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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: bug 1022830 GTK3 apps not honoring system-wide DPI settings
Hi Sergey,

Am Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2017, 10:13:51 CEST schrieb Sergey Kondakov:
Then this "final decision" makes even less sense. It's like someone
just wants to be an asshole to whole userbase. How the hell it's a
random user's responsibility to single-handedly fix core
functionality _and_ deal with upstream while these so called
"maintainers", "teams" and paid project leader himself comfortably
sit with each others' thumbs up their assess ? First take (if you too
irresponsible to even find/make it yourself) the fix in your
"product" and then deal with upstream yourselves, you useless pricks

Please adjust your tone!

Flaming and insulting people won't help you to convince someone to fulfil
your wish (quite the opposite). The only thing you improve this way is
the chance to get banned from the mailinglist. (Consider this an official
warning from the Board!)

Please also take a few minutes to read
and act in a way that follows our guiding principles.


Christian Boltz
<sarnold> the old "which is worse, X or Y?" game :)
<mancha> which is worse, the which is worse game or recursion jokes?

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