
* added missing getopt spec for some options
* doc fixes
* cleanups
* test updates
- update to 4.12
* subvol show: new options --rootid, --uuid to show subvol by the given spec
* convert: progress report fixes, found by tsan
* image: progress report fixes, found by tsan
* fix infinite looping in find-root, or when looking for free extents
* other:
* code refactoring
* docs updates
* build: ThreadSanitizer support
* tests: stricter checks for mounted filesystem
- update to -4.11.1
* image: restoring from multiple devices
* dev stats: make --check option work
* check: fix false alert with extent hole on a NO_HOLE filesystem
* check: lowmem mode, fix false alert in case of mixed inline and compressed
* convert: work with large filesystems (many TB)
* convert: fix overwriting of eb header flags
* convert: do not clear NODATASUM flag in inodes when run with --no-datasum
* docs updates
* build: sync with Makefile
* tests:
* new tests
* fix 008 and 009, shell quotation mistake
- update to 4.11
* receive: fix handling empty stream with -e (multi-stream)
* send dump: fix printing long file names
* stability fixes for: dump-super, print-tree, check
* option parser updates: global options are parsed before the subcommand name
(old xfstests will fail)
* new and updated tests
* documentation updates
- btrfs-support-pie.patch: remove CFLAGS usage from linker lines,
this will allow the default PIE support to work.
- update to 4.10.2
* check: lowmem mode fix for false alert about lost backrefs
* convert: minor bugfix
* library: fix build, misisng symbols, added tests
- update to 4.10.1
* receive: handle subvolume in path clone
* convert: rollback fixed (rewrite was needed to address previous design
* build: fix build of 3rd party tools, missing <linux/sizes.h>
* dump-tree: print log trees
* other: new and updated tests
- update to 4.10
* send: dump output fixes: missing newlies
* check: several fixes for the lowmem mode, improved error reporting
* build
* removed some library deps for binaries that not use them
* ctags, cscope
* split Makefile to the autotool generated part and the rest, not needed
to after adding a file
* shared code: sync easy parts with kernel sources
* other
* lots of cleanups
* source file reorganization: convert, mkfs, utils
* lots of spelling fixes in docs, other updates
* more tests
- update to 4.9.1
* check:
* use correct inode number for lost+found files
* lowmem mode: fix false alert on dropped leaf
* size reports: negative numbers might appear in size reports during device
deletes (previously in EiB units)
* mkfs: print device being trimmed
* defrag: v1 ioctl support dropped
* quota: print message before starting to wait for rescan
* qgroup show: new option to sync before printing the stats
* other:
* corrupt-block enhancements
* backtrace and co. cleanups
* doc fixes
- update to 4.9
* check: many lowmem mode updates
* send: use splice syscall to copy buffer from kernel
* receive: new option to dump the stream in textual form
* convert:
* move sources to own directory
* prevent accounting of blocks beyond end of the device
* make it work with 64k sectorsize
* mkfs: move sources to own directory
* defrag: warns if directory used without -r
* dev stats:
* new option to check stats for non-zero values
* add long option for -z
* library: version bump to 0.1.2, added subvol_uuid_search2
* other:
* cleanups
* docs updates
- update to 4.8.5
* receive: fix detection of end of stream (error reported even for valid
* other:
* added test for the receive bug
* fix linking of library-test
- update to 4.8.4
* check: support for clearing space cache v2 (free-space-tree)
* send:
* more sanity checks (with tests), cleanups
* fix for fstests/btrfs/038 and btrfs/117 failures
* build:
* fix compilation of standalone ioctl.h, pull NULL definition
* fix library link errors introduced in 4.8.3
* tests:
* add more fuzzed images from bugzilla
* add bogus send stream checks
* fixups and enhancements for CI environment builds
* misc refinements and updates of testing framework
* other:
* move sources for btrfs-image to own directory
* deprecated and not build by default: btrfs-calc-size, btrfs-show-super
* docs updates
- update to 4.8.3
* check:
* support for clearing space cache (v1)
* size reduction of inode backref structure
* send:
* fix handling of multiple snapshots (-p and -c options)
* transfer buffer increased (should reduce number of context switches)
* reuse existing file for output (-f), eg. when root cannot create files (NFS)
* dump-tree:
* print missing items for various structures
* new: dev stats, balance status item
* sync key names with kernel (the persistent items)
* subvol show: now able to print the toplevel subvolume -- the creation time
might be wrong though
* mkfs:
* store the creation time of toplevel root inode
* print UUID in the summary
* build: travis CI for devel
* other:
* lots of cleanups and refactoring
* switched to on-stack path structure
* fixes from coverity, asan, ubsan
* new tests
* updates in testing infrastructure
* fixed convert test 005
- update to 4.8.2
* convert: also convert file attributes
* convert: fix wrong tree block alignment for unalianged block group
* check: quota verify fixes, handle reloc tree
* build: add stub for FIEMAP_EXTENT_SHARED, compiles on ancient kernels
* build: add stub for BUILD_ASSERT when ioctl.h is included
* dump-tree: don't crash on unrecognized tree id for -t
* tests:
* add more ioctl tests
* convert: more symlink tests, attribute tests
* quota verify for reloc tree
* other cleanups
- Add ability to provide site specific defaults for mkfs (FATE#320615).
* Only used for SLES11 defaults.
- Added patch mkfs-default-features.patch
- update to 4.8.1
* 32bit builds fixed
* build without backtrace support fixed
- update to 4.8
* error handling improvements all over the place
* new fuzzed images, test updates
* doc fixups
* minor cleanups and improvements
* kernel library helpers moved to own directory
* qgroup: fix regression leading to incorrect status after check,
introduced in 4.7
- update to 4.7.3
* fixed free space tree compat status
* check: low-mem mode: handle partially dropped snapshots
* dump-super: consolidate options for superblock copy
* tree-stats: check mount status
* subvol delete: handle verbosity option
* defrag: print correct error string
* mkfs: fix reading rotational status
* other:
* UBSAN build option
* documentation updates
* enhanced tests: convert, fuzzed images, more tools to run on fuzzed
- removed btrfsprogs-only-install-udev-rules-for-udev-190.patch: fix build
- update to 4.7.2
* check:
* urgent fix: false report of backref mismatches; do not --repair
last unaffected version 4.6.1 (code reverted to that state)
* fuzzing and fixes
* added more sanity checks for various structures
* testing images added
* build: udev compatibility: do not install .rules on version < 190
* other:
* dump-super: do not crash on garbage value in csum_type
* minor improvements in messages and help strings
* documentation:
* filesystem features
- Add new btrfsprogs-udev-rules package to contain the udev rules.
- Fix packaging for udev rules:
- btrfs builtin didn't exist prior to udev v190, so the rules must
depend on that version.
- Added patch:
* btrfsprogs-only-install-udev-rules-for-udev-190.patch
- update to 4.7.1
* check:
* new optional mode: optimized for low memory usage (memory/io tradeoff)
* --mode=lowmem, not default, still considered experimental
* does not work with --repair yet
* convert: regression fix, ext2_subvol/image rw permissions
* mkfs/convert:
* two-staged creation, partially created filesystem will not be recognized
* improved error handling (fewer BUG_ONs)
* convert: preparation for more filesystems to convert from
* documentation updates: quota, qgroup
* other
* message updates
* more tests
* more build options, enhanced debugging
- update to 4.7
* convert: fix creating discontig extents
* check: speed up traversing heavily reflinked extents within a file
* check: verify qgroups of higher levels
* check: repair can now fix wrong qgroup numbers
* balance: new option to run in the background
* defrag: default extent target size changed to 32MiB
* du: silently skip non-btrfs dirs/files
* documentation updates: btrfs(5), btrfs(8), balance, subvolume, scrub,
filesystem, convert
* bugfixes:
* unaligned access (reported for sparc64) in raid56 parity calculations
* use /bin/bash
* other stability fixes and cleanups
* more tests
- Removed patches:
* 0002-btrfs-progs-btrfsck-verify-qgroups-above-level-0.patch
* 0003-btrfs-progs-btrfsck-write-corrected-qgroup-info-to-d.patch
- update to 4.6.1
* fi resize: negative resize argument accepted again
* qgroup rescan: fix skipping when rescan is in progress
* mkfs: initialize stripesize to correct value
* testsuite updates, mostly convert tests
* documentation updates
* btrfs-device, btrfs-restore manual pages enhanced
* misc fixups
- update to 4.6
* convert - major rewrite:
* fix a long-standing bug that led to mixing data blocks into metadata block
* the workaround was to do full balance after conversion, which was
recommended practice anyway
* explicitly set the lowest supported version of e2fstools to 1.41
* provide and install udev rules file that addresses problems with device
mapper devices, renames after removal
* send: new option: quiet
* dev usage: report slack space (device size minus filesystem area on the dev)
* image: support DUP
* build: short options to enable debugging builds
* other:
* code cleanups
* build fixes
* more tests and other enhancements
* Removed patches:
* 0001-btrfs-progs-free-qgroup-counts-in-btrfsck.patch
* 0169-btrfs-progs-udev-add-rules-for-dm-devices.patch
* btrfs-progs-no-PKG_CHECK_VAR
- btrfsck updates for qgroup verification and repair (fate#318144)
* We can now check all qgroup levels
* btrfsck will write out corrected qgroups when run with --repair
- Added patch: 0001-btrfs-progs-free-qgroup-counts-in-btrfsck.patch
- Added patch: 0002-btrfs-progs-btrfsck-verify-qgroups-above-level-0.patch
- Added patch: 0003-btrfs-progs-btrfsck-write-corrected-qgroup-info-to-d.patch
- update to 4.5.3
* ioctl: fix unaligned access in buffer from TREE_SEARCH; might cause SIGBUS
on architectures that do not support unaligned access and do not performa
any fixups
* improved validation checks of superblock and chunk-related structures
* subvolume sync: fix handling of -s option
* balance: adjust timing of safety delay countdown with --full-balance
* rescue super-recover: fix reversed condition check
* check: fix bytes_used accounting
* documentation updates: mount options, scrub, send, receive, select-super,
check, mkfs
* testing: new fuzzed images, for superblock and chunks
- fix build failure on 13.1: conditional default for udevdir
- fix build failure on SLE11SP4: wrong check in makefile
- Add udev rules for dm devices (bsc#912170 bsc#888215)
- Added patch: 0169-btrfs-progs-udev-add-rules-for-dm-devices.patch
- Added patch: btrfs-progs-no-PKG_CHECK_VAR
- update to 4.5.2
* new/moved command: btrfs-calc-stats -> btrfs inspect tree-stats
* check: fix false alert for metadata blocks crossing stripe boundary
* check: catch when qgroup numbers mismatch
* check: detect running quota rescan and report mismatches
* balance start: add safety delay before doing a full balance
* fi sync: is now silent
* fi show: don't miss filesystems with partially matching uuids
* dev ready: accept only one argument for device
* dev stats: print "devid:N" for a missing device instead of "(null)"
* other:
* lowest supported version of e2fsprogs is 1.41
* minor cleanups, test updates
- Removed patch: 2000-btrfs-full-balance-warning.diff
- update to 4.5.1
* mkfs: allow DUP on multidev fs
* fix static build
- update to 4.5
* new/moved commands
* btrfs-show-super -> btrfs inspect-internal dump-super
* btrfs-debug-tree -> btrfs inspect-internal dump-tree
* new commands
* btrfs fi du - calculate disk usage, including shared extents
* enhancements
* device delete - delete by id (needs kernel support, not merged to 4.6)
* check - new option to specify chunk root
* debug-tree/dump-tree - option -t understands human readable name of the
tree (along numerical ids)
* btrfs-debugfs - can dump block group information
* bugfixes
* all commands should accept the option separator "--"
* several fixes in device scan
* restore works on filesystems with sectorsize > 4k
* debug-tree/dump-tree - print compression type as string
* subvol sync: fix crash, memory corruption
* argument parsing fixes: subvol get-default, qgroup create/destroy/assign,
inspect subvolid-resolve
* check for block device or regular file in several commands
* other
* documentation updates
* manual pages for the moved tools now point to btrfs-filesystem
* testsuite updates
- Removed patch (upstream):
- Recommend btrfsmaintenance
- hide min/max macros clashing with gcc 6 (bnc#966257)
- update to 4.4.1
* find-root: don't skip the first chunk
* free-space-tree compat bits fix
* build: target symlinks
* documentation updates
* test updates
- update to 4.4
* mkfs.btrfs --data dup
* support balance filters added/enhanced in linux 4.4
* manual pages enhanced (btrfs, mkfs, mount, filesystem, balance)
* 'btrfs filesystem usage' works with mixed blockgroups
* build: installation to /usr/local
* build: the 'ar' tool is properly deteced during cross-compilation
* improved stability on fuzzed/crafted images when reading sys array in
* debug-tree: option -t understands ids for tree root and chnuk tree
* check: properly reset nlink of multi-linked file
* chunk recovery: fix floating point exception
* chunk recovery: endianity bugfix during rebuild
* mkfs with 64K pages and nodesize reported superblock checksum mismatch
- Removed patches:
* 0001-btrfs-progs-mkfs-use-correct-size-for-superblock-csu.patch
* fix-doc-build-on-SLE11SP3.diff
- Fix missing dependency on coreutils for initrd macros (boo#958562)
- Call missing initrd macro at post / postun (boo#958562)
- fix mkfs failure on ppc64 (or with sectorsize > 4k) (bsc#956819)
- Added patch: 0001-btrfs-progs-mkfs-use-correct-size-for-superblock-csu.patch
- update to 4.3.1
* fixes
* device delete: recognize 'missing' again
* mkfs: long names are not trimmed when doing ssd check
* support partitioned loop devices
* other
* replace several mallocs with on-stack variables
* more memory allocation failure handling
* add tests for bugs fixed
* cmd-device: switch to new message printing helpers
* minor code cleanups
- update to 4.3
* mkfs
* mixed mode is not forced for filesystems smaller than 1GiB
* mixed mode broken with mismatching sectorsize and nodesize, fixed
* print version info earlier
* print devices sorted by id
* do not truncate target image with --rootsize
* fi usage:
* don't print global block reserve
* print device id
* minor output tuning
* other cleanups
* calc-size:
* div-by-zero fix on an empty filesystem
* fix crash
* bugfixes:
* more superblock sanity checks
* consistently round size of all devices down to sectorsize
* misc leak fixes
* convert: don't try to rollback with a half-deleted ext2_saved subvolume
* other:
* check: add progress indicator
* scrub: enahced error message
* show-super: read superblock from a given offset
* add README
* docs: update manual page for mkfs.btrfs, btrfstune, balance, convert and
* build: optional build with more warnings (W=...)
* build: better support for static checkers
* build: html output of documentation
* pretty-print: last_snapshot for root_item
* pretty-print: stripe dev uuid
* error reporting wrappers, introduced and example use
* refactor open_file_or_dir
* other docs and help updates
* testing:
* test for nodes crossing stripes
* test for broken 'subvolume sync'
* basic tests for mkfs, raid option combinations
* basic tests for fuzzed images (check)
* command intrumentation (eg valgrind)
* print commands if requested
* add README for tests
- build btrfsprogs-static package for 13.2 and Factory, package
with static versions of the utilities, aimed for rescue environments
- update to 4.2.3
- subvol sync: make it actually work again
- scanning: do not scan already discovered filesystems (minor optimization)
- convert: better error message in case the filesystem is not finalized
- restore: off-by-one symlink path check fix
- update to 4.2.2
- fi label: use fallback if the label ioctl is not available
- convert: check nodesize constraints against commandline features (-O)
- scrub: report status 'running' until all devices are finished
- device scanning might crash in some scenarios
- fi usage: print summary for non-root users
- update to 4.2.1
- fix an off-by-one error in cross-stripe boundary check
- convert: don't write uninitialized data to image
- image: don't loop with option -t0
- image: don't create threads if compression is not requested
- Removed patches:
* 0001-btrfs-progs-fix-cross-stripe-boundary-check.patch
- make mkfs work with 64k nodesize again, notably fixes mkfs on ppc64
- Added patch:
* 0001-btrfs-progs-fix-cross-stripe-boundary-check.patch
- version 4.2
* enhancements:
* mkfs: do not create extra single chunks on multiple devices
* resize: try to guess the minimal size, 'inspect min-dev-size'
* qgroup assign: add option to schedule rescan
* chunk-recover: be more verbose about the scanning process
* fixes:
* check:
* find stripes crossing stripe boundary -- created by convert
* print correct range for file hole when there are no extents
and learn how to fix it
* replace: more sanity checks
* convert: concurrency fixes related to reporting progress
* find-root: option -a will not skip the current root anymore
* subvol list: fix occasional crash
* do not create stripes crossing stripe boundary
* build:
* fixes for musl libc
* preliminary support for android (not working yet, more code changes needed)
* other:
* lots of cleanups
* tests: lots of updates, new tests, framework improvements
* documentation updates
* debugging: print-tree shows stripe length
- Removed patches (upstreamed):
* 2104-get-min-size-for-resize.patch
* 2105-move-min-resize-implementation-to-inspec.patch
* 2106-inspect-add-command-min-dev-size.patch
- add warning before full balance starts (bsc#940467, fate#319317)
- Added patches:
- Add feature to get minimum size a filesystem can be resized to
- Added patches:
* 2104-get-min-size-for-resize.patch
* 2105-move-min-resize-implementation-to-inspec.patch
* 2106-inspect-add-command-min-dev-size.patch
- version 4.1.2
- mkfs: bugfix, previous version does not create entierly correct
filesystem (has to be recreated)
- version 4.1.1
* bugfixes
- defrag: threshold overflow fix
- fsck:
- check if items fit into the leaf space
- fix wrong nbytes
- mkfs:
- create only desired block groups for single device
- preparatory work for fix on multiple devices
* enhancements
- new alias for 'device delete': 'device remove'
* other
- fix compilation on old gcc (4.3)
- documentation updates
- debug-tree: print nbytes
- test: image for corrupted nbytes
- corupt-block: let it kill nbytes
- spec: drop libacl dependency
- version 4.1
* bugfixes
- fsck.btrfs: no bash-isms
- bugzilla 97171: invalid memory access (with tests)
- receive:
- cloning works with --chroot
- capabilities not lost
- mkfs: do not try to register bare file images
- option --help accepted by the standalone utilities
* enhancements
- corrupt block: ability to remove csums
- mkfs:
- warn if metadata redundancy is lower than for data
- options to make the output quiet (only errors)
- mixed case names of raid profiles accepted
- rework the output:
- more comprehensive, 'key: value' format
- subvol:
- show:
- print received uuid
- update the output
- new options to specify size units
- sync:
- grab all deleted ids and print them as they're removed,
previous implementation only checked if there are any
to be deleted - change in command semantics
- scrub: print timestamps in days HMS format
- receive:
- can specify mount point, do not rely on /proc
- can work inside subvolumes
- send:
- new option to send stream without data (NO_FILE_DATA)
- convert:
- specify incompat features on the new fs
- qgroup:
- show: distinguish no limits and 0 limit value
- limit: ability to clear the limit
- help for 'btrfs' is shorter, 1st level command overview
- debug tree: print key names according to their C name
* new
- rescure zero-log
- btrfsune:
- rewrite uuid on a filesystem image
- new option to turn on NO_HOLES incompat feature
* deprecated
- standalone btrfs-zero-log
* other
- testing framework updates
- uuid rewrite test
- btrfstune feature setting test
- zero-log tests
- more testing image formats
- manual page updates
- ioctl.h synced with current kernel uapi version
- convert: preparatory works for more filesystems (reiserfs pending)
- use static buffers for path handling where possible
- add new helpers for send uilts that check memory allocations,
switch all users, deprecate old helpers
- Makefile: fix build dependency generation
- map-logical: make it work again
- Install bash completion for btrfs.
- version 4.0
* resize:
* don't accept file as an argument (it's confusing)
* print better error message in case of an error
* restore: optionally restore metadata (time, mode, uid/gid)
* receive: optionally enforce chroot
* new rescue subcommand 'zero-log', same as btrfs-zero-log, but
now also part of the main utility
* check:
* free space checks match kernel, fixes incorrect reports
* convert: fix setting of checksum bit if --no-datasum is used
* fsck.btrfs: don't print messages
* fix quota rescan on PPC64 (mangled ioctl number)
* test updates
* documentation: files renamed to .asciidoc, misc fixups
- version 3.19.1
- convert:
- new option to specify metadata block size
- --no-progress actually works
- restore: properly handle the page boundary corner case
- build fixes:
- missing macro from public header, BTRFS_BUILD_VERSION
- wrong handling of --enable-convert
- fi usage: reports correct space for degraded mounts
- other:
- mkfs: help string updates
- completion: added 'usage' subcommands
- cleanups in qgroup code, preparatory work
- version 3.19
- btrfs-image
- restore can now run in parallel threads
- fixed restore of multiple image from multiple devices onto a single dev
- introduced metadump v2
- check
- make --init-csum-tree and --init-extent-tree work together
- find-new
- option to search through all metadata even if a root was already found
- convert
- show progress by default, can be turned off
- corrupt-block
- option to work on a specific root
- bash completion script for all subcommands
- spec: convert to autotools
Removed patch 0169-btrfs-progs-Check-metadata-mirrors-in-find-root.patch
- version 3.18.2
* qgroup show: print human readable sizes, options to say otherwise
* check: new option to explicitly say no to writes
* mkfs: message about trimming is not printed to stderr
* fi show: fixed return value
* tests: new infrastructure
* btrfstune: force flag can be used together with seeding option
* backtrace support is back
* getopt cleanups
* doc and help updates
- version 3.18.1
- minor fixes
- documentation updates
- version 3.18
- mkfs - skinny-metadata feature is now on by default, first introduced in
kernel 3.10
- filesystem usage - give an overview of fs usage in a way that's more
comprehensible than existing 'fi df'
- device usage - more detailed information about per-device allocations
- check:
- option to set a different tree root byte number
- ability to link lost files to lost+found, caused by a recent kernel bug
- repair of severely corrupted fs (use with care)
- convert - option to show progress
- subvol create - print the commit mode inline, print the global mode only if
- other updates: musl-libc support, coverity bugfixes, new test images,
- Removed patches (upstreamed):
* 0010-btrfs-progs-move-group-type-and-profile-pretty-print.patch
* 0011-btrfs-progs-Enhance-the-command-btrfs-filesystem-df.patch
* 0012-btrfs-progs-Add-helpers-functions-to-handle-the-prin.patch
* 0013-btrfs-progs-Add-command-btrfs-filesystem-disk-usage.patch
* 0014-btrfs-progs-Add-btrfs-device-disk-usage-command.patch
* 0015-btrfs-progs-cleanup-dead-return-after-usage-for-fi-d.patch
* 0016-btrfs-progs-Fix-memleak-in-get_raid56_used.patch
* 0017-Btrfs-progs-fi-usage-free-memory-if-realloc-fails.patch
* 0019-btrfs-progs-add-original-df-and-rename-disk_usage-to.patch
* 0020-btrfs-progs-move-device-usage-to-cmds-device-more-cl.patch
* 0021-btrfs-progs-check-if-we-can-t-get-info-from-ioctls-d.patch
* 0022-btrfs-progs-zero-out-structures-before-calling-ioctl.patch
* 0024-btrfs-progs-Print-more-info-about-device-sizes.patch
* 0025-btrfs-progs-compare-unallocated-space-against-the-co.patch
* 0026-btrfs-progs-add-section-of-overall-filesystem-usage.patch
* 0027-btrfs-progs-cleanup-filesystem-device-usage-code.patch
* 0028-btrfs-progs-rework-calculations-of-fi-usage.patch
* 0029-btrfs-progs-replace-df_pretty_sizes-with-pretty_size.patch
* 0030-btrfs-progs-clean-up-return-codes-and-paths.patch
* 0031-btrfs-progs-move-global-reserve-to-overall-summary.patch
- version 3.17.3
- convert: fix conversion of sparse ext* filesystems
- show: resolve to the correct path
- fsck: more verbose error for root dir problems
- version 3.17.2
- check improvements
- add ability to replace missing dir item/dir indexes
- fix missing inode items
- create missing root dirid
- corrupt block: enhancements for testing fsck
- zero-log: able to reset a fs with bogus log tree pointer (bko#72151)
- package mkinitrd scripts conditionally (bsc#893577)
- spec: minor updates
- version 3.17.1
- fi df: argument handling
- fix linking with libbtrfs
- replace: better error reporting
- fi show: fixed stall if run concurrently with balance
- check: fixed argument parsing for --subvol-extents
- fi df: SI prefixes corrected
- Added patches:
* fix-doc-build-on-SLE11SP3.diff
- Removed patches:
* 0042-btrfs-progs-fix-linking-with-libbtrfs.patch
* 0043-btrfs-progs-libbtrfs-make-exported-headers-compatibl.patch
- Modified patches:
* 0011-btrfs-progs-Enhance-the-command-btrfs-filesystem-df.patch
* 0012-btrfs-progs-Add-helpers-functions-to-handle-the-prin.patch
* 0019-btrfs-progs-add-original-df-and-rename-disk_usage-to.patch
- version 3.17
- check: --init-csum-tree acutally does something useful, rebuilds the whole
csum tree
- /dev scanning for btrfs devices is gone
- /proc/partitions scanning is gone, blkid is used exclusively
- new subcommand subvolume sync
- filesystem df: new options to set unit format
- convert: allow to copy label from the origin, or specify a new one
- Modified patches:
* 0011-btrfs-progs-Enhance-the-command-btrfs-filesystem-df.patch
* 0012-btrfs-progs-Add-helpers-functions-to-handle-the-prin.patch
* 0013-btrfs-progs-Add-command-btrfs-filesystem-disk-usage.patch
* 0014-btrfs-progs-Add-btrfs-device-disk-usage-command.patch
* 0015-btrfs-progs-cleanup-dead-return-after-usage-for-fi-d.patch
* 0016-btrfs-progs-Fix-memleak-in-get_raid56_used.patch
* 0017-Btrfs-progs-fi-usage-free-memory-if-realloc-fails.patch
* 0019-btrfs-progs-add-original-df-and-rename-disk_usage-to.patch
* 0020-btrfs-progs-move-device-usage-to-cmds-device-more-cl.patch
* 0021-btrfs-progs-check-if-we-can-t-get-info-from-ioctls-d.patch
* 0022-btrfs-progs-zero-out-structures-before-calling-ioctl.patch
* 0024-btrfs-progs-Print-more-info-about-device-sizes.patch
* 0025-btrfs-progs-compare-unallocated-space-against-the-co.patch
* 0026-btrfs-progs-add-section-of-overall-filesystem-usage.patch
* 0027-btrfs-progs-cleanup-filesystem-device-usage-code.patch
* 0029-btrfs-progs-replace-df_pretty_sizes-with-pretty_size.patch
* 0030-btrfs-progs-clean-up-return-codes-and-paths.patch
* 0031-btrfs-progs-move-global-reserve-to-overall-summary.patch
- Added patches:
* 0010-btrfs-progs-move-group-type-and-profile-pretty-print.patch
* 0028-btrfs-progs-rework-calculations-of-fi-usage.patch
* 0042-btrfs-progs-fix-linking-with-libbtrfs.patch
* 0043-btrfs-progs-libbtrfs-make-exported-headers-compatibl.patch
- Removed patches:
* 0006-Btrfs-progs-fsck-clear-out-log-tree-in-repair-mode.patch
* 0007-Btrfs-progs-fsck-avoid-pinning-same-block-several-ti.patch
* 0008-Btrfs-progs-fsck-add-ability-to-check-reloc-roots.patch
* 0018-btrfs-progs-read-global-reserve-size-from-space-info.patch
* 0023-btrfs-progs-print-B-for-bytes.patch
* 0028-btrfs-progs-extend-pretty-printers-with-unit-mode.patch
* 0164-btrfs-progs-convert-set-label-or-copy-from-origin.patch
* 0171-btrfs-progs-make-free-space-checker-work-on-non-4k-s.patch
- version 3.16.2
- fsck: handle bad extent mapping
- image: make it work on a balanced fs
- btrfs-show-super: print flags in human readable way
- documentation updates
- version 3.16.1
- library version defines
- subvol list: -R to print received UUID
- fixed detection of multiple mounts on the same directory
- restore: misc fixes
- other fixes
- Modified patches (sync with pending upstream versions):
* 0011-btrfs-progs-Enhance-the-command-btrfs-filesystem-df.patch
* 0012-btrfs-progs-Add-helpers-functions-to-handle-the-prin.patch
* 0013-btrfs-progs-Add-command-btrfs-filesystem-disk-usage.patch
* 0018-btrfs-progs-read-global-reserve-size-from-space-info.patch
* 0020-btrfs-progs-move-device-usage-to-cmds-device-more-cl.patch
* 0024-btrfs-progs-Print-more-info-about-device-sizes.patch
* 0025-btrfs-progs-compare-unallocated-space-against-the-co.patch
* 0028-btrfs-progs-extend-pretty-printers-with-unit-mode.patch
* 0029-btrfs-progs-replace-df_pretty_sizes-with-pretty_size.patch
- Removed patch: library-version-defines.patch (upstream)
- send-stream API users updatd, drop the workaround
- Removed patch: send-stream-api-wokaround.patch
- workaround for send api breakage
- Added patch: send-stream-api-wokaround.patch
- add api versioning and package version.h (now 0.1.1)
- Added patches:
* library-version-defines.patch
- version 3.16
- show-super: skip unrecognized sb, add option to force
- debug-tree: print tree by id
- mkfs: new option to specify UUID
- receive: new option to limit number of errors
- check: new option to verify quotas
- check: reduced memory requirements
- check: new option to print extent sharing
- restore: check length before decompression
- restore: more error handling
- balance: new filter 'limit'
- recover: allow to read all sb copies
- restore: option to loop during restoring
- mkfs: drop experimental notice
- btrfstune: new option to force dangerous changes
- documentation updates
- Deleted patches (upstream):
* 0001-btrfs-progs-doc-fix-symlink-target-for-btrfsck.8.patch
* 0200-btrfs-progs-print-qgroup-excl-as-unsigned.patch
* 0201-btrfs-progs-import-ulist.patch
* 0202-btrfs-progs-add-quota-group-verify-code.patch
* 0203-btrfs-progs-show-extent-state-for-a-subvolume.patch
* 0204-btrfs-progs-ignore-orphaned-qgroups-by-default.patch
* btrfs-progs-canonicalize-pathnames-for-device-commands
- Refreshed patches:
* 0006-Btrfs-progs-fsck-clear-out-log-tree-in-repair-mode.patch
* 0011-btrfs-progs-Enhance-the-command-btrfs-filesystem-df.patch
* 0012-btrfs-progs-Add-helpers-functions-to-handle-the-prin.patch
* 0013-btrfs-progs-Add-command-btrfs-filesystem-disk-usage.patch
* 0028-btrfs-progs-extend-pretty-printers-with-unit-mode.patch
* 0164-btrfs-progs-convert-set-label-or-copy-from-origin.patch
- refresh references on the following patches:
* 0200-btrfs-progs-print-qgroup-excl-as-unsigned.patch
* 0201-btrfs-progs-import-ulist.patch
* 0202-btrfs-progs-add-quota-group-verify-code.patch
* 0203-btrfs-progs-show-extent-state-for-a-subvolume.patch
- btrfs-progs: ignore orphaned qgroups by default
- Added patch:
* 0204-btrfs-progs-ignore-orphaned-qgroups-by-default.patch
- btrfs-progs: show extent state for a subvolume (bnc#865621)
- Added patch:
* 0203-btrfs-progs-show-extent-state-for-a-subvolume.patch
- btrfs-progs: canonicalize pathnames for device commands (bnc#880486).
- Added patch:
* btrfs-progs-canonicalize-pathnames-for-device-commands
- fsck: fix checking on filesystems with large sectorsize (bnc#872286)
- Added patches:
* 0171-btrfs-progs-make-free-space-checker-work-on-non-4k-s.patch
- Do not package btrfs-find-root and btrfs-select-super by default.
- Removed printing byte number for every slot (bnc#872364).
- Removed patch:
* 0170-btrfs-progs-In-find-root-dump-bytenr-for-every-slot.patch
- update to upstream 3.14.2
- man: separate pages for all subcommands
- minor bugfixes
- spec: removed upstreamed patches, update build dependencies
- Added patches:
* 0001-btrfs-progs-doc-fix-symlink-target-for-btrfsck.8.patch
- Removed patches:
* 0001-Btrfs-progs-fix-check-to-test-trim-support.patch
* 0002-Btrfs-progs-fsck-fix-double-free-memory-crash.patch
* 0003-Btrfs-progs-mkfs-Remove-zero_end-1-since-it-has-been.patch
* 0004-btrfs-progs-fix-wrong-max-system-array-size-check-in.patch
* 0005-btrfs-progs-move-arg_strtou64-to-a-separate-file-for.patch
* 0009-btrfs-progs-prevent-close_root-if-the-root-to-close-.patch
* 0010-btrfs-progs-fix-mkfs.btrfs-segfault-with-features-op.patch
- add quota group verify patches, sent to list near end of the week starting
- updates btrfsck with the ability to verify quota groups
- Update the changelog with some sad version of diffstat output to meet
- Added patches:
* 0200-btrfs-progs-print-qgroup-excl-as-unsigned.patch
* 0201-btrfs-progs-import-ulist.patch
* 0202-btrfs-progs-add-quota-group-verify-code.patch
- add quota group verify patches, sent to list near end of the week starting
- updates btrfsck with the ability to verify quota groups
- update to upstream 3.14.1
- mkfs:
- fix TRIM detection
- do not zero-out end of device unconditionally
- no crash with --features option
- fsck:
- clear log tree in repair mode
- check reloc roots
- btrfs - reworked space reporting (bnc#873106)
- btrfs fi usage - new command
- btrfs dev usage - new command
- btrfs fi df - enhanced output with GlobalReserve
- Removed patches:
* 0001-btrfs-progs-move-arg_strtou64-to-a-separate-file-for.patch
- Added patches:
* 0001-Btrfs-progs-fix-check-to-test-trim-support.patch
* 0002-Btrfs-progs-fsck-fix-double-free-memory-crash.patch
* 0003-Btrfs-progs-mkfs-Remove-zero_end-1-since-it-has-been.patch
* 0004-btrfs-progs-fix-wrong-max-system-array-size-check-in.patch
* 0005-btrfs-progs-move-arg_strtou64-to-a-separate-file-for.patch
* 0006-Btrfs-progs-fsck-clear-out-log-tree-in-repair-mode.patch
* 0007-Btrfs-progs-fsck-avoid-pinning-same-block-several-ti.patch
* 0008-Btrfs-progs-fsck-add-ability-to-check-reloc-roots.patch
* 0009-btrfs-progs-prevent-close_root-if-the-root-to-close-.patch
* 0010-btrfs-progs-fix-mkfs.btrfs-segfault-with-features-op.patch
* 0011-btrfs-progs-Enhance-the-command-btrfs-filesystem-df.patch
* 0012-btrfs-progs-Add-helpers-functions-to-handle-the-prin.patch
* 0013-btrfs-progs-Add-command-btrfs-filesystem-disk-usage.patch
* 0014-btrfs-progs-Add-btrfs-device-disk-usage-command.patch
* 0015-btrfs-progs-cleanup-dead-return-after-usage-for-fi-d.patch
* 0016-btrfs-progs-Fix-memleak-in-get_raid56_used.patch
* 0017-Btrfs-progs-fi-usage-free-memory-if-realloc-fails.patch
* 0018-btrfs-progs-read-global-reserve-size-from-space-info.patch
* 0019-btrfs-progs-add-original-df-and-rename-disk_usage-to.patch
* 0020-btrfs-progs-move-device-usage-to-cmds-device-more-cl.patch
* 0021-btrfs-progs-check-if-we-can-t-get-info-from-ioctls-d.patch
* 0022-btrfs-progs-zero-out-structures-before-calling-ioctl.patch
* 0023-btrfs-progs-print-B-for-bytes.patch
* 0024-btrfs-progs-Print-more-info-about-device-sizes.patch
* 0025-btrfs-progs-compare-unallocated-space-against-the-co.patch
* 0026-btrfs-progs-add-section-of-overall-filesystem-usage.patch
* 0027-btrfs-progs-cleanup-filesystem-device-usage-code.patch
* 0028-btrfs-progs-extend-pretty-printers-with-unit-mode.patch
* 0029-btrfs-progs-replace-df_pretty_sizes-with-pretty_size.patch
* 0030-btrfs-progs-clean-up-return-codes-and-paths.patch
* 0031-btrfs-progs-move-global-reserve-to-overall-summary.patch
- own mkinitrd directories
- add missing symbol to library (bnc#873164)
- add version dependency for devel package
- Added patches:
* 0001-btrfs-progs-move-arg_strtou64-to-a-separate-file-for.patch
- fsck: fixes and enahancements to --init-extent-tree mode
- fsck: chunk-recover updates
- scrub: add force option -f
- send: check if subvolumes are read-only
- subvol snapshot: add options to affect commit behaviour
- btrfs: add properties command group
- restore: add dry-run option
- restore: fix restoring of compressed files
- mkfs: support for no-holes feature
- mkfs: option -r deals with hardlinks and relative paths
- mkfs: discard phase is interruptible
- documentation updates
- cleaned spec file
- Removed patches:
* 0162-btrfs-progs-fix-loop-device-mount-checks.patch
* 0165-Revert-btrfs-progs-update-options-in-find-root.c.patch
* 0166-Btrfs-progs-add-some-verbose-output-to-find-root.patch
- bump version to 3.12
- update tarball and remove upstreamed patches
- fsck, image, restore: various improvements and fixes
- btrfs: quota rescan (fate#312751)
- fsck updates
- more mkfs sanity checks
- qgroup rescan wait
- Added patches:
* 0050-Btrfs-progs-commit-the-csum_root-if-we-do-init-csum-.patch
* 0051-btrfs-progs-Fix-getopt-on-arm-ppc-platforms.patch
* 0052-btrfs-progs-fix-duplicate-__-su-typedefs-on-ppc64.patch
* 0053-btrfs-progs-use-reentrant-localtime.patch
* 0054-btrfs-progs-don-t-have-to-report-ENOMEDIUM-error-dur.patch
* 0055-Btrfs-progs-added-btrfs-quota-rescan-w-switch-wait.patch
* 0056-btrfs-progs-fix-qgroup-realloc-inheritance.patch
* 0057-Btrfs-progs-fix-restore-command-leaving-corrupted-fi.patch
* 0058-btrfs-progs-avoid-write-to-the-disk-before-sure-to-c.patch
* 0059-btrfs-progs-error-if-device-for-mkfs-is-too-small.patch
* 0060-btrfs-progs-error-if-device-have-no-space-to-make-pr.patch
* 0061-btrfs-progs-calculate-available-blocks-on-device-pro.patch
* 0062-Btrfs-progs-keep-track-of-transid-failures-and-fix-t.patch
- Change udev rule filename in to
/usr/lib/udev/rules.d/64-btrfs.rules from
from /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/80-btrfs.rules (bnc#839960 comment#7)
- Remove udev rules file - udev packages one itself (bnc#839960).
- update to upstream master (194aa4a1)
- btrfs-restore: deal with NULL returns from read_node_slot
- btrfs-restore: use the correct leafsize when reading the FS location
- btrfs-find-root: Add options to control generation and level
- btrfsck: fix incorrect casting on items in the corrupt_blocks tree
- Btrfs-progs: fix closing of devices
- Btrfs-progs: enhance btrfs-image to restore image onto multiple disks
- Btrfs-progs: cleanup btrfs-image usage
- Btrfs-progs: delete fs_devices itself from fs_uuid list before freeing
- Btrfs-progs: skip open devices which is missing
- Btrfs-progs: fix misuse of skinny metadata in btrfs-image
- Btrfs-progs: recover raid0/raid10/raid5/raid6 metadata chunk
- Btrfs-progs: Add chunk rebuild function for RAID1/SINGLE/DUP
- Btrfs-progs: introduce list_{first, next}_entry/list_splice_tail{_init}
- Btrfs-progs: Add chunk recover function - using old chunk items
- Btrfs-progs: Add block group check funtion
- Btrfs-progs: extend the extent cache for the device extent
- Btrfs-progs: use rb-tree instead of extent cache tree for fs/file roots
- Btrfs-progs: introduce common insert/search/delete functions for rb-tree
- Btrfs-progs: cleanup similar code in open_ctree_* and close_ctree
- Btrfs-progs: Don't free the devices when close the ctree
- Btrfs-progs: don't close the file descriptor 0 when closing a device
- Btrfs-progs: fix missing recow roots when making btrfs filesystem
- Add fix for passing super_nr while opening ctree
- btrfs-progs-mkfs-default-extref.diff: turn on extended refs by
default, (aka hardlink count limtitation) (bnc#835695)
- added 0040-btrfs-progs-fix-loop-device-mount-checks.patch: fix
loop mount detection again (bnc#834173)
- Simplify checks in mkinitrd scripts.
They are always true because they come from the same package
Use relative paths to binaries
- Move udev rules to /usr.
- Adjust rules to call binary from /usr
- Simplify fsck.btrfs, its just a dummy until fixed
- update to upstream master (f00dd8386a57d241d0f7c)
- Make requirement on libattr-devel explicit
- initrd support: add module (bnc#750185, bnc#727383)
- set correct file mode if writing replacement fsck
- fix build failure
- add btrfs-debug-tree to initrd
- adjust fs size to correct size (bnc#744593)
- man page documentation updates
- do not package obsolete utilities
- mkfs: store correct size of device in superblock (bnc#730103)
- updated restriper/balance commands to match kernel version
- place binaries in /usr tree (UsrMerge project)
- adjust mkinitrd scrippt accordingly
- add btrfsck repair options for:
- rebuild extent records
- fix block group accounting
- reset csums for rescue nodatasum mount
- prune corrupt extent allocation tree blocks
- device scanning fixes for dm and multipath (bnc#749540)
- initrd support: move btrfs device scan after block device setup
- documentation updates
- add csize for file commpressed size
- updated restore utility
- patch license to follow standard
- btrfs-progs-fix-open_ctree_usage_segfaults.patch: fix
segfaults from bnc#710486 due to unchecked usage of return
value of open_ctree()
[fixed compilation warnings]
- pull upstream, replace existing patches, spec update
- update 'restore' utility
- lzo support
- tools may now take earlies superblock when opening the fs
- other fixes
- pull integration-20111030 branch
- mkfs: force mkfs if desired
- other fixes
- add btrfs-dump-super to mkinitrd
- other fixes
- skip non-existent devices or without media
- documentation updates
- scrubbing single device
- graceful error handling when opening fs fails
- updated mkinitrd script to scan devices before mount (bnc#727383)
- add several tools to mkinitrd if root fs is btrfs
- pull upstream branch and delete local patches
- btrfsck: ignore -a (bnc#655906)
- btrfsck: fix strerror value
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
- Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build
- add patch for local version override as we do not build from
git, and avoid doubled "Btrfs" in output of 'btrfs'
- reorder help for 'get-default' right after 'set-default'
- add option -p to print parent subvolume
- add subvolume 'get-default' subsubcommand
- remove debugging printf from
- add support for currently available kernel features:
- add scrub subcommand
- scan /proc/partitions by default (or use --all-devices for all)
- mkfs fixes and improvements
- documentation fixes
- fix failing on deleted loop mounts (bnc#697671)
- update from git:
- add btrfs-select-super utility
- add btrfs-label utility
- allow mixed data+metadata (option --mixed)
- allow populating new filesystem with files (option --rootdir)
- allow discard support in mkfs
- lzo support
- deprecate 'btrfsctl' 'btrfs-vol' 'btrfs-show'
- other bugfixes and documentation improvements
- change to a hardlink
- add link for fsck.btrfs (bnc#665899)
- update to v0.19-35-g1b444cd:
* used space accounting fix for the converter
* Add btrfs-list for listing subvolumes
* Add new util: 'btrfs'
* multidevice support for check_mounted
* check slash in deleting subvolumes
* Add btrfsck option to select the super block copy
* btrfs-debug-tree: add -d option to print only the device mapping
- fix crash on creating filesystems (bnc#603620)
- revert last change (bnc#599224#c3)
- add hardlink from fsck.btrfs (bnc#599224)
- fix memory leak (bnc#537633)
- Updated to latest repo version.
- used space accounting fix for the converter
- btrfsctl: add snapshot/subvolume destroy ioctl
- btrfsck: check root back/forward references
- Add btrfs-map-logical program to map and read logical block numbers
- build btfs-convert (bnc#572912)
- enable parallel build
- added Supplements
- move apps to /sbin
- update to 0.19:
- build with rpm optflags
- install man pages
- fix leak in extends checking (bnc#523447)

==== desktop-data-openSUSE ====
Version update (13.3 -> 15.0.20171024)

- Update to version 15.0.20171024:
* Remove update_rpm: the package has been converted to _service
- Update to version 15.0.20171023:
* Drop /etc/skel/public_html (boo#1064226).

==== dmraid ====

- dmraid: remove partitions with O_RDONLY
* add 0001-remove-partitions-with-O_RDONLY.patch

==== epiphany ====
Version update (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
Subpackages: epiphany-lang gnome-shell-search-provider-epiphany

- Update to version 3.26.2:
+ Do not show home button if home page is set to blank page
+ Add support for remote inspector (an advanced developer tool).
+ Various flatpak-related improvements.
+ Add flatpak manifest.

==== evolution ====
Version update (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
Subpackages: evolution-lang evolution-plugin-bogofilter
evolution-plugin-pst-import evolution-plugin-spamassassin

- Update to version 3.26.2:
+ Initialize libxml2 global memory in the main().
+ Use icaltime_is_utc() instead of icaltimetype::is_utc.
+ Label shortcuts prevent typing numbers.
+ Crash after import file disappears before import is done.
+ Crash under e_dom_resize_document_content_to_preview_width().
+ [ECellCombo] Misplaced combo popup under Wayland.
+ Disable expand of To Do bar icon renderer.
+ Store To Do bar width as proportion, not as absolute value.
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#696047, bgo#781645, bgo#788156, bgo#788293,
bgo#788430, bgo#788450, bgo#788478, bgo#788639, bgo#788675,
bgo#788686, bgo#788829, bgo#788916, bgo#789009.
+ Updated translations.

==== evolution-data-server ====
Version update (3.26.1 ->
Subpackages: evolution-data-server-lang libcamel-1_2-60 libebackend-1_2-10
libebook-1_2-19 libebook-contacts-1_2-2 libecal-1_2-19 libedata-book-1_2-25
libedata-cal-1_2-28 libedataserver-1_2-22 libedataserverui-1_2-1

- Update to version
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#789555, bgo#789677.
- Changes from version 3.26.2:
+ [CalDAV/CardDAV]:
- Append ending slash to URL when missing.
- Improve logic for object load from the server.
+ [CamelFolderSearch] The 'header-exists' misuses message info
+ [Camel] Speed up message filtering on headers.
+ Crash under e-data-cal-view.c:pending_flush_timeout_cb().
+ e-cal-recur.c:ensure_timezone(): Unset icaltimetype::zone only
if not UTC.
+ [ESoupSession] Special-case Daily Limit errors and propagate
them to the caller.
+ Extend developer comment of camel_message_info_property_lock().
+ [GTasks] Remember timed query resulting in '400 Bad Request'.
+ [IMAPx]:
- Prevent crash in imapx_update_store_summary().
- Prevent deadlockick camel_imapx_server_copy_message_sync().
- Show progress of message body download only.
+ Initialize libxml2 global memory in the main().
+ Internal Google OAuth2 token not refreshed on calendar open.
+ Mute a compiler warning from e_collator_generate_key().
+ Prevent crash when "On The Web" calendar has set incorrect URI.
+ Use icaltime_is_utc() instead of icaltimetype::is_utc.
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#696047, bgo#742167, bgo#781645, bgo#788371,
bgo#788430, bgo#788686, bgo#788848, bgo#789132, bgo#789169.
+ Updated translations.

==== evolution-ews ====
Version update (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
Subpackages: evolution-ews-lang

- Update to version 3.26.2:
+ Use icaltime_is_utc() instead of icaltimetype::is_utc.
+ Prevent crash under ews_backend_sync_created_folders().
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#781645, bgo#788782.
+ Updated translations.

==== ffmpeg ====
Version update (3.3.4 -> 3.4)
Subpackages: libavcodec-devel libavcodec57 libavdevice57 libavfilter6
libavformat57 libavresample-devel libavresample3 libavutil-devel libavutil55
libpostproc54 libswresample-devel libswresample2 libswscale-devel libswscale4

- Get rid of ffmpeg-pkgconfig-version.patch.
- Update to new upstream release 3.4
* New video filters: deflicker, doublewave, lumakey, pixscope,
oscilloscope, robterts, limiter, libvmaf, unpremultiply,
tlut2, floodifll, pseudocolor, despill, convolve, vmafmotion.
* New audio filters: afir, crossfeed, surround, headphone,
superequalizer, haas.
* Some video filters with several inputs now use a common set
of options: blend, libvmaf, lut3d, overlay, psnr, ssim. They
must always be used by name.
* librsvg support for svg rasterization
* spec-compliant VP9 muxing support in MP4
* Remove the libnut and libschroedinger muxer/demuxer wrappers
* drop deprecated qtkit input device (use avfoundation instead)
* SUP/PGS subtitle muxer
* VP9 tile threading support
* KMS screen grabber
* CUDA thumbnail filter
* V4L2 mem2mem HW assisted codecs
* Rockchip MPP hardware decoding
* (Not in openSUSE builds, only original ones:)
* Gremlin Digital Video demuxer and decoder
* Additional frame format support for Interplay MVE movies
* Dolby E decoder and SMPTE 337M demuxer
* raw G.726 muxer and demuxer, left- and right-justified
* NewTek NDI input/output device
* FITS demuxer, muxer, decoder and encoder

==== file-roller ====
Version update (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
Subpackages: file-roller-lang

- Update to version 3.26.2:
+ Updated translations.
- Update Url to current
File Roller's wiki page.
- Drop pkgconfig BuildRequires: devel packages implicit dependency.
- Pass --enable-libarchive and --enable-notification to configure:
making sure the features we want are enabled.

==== gdm ====
Version update (3.26.1 ->
Subpackages: gdm-lang gdmflexiserver libgdm1 typelib-1_0-Gdm-1_0

- Update gdm-ignore-duplicate-session.patch: Fix patch doesn't work
when wayland is disabled (bsc#1060627).
- Update to version
+ Fix newly introduced race leading to crash for some users.
- Update to version 3.26.2:
+ Use dconf to force vitruvian man on panel.
+ Hide -xorg sessions under X11.
+ Don't add bogus wtmp entries.
+ Wait for X server to die before respawning.
+ Updated translations.
- Update Url to current GDM's
project page.
- Add the following BuildRequires based on gio-2.0,
gio-unix-2.0, glib-2.0, gobject-2.0, gthread-2.0 and xcb.
- Add fdupes BuildRequires: removal of duplicates.
- Run spec-cleaner to get the respective pkgconfigs from
check-devel, iso-codes-devel, libXdmcp-devel, libXi-devel,
libXinerama-devel, gobject-introspection-devel: pkgconfig(*)
check, iso-codes, xdmcp, xi, xinerama and gobject-introspection.
- Drop %glib2_gsettings_schema_requires macro: not needed/used
anymore thanks to file triggers.

==== git ====
Version update (2.14.3 -> 2.15.0)
Subpackages: git-core git-cvs git-daemon git-email git-gui git-svn git-web gitk

- git 2.15.0:
* Use of an empty string as a pathspec element that is used for
'everything matches' is still warned and Git asks users to use a
more explicit '.' for that instead. Removal scheduled for 2.16
* Git now avoids blindly falling back to ".git" when the setup
sequence said we are _not_ in Git repository (another corner
case removed)
* "branch --set-upstream" was retired, deprecated since 1.8
* many other improvements and updates

==== gjs ====
Version update (1.50.1 -> 1.50.2)
Subpackages: libgjs0 typelib-1_0-GjsPrivate-1_0

- Update to version 1.50.2:
+ Closed bugs and merge requests:
* tweener: Fix a couple of warnings.
* legacy: Allow ES6 classes to inherit from abstract Lang.Class
+ Minor bugfixes.
- Update Url to current Gjs'
project web page.
- Alignment BuildRequires with configure:
+ Add pkgconfig(*): cairo-gobject, gio-2.0, gobject-2.0 and
+ Drop pkgconfig(libmozjs-52) and libxml2-tools.

==== gmime ====
Version update (3.0.2 -> 3.0.3)

- Add gmime-fix-build-failure.patch: Fix a build failure
- Update to version 3.0.3:
+ Misc. fixes.

==== gnome-builder ====
Version update (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
Subpackages: gnome-builder-lang gnome-builder-plugin-beautifier
gnome-builder-plugin-clang gnome-builder-plugin-cmake
gnome-builder-plugin-ctags gnome-builder-plugin-devhelp
gnome-builder-plugin-gettext gnome-builder-plugin-gnome-code-assistance
gnome-builder-plugin-html-completion gnome-builder-plugin-jedi
gnome-builder-plugin-jhbuild gnome-builder-plugin-mingw
gnome-builder-plugin-symbol-tree gnome-builder-plugin-sysmon
gnome-builder-plugin-todo gnome-builder-plugin-vala-pack

- Update to version 3.26.2:
+ Remove the related GPLv3+ section from LGPLv3+ COPYING.
+ Additional protection against spurious build notifications.
+ Be more defensive against spellcheck race conditions.
+ Ensure indenter can be properly disabled and re-enabled.
+ Improved translation of build paths provided by the build
+ With modern Clang versions, try harder to keep processing
after include failures.
+ Load additional style schemes from
.local/share/gtksourceview-3.0 when running under flatpak.
+ Ensure the search bar is above the floating minimap.
+ Avoid double free when failing to load a git repository.
+ Copyright snippets now prefer to use © over (C).
+ Fix an off-by-one when jumping to todo line number.
+ Updated translations.

==== gnome-control-center ====
Version update (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
Subpackages: gnome-control-center-color gnome-control-center-goa
gnome-control-center-lang gnome-control-center-user-faces

- Update to version 3.26.2:
+ Background: Fix background preview with newer gtk+ versions.
+ Info: Fix opening the panel from the .desktop file.
+ Network:
- Don't require a private key password for TLS connections.
- Avoid a crash with the proxy dialog.
- Avoid crashing if NM doesn't report any devices or
+ Notifications: Add help link.
+ Printers: Fix compilation with cups versions < 1.7.
+ Privacy: Fix the Empty Trash button.
+ Sound: Fix random selection of input/output device when the
selected one is removed.
+ Wifi: Fix help link.
+ Updated translations.

==== gnome-desktop ====
Version update (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
Subpackages: gnome-desktop-lang gnome-version libgnome-desktop-3-12
libgnome-desktop-3_0-common typelib-1_0-GnomeDesktop-3_0

- Update to version 3.26.2:
+ Updated translations.

==== gnome-disk-utility ====
Version update (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
Subpackages: gnome-disk-utility-lang

- Update to version 3.26.2:
+ No format option for extended partitions.
+ Updated translations.

==== gnome-logs ====
Version update (3.26.0 -> 3.26.2)
Subpackages: gnome-logs-lang

- Update to version 3.26.2:
+ Updated translations.

==== gnome-maps ====
Version update (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
Subpackages: gnome-maps-lang

- Update to version 3.26.2:
+ Fix network detection when running as a Flatpak.
+ Updated translations.

==== gnome-screenshot ====
Version update (3.25.0 -> 3.26.0)
Subpackages: gnome-screenshot-lang

- Update to version 3.26.0:
+ bgo#787214: App menu placed below header bar when Application
Menu on the top panel of GNOME Shell is disabled.
+ bgo#765941: Add backbutton after screenshot.
+ bgo#783442: Cannot build gnome-screenshot with meson on FreeBSD
because of -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE.
+ Updated translations.

==== gnome-terminal ====
Version update (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
Subpackages: gnome-shell-search-provider-gnome-terminal gnome-terminal-lang

- Update to version 3.26.2:
+ build: Don't call glib-genmarshal with both --header and
- -body (bgo#788031).
+ window: Fix tiled check (bgo#789356).
+ Updated translations.

==== gnome-user-docs ====
Version update ( -> 3.26.2)
Subpackages: gnome-user-docs-lang

- Update to version 3.26.2:
+ Updates to GNOME Help.
+ Updates to System Admin Guide.
+ Updated translations.

==== gspell ====
Version update (1.6.0 -> 1.6.1)
Subpackages: gspell-lang libgspell-1-1 typelib-1_0-Gspell-1_0

- Update to version 1.6.1:
+ Updated translations.
- Drop pkgconfig BuildRequires: devel packages implicit dependency.

==== gstreamer-plugins-bad ====
Subpackages: gstreamer-plugins-bad-lang libgstadaptivedemux-1_0-0
libgstbadaudio-1_0-0 libgstbadbase-1_0-0 libgstbadvideo-1_0-0
libgstbasecamerabinsrc-1_0-0 libgstcodecparsers-1_0-0 libgstgl-1_0-0
libgstmpegts-1_0-0 libgstphotography-1_0-0 libgsturidownloader-1_0-0

- Add gstpb-support-openjpeg-2.3.patch: fix build with openjpeg 2.3
- Add autoconf, automake and libtool BuildRequires and call
autoreconf, since above patch touches the build system.

==== gtk2 ====
Subpackages: gtk2-data gtk2-devel gtk2-immodule-amharic gtk2-immodule-inuktitut
gtk2-immodule-thai gtk2-immodule-vietnamese gtk2-immodule-xim gtk2-tools
gtk2-tools-32bit libgtk-2_0-0 libgtk-2_0-0-32bit typelib-1_0-Gtk-2_0

- Explicitly require python2 modules for devel package
- Cleanup with spec-cleaner

==== gtk3 ====
Version update (3.22.24 -> 3.22.25)
Subpackages: gtk3-data gtk3-immodule-amharic gtk3-immodule-inuktitut
gtk3-immodule-thai gtk3-immodule-vietnamese gtk3-immodule-xim gtk3-lang
gtk3-tools libgtk-3-0 typelib-1_0-Gtk-3_0

- Update to version 3.22.25:
+ The HighContrast theme has received numerous improvements.
+ Middle-click on scrollbars jumps to the position again.
+ Wayland:
- Terminal sizing problems are fixed.
- The Wayland backend now implemented the KDE server-side
decorations protocol.
+ X11: Problems with menus on several X servers are fixed.
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#701296, bgo#728452, bgo#738387, bgo#763517,
bgo#769877, bgo#769879, bgo#771279, bgo#775217, bgo#776793,
bgo#777072, bgo#778811, bgo#778930, bgo#780101, bgo#781909,
bgo#782396, bgo#783995, bgo#784314, bgo#784509, bgo#786220,
bgo#786794, bgo#787274, bgo#787669, bgo#787866, bgo#788053,
bgo#788458, bgo#788496, bgo#788505, bgo#788516, bgo#788573,
bgo#788574, bgo#788575, bgo#788577, bgo#788580, bgo#788614,
bgo#788841, bgo#788905, bgo#789141, bgo#789149, bgo#789327,
+ Updated translations.
- Drop gtk3-silence-log-spew-blank-cursors.patch: Fixed upstream.
- Add gtk3-wayland-distribute-server-decoration-xml.patch: Builds
that include wayland fail unless
gtk/wayland/protocol/server-decoration.xml is included in
tarballs (bgo#789630). Patch touches, uncomment
BuildRequires: gnome-common and ./ before configure.

==== gucharmap ====
Version update (10.0.2 -> 10.0.3)
Subpackages: gucharmap-lang libgucharmap_2_90-7

- Update to version 10.0.3:
+ Upgrade some links to https.
+ Updated translations.
- Drop glib2_gsettings_schema_* and desktop_database_* post/postun
scriptlets: the functionality is covered by file triggers now.

==== gvfs ====
Subpackages: gvfs-backend-afc gvfs-backend-samba gvfs-backends gvfs-fuse

- Set caps(cap_net_bind_service=+ep) for gvfds-nfs: Many NFS
servers default to a mode where they do not allow non-system
ports from connecting. These servers require to use the
"insecure" export option in /etc/exports in order to allow libnfs
clients to be able to connect. Allow the usage of privileged
ports for the gvfsd-nfs executable to not require the "insecure"
option on the server (bsc#1065864).

==== hdf5 ====
Subpackages: libhdf5-100 libhdf5_hl100

- Fix name: baselib.conf -> baselibs.conf

==== iso-codes ====
Version update (3.74 -> 3.76)
Subpackages: iso-codes-lang

- Update to version 3.76:
+ ISO 3166-3:
- Add alpha_2 codes.
- Correct numeric code for Netherlands Antilles (ANHH) from 532
to 530.
+ Updated translations for ISO 3166-1, ISO 3166-2, ISO 4217,
ISO 639-2, ISO 639-3 and ISO 15924.
- Changes from version 3.75:
+ ISO 3166-1: Add 'Vietnam' as common name.
+ ISO 3166-2: Update French metropolitan regions (alioth#315693).
+ ISO 4217: Add new Belarusian Ruble (alioth#315696).
+ Updated translations for ISO 639-2, ISO 639-3, ISO 639-5,
ISO 3166-1, ISO 3166-2, ISO 4217 and ISO 15924.

==== kexec-tools ====

- With Xen 4.10 there is a new required library called xentoolcore
- Refreshed kexec-tools-disable-test.patch

==== kio-extras5 ====
Subpackages: kio-extras5-lang libkioarchive5

- Add workaround-bug-in-libsmbclient-4.7.patch to make browsing
samba shares work with libsmbclient 4.7 (boo#1065868, kde#385708)
- Update to 17.08.2
* New bugfix release
* For more details please see:
- Changes since 17.08.1:
* None
- Update to 17.08.1
* New bugfix release
* For more details please see:
- Changes since 17.08.0:
* None
- Fix incomplete sentence structure in description.
- Only BuildRequire Qt WebEngine if available
- Update to KDE Applications 17.08.0
* New feature release
- Changes since 17.04.3 :
- Too many changes to list here
- Update to KDE Applications 17.07.90
* KDE Applications 17.07.90
- Update to 17.04.3
* New bugfix release
* For more details please see:
- Changes since 17.04.2:
* Allow write access to Samba Shares' root
- Fix obsoletes
- Fix grammar errors in description.
- Update to 17.04.2
* New bugfix release
* For more details please see:
- Changes since 17.04.1:
* None
- Add "BuildRequires: gperf" to enable building the man kio-slave
- Update to 17.04.1
* New bugfix release
* For more details please see:
- Changes since 17.04.0:
* Add set_package_properties for Qt5WebEngineWidgets
* Rename almost all the translation template (conflicts)
- Update to 17.04.0
* New feature release
* For more details please see:
- Changes since 17.03.90:
* None
- Update to 17.03.90
* New bugfix release
* For more details please see:
- Changes since 17.03.80:
* None
- Update to 17.03.80
* New feature release
* For more details please see:
- Changes since 16.12.3:
* Too many changes to list here
- Rebase 0001-Add-an-AudioThumnail.patch
- Update to 16.12.3
* New bugfix release
* For more details please see:
- Changes since 16.12.2:
* Fix kio_sftp hanging when server doesn't support statvfs
* kio_mtp: add write permissions to root storage folder
* Fix install files
* Enable html thumbnail
* Thumbnails should be a clean image representation, remove frame.
- Update to KDE Applications 16.12.2
* KDE Applications 16.12.2
- - Update to KDE Applications 16.12.1
* KDE Applications 16.12.1
- Update to KDE Applications 16.12.0
* KDE Applications 16.12.0
- Update to KDE Applications 16.11.90
* KDE Applications 16.12.0 RC
- Update to KDE Applications 16.11.80
* KDE Applications 16.12.0 Beta
- Added patches:
+ 0001-Add-an-AudioThumnail.patch
+ fix-mtp-paste-with-KF5-5.25.diff
- Update to KDE Applications 16.08.3
* KDE Applications 16.08.3
- KDE Applications 16.08.2
- Update to KDE Applications 16.08.1
* KDE Applications 16.08.1
- Update to KDE Applications 16.08.0
* KDE Applications 16.08.0
- Update to KDE Applications 16.07.90
* KDE Applications 16.07.90 (16.08-RC)
- Update to KDE Applications 16.04.3
* KDE Applications 16.04.3
- Update to KDE Applications 16.04.2
* KDE Applications 16.04.2
- Update to KDE Applications 16.04.1
* KDE Applications 16.04.1
- Conflict with kactivities5 5.19.0 and earlier to prevent file
conflicts. The activities fileitem_linking_plugin and kio slave
have been moved from kactivities5 to kio-extras5 in 16.04
- Update to KDE Applications 16.04.0
* KDE Applications 16.04.0
- Update to KDE Applications 16.03.90
* KDE Applications 16.04.0 RC
- Update to KDE Applications 15.12.3
* KDE Applications 15.12.3
* boo#970855
- Update to KDE Applications 15.12.2
* KDE Applications 15.12.2
* boo#966605
- Update to KDE Applications 15.12.1
* KDE Applications 15.12.1
* boo#961265
- Update to KDE Applications 15.12.0
* KDE Applications 15.12.0
* boo#958887
- Update to KDE Applications 15.08.3
* KDE Applications 15.08.3
* boo#954531
- Update to KDE Applications 15.08.2
* KDE Applications 15.08.2
- Update to KDE Applications 15.08.1
* KDE Applications 15.08.1
- Update to KDE Applications 15.08.0
* KDE Applications 15.08.0
- Update to KDE Applications 15.07.90
* KDE Applications 15.08.0 RC1
- Update to 5.3.2:
* Bugfix release
* For more details please see:
- Update to 5.3.1:
* Bugfix release
* For more details please see:
- Update to 5.3 Final:
* For more details please see:
- Update to 5.2.95 aka 5.3 beta:
* New feature release
* For more details please see:
- Update required Qt version to 5.4.0
- Update to 5.2.2:
* Bugfix release
* For more details please see:
- Update to 5.2.1:
* Bugfix release
* For more details please see:
- Update to 5.2 Final:
* For more details please see:
- Update to 5.2 Beta aka 5.1.95:
* Undo changes to Plasma desktop layout
* Smarter sorting of results in KRunner
* Breeze window decoration theme adds a new look to your
desktop and is now used by default
* New white mouse cursor theme for Breeze.
* New plasma widgets: 15 puzzle, web browser, show desktop
* Over 300 bugs fixed throughout Plasma modules.
* For more details please see:
- Drop patches merged upstream:
and 0005-kio_sftp-Use-the-right-type-for-timeout_sec-and-time.patch
- Add libmtp-devel BuildRequires
- Update to 5.1.2:
* Bugfix release
* Fixed CVE-2014-8600
* For more details please see:
- Drop sanitize_path.patch, merged upstream
- Added sanitize_path.patch from upstream, CVE-2014-8600
- Update to 5.1.1:
* Bugfix release
* For more details please see:
- Added patches from upstream:
0002-Port-textcreator-thumbnailer.patch (kde#339456),
(kde#268797, kde#309113)
- Added kpty-devel BuildRequires
- Recommend lang subpackage
- Update to 5.1 Final:
* Bugfixes since RC1
* For more details please see:
- Remove ktrash and kio_trash, merged in KIO framework since 5.3.0
- Update to 5.0.95:
* Minor changes to samba kio
- Install translations
- Add rpmlintrc file for file-not-in-%lang warnings: we don't use
find_lang macro as it doesn't searches in subdirectories
- Update to 5.0.95~git20140912 (rc494702):
* kio_trash: implement trash spec v1.0
* Thumbnailer improvements
- Added pkgconfig(Qt5Svg) BuildRequires
- Update to 5.0.1
* Translation updates
- Add kimageformats and libqt5-qtimageformats recommends
- Update to 5.0.0
* Plasma 5.0 Final
- Update to 4.98.0
* Plasma 5 RC release
- Update to 4.97.0
* Beta 2 of Plasma 5 release
- Drop update_to_latest_head.patch
- Add Source URL
- Added update_to_latest_head.patch, to sync with latest KF5 API
- Bump Qt requires to 5.3.0
- Added phonon4qt5-devel
- Obsolete and provide kfileaudiopreview, it is merged in kio-extras
- Mark license as GPL-2.0+
- Activate kio-extras5 package

==== libdrm ====
Version update (2.4.85 -> 2.4.87)
Subpackages: libdrm-devel libdrm2 libdrm_amdgpu1 libdrm_intel1 libdrm_nouveau2

- Update to version 2.4.87:
+ amdgpu: fix 32-bit build
- This release includes the changes introduced with 2.4.86:
+ amdgpu: Add wrappers for AMDGPU_VM IOCTL.
+ amdgpu: Add VMID reservation per GPU context test.
+ drm: sync drm headers from drm-next.
+ drm/syncobj: fix some whitespace issues

==== libqt5-qtlocation ====
Subpackages: libQt5Location5 libQt5Positioning5 libqt5-qtlocation-devel

- Add logic from chromium specfile to limit build parallelism based
on available memory. Add BuildRequires procps for this.

==== libqt5-qtwebengine ====

- Restore working version of

==== libsoup ====
Version update (2.60.1 -> 2.60.2)
Subpackages: libsoup-2_4-1 libsoup-lang typelib-1_0-Soup-2_4

- Update to version 2.60.2:
+ Fix documentation typos (bgo#788920).
+ format-zero-length warning triggered in soup-logger.c
+ Warnings while generating inrospection files
+ Updated translations.
- Add conditional use for translation-update-upstream: suse-only
- Update Url to current
libsoup's project web page.
- Run spec-cleaner -p to get respectives pkgconfig(*): gio-2.0,
gobject-2.0, gobject-introspection-1.0, gtk-doc and libxml-2.0.

==== libthai ====
Version update (0.1.26 -> 0.1.27)
Subpackages: libthai-data libthai0 libthai0-32bit

- Update to version 0.1.27:
+ Fix another reproducibility issue in the generated
documentation, caught by Debian Reproducible.
+ Updated word break dictionary.

==== libverto ====
Subpackages: libverto-devel libverto1 libverto1-32bit

- add libverto-devel baselib for use by libkrb5-devel-32bit,
for use by Wine 32bit.

==== lua53-luasocket ====

- Drop lua52-luasocket to obsolete lua52 from distribution

==== menu-cache ====
Version update (1.0.2 -> 1.1.0)
Subpackages: libmenu-cache3

- Update to 1.1.0:
* Fixed crash with invalid <Name> tag in a menu.
* Added new API menu_cache_app_get_generic_name() to get generic
name for application.
* Fixed potential access violation, use runtime user dir instead of tmp dir.
It limits libmenu-cache compatibility to menu-cached >= 0.7.0.
* Directory $XDG_DATA_HOME/applications will be created if it does not
exist so it will be monitored in any case.
* Fixed issue when subdirectories added would be skipped in monitoring.
* Fixed potential file descriptors leak.
* Reduced inactivity timer to 6 seconds (from 600 seconds).
* Fixed an issue with multiple daemons started: test if daemon is already
running on socket before killing old socket file.
* Fixed 100% CPU load by menu-cached due to invalid dup2() call.
- Remove menu-cache-1.0.2-until-fd52af6.patch: upstreamed

==== multipath-tools ====
Version update (0.7.3+11+suse.4de08d96 -> 0.7.3+13+suse.db431514)
Subpackages: kpartx multipath-tools-rbd

- multipath-tools.spec: package *.so symlinks in -devel pkgs
- multipath-tools.spec: SLE15: add RADOS support for s390x
- Fix build error for targets SLE_12, SLE_12_SP1
- Update to version 0.7.3+13+suse.db431514080f:
* kpartx: create symlinks for dmraid devices (bsc#1064212)
* limbultipath: prefer RDAC checker with detect_checker

==== ncurses ====
Subpackages: libncurses6 ncurses-devel ncurses-utils tack terminfo terminfo-base

- Add ncurses patch 20171021
+ modify test/view.c to expand tabs using the ncurses library rather
than in the test-program.
+ remove very old SIGWINCH example in test/view.c, just use KEY_RESIZE.
+ add -T, -e, -f -m options to "dots" test-programs.
+ fix a few typos in usage-messages for test-programs.
- Add ncurses patch 20171014
+ minor cleanup to test/view.c:
+ eliminate "-n" option by simply reading the whole file.
+ implement page up/down commands.
+ add check in tput for init/reset operands to ensure those use a
+ improve manual pages which discuss chtype, cchar_t types and the
attribute values which can be stored in those types.
+ correct array-index when parsing "-T" command-line option in tabs
+ modify demo_new_pair.c to pass extended pairs to setcchar().
+ add test/dots_xcurses.c to illustrate a different approach used for
extended colors which can be contrasted with dots_curses.c.
+ add a check in tic to note when a description uses non-mandatory
delays without xon_xoff. This is not an error, but some descriptions
for a terminal emulator may use the combination incorrectly.
- Add ncurses patch 20171007
+ modify "-T" option of clear and tput to call use_tioctl() to obtain
the operating system's notion of the screensize if possible.
+ review/repair some exit-codes for tput, making usage-message exit
with 2 rather than 1, and a failure to open terminal 4+errno.
+ amend check in tput, tabs and clear to allow those to use the
database-only features in cron if a -T option gives a suitable
terminal name (report by Lauri Tirkkonen).
+ correct an ifdef in test/ncurses.c for systems with soft-keys but
not slk_color().
+ regenerate man-html documentation.
- Add ncurses patch 20170930
+ fix a symbol conflict that made ncurses.c C/c menu not work with
Solaris xpg4 curses.
+ add refresh() call to dots_mvcur.c, needed to use mvcur() with
Solaris xpg4 curses after calling newterm().
+ minor fixes for configure script from work on ncurses-examples and
+ improve animation in test/xmas.c by adding a time-delay in blinkit().
+ modify several test programs to reflect that ncurses honors existing
signal handlers in initscr(), while other implementations do not.
+ modify bs.c to make it easier to quit.
+ change ncurses-examples to use attr_t vs chtype to follow X/Open
documentation more closely since Solaris xpg4-curses uses different
values for WA_xxx vs A_xxx that rely on attr_t being an unsigned
short. Tru64 aka OSF1, HPUX, AIX did as ncurses does, equating the
two sets.
- Add ncurses patch 20170923
+ modify menu for test/ncurses.c to fit on 24-line screen.
+ build-fix for configure --with-caps=uwin
+ add options to test_arrays.c, for selecting termcap vs terminfo, etc.

==== openjpeg2 ====
Version update (2.1.2 -> 2.3.0)

- Update to version 2.3.0
- Drop upstream patches:
* 0018-tcd_get_decoded_tile_size.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2016-10504.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2016-10505.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2016-10506.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2017-12982.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2017-14039.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2017-14040.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2017-14041.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2017-14151.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2017-14152.patch
- Add install-fix.patch from upstream to fix library installation.

==== perl-CGI ====
Version update (4.36 -> 4.37)

- updated to 4.37
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-CGI/Changes
4.37 2017-11-01
[ FIX ]
- Fix incorrect quoting of ? in ->url (GH #112, GH #222, with
thanks to Reuben Thomas)

==== polari ====
Version update (3.26.1 -> 3.26.2)
Subpackages: polari-lang typelib-1_0-Polari-1_0

- Update to version 3.26.2:
+ Improve room list performance in join dialog.
+ Updated translations.
- Drop %glib2_gsettings_schema_*, %desktop_database_* and
%icon_theme_cache_* post/postun/requires macros: functionality
now covered by file triggers.

==== purpose ====
Version update (1.1 -> 1.2.1)

- Update to 1.2.1
* Add back the translations that were missing completely in 1.2
- Update to 1.2
* New plugins: nextcloud, email, phabricator
* Possibility to disable plugins via config file

==== python-gobject ====
Version update (3.26.0 -> 3.26.1)
Subpackages: python2-gobject python2-gobject-Gdk python2-gobject-cairo
python3-gobject python3-gobject-Gdk python3-gobject-cairo

- Update to version 3.26.1:
+ Pygobject-object: Fix Python GC collecting a ref cycle too
early (bgo#731501).
+ Fix potential uninitialized memory access during GC (bgo#786872).
+ Test: revert parts of the previous test as it's broken on
32 bit builds (bgo#786948).
+ Flags: Add testcase for bug 786948 (bgo#786948).
+ Fix potential overflow when marshalling flags from py interface
+ to_py_array: Properly handle enum array items (bgo#788890).
+ Closure: Fix unaligned and out-of-bounds access (bgo#788894).
+ Build: Fix not installing .egg-info file (bgo#777719).
- Run spec-cleaner -p to get respectives pkgconfig(*): gio-2.0,
glib-2.0 and gobject-introspection-1.0.

==== python-kiwi ====
Version update (9.11.14 -> 9.11.16)
Subpackages: kiwi-pxeboot kiwi-tools

- Bump version: 9.11.15 ? 9.11.16
- Fixed validation of isohybrid warnings
The list of warning messages is evaluated line by line
and those not matching the ignore warnings list are treated
as errors. However if an empty line exists it did not match
the ignore warnings list but is also not an error. This
patch makes sure only non empty warning information has
an effect
- Bump version: 9.11.14 ? 9.11.15
- Do not require cracklib-dict-full in boot images

==== python-libxml2-python ====

- libxml2-python3-unicode-errors.patch: work around an issue with
libxml2 supplied error strings being undecodable UTF-8 (bsc#1065270)

==== python-lxml ====
Subpackages: python2-lxml python3-lxml

- run tests only when the appropriate pythons are available

==== qemu ====
Subpackages: qemu-arm qemu-block-curl qemu-block-dmg qemu-block-gluster
qemu-block-iscsi qemu-block-rbd qemu-block-ssh qemu-extra qemu-ipxe qemu-ksm
qemu-kvm qemu-lang qemu-ppc qemu-s390 qemu-seabios qemu-sgabios qemu-tools
qemu-vgabios qemu-x86

- Wrap analyze-migration and vmstate-static-checker into tools from
qemu scripts folder, also changed introduction of qemu-tools in
spec file
- Move supportplugin position in spec file
- Add announcement in support docs about qed storage format no
longer being supported in next major SLE release (SLE15)
- Address various security/stability issues
* Fix DoS in I/O channel websockets (CVE-2017-15268 bsc#1062942)
* Fix OOB access in cirrus vga device emulation (CVE-2017-15289
* Fix information leak in 9pfs interface (CVE-2017-15038 bsc#1062069)
- Patch queue updated from git:// opensuse-2.10
- Don't tie glusterfs support to specific arch
- Build skiboot firmware (OPAL), particularly since it's fairly
easy to do so
- Added the global macro 'with_glusterfs' in order to re-enable
glusterfs support. The macro enable easier future adjustments
for various ARCH/targets/requiremnets.
At first glusterfs support is enabled for openSUSE Leap 42.x and
Factory for ARCH x86_64.

==== qemu-linux-user ====

- Patch queue updated from git:// opensuse-2.10
* Patches added:

==== rdma-core ====
Subpackages: libibcm1 libibumad3 libibverbs libibverbs1 libmlx4-1 libmlx5-1
librdmacm1 rdma-core-devel rsocket

- Backport patch from upstream:
* libqedr-fix-inline-data-copy.patch
Fix data integrity issue while sending inline data (bsc#1050543,

==== remmina ====
Version update (1.2.0~rcgit.21 -> 1.2.0~rcgit.24)
Subpackages: remmina-lang remmina-plugin-rdp remmina-plugin-vnc

- Upgraded to 1.2.0-rcgit.24
Implemented enhancements:
* Save SSH session to file
* snap: Use the new desktop, desktop-legacy and wayland interfaces
* snap: add password-manager-service interface for gnome-keyring
* vte no longer optional
* Fix window state saving for remmina_connection_window and main window
* Crashes when I try opening Preference
* Resolution and Passwords Not Saving in Connection Profiles
* Focus-out-event should call UNFOCUS plugin feature, fixes
* Fix some memory leaks
- Bugfixes

==== rpm ====
Subpackages: rpm-build rpm-devel

- Correct %post compatibility symlink for /usr/lib/sysimage/rpm
- Remove usr-lib-rpmdb.patch
- Add usr-lib-sysimage-rpm.patch to locate rpmdb to
/usr/lib/sysimage/rpm after discussions with upstream
- Migrates existing rpmdb in /var/lib/rpm to /usr/lib/sysimage/rpm
- Add usr-lib-rpmdb.patch to locate rpmdb to /usr/lib/rpmdb
- Migrates existing rpmdb in /var/lib/rpm to /usr/lib/rpmdb

==== spice ====
Version update (0.12.8 -> 0.14.0)

- Release 0.14.0
* fix client mouse with virgl
* fix frozen display after seamless migration
* set human-readable name on spice threads
* add sanity-checks for ORC library as it can abort spice-server
when selinux is in use
* Close TCP connection early when client did not send the correct
SPICE magic bytes: this allows VNC clients to gracefully fail
when connecting to a SPICE port
* Add VP9 encoding support when GStreamer is being used and misc
streaming/encoding improvements
* Improvements to replay utility
* Limit (deprecated/unusud) QXLMessage size to 100,000 characters
for improved safety
* Improve image quality in low bitrate situation when using the
GStreamer backend
* Added GStreamer support to the video streaming code
* Fix old migration bug causing migration to never end in some cases
* Added lz4 compression to the spicevmc channel
* Ongoing code cleanups
* add spice_qxl_gl_scanout() spice_qxl_gl_draw_async() for local
virgl support
* spice_server_set_keepalive_timeout() has been removed in favour of
unconditionally sending keepalive probes every 10 minutes
* Added public spice_server_set_keepalive_timeout() to make it possible
to tweak keepalive on all SPICE connection. This can prevent unwanted
idle disconnections if proxies are used between the client and the host.
* Fix important memory usage when the webdav channel is used
* Do not disconnect when the client requests an unsupported compression type
* Fix potential race condition when using multiple QXL devices
* Fix display glitch when using XSpice
* Improve help string for 'replay -s'
* Fix small leak in MJPEG code
- Removed patches:
* CVE-2016-9577-buffer-overflow-in-main_channel_alloc_msg_rcv_buf.patch
* CVE-2016-9578-remote-dos-via-crafted-message.patch

==== subversion ====
Subpackages: libsvn_auth_gnome_keyring-1-0 subversion-bash-completion
subversion-devel subversion-perl subversion-python subversion-server

- Explicitly require python2

==== telepathy-logger ====
Subpackages: libtelepathy-logger3 typelib-1_0-TelepathyLogger-0_2

- Explicitly require python2-variant of packages: python2-devel and
python2-xml instead of python-devel and python.xml.
- Cleanup with spec-clener.

==== texlive-specs-n ====

- Use chkfont.c compiled as vffont to add mapfont tfm files to
required files as well (boo#1063771)

==== units ====
Version update (2.14 -> 2.16)

- units 2.16:
* Fix missing USD currency code (update to units_cur and
definitions.units only).
- includes changes from 2.15:
* The old timegenie service has vanished. A new units_cur script
uses server. The new script works directly in Python 2
or Python 3 and no longer depends on unidecode.
* Some currency definitions (e.g. currencies pegged to the euro)
have moved out of definitions.units into currency.units.
* Added bitcoin to currency.units
* Fixed a memory leak bug for invalid exponent operations

==== vinagre ====
Subpackages: vinagre-lang

- Update vinagre-freerdp2.patch with patch from bgo#775616. Fix
build with even later versions of freerdp.
- Add -Wno-error=format-nonliteral to CFLAGS: fix build with gcc 7
- Add vinagre-cert-validation-api.patch:
Fix certificate validation callback incompatibilities with
freerdp 1.2 that causes rdp connections to abort (bgo#774473,
- Update to version 3.22.0:
+ No changes.
- Update to version 3.21.92:
+ Improve FreeRDP authentication failure handling.
+ Correctly handle extended scancodes for RDP.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.21.3:
+ Updated translations.
- Enable rdp by default, since we now have the 2.0 branch in
factory. Switch bcond_with rdp to bcond_without rdp.
- Add vinagre-freerdp2.patch: make configure check for freerdp2,
rather than just freerdp (bgo#765444).
- Following the above patch: Replace pkgconfig(freerdp) for
pkgconfig(freerdp2). Also add gnome-common BuildRequires and pass
autreconf as the patch touches the buildsystem. Further add
pkgconfig(appstream-glib) BuildRequires, new dependency after the
port to freerdp2.
- Update to GNOME 3.20.2 Fate#318572
- Update to version 3.20.2:
+ Updated translations.
- Sync with Factory for new libvte support bsc#978804
- Drop vinagre-bnc874407-add-advanced-options.patch, rdp support
is disabled.
- Update to version 3.20.1:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.20.0:
+ Don't capture key events of other tabs.
+ Give focus to new RDP tab.
+ Allow different logins to the same host.
+ Show correct tooltip for RDP tab.
+ Updated translations.
- Disable RDP support (using bcond_with, so it can easily be
toggled). If not building with rdp support, do not:
- pass --enable-rdp to configure
- BuildRequire pkgconfig(freerdp)
- Drop vinagre-revert-freerdp-versionbump.patch and
vinagre-revert-font-smoothing.patch: they are no longer
sufficient. FreeRDP started 1.1 and 1.2 branches but refuses to
create releases. GNOME makes use of features found in the 1.1
- Update to version 3.19.2:
+ Store credentials for RDP (bgo#753355).
+ Handle domain when looking for credentials (bgo#753355).
+ Add minimize button to the fullscreen toolbar (bgo#753626).
+ Fix build against recent versions of FreeRDP.
+ Updated translations.
- Rebase vinagre-revert-freerdp-versionbump.patch and
- Update to version 3.18.2:
+ Revert "Accept IPv6 addresses".
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.18.1:
+ Enabled font smoothing by default in RDP plugin.
+ Accept IPv6 addresses.
+ Updated translations.
- Add vinagre-revert-font-smoothing.patch: Revert the font
smoothing as this relies on a new version of freerdp we do not
yet have in openSUSE.
- Update to version 3.18.0:
+ Allow scaling of RDP sessions.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.17.91:
+ Use cached session size for RDP.
+ Fix selection rectangle when user leaves window.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.17.2:
+ Trivial const-correctness fix.
+ Fix building against newer FreeRDP versions.
+ Updated translations.
- Add vinagre-revert-freerdp-versionbump.patch: Revert upstreams
adoptation to newer versions of freerdp (bgo#749124).
- Update to version 3.16.1:
+ BSD: fix a couple of implicit declarations.
+ Change SPICE passwords limited to 60 characters.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.16.0:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.15.92:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.15.91:
+ Update screenshot in help for 3.16.
+ Fix distcheck with Automake 1.15.
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#700353.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.15.3:
+ Fix RDP initialization with recent FreeRDP.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.15.2:
+ Remove bashism from
+ Add name and summary elements to AppData.
+ Detect RDP hosts via Avahi.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.14.3:
+ Fix freeing of RDP events during dispose.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.14.2:
+ Remove bashism from
+ Add name and summary elements to AppData.
+ Detect RDP hosts via Avahi.
- Update to version 3.14.1:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.14.0:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.13.92:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.13.90:
+ Request RDP certificate verification if needed.
+ Avoid yes-no buttons in certificate dialogs.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.13.4:
+ Enable RDP support during distcheck.
+ Fix some language in tooltip strings.
+ Use FreeRDP API in RDP plugin.
+ Updated translations.
- Add pkgconfig(freerdp) and pkgconfig(x11) BuildRequires: new
dependecies for RDP support.
- Pass --enable-rdp to configure to ensure we build the support.
- Drop freerdp Recommends: we now rely on the library/API.
- Remove language handling for obsolete openSUSE versions.
- Add adwaita-icon-theme BuildRequires: on an installed system,
libgtk-3-0 requires it. On build though, it is exlucded to avoid
a cycle.
- Drop gnome-icon-theme Requires too, not needed nor wanted
- Update vinagre-bnc874407-add-advanced-options.patch:
When calling xfreerdp, add advanced options before the host/port
- Update to version 3.13.2:
+ Port to vte-2.91 API.
+ Drop gnome-icon-theme dependency.
+ Updated translations.
- Drop gnome-icon-theme BuildRequires: no longer required.
- Replace pkgconfig(vte-2.90) BuildRequires with
pkgconfig(vte-2.91), following upstreams port.
- Add vinagre-bnc874407-add-advanced-options.patch: allow custom
options to be passed to xfreerdp (bnc#874407).
- Update to version 3.12.2:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.12.1:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.12.0:
+ Misc fixes.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.11.92:
+ Add AppData (bgo#722893).
+ Add icon to help and add license.
+ Don't close connect dialog when showing help.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.11.5:
+ Fix Spice plugin auto-clipboard property enum.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.10.2 (bnc#849913):
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.10.1:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.10.0:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.9.90:
+ Implement get_dimensions() virtual function for VNC and RDP.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.9.5:
+ Fix a logic bug in utils.show_many_errors().
+ Add recognize_file() API to VinagreProtocol interface.
+ Fill the right ipv6 notation when using avahi dialog.
+ Make the BookmarksTree widget smaller.
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#704744, bgo#648008.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.9.4:
+ VinagreTab: don't crash on screenshot.
+ Use xfreerdp for RDP support.
+ Show correct title in error dialog.
+ Updated translations.
- Change rdesktop Recommends to freerdp, following upstreams choice
to use xfreerdp for RDP support.
- Update to version 3.9.2:
+ Allow to customize desktop size for RDP protocol.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.8.2:
+ Fix help link in reverse connections (bgo#700014).
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.8.1:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.8.0:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.7.92:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.7.91:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.7.90:
+ Fix value of save_in_keyring output parameter.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.7.4:
+ Use GPollableInputStream when checking SSH errors.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.7.3:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.6.2:
+ Do not use NULL attributes with libsecret (bgo#685041).
+ Fix missing prototypes warnings.
- Update to version 3.6.1:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.6.0:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.5.92:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.5.90:
+ Fix up handling of commandline options
+ Migrate from libgnome-keyring to libsecret
+ Updated translations.
- Drop vinagre-cmdline-parsing.patch: fixed upstream
- Replace pkgconfig(gnome-keyring-1) BuildRequires with
pkgconfig(libsecret-1), following upstreams port to libsecret.
- Drop xz BuildRequires as it now comes for free in the build
- Update to version 3.5.2:
+ Depend on intltool 0.50 for GSettings translations
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.5.1:
+ Updated translations.
- Add vinagre-cmdline-parsing.patch: Fix up handling of commandline
options (bnc#722709, bgo#662586)
- Update to version 3.4.2:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.4.1:
+ Use in address examples (bgo#672238)
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.4.0:
+ Fixed help/
+ Updated translations.
- Remove hack to find localized help: this has been fixed in
- Update to version 3.3.92:
+ Minor bugfixes.
+ Updated translations.
- Enable spice support:
- add pkgconfig(spice-client-gtk-3.0) BuildRequires
- pass --enable-spice to configure instead of --disable-spice
- Update to version 3.3.4:
+ Make host text entry editable in connect dialog
+ Improved documentation.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.3.3:
+ Set the window on the reverse VNC listener
+ Remove spurious n-rows and n-columns properties
+ Fix some pointer type mismatch warnings
+ Link plugins into the vinagre binary (bgo#653558)
+ Switch help to build with yelp-tools (bgo#657669)
+ Build fixes (including bgo#660531, bgo#665368)
+ Updated translations.
- Add xz BuildRequires because we can't build a package for a
xz-compressed tarball without explicitly specifying that... See
bnc#697467 for more details.
- Change gnome-doc-utils-devel BuildRequires to yelp-tools,
following upstream change.
- Drop vinagre-fix-missing-header.patch: fixed upstream.
- Remove the custom CFLAGS we had in %build as bgo#653558 was
- Update to version 3.3.2:
+ Change the group names from lowercase to CamelCase
+ Use a button-sized image on "Authentication" button
+ Use GtkGrid rather than deprecated GtkTable
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.3.1:
+ Integrate fixes from 3.2.1.
+ Hold the slave PTY open so that SSH does not fail
+ Fix a truncated string marked for translation
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.2.1:
+ Fix implicit declaration in vinagre-tube-handler.c
+ Do not use deprecated gtk_widget_modify_bg()
+ Add range to history-size GSettings key
+ Display correct application icon in about dialog
+ Add missing includes to fix build on OpenBSD
+ Updated translations.
- Add -wl,--no-as-needed to CFLAGS during the build in order to
work arund bgo#653558: the plugins are not correctly dynamically
loaded but are linked into the main binary.
- Add explicit shared-mime-info BuildRequires since we use the
%mime_database_* macros.
- Update to version 3.2.0:
+ Remove tab close button minimum size hacks
+ Remove deprecated GTK+ API usage
+ Updated translations.
- Stop passing --disable-maintainer-mode to configure: this is not
needed anymore since usage of deprecated API got removed.
- Update to version 3.1.92:
+ Fix a few trivial compiler warnings
+ Updated translations.
- Pass --disable-maintainer-mode to configure as a workaround: this
lets use deprecated GTK+ API for now. We should not keep this
flag in the long term, though.
- Update to version 3.1.91:
+ Use correct compiler warning flags variable
+ Fixed bad wording in connect help
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.1.90:
+ Do not set empty text on the credential entry
+ Use a string constant for the help module name
+ Add help button to connect dialog
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.1.5:
+ Connect the bookmark menu item "activate" signal
+ Disable Ctrl-Alt-Del action in view-only mode
+ Port from Gtk[H|V]Box to GtkBox
+ Rework the first-run keyboard shortcut message
+ Update first-run help button target
+ Default to 8 bit color depth for Telepathy tubes
+ Improve the help
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#614774
+ Updated translations.
- Rebase vinagre-fix-missing-header.patch.
- Update to version 3.1.4:
+ Add GConf to GSettings convert file
+ Remove the unused dummy plugin source files
+ Move about dialog text to GtkBuilder XML
+ Updated translations.
- Rebuild the vala sources before building the code:
vinagre-fix-missing-header.patch introduces a new file that needs
to be generated. When the proper fix will be upstream, the file
will be in the tarball and we won't need this step anymore.
- Update to version 3.1.3:
+ Allow the main notebook to expand.
+ Convert some code to Vala.
+ Avoid NULL dereference if a URI has no hostname.
+ Distribute the config VAPI file.
+ Code improvements and cleanups.
+ Build fixes.
+ Updated documentation.
+ Updated translations.
- Update vinagre-fix-missing-header.patch with patch suggested by
- Add vala BuildRequires, needed for the patch.
- Update to version 3.1.2:
+ Add static extension support, and convert plugins to this.
+ Integrate reverse-vnc plugin directly.
+ Remove the bookmarks side panel.
+ Remove the im-status plugin.
+ Remove libpeas and gobject-introspection support.
+ Documentation improvements.
+ Code cleanups.
+ Build fixes.
+ Updated translations.
- Remove now unneeded pkgconfig(libpeas-gtk-1.0) BuildRequires.
- Remove unneeded pkgconfig(libpanelapplet-4.0) BuildRequires: the
applet was removed in 3.1.1.
- Remove devel subpackage, as there is no support for external
plugins anymore, and add Obsoletes for vinagre-devel to main
package for smooth upgrades.
- Add vinagre-fix-missing-header.patch: fix the build by adding the
missing header not generated by vala.
- Update to version 3.1.1:
+ Remove panel applet
+ Use ?remote desktop? rather than ?machine?
+ Mark only the connect action as being important
+ Make it possible to focus the hostname GtkEntry
+ Correct some UI strings and stock icon usage
+ Capitalise Vinagre in command-line option help
+ Fix help button in reverse connection dialog
+ Replace old DocBook help with Mallard help
+ Code improvements.
+ bgo#597110: Add help page for reverse connections
+ bgo#599690: Many UI and string changes
+ bgo#640082: Add X geometry command-line option
- Move *.gir file to devel subpackage.
- Remove explicit Requires for gtk2-devel and libxml2-devel in
devel subpackage: they will automatically be added the
pkgconfig() way.
- Update to version 3.0.1:
+ Leave initial focus set to the primary toolbar
+ Check for gnome-icon-theme during configure
+ Fix reverse-vnc GtkBuilder file search path
+ Minor updates to the man page
+ bgo#647497: fix the SSH plugin build.
- Drop vinagre-ssh.patch: fixed upstream.
- Remove gnome-common from BuildRequires and call to not needed anymore now that patch is gone.
- Change Group of devel subpackage to Development/Libraries/GNOME
(from Productivity/Networking/Remote Desktop) to fix a rpmlint
- Add vinagre-ssh.patch: Fix building of ssh plugin, bgo#647497.
- Add gnome-common BuildRequires and call in
setup, and re-enable ssh plugin.
- Update to version 3.0.0:
+ Updated translations
- Update to version 2.91.93:
+ Add some style classes and junctions to make vinagre look
+ Updated translations
- Changes from version 2.91.92:
+ Remove broken gtk-vnc log handler, bgo#632711
+ Port applet to new libpanel-applet API.
+ Build fixes.
+ Updated translations.
- Changes from version 2.91.91:
+ Features
- Make GSettings schema translatable
+ Fixes
- Overhaul configure script
- Make the build partially non-recursive
- Fix the build with introspection enabled
- Adapt to GtkObject removal in GTK+ 3
- Replace gdk_draw_* with cairo* in panel applet
- Avoid NULL pointer dereference in plugins if introspection is
- Partially fix introspection build
+ Updated translations.
- Changes from version 2.91.8:
+ Add a Spice plugin.
+ Fix reverse VNC plugin
+ Complete the GSettings migration
+ Various build fixes
- Changes from version 2.91.7:
+ Build with GTK+ 3
+ Use GtkApplication
+ Use libpeas for plugins
- Changes from version 2.31.5:
+ Build with GTK+ 3
+ Updated translations.
- Changes from version 2.31.4:
+ Added basic RDP support
+ Allows using of an alternative ssh port when doing tunnel
+ Build with GSEAL
+ Removed password length limit for SSH connections
+ Minor fixes
+ Updated translations.
- Disable ssh support until it is fixed upstream.
- Move to pkgconfig()-style BuildRequires and GNOME 3:
+ Old ones: gnome-panel-devel, gtk-vnc-devel, gtk2-devel,,
libavahi-gobject-devel, libgnome-keyring-devel,
telepathy-glib-devel, vte-devel.
+ New ones: avahi-gobject, avahi-ui-gtk3, gnome-keyring-1,
gtk+-3.0, gtk-vnc-2.0, libpanelapplet-4.0, libxml-2.0,
telepathy-glib, vte-2.90.
- Add pkgconfig(libpeas-gtk-1.0) BuildRequires.
- Add gnome-icon-theme Requires as we need icons from there at
- Disable spice support with --disable-spice configure flag, until
we have spice packages in Factory.
- Remove --enable-avahi configure flag, as autodetection is used in
- Replace GConf2 schemas handling with GSettings schemas handling,
with %glib2_gsettings_schema_* macros.
- Add "Remote Desktop Viewer" generic name to vinagre.desktop.
- Add symlink for preferences-desktop-remote-desktop from
gnome-icon-theme to allow package check to pass.
- Added support for translation-update-upstream.
- Call relevant macros in %post/%postun:
+ %desktop_database_post/postun because the package ships at
least one desktop file.
+ %icon_theme_cache_post/postun because the package ships themed
+ %mime_database_post/postun because the package ships a mime
type definition.
- Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang so that english documentation
can be packaged with the program, and not in the lang subpackage.
- Change Requires of lang subpackage to Recommends, since the
english documentation is not there anymore.
- Go back to 2.30.3, since the 2.31 release cycle is used with 3.0
as target in April, for vinagre, and we want something that is
- Changes between 2.30.2 and 2.30.3:
+ Updated translations.
- Add rdesktop Recommends for the RDP support.
- Change group to Productivity/Networking/Other since
Productivity/Networking/Remote Desktop doesn't exist.
- Update to version 2.31.4:
+ Added basic RDP support
+ Allows using of an alternative ssh port when doing tunnel
+ Build with GSEAL
+ Removed password length limit for SSH connections
+ Minor fixes
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 2.30.2:
+ Removed password length limit for SSH connections
+ Allows using of an alternative ssh port when doing tunnel
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 2.30.1:
+ Fix a crash when using SSH tunneling due to a not exported
+ Added various comments for translators
+ Bump telepathy minimum version to 0.9.0
+ Fix SSH username saving in bookmarks
+ Make sure we use system ifaddrs.h thus showing the correct IP
address in the Reverse Connections dialog
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 2.30.0:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 2.29.92:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 2.29.91:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 2.29.90:
+ Features
- Improved SSH tunneling.
- Show a message in the first run explaining menu accelerators
and keyboard shortcuts behavior in Vinagre
- Store window size, position, panel state, etc in the
XDG_CACHE_DIR instead of GConf
- Enable the username field for SSH connections
- Option to keep the aspect ratio when using scaling
- Modernize autotools
- SSH plugin uses the username provided from mdns (Avahi)
+ Fixes
- Fix build on Solaris
- Drop 1px line at toolbar in fullscreen mode
- Minor fixes
+ Translation updates
- Add gcc-c++ to BuildRequires: configure script now requires it.
- Remove en@shaw translation on openSUSE 11.2 and earlier.
- Update to version 2.29.6:
+ Added basic support to SSH tunneling, to be polished in next
+ Updated Telepathy support to the new API
+ Translation updates
- Change gnome-keyring-devel BuildRequires to
libgnome-keyring-devel, following the module split upstream.
- Update to version 2.29.1:
+ Added a listener mode (similar to vncviewer -listen)
+ Added ability to request an screen update
+ Added ability to change depth color
+ Added ability to use JPEG compression (lossy encoding)
+ Added an toolbar in bookmarks panel
+ Use AM_SILENT_RULES if available
+ Requires gtk-vnc 0.3.10
+ Fix warnings and crashes activating bookmarks
+ Keep the aspect ratio when using scaling mode
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version
+ Fix build
+ Fix warnings activating mDNS bookmarks
+ Updated translations.
- Add gtk2- and libxml2-devel to -devel Requires.
- Update to version 2.27.92:
+ Removed duplicated names in the UI file, avoiding crashes
+ Show IP addresses of avahi-discovered machines instead of names
+ Handle GConf errors in preferences
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 2.27.91:
+ Updated Unix man page.
+ Improvements in Telepathy tubes.
+ Toolbar in full screen mode is now centralized.
+ Updated documentation (help).
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 2.27.90:
+ Features and Fixes
- Use GtkBuilder instead of Glade.
- Added a *very basic* SSH plugin. Enable it with --enable-ssh
in configure.
- Panel applet is now optional. Disable it with
- -disable-applet.
- Toolbar in fullscreen mode is now centralized.
- Screenshot can be saved in various formats.
- New fullscreen command-line option.
- New scaled command-line option.
- If the server is omitted in the command line, 'localhost' is
- Clipboard operations work even with special chars.
+ Updated translations.
- Drop vinagre-linking-order.patch: fixed upstream.
- Drop vinagre-build-fix.patch: fixed upstream.
- Remove call to, and gnome-common BuildRequires.
- Remove libglade2-devel BuildRequires.
- Pass --enable-ssh to configure, and add vte-devel to
- Remove workaround to move a file that was not in the right
directory (vinagre-plugin.png).
- Update to version 2.27.5:
+ New plugin system. All protocols should be implemented as a
plugin. Initially we have only VNC plugin.
+ Telepathy tubes support. This allows you to access a screen of
an IM contact.
+ Lots of minor fixes.
+ Updated translations.
- Add gnome-keyring-devel, telepathy-glib-devel BuildRequires.
- Add vinagre-linking-order.patch and vinagre-build-fix.patch to
fix build.
- Add devel package, for development files needed to create
- Use libexecdir instead of libdir in the file list to fix build.
- Do not package omf files twice.
- Update to version 2.26.2:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 2.26.1:
+ bgo#574134 ? Don't allow items name duplicated on bookmarks.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 2.26.0:
+ Updated translations.
- Remove AutoReqProv: it's default now.
- Update to version 2.25.92:
+ Improved the authentication dialog
+ Allow IPv6 address in command line as well in the connection
dialog. The address must be enclosed by square braces, for
instance: [::a:b:c:d]. This is the same syntax used by RealVNC
+ Translation updates

==== virtualbox ====
Subpackages: virtualbox-host-kmp-default virtualbox-qt

- Rename python subpackage
- Update python dependnencies for migration to python3 as default

==== vte ====
Version update (0.50.1 -> 0.50.2)
Subpackages: libvte-2_91-0 typelib-1_0-Vte-2.91 vte-lang

- Update to version 0.50.2:
+ widget:
- Show the mouse pointer when a popover is presented from
outside VTE (bgo#789390).
- Emit title-changed and uri-changed only if the value really
changed (bgo#782863).
+ Updated translations.

==== wget ====
Version update (1.19.1 -> 1.19.2)

- GNU wget 1.19.2:
* CVE-2017-13089: Stack overflow in HTTP protocol handling (bsc#1064715)
* CVE-2017-13090: Heap overflow in HTTP protocol handling (bsc#1064716)
* New option --compression for gzip Content-Encoding
* New option --[no]-netrc to control .netrc parsing
* Added GNU extensions to .netrc parsing
* Improved IDNA 2003 compatibility
* Fix VPATH issues
* Improved and extended the test suite
* Support Wayback Machine's X-Archive-Orig-last-modified
* Several bug fixes
- drop upstreamed patches:
* wget-CVE-2017-6508.patch
* wget-416-but-file-not-complete.patch
- unfuzz wget-errno-clobber.patch

==== xcb-util-cursor ====

- Clean up with spec-cleaner
- Make building more verbose

==== xdm ====
Subpackages: xdm-xsession

- Use %config(noreplace) for /etc/pam.d/* files. The configuration
files from pam package use the same policy. (bnc#1065399)

==== xen ====
Version update (4.9.0_50 -> 4.10.0_01)
Subpackages: xen-doc-html xen-libs xen-tools xen-tools-domU

- Update to Xen 4.10.0-rc3 (fate#321394, fate#322686)
- Drop 59f31268-libxc-remove-stale-error-check-for-domain-size.patch
- Adjust xen-dom0-modules.service to ignore errors (bsc#1065187)
- fate#324052 Support migration of Xen HVM domains larger than 1TB
- Update to Xen 4.10.0-rc2 (fate#321394, fate#322686)
- Drop until further notice
- Update to Xen 4.10.0-rc1 (fate#321394, fate#322686)
- Drop patches included in new tarball
- bsc#1061084 - VUL-0: xen: page type reference leak on x86
- bsc#1061086 - VUL-0: xen: x86: Incorrect handling of self-linear
shadow mappings with translated guests (XSA-243)
- bsc#1061087 - VUL-0: xen: x86: Incorrect handling of IST settings
during CPU hotplug (XSA-244)
- bsc#1061077 - VUL-0: xen: DMOP map/unmap missing argument checks
- bsc#1061080 - VUL-0: xen: hypervisor stack leak in x86 I/O
intercept code (XSA-239)
- bsc#1061081 - VUL-0: xen: Unlimited recursion in linear pagetable
de-typing (XSA-240)
- bsc#1061082 - VUL-0: xen: Stale TLB entry due to page type
release race (XSA-241)
- bsc#1061075 - VUL-0: xen: pin count / page reference race in
grant table code (XSA-236)
- bsc#1061076 - VUL-0: xen: multiple MSI mapping issues on x86

==== yast2-add-on ====
Version update (4.0.1 -> 4.0.2)

- Hide the "I would like to install an additional Add On Product"
check box after pressing "Add" button (fix up for the previous
change) (bsc#1065843)
- 4.0.2

==== yast2-country ====
Version update (4.0.5 -> 4.0.6)
Subpackages: yast2-country-data

- Let the "localectl" tool to create the X11 keyboard configuration
- 4.0.6

==== zbar ====

- Drop python bindings and gtk support
- Cleanup with spec-cleaner

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