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Odp.: [opensuse-factory] MOTD content and bit of expansion
Carlos E. R. píše v Pá 27. 10. 2017 v 11:59 +0200:
On 2017-10-27 11:46, Tomas Chvatal wrote:
Hello all,

Currently we have in motd only "have a lot of fun..." string which
nice but sadly lacks some informative value. That is quite needed
in container world to keep up at least some PR levels of what is

We can do many things there but I would aim for minimal approach
states something along the lines:

"Welcome to openSUSE <release> host, have a lot of fun..."

You have that info in "issue" and "". Putting that into
I think would be incorrect:

motd (5) - message of the day

The abbreviation "motd" stands for "message of the day", and
this file has been traditionally used for exactly that (it
requires much less disk space than mail to all users).

Now as you can see from the manpages issue is displayed prior the login
prompt that is never shown in remote connections. For that motd is
better used as it is displayed before launching the login shell, thus
writing something after you ssh to machine.

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