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Re: [opensuse-factory] bug 1022830 GTK3 apps not honoring system-wide DPI settings
Sergey Kondakov composed on 2017-10-18 13:13 (UTC+0500):

...if breakage comes from an employee of your competitor. Although,
doesn't *SUSE now belongs to HP and that's where Keith Packard ( ) works ? I guess
breaking X11 is just in fashion now, along with ugly monochrome icons and
general removal of decades-old functionality....
IMO blame for the immediate problem does not belong with Packard, but with the
creator of the patch that created the problem, RedHat's Matthias Clasen, with
RedHat's backing, as RedHat is pushing for the replacement of Xorg with Wayland.
Foundational IMO blame does ultimately belong to Packard, back around 2008 or 9
(who originally created the Xorg fork of XFree86; while working for Intel;
leading to bug 23705), for disallowing application of Xorg's computation of
display density, absent willful override, from being applied automatically (not
letting the computer do the computing).

IMO, Clasen's patch:

1-constitutes covert inducement to get more people to sooner make a switch to

2-intentionally defeats patches attached to

I suspect that this was transparent to our Gnome team, and at least part of the
reason(s) why all Leap users using >96 DPI displays are lucky enough to have
GTK3 apps able to respect users' font settings without additional manual
reconfiguration whenever a display is installed or changed.
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