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[opensuse-factory] reproducible builds test results 20171001

I did another round of rebuild testing for openSUSE Factory.
See for pointers,
especially with my
scripts to test reproducibility (now with slightly extended docs).

All resulting build-compare diffs are in

machine-readable information on 11817 packages

as well as a machine-readable summary

total-packages: 11821
build-tried: 11817
build-failed: 109
build-n-a: 114
build-succeeded: 11594
build-compare-failed: 250
build-compare-succeeded: 11344
bit-by-bit-identical: 11111
not-bit-by-bit-identical: 478

The 250 most interesting packages to fix are listed in

While I have fixed dozens of the simpler issues over the past months
(mostly upstream), there are some large classes left:

~102 indeterministic from javadoc output (from filesystem readdir order
and date+time) and other java-related issues - I'm not touching it yet,
because it is so hard to work with java

~22 packages are indeterministic .pdf .dvi .ps files from *latex

~12 packages from mono

some issues from Qt like

~4 from xemacs .elc file comments

some python and ruby issues such as

and likely more cases of packages that write uninitialized memory to
packaged files like
and 'gcin' (already fixed)

If someone wants to help, you are most welcome.

Bernhard M.

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