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Re: [opensuse-factory] TW and ksysguard
On 30-09-17 09:29, Frans de Boer wrote:
On 29-09-17 16:51, Michael Andreas Buchberger wrote:
Am Freitag, 29. September 2017, 16:11:27 CEST schrieb Frans de Boer:

The past two-three weeks or so, ksysguard is losing a setting and
displays the wrong cpu speeds.

The clock speed is now always at his highest, while the ondemand
governor is selected. Before, it ranged between 800 and 3600 MHz. Btw:
the indicator is now 3615 MHz, which is the speed set in the BIOS. Thus,
finally an accurate speed is displayed, but no change in clock speed
The cpupower util does display correctly the various clock speeds.

Second, the setting for vcore min is lost after terminating ksysguard.
The setting for Vcore max is preserved.

Frans de Boer.


- x86 systems will no longer try to export their current CPU frequency to /
proc/cpuinfo. There's also a way to rework how the CPU frequency is exported
via sysfs too, using the registers for computing the current frequency rather
than relying upon the CPUFreq driver.

see also:


Ok, I have read and understand the thought behind it.
I don't like it, but is seems a fact now. So, using this in ksysguard has no use anymore.

Thanks anyhow,

BTW, still the vcore display is unsolved:
After yesterdays update, the file describing the used tab, contains:

<display max="1,52" manualRange="1" vLines="0" columnSpan="1" vDistance="30" labels="1" class="FancyPlotter" hLines="1" fontSize="8" hScale="1" showUnit="0" min="0,98" title="Vcore" rowSpan="1" vScroll="0" row="3" autoRange="0" stacked="0" svgBackground="" column="1" unit="" version="1">
<beam hostName="localhost" sensorType="float" color="0xff0057ae" sensorName="lmsensors/it8720-isa-0228/Vcore"/>
<beam hostName="localhost" sensorType="float" color="0xffe20800" sensorName="lmsensors/it8720-isa-0228/Vdram"/>

Now, min and max stay preserved after terminating ksysguard, but the display is still fixed to 0-1.5 Volt. Just as if it is not reading everything properly.

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