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Odp.: [opensuse-factory] osc to stop commit to pkg if there are pending submissions
Olaf Hering píše v St 11. 10. 2017 v 14:53 +0200:
On Wed, Oct 11, Tomas Chvatal wrote:

Anyone against such change?

Why not fix the actual bug, instead of papering over it?

AFAIK a submit request refers to a very specific state of the
not "tip". Take these two SRs as example:

Here rev#2 and rev#3 are submitted. Not #1, not #N.
Why would that stop anyone from doing further work on a pkg and
rev#4 at any time?

And since Factory has Staging projects there is even less reason to
reject a submission just because further work was done "at the wrong

Mostly you will get source conflict in spec or changelog. Regardless
how to implement it you can have scenarios where you won't conflict
indeed but mostly you will. As such I consider it good manners to first
review the incoming requests and then merge it on my side rather than
ask people to redo their work.

Also this is cheap and easy solution that actually prevents the trouble
of disgruntled contributors that have to rework their things, while if
you wanna you can use the -f and keep rolling like Today.

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