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[opensuse-factory] Re: bug 1022830 GTK3 apps not honoring system-wide DPI settings
Il giorno Wed, 18 Oct 2017 13:13:51 +0500
Sergey Kondakov <virtuousfox@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:

Then this "final decision" makes even less sense. It's like someone
just wants to be an asshole to whole userbase. How the hell it's a

No, it's a decision by the maintainers, those that happen to do the
work. To make an example, the move from Plasma 4 to Plasma 5 in oS was
also a "final decision" by the KDE team.
As I said, it may be up for debate on this specific issue, but deviating
from upstream places a burden on whoever's maintaining it. And yes,
things do break from time to time due to this. So, it may be reasonable
for the maintainer to not want a downstream patch.
This can be discussed, can be agreed upon, can be disagreed upon: but
not ranting.

"maintainers", "teams" and paid project leader himself comfortably
sit with each others' thumbs up their assess ? First take (if you too

The "maintainers" are also community members, and this includes people
*not* on any corporate payroll (not that being on a corporate payroll
is a bad thing, mind you). This overgeneralization is offensive
for those who spend their free time putting things together.

"product" and then deal with upstream yourselves, you useless

What do you think most those "useless pricks" do? For the reason above,
upstream engagement is frequent, if not daily.

competitor. Although, doesn't *SUSE now belongs to HP and that's
where Keith Packard

It's actually the other way round, as far as I can remember.

Really ? And where can I install that installer for _my_ live

Yes, really.

(And it's obviously useless to continue this discussion given the
vitriol poured)
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