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Re: [opensuse-factory] RFC: Proposed relocation of /var/lib/rpm
On mercredi, 4 octobre 2017 17.05:02 h CEST Thorsten Kukuk wrote:
On Wed, Oct 04, Mathias Homann wrote:

Call me stupid, but why do we absolutely have to have btrfs?

We don't need to have btrfs, it's your choice to use it or not.
But there is no other CoW filesystem with all necessary features
available for Linux today.

But every other solution for snaphot and rollback has the same problems.

I mean I really do not know enough about what BTRFS can do and what it
can't do to have any well funded opinion on that matter... but from
following the mailing lists I am getting the feeling that one of the
"features" of btrfs is that it runs out of space quickly (snapshots)
when people get lots of updates often (TW, Plasma, Gnome from OBS).

That's pretty old stuff and in most cases this is coming from a
wrong setup (like people updating from openSUSE 13.x and having a
wrong filesystem layout).

Last paragraph avoiding would I ;-)

[oct 1 19:52] ------------[ cut here ]------------
[ +0.000031] WARNING: CPU: 4 PID: 417 at ../fs/btrfs/qgroup.c:2466
btrfs_qgroup_free_refroot+0x154/0x180 [btrfs]()
[ +0.000003] Modules linked in: vhost_net vhost macvtap macvlan tun
ebtable_filter ebtables ip6table_filter ip6_tables iptable_filter ip_tables
x_tables fuse af_packet dm_mod br_netfilter bridge stp llc iscsi_ibft
iscsi_boot_sysfs it87 hwmon_vid msr xfs libcrc32c kvm_amd kvm irqbypass
crct10dif_pclmul crc32_pclmul ghash_clmulni_intel drbg amdkfd amd_iommu_v2
snd_hda_codec_realtek radeon ansi_cprng raid10 snd_hda_codec_generic ttm
snd_hda_codec_hdmi drm_kms_helper snd_hda_intel snd_hda_codec drm eeepc_wmi
snd_hda_core aesni_intel asus_wmi snd_hwdep fb_sys_fops sparse_keymap snd_pcm
e1000e syscopyarea rfkill aes_x86_64 lrw snd_timer gf128mul glue_helper
ablk_helper sysfillrect sysimgblt snd video mxm_wmi pcspkr i2c_algo_bit
edac_mce_amd soundcore sp5100_tco cryptd fam15h_power ptp k10temp edac_core
[ +0.000062] pps_core
[ +0.000001] i2c_piix4 tpm_infineon wmi fjes button processor shpchp btrfs
xor raid6_pq raid1 md_mod sd_mod hid_generic usbhid ohci_pci crc32c_intel
xhci_pci ohci_hcd ehci_pci ahci xhci_hcd ehci_hcd libahci libata usbcore
usb_common sg scsi_mod autofs4
[ +0.000024] CPU: 4 PID: 417 Comm: btrfs-transacti Tainted: G W
4.4.87-25-default #1
[ +0.000002] Hardware name: To be filled by O.E.M. To be filled by O.E.M./
[ +0.000001] 0000000000000000 ffffffff81339eb7 0000000000000000
[ +0.000004] ffffffff81080681
[ +0.000001] ffff88080b4879c8 00000000021b8000 ffff880809fe0d80
[ +0.000003] ffff88080b487940
[ +0.000001] ffff880809fe0000
[ +0.000003] ffffffffa03d00c4 0000000000000103
[ +0.000000] Call Trace:
[ +0.000010] [<ffffffff81019f29>] dump_trace+0x59/0x320
[ +0.000004] [<ffffffff8101a2ea>] show_stack_log_lvl+0xfa/0x180
[ +0.000002] [<ffffffff8101b091>] show_stack+0x21/0x40
[ +0.000003] [<ffffffff81339eb7>] dump_stack+0x5c/0x85
[ +0.000003] [<ffffffff81080681>] warn_slowpath_common+0x81/0xb0
[ +0.000016] [<ffffffffa03d00c4>] btrfs_qgroup_free_refroot+0x154/0x180
[ +0.000018] [<ffffffffa035f4fe>] commit_fs_roots.isra.20+0x14e/0x190
[ +0.000014] [<ffffffffa0361e88>] btrfs_commit_transaction.part.
26+0x498/0xad0 [btrfs]
[ +0.000013] [<ffffffffa035c1cb>] transaction_kthread+0x21b/0x280 [btrfs]
[ +0.000004] [<ffffffff8109f412>] kthread+0xd2/0xf0
[ +0.000005] [<ffffffff8163180f>] ret_from_fork+0x3f/0x70
[ +0.001217] DWARF2 unwinder stuck at ret_from_fork+0x3f/0x70

[ +0.000001] Leftover inexact backtrace:

[ +0.000003] [<ffffffff8109f340>] ? kthread_park+0x50/0x50
[ +0.000002] ---[ end trace 38e96950a80cd2b9 ]---
[ +0.000002] BTRFS warning (device md1): qgroup 259 reserved space underflow,
have: 35352576, to free: 35356672

[oct 2 10:26] BTRFS info (device md1): found 1793 extents
[ +23.464622] BTRFS info (device md1): found 15 extents
[ +15.925296] BTRFS info (device md1): 1 enospc errors during balance
[oct 3 10:16] BTRFS info (device md1): qgroup scan completed (inconsistency
flag cleared)
[oct 4 10:17] BTRFS info (device md1): qgroup scan completed (inconsistency
flag cleared)

openSUSE Leap 42.3, default proposed install, last kernel and update installed
;-) Yeap still missing the boo# id (I need to filter existing one)


Bruno Friedmann
Ioda-Net Sàrl
Bareos Partner, openSUSE Member, fsfe fellowship
GPG KEY : D5C9B751C4653227
irc: tigerfoot

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