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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20170928 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:
aaa_base (13.2+git20170814.cc9e34e -> 13.2+git20170828.8f12a9e)
iio-sensor-proxy (2.2 -> 2.3)
installation-images-Kubic (14.330 -> 14.335)
libindi (1.4.1 -> 1.5.0)
util-linux (2.30 -> 2.30.1)
util-linux-systemd (2.30 -> 2.30.1)

=== Details ===

==== aaa_base ====
Version update (13.2+git20170814.cc9e34e -> 13.2+git20170828.8f12a9e)
Subpackages: aaa_base-extras

- Update to version 13.2+git20170828.8f12a9e:
* profile: don't override PATH in WSL
* Remove passwd, group and shadow files. Remove %ghost entry for
/run/utmp, /var/log/wtmp and /var/log/btmp, systemd is taking
care of them
* Remove run/utmp, too.
- Update to version 13.2+git20170814.cc9e34e:
* Unset id in csh.cshrc instead of profile.csh (bsc#1049577)
* Restore the is variable within /etc/profile
- Update to version 13.2+git20170731.c10ca77:
* Fix csh.cshrc as tcsh does not handle stderr
* Do not set alias cwdcmd for experts (boo#1045889)
* unset unused variables on profile files (bsc#1049577)
* Deprecate DEFAULT_WM in sysconfig.windowmanager
- Fix csh.cshrc as tcsh does not handle stderr messages within {}
well (boo#1044876)
- Fix copy+paste error in /etc/csh.login boo#1043560
- Support changing PS1 even for mksh and user root (bsc#1036895)
- Be aware that on s390/s390x the ttyS0 is misused
- Reset extended screen TERM variables if no terminfo
- Better status line support even for tcsh
- Modernize /etc/ttytype as tset of ncurses use it
- Off application keypad (keyboard transmit) mode
- Missed a meta prefix in new inputrs.keys
- More 8bit key escape control sequences for XTerm
- Do not set INPUTRC as readline does know personal as well as system
inputrc also make /etc/inputrc do set know sequences for both vi
line editing modes as well as for emacs line editing mode.
- Do remove patch aaa_base-13.2+git20170308.c0ecf2e.dif not
only from package but also from spec file
- Update to version 13.2+git20170425.47e703a:
* Add Enlightenment to the list of windowmanagers
* Add a number of audio/video formats to be colorized
* Revert "Avoid NAT on Bridges. Bridges are L2 devices, really."
* aaa_base.pre: drop some system users from aaa_base and create them in the
respective packages: bin,daemon,news,uucp,games,man
* Remove /var/log/faillog, there no application using this left [bsc#980484]
* Remove users and groups sys, mail, lp, wwwrun, ftp and nobody
- Make lang.csh work again (bsc#1025673)
- Update to version 13.2+git20170306.3deb627:
* aaa_base.pre: drop some system users from aaa_base and create
them in the respective packages: bin,daemon,news,uucp,games,man
- Update to version 13.2+git20160915.106a00d:
* enhance comment for NO_PROXY variable (bsc#990254)
* Fix spelling of SUSE (skipped copyright statements - they need more
* fix regression introduced by fix for bnc#971567 (bnc#996442)
- Correct logic error in usage of variable restricted (boo#994111)
- enhance comment for NO_PROXY variable (bsc#990254)
- Update to version 13.2+git20160807.7f4c8c4:
* switch IPv6 privacy extensions (use_tempaddr) back to 1
* history see bsc#678066,bsc#752842,bsc#988023,bsc#990838
- Do not use the = sign for setenv in /etc/profile.d/lang.csh
- Follow the bash manual page that is respect --norc and --noprofile
- Update to version 13.2+git20160609.bf76b13:
* Mark scripts /etc/init.d/{boot.,after-,halt.}local as deprecated
-, lang.csh: if GDM_LANG equals system LANG then use system defaults
- Update to version 13.2+git20160530.bd5210c:
+ Let the ~/.i18n values parsed as well if GDM_LANG is set (boo#958295)
+ Remove spurious assignment to unknown variable term from /etc/inputrc
+ chkconfig: return 1 trying to list unknown service (bnc#971567)
+ chckconfig: add --no-systemctl option
+ fix typo in last patch (no-systemctl support for chkconfig)
+, lang.csh: allow GDM to override locale
+ There is no kde4 anymore
+ Removed '/usr/bin/X11' from PATH (boo #982185)
- fix typo in last patch (no-systemctl support for chkconfig)
- chckconfig: add --no-systemctl option
- chkconfig: return 1 trying to list unknown service (bnc#971567)
- Merge pull request #26 from andreas-schwab/master
- Remove spurious assignment to unknown variable term from /etc/inputrc
- Let the ~/.i18n values parsed as well if GDM_LANG is set (boo#567324)
- Update to version 13.2+git20151221.244f2a3:
+ drop old dns6 hack migration from 2002
+ remove more dropped variables
+ make chkconfig -a/-d work (bsc#926539)
+ avoid recursion if systemd call chkconfig back for sysv units
+ fix non-working line breaks
- make _service generate .changes
- Replace UNICODE double dash with simple ASCII single dash (boo#954909)
- Use the `+' for find's -exec option as this also respects white
spaces in files names but is more like xargs. Respect status
of screen sessions.
- trigger also if only files changed
that have spaces in their name (bnc#915259)
- sysconf_addword: do not insert spaces at start of string (bnc#932456)
- Merge pull request #19 from super7ramp/cleaning-references-to-suseconfig
- drop references to sysconfig/suseconfig
- drop SCANNER_TYPE variable
- Merge pull request #25 from ptesarik/master
- Enable SysRq dump by default
- Revert "fix /etc/init.d/foo status return code (bnc#931388)"
- Merge pull request #23 from bmwiedemann/master
- fix /etc/init.d/foo status return code (bnc#931388)
- xdg-environment: reduce list in /opt/* to gnome,kde4,kde3 (bnc#910904)
- add SOCKS5_SERVER and socks_proxy to proxy settings (bnc#928398)
- Simplify version check
- Handle also command lines starting with the env command
as this is used by gnome xsessions (bsc#921172)
- Correct the boolean in /etc/profile.d/
- Even if GDM has done language setup the personal ~/.i18n should
be sourced (boo#567324)
- Remove the official patch for fate#314974 as now part of systemd
- Merge pull request #21 from arvidjaar/bnc/907873
- Avoid sourcing /etc/bash_completion.d twice
- Fix spelling of SUSE
- Add the official patch for Fate#314974 (bnc#903009)
- adding more info to chkconfig list mode output for systemd (bnc#863781)
- remove no longer supported sysconfig settings (bnc#721682)
- remove /etc/mailcap (bnc#856725, bnc#842938)
- add Makefile target to update mimetypes
- update service man page
- always pass --full to systemctl (bnc#882918)
- Muffle libGL error message when run under ssh (bnc#890189)
- add inittab as ghost config
- Add ls.zsh to file list
- Avoid trouble with new ksh93v- 2014-06-25 and zsh shell code (bnc#888237)
- Do not touch nor modify permissions if e.g. /root/.bash_history
is a link to e.g. /dev/null (bnc#883260)
- Avoid libGL error via ssh (bnc#869172)
- In emacs the tcsh may used non-interactively (bnc#882579)
- drop hint about PREVLEVEL from after.local comments (bnc#886176)
- remove "text/js" from mime.types [bnc#812427]
- drop re-creation of before.local and add a comment about not
being supported if it had real content (bnc#869177)
- mark /etc/init.d/{boot,halt,after}.local as ghost (bnc#868416)
- remove fate-314974.patch which was not accepted in git
- Enable service script to return LSB status exit values (bnc#880103)
- fix error message if zsh sources if some pathes do not
exist (bnc#875118)
- remove mkinitrd script for mtab
- For tcsh: be aware that sometimes strings in variables include a dash
- move cron Recommends to -extras subpackage where the actual cron
files are
- update COPYING file to silence rpmlint warning about outdated
- adjust mktar script to new versioning scheme
- implement legacy actions (bnc#861124)
- move tmp file removal parameters from cron to systemd (fate#314974)
- bump version to 13.2 and avoid tar updates
- Avoid warning from grep if complete file is not found (bnc#864282)
- remove etc/init.d/powerfail (bnc#864044)
- drop sysconfig files: boot, clock, cron, shutdown as none of these are used
- Map the generic terminal type ibm327x to the terminal type dumb
- Enable service script to reload systemd if required
- print parse errors to stderr (bnc#860477)
- handle targets in /sbin/service as well
- Check systemd service using LoadState (bnc#860083)
- Avoid journal output as this may take time on pure journald systems
- Do not load completions which depend on bash-completion package (bnc#856858)
- make rcfoo usable for not enabled services (bnc#856986)
- Use only bash and readline defaults for fallback completion (bnc#851908)
- change mistakenly root:users group to root:root (bnc#843230)
- Avoid NAT on Bridges. Bridges are L2 devices, really.
- Fix Default tag for RCCONFIG_BACKUP_DIR
- remove {c,}sh.utf8 as testutf8 is a dummy anyways (bnc#849258)
- fix chkconfig --check (bnc#851374)
- chkconfig: add option -L to only list enabled services (bnc#707823)
- updated comment in sysconfig.language for ROOT_USES_LANG (bnc#505417)
- tighten regexp of ignored files in chkconfig (bnc#828820)
- protect from reading home kshrc twice (bnc#848697)
- Add support for mksh
- Do not use bashisms in PS1 for unknown shells
- Adds a minor fix - changes JRE_HOME only in a case it was not defined before
- Use systemctl show to list the properties NeedDaemonReload, UnitFileState,
and LoadState
and then check fore daemon-reload, masked, and forbidden services
(bnc#843123, FATE#313323)
- Enable old boot scripts for systemd in rc.status if not already done
- Fix last commit, rename the actual alias too.
- Rename _ls alias to z_ls for zsh. In zsh strings that start with
an underscore are reserved for completion. This fixes bnc#836067
- avoid leaking kernel address information to userspace by using
kernel.kptr_restrict=1 sysctl
- bash.bashrc: source if existing (bnc#827248)
- 'mountpoint' was moved to /usr
- move sysctl directories to filesystem rpm
- move sysctl defaults to aaa_base (bnc#820443)
- Add bash completion function to load completions dynamically (bnc#821411)
- Require xz at build time (Who has removed xz from default?)
- Personal bash completion and bash ls alias (bnc811030, bnc#799241)
- also check /lib/systemd for compatibility (bnc#812291)
- chkconfig: rh compatible check mode (bnc#811870)
- Mark file /lib/mkinitrd/scripts/ as exectuable (bnc#809842)
- Compress tarball with xz
- Remove boot.localnet also from spec file
- Update version number to 13.1
- Update to git head:
* Remove boot.localnet
* Revert "rc.status: allow to pass options to systemctl using
SYSTEMCTL_OPTIONS is now handled directly by systemctl.
- Do not override /etc/adjtime if HWCLOCK is already gone (bnc#791485)
- Avoid to stumble over missing /dev/stderr in boot script started
by systemd (work around bnc#728774o but not solve it)
- remove check whether systemd is running
- call systemctl to enable/disable services (bnc#798510)
- Let the bash check the winsize only if COLUMNS is exported (bnc#793536)
- Also source environment for tcsh and bash if sudo is used
- Merge pull request #1 from fcrozat/master
- rc.status: allow to pass options to systemctl using SYSTEMCTL_OPTIONS
- Simplify and tighten the bash prompt
- fix url to point to github
- change summary to say "openSUSE" (bnc#773245)
- remove boot.* again, new insserv shadows them
- Add aaa_base-syntax-error.patch: Fix syntax error in rc.status.
- merged last bits from gitorious:
- from froh:
- /etc/bash.bashrc: add prompt to the terminal "status line",
which on most graphical terminals is the window title.
- from fcrozat:
- rc.status: output initscript status before systemd one.
- rc.status: educate users on which systemctl command was started
- rc.status: systemctl 195+ allows to not specify .service
- readd insserv for the remaining boot scripts
- readd some boot.* scripts that are required by insserv for not ported
applications (they are empty though)
- Enforce creation of /etc/adjtime even if no /etc/sysconfig/clock exists
- also move the file to /run
- generate utmp in /run not in /var/run
- /var/run/utmp should be packaged as /run/utmp
- Ask terminal about status line in bash.bashrc
- Update from git:
* Remove /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/loop.conf (bnc#784963).
- update from git:
* remove all files not necessary for systemd
* move files to /usr and leave symlinks around
- conflict with sysvinit
- Update from git:
* Fix typo in /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/loop.conf
- update from git to get the latest change too
- Try to resolve the bash completion problems with ls (bnc#725657)
- Create loop devices via tmpfiles and not via /lib/udev/devices.
- Fix linuxbase URLs to point to the current documentation
- Add README.packaging.txt.
- migrate to _service file to make it a bit more clear the .tar is
not a random tar
- SuSEconfig is finally gone [FATE#100011]
- explicitly buildrequire net-tools for /bin/hostname
- honor $SYSTEMD_NO_WRAP again (bnc#774754)
- fix service status for sysvscripts when booted with systemd (bnc#772028)
- Add %defattr to make files definitely owned by root
- Redirect test if blogd is running otherwise it will never be done
- Fix /etc/bash.bashrc for bash-completion again: the previous fix
was not working for non-login shells, so directly source
/etc/profile.d/ from /etc/bash.bashrc
- Also remove an possible but old /var/log/ before initial
start of blogd (bnc#763944)
- support beeing called as rc* symlink wrapper (bnc#769902)
- use systemctl instead of loop for --status-all (bnc#769902)
- Add aaa_base-bnc756012.patch: unset ftp_proxy is not the same
as ftp_proxy="", which can drip libproxy over. (bnc#756012)
- move environment settings for malloc checking to separate
subpackage for easier handling of the feature via patterns
- Change /etc/bash.bashrc to work with recent versions of
bash-completion, that put files in /usr/share/bash-completion.
- Move boot.msg away if writable before initial start of blogd (bnc#763944)
- fix boot.localfs for new mount output (bnc#766035)
- use /run, preserve /run/no_blogd for shutdown
- Drop HWCOCK option flag in favour of the adjtime file
- Bump version to 12.2, to prepare for next version of openSUSE.
- fix return values of systemd detection
- remove mingetty dependency from aaa_base as it's needed by sysvinit
- remove bin from mime.types for application/x-stuffit (bnc#743741)
- rc.status: also allow to specify files as /etc/rc.d/foo
- update mime.types file (merged old file with upstream) (see bnc#720464)
- add primitive script to merge mime.types file
- Try to fix several bash completion bug caused by fix for bug #725657
- Oops add missed double quote (bnc#752061)
- Yet an other bash completion problem worked around
- Add old request from gitorious
- Add patch from rjschwei@xxxxxxxx:
* ln binary has been moved to user tree. This addresses bnc #747322
comment 11
- Add patch from rjschwei@xxxxxxxx:
* The initviocons binary moved from /bin to /usr/bin as part of
the UsrMerge project.
- Fix some bash completion problems (bnc#738501)
- remove requirement on systemd to avoid cycles.
/bin/systemd-tmpfiles is only needed by boot.cleanup when actually
booting the system using sysv.
- chkconfig: bypass initscript enable/disable script if service
shadowed by systemd
- fix bug introduced with last commit (bnc#722252)
- Make alljava.(c)sh friendly to third-party JVMs (bnc#722252)
- Added "application/json" mimetype to /etc/mime.types (bnc#741546)
- Strip boot. also from rc symbolic links (bnc#739217)
- Use since_epoch of rtc0 and not raw system time
- If CMSO clock is in synch but nevertheless off by more than
- Add --listmodules option to SuSEconfig; (bnc#736086).
- Fix spec file for last change.
- Remove tmpdirs.d handling, use tmpfiles now
- random seed start script: use pool_size from kernel,
not the old 512 bytes (bnc#730736)
- Ensure /sbin/service is not clearing SYSTEMD_NO_WRAP
- add color aliases for grep variants
- replace mtab with symlink in initrd already (bnc#727758)
- introduce SYSTEMD_NO_WRAP (bnc#727445)
- rc.status: only push standard options start/stop/restart/..
to systemd, otherwise use the normal init script
- Enable direxpand patch of the bash (bnc#725657)
- Add comment about systemd and runlevel in /etc/inittab (bnc#725138)
- Change most aliases in ls.bash to shell functions.
- Make completion for sudo smart (bnc#724522)
- mount /media as tmpfs
- resolve symlink for rcXX -> XX.service sytemd magic
- cross-build fix: use %__cc macro
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
- Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build
- Handle boot.* initcripts correctly under systemd
- bash completion: add a space for unique results (bnc#717934)
- check if systemd is running and notify user
- fix last change
- update FSF address in skeleton file
- Correct check for COLD_BOOT in halt script (bnc#709825)
- remove more occurrences of boot.loadmodules now in mkinitrd package
- remove etc/sysconfig/kernel, lives now in mkinitrd package
- sbin/service: skip *.disabled for --status-all (bnc#690282)
- Add support for clicfs
- Better support of quoted file and directory names (bnc#706075)
- Do not use CDPATH for local paths (bnc#703682)
- Let various bourne shell source their own local rc file (bnc#703855)
- Handle CDPATH for bash command completion for every case (bnc#703682)
- Bump version number
- do not install /root/.exrc anymore, it's obsolete.
- mount /run without noexec (bnc#699799)
- Enable container check for devtmpfs (bnc#696026) to be able
to use a static /dev within the container
- add back telinit q call
- fix group and mode of /var/lock
- Set DEFAULT_WM to kde-plasma, bnc#687781
- boot.cleanup cleanup
- make /var/lock tmpfs too
- bind mount /var/run in boot.localfs
- drop /etc/sysconfig/sysctl (fate#312343)
- dont' enable boot.ldconfig by default
- don't enable boot.clock by default (fate#312407)
- remove reference to runlevel 4 from skeleton.compat
- drop /etc/sysconfig/sysctl.conf (fate#312343)
- bind mount /run on /var/run
- fix wrong logic in %post
- Avoid tput command if TERM variable is not set.
- start boot.proc as soon as possible
- don't wait for bind mounts (bnc#690871)
- create loop devices in %post (bnc#661715)
- don't mount /sys/fs/cgroup/systemd as it makes programs think
systemd is in use
- rc.status: in rc_wait test for existance of binary
- add COPYING file as requested
- Avoid further trouble of the plusdir complete option of the bash
(bug #681687)
- Do not cause the bash to expand if dir path starts with ~ for the
HOME of the user (disable plusdir option for this) (bnc#691883)
- Mount memory based file systems found in /etc/fstab (bnc#675542)
- Start blogd only once at boot
- Fix for bnc#686186 and change for fate#309226
- boot.cleanup: when cleaning var/run, try to symlink /var/run to /run
- mount /run if needed
- /etc/init.d/boot: mount /run as tmpfs if not there yet
- call osc ci after pushing changes
- make it work with older git
- Avoid waiting on bind mounts in boot.localfs
- Be aware in refresh_initrd that modules used in initrd may use
options in the /etc/modprobe.d/ files
- add scripts to make tarball
- Avoid to trap into execute escapes (bnc#678827)
- sources are maintained in git now. Adopt package accordingly.
- bump version to 11.5
- Add missed ESC for screen escape sequences
- Work around colon as breaking character in tab completion
- Allow arguments of command done by sudo to complete (bnc#673663)
- Fix minimal support for the old fashion rc service links
- Tag interactive boot scripts as interactive as systemd uses it
- don't time out waiting for tmpfs (bnc#671468)
- make malloc checking configurable
- Add minimal support for the old fashion way to handle services
even with systemd
- Use new rvmtab in boot.localfs if available
- Redo fix for $HOME/.kshrc readed twice (bnc#560152)
- changed LXDE to lxde in sysconfig.windowmanager
- For plain bourne shells use `command -v' instead of `type -p'
- Avoid world writable temporary reverse mtab (bnc#665479, CVE-2011-0461)
- Also do the job for tcsh users
- Be backward compatible to support existing sysconfig files
- Fix for bnc#668180: redirect stderr of pidofproc to /dev/null
- changed /etc/profile.d/ so it treats DEFAULT_WM as the
basename of the session file and parses the value of Exec into
WINDOWMANAGER (bnc#667408)
- adopted the possible values of DEFAULT_WM to use the basename of
the session file (bnc#667408)
- fix typo in SuSEconfig manpage (bnc#662695)
- package /lib/udev/devices/loop* to allow on demand loading of the
loop module (bnc#661715)
- at boot make sure /etc/mtab is a symlink (bnc#665494) so
util-linux doesn't need to do it in %post
- don't wait for loop images to appear as block devices (bnc#666150)
- net.ipv6.conf.all.use_tempaddr has no effect, need to use
net.ipv6.conf.default.use_tempaddr (bnc#494958#c2)
- set default values in /etc/sysconfig/sysctl to empty and mark
deprecated. No default behavior change as kernel defaults actually
- fix loop module not loaded with /etc/mtab symlink (bnc#665092)
- Fix kernel value of IPv6 privacy in boot.ipconfig (bnc#664550).
- fix mounting /dev/pts (bnc#664692)
- rc.status: initialize terminal settings only once
- boot.cgroup: add init script to mount cgroups
- boot.localnet: remove useless use of cat and avoid ifup
- boot.localfs: don't update mtab if mtab is a link anyways
- boot.localfs: don't consider nofail mounts as missing
- boot: reorder and simplify mounting of file systems
- Do not call `hostname -d' to avoid DNS lookup
- avoid trailing dot in HOSTNAME when no NIS domain is set
- Test only for bit 64 (clock unsynchronized), if zero the kernel
is within eleven minutes mode (Thanks goes to Rastislav David)
- Touch /etc/init.d/after.local and /etc/init.d/before.local (bnc#659206)
- boot.localfs: do not abort wait for udev just because
/dev/.udev/queue does not exist (bnc#656028)
- Work around broken network setups for login shells to get
variable HOST set to nodename
- Do not use NIS/YP domainname but DNS domainman for HOSTNAME
- export GPG_TTY="`tty`" in /etc/bash.bashrc (bnc#619295)
- own /var/log/wtmp, /var/run/utmp, /var/log/faillog and /var/log/btmp
- fix typo (merge conflict overlooked)
- fix postinstall to test for existence of /var/run/utmp
before trying to chgrp
- Remove get_kernel_version_fix_plus_in_kernel_string.patch after
applying it to file directly.
- Use group utmp for /var/run/utmp, btmp and lastlog (bnc#652877).
- Do not set ENV in /etc/profile as well in /etc/csh.login (bnc#611966)
- allow chkconfig to use different root filesystems (bnc#507382)
- added service.8 man page from fedora (bnc#621286)
- Make /usr/sbin/Check a bash script (bnc#626629)
- keep /etc/mtab unchanged if it is a symlink (bnc#651555)
- remove weird filelist generation code
- remove /usr/sbin/Check
- move chkstat calls to brp-permissions in brp-checks-suse
- export ONLY_MODULE so modules can act differently when they are called
- enable malloc debugging checks.
- Do not remove /etc/adjtime but simply correct the third line
for applications depending on CMOS time (bnc#650719)
- abort if kernel has no devtmpfs, can not help here (bnc#648408)
- Use refresh_initrd if TIMEZONE has changed (bnc#638185)
- Add sudo completion bnc#639744
- Fix for bnc#567951 - cshrc now allows xterm titles
- Fix for bnc#631454 - bash completion for regexpressions
- Fix for bnc#639392 - make pushd completion behaves like cd completion
- add leading / to pre/post scripts (bnc#625763)
- Recognize "+" at the end of the kernel version correctly.
From mmarek:
Starting with 2.6.35, the kernel build by default appends a plus sign to
the kernel version string when building in a git tree that is not in a clean
tagged state.
- switch SEND_OUTPUT_ON_NO_ERROR from yes to no in postinstall
and only do that exactly once to switch the default (bnc#622203)
- let boot.swap disable most swap partitions on shutdown
so LVM and others can be shut down cleanly (bnc#631916)
- Add a sysconfig option for enforcing blogd even with "fastboot"
and/or "quiet" found on the kernel command line.
- add a split provides for smooth upgrade
- split off aaa_base extras subpackage with:
- ls settings and aliases
- bash completion
- other generic shell aliases
- quick_halt/poweroff/reboot script
- some default cronjobs
- modified bash.bashrc and csh.cshrc to split out ls settings
- drop alias for dir: that one has its own binary for a while
- recommend aaa_base-extras from main package
- get_kernel_version : use O_CLOEXEC everywhere
- Newer killproc sends only SIGTERM as required by LSB if -TERM is
specified on the command line. Use the default which is SIGTERM
followed by SIGKILL if the timeout of 5 seconds is reached.
- change default value of cron sysconfig option
SEND_OUTPUT_ON_NO_ERROR to "no" bnc#622203
- Use alias shell builtin for ash and dash (bnc#619756)
- remove malloc-debug.* for final release
- also skip /cgroup during unmount in boot.localfs
(requested by kay)
- Reflect name space change of former rush shell which know becomes
pcksh, cpcksh, and rpcksh
- Add support for the rush bourne shell (bnc#608727)
- Implemenation of a workaround of missing console messages in
blogd (bnc#593957) ... depends on package sysvinit-tools
- drop chmod for /dev/shm from /etc/init.d/boot
(workaround which is no longer needed and gives trouble now)
- Avoid error on not set $TERM variable in csh login (bnc#560917)
- set INPUTRC in csh similar to /etc/profile (bnc#560917)
- add usbfs to tmpfs list in boot.localfs (bnc#569569)
if "noauto" is changed to "defaults" in fstab for /proc/bus/usb
then the fs is mounted at boot time (for some legacy software)
- skip remount-rw for / if "readonlyroot" is specified on
the boot commandline (bnc#445189)
- added smart_agetty manpage to fix bnc #342580
- fix self Provides/Obsoletes for aaa_skel
- added /etc/tmpdirs.d for snippets to be called by boot.cleanup
(shell scripts to recreate things in /tmp, /var/tmp, /var/run)
- move code from boot.cleanup to /etc/tmpdirs.d/01_aaa_base
(all related to fate#303793)
- Set version number to 11.3
- Add screen control sequences to inputrc (bnc#598903)
- boot.rootfsck: do not use /dev/shm/root as fallback but /dev/root
- boot.localfs: update Should-Stop dependencies
- removed /etc/rc.d.README as well
- Use feature of pidof(1) of new sysvinit 2.88dsf
- drop /sbin/init.d.README and /etc/init.d/README
the manpage is "man 7 init.d"
- boot.cleanup: do cleanup as well in shutdown case, faster
than leaving it to the next boot and can speed up boot sequence
- add NO_KMS_IN_INITRD to sysconfig/kernel.
- Add Forms Data Format (.fdf) for acroread and co (bnc#573202)
- fix typo in boot.localfs (bnc#584090)
- add "lock" group (bnc#552095, FATE#308360)
- drop boot.sched
- implemented more primitive status calls for boot.* scripts
- implemented primitive status call for boot.rootfsck and
- do not put ldconfig into background in recovery case (bnc#582597)
- Add changes for dash and ksh from Guido Berhoerster
- move remounting of /dev and /dev/shm to boot.localfs
- add chmod for /dev/shm to be safe from udev
- Fix $TIMEZONE description in /etc/sysconfig/clock (bnc#582292)
- No longer call zic (the timezone compiler) from boot.clock for
creating /etc/localtime: this file is created by YaST during
installation; there is no need to recreate it at boot time.
(This code was only executed on s390 and in xen guests, too.)
- enabled MALLOC_CHECK_ and MALLOC_PERTURB_ during testing
- make sure options for /dev/pts are honored (bnc#580924)
- Fix issue with chvt hanging, preventing restart (bnc#540482)
(add --userwait to chvt call)
- remove bogus splash check from boot.proc
- Rename meta-mode to enable-meta-key in /etc/inputrc as
bash 4.1 / readline library 6.1 use this key word
- fix typo in comment in /etc/skel/.emacs (bnc#558055)
- change test for tty1 in boot.localfs and boot.rootfsck
- /etc/init.d/boot: use devtmpfs for /dev if available (bnc#561990)
- do not rewrite /etc/adjtime needlessly (bnc#570245)
- set NO_PROXY together with no_proxy (bnc#569310)
- clean-tmp: use ctime instead of mtime and add -xdev
to avoid crossing filesystem boundaries (bnc#568990)
- Avoid to source/parse $HOME/.kshrc twice (bnc#560152)
- fixed JRE_HOME typo in (bnc#549395)
- fix example in sysconfig.language (bnc#557283)
- fix some issues with boot.clock and xen (bnc#550697)
- mount /dev correctly also if devtmpfs
- same for csh.login
- add '-R' to LESS variable in /etc/profile (bnc#554513)
- added SEND_OUTPUT_ON_NO_ERROR option to /etc/sysconfig/cron (fate#305279)
- remove bash1 from /etc/shells (bnc#554131)
- wait for raid arrays to become clean before shutdown or reboot
- disable malloc debugging again for the release. (rm
- Use /bin/hostname for HOSTNAME instead of NIS domainname found
in /proc/sys/kernel/domainname (bnc#540981)
- Remove SuSEconfig.clock and simplify refresh_initrd (bnc#538357)
- Refresh initrd if CMOS clock is set to local time (bnc#538357)
- Use option -c on grotty command to diaable escape sequences in
/etc/init.d/README (bnc#543957)
- Use configurable meta-mode in /etc/inputrc (bnc#541379)
- The halt script should not shutdown network for iSCSI (bnc#513928)
- add bash completion for evince (bnc#540013)
- DO_FASTBOOT is now yes/no, no longer empty (bnc#538362)
- fix CLEAR_TMP_DIRS_AT_BOOTUP (bnc#531514)
- boot.clock:
check if system timezone already set by initrd (bnc#534816)
- etc/profile,etc/csh.login: remove output of /etc/motd
and faillog, already printed by login (bnc#528003)
- drop hacks for sles8 from pre/post scripts
- make use of sed -i instead of manual handling in pre/post
- aaa_base.specialfilelist: drop the ones that are not in aaa_base
- Remove INFOPATH and INFODIR as info knowns about (bnc#524541)
- fix typo in boot.cleanup
- import some speedups from moblin
boot.cleanup: use xargs and use -m option from mkdir
boot.localnet: depend on boot.rootfsck instead of boot.cleanup
- adapt boot.clock to changed hwclock/util-linux:
- drop --hctosys for utc case
- replace by --systz for non-utc case
- Fix expansion bug in bash completion without loosing expansion
of the tilde for the users home directory (bnc#524224)
- Move udev and net-tools back from PreReq to Recommends
- update alljava.csh (expand PATH like bnc#480480)
- update mailcap for text/html: change w3m call (bnc#479432)
- Bash completion: make file type detection independent from file
name for b(un)zip2, g(un)zip, and unzip (bnc#512386, bnc#512386)
- added recommends for netcfg (bnc#519337)
- now that fixed glibc is in, we can enable malloc_check again
- /.buildenv is almost never a directory...
- change condition for MALLOC_CHECK to test for /.buildenv
- do not set MALLOC_CHECK for now in build environemtns to continue
building even if we have a problem there atm (bnc#509398)
- Make some expansions work for bash completion (bnc#493303, bnc#487252)
- Add missing line in boot.clock
- At shutdown boot.clock should be executed *before* boot.apparmor
otherwise it may happen that /etc/localtime is not readable and
localtime(3) may fall back to UTC time as system default (bnc#492921).
- First try to support root fs with type aufs (bnc#491890)
- Use usleep to wait on udev
- Disable blogd on fastboot or quiet boot
- Move mkinitrd scripts to mkinitrd
- Avoid possible race between rtc_cmos and running date
- boot.ldconfig: remove most of the checks / run ldconfig way less
- boot.localfs: STOP preload during fsck calls
- boot.clock: make status argument work and add argument timezone
- boot.clock: for s390 make date command accurate as possible
- Rename mkinitrd script to and
add, also check for including the
existence of the rtc_cmos module to avoid fatal errors
- boot.clock: write system time only back to HW clock if kernel
time status shows that clocks are unsynchronized
- Add two helper scripts for mkinitrd to add and load rtc_cmos
module and add /etc/localtime to initrd (bnc#492921)
- Make boot.clock more tough due udev timings (bnc#492921)
- Remove /etc/adjtime in boot.clock if left over (bnc#495417)
- updated alljava.{sh,csh} (bnc#492820)
- bash.bashrc: append history to avoid override the history with
two parallel bash sessions.
- fix typo in comment in bash.bashrc (bnc#487742)
- touch and chmod some files only if they do not exist before
leave them alone otherwise
- MALLOC_CHECK_=3 (bnc#481582)

==== iio-sensor-proxy ====
Version update (2.2 -> 2.3)

- Update to version 2.3:
+ Ensure API documentation is in tarball.
+ Remove workaround for long-standing kernel bug (fixed in 4.13).
+ Ignore accelerometers which are part of gaming devices.
+ Warning fixes.
- Add
handle geoclue2 service running as srvGeoClue user, add
Requires user(srvGeoClue) and add automake/ autoconf as
- Use pregenerated API documentation and drop
BuildRequires on gtk-doc.

==== installation-images-Kubic ====
Version update (14.330 -> 14.335)

- merge gh#openSUSE/installation-images#205
- control.xml is now optional
- 14.335
- merge gh#openSUSE/installation-images#204
- adjust xorg input & video driver list
- 14.334
- merge gh#openSUSE/installation-images#203
- system-user-root needs to be treated specially
- python-argparse is gone
- 14.333
- merge gh#openSUSE/installation-images#202
- allow adding packages by running rpm directly
- 14.332
- merge gh#openSUSE/installation-images#201
- include all mouse drivers (bsc#1055628)
- 14.331

==== libgda ====
Subpackages: libgda-5_0-4 libgda-5_0-4-lang libgda-5_0-bdb libgda-5_0-sqlite
libgda-ui-5_0-4 libgda-ui-5_0-plugins

- Update libgda-jre9.patch: with the release of JRE 9.0.0, the
version identifier was changed from 9-internal to 9. Change the
patch to accept both variants.

==== libindi ====
Version update (1.4.1 -> 1.5.0)
Subpackages: libindi-devel libindiAlignmentDriver1 libindidriver1

- Update to version 1.5.0:
* New Detector Interface for photon and radio detectors.
* New Software-Defined-Radio driver (RTLSDR).
* New Connections plugin system to facilitate driver development.
* New standardized tracking properties system for all mounts.
* New Digital Settings Circiles (DSC) driver.
* New Lacerta MGen driver.
* New NightCrawler Focusing Rotator driver.
* New Optec Gemini Focusing Rotater driver.
* New iNovaPLX CCD driver.
* QHY SDK update to 1.10.0. Support for QHY PoleMaster.
* QSI SDK update to 7.6.0
* Support for INDI client under Windows.
* Support for Pier Side in many mount drivers.
* Support for SkySafari.
* Fix FLIUSB for 4.6 and 4.9 kernels.
* Fixed wrong time format in generated SER files.
* ZWO ASI drivers for MacOS.
* Various GPSD fixes.
* Proper handing of ISO8601 timestamps in the generated
* Improved Gemini mount driver with more functionality and bug
* Many V4L2 fixes and improvements. Support for V4L2 integer
* Ability to define multiple primary/guide scope configurations.
* ZEQ25 Improvements and fixes.
* NStep driver improvements and fixes.
* Added Ccache support.
* Support for Gotonova driver.
* Added Unity Build support.
* Improved Astrophysics driver.
* Added USB connectivity to SQM device driver.
* More robust handling of reading pier side from mount.
* Warn client that no devices are detected in case of
Multiple-Devices-Per-Driver drivers.
* Added PEC control to INDI::Telescope. Each driver must handle
the low level protocol to actually enable or disable PEC.
* Added security (hardening) flags.
* SoftPEC implementation for Virtuoso mounts in
* Added TELESCOP, OBSERVER, and OBJECT keywords to the FITS
- Add cmake_modules.tar.gz containing cmake modules missing in the
source tarball to make it build
- Drop bufferoverflow.patch, fixed upstream

==== libusbmuxd ====
Subpackages: libusbmuxd-devel libusbmuxd4

- Use a macro for specifying library major
- Recommends usbmuxd to library package to ensure it works
- Remove duplicated dependency on iproxy subpackage.

==== nut ====
Subpackages: libupsclient1 nut-cgi

- Drop the aspell dependency, it is only used for verification
of the mans and it is more for devs to do than during the build
wrt fate#323578

==== python ====
Subpackages: python-curses python-gdbm

- Fix test broken with OpenSSL 1.1 (bsc#1042670)
* add 0001-2.7-bpo-30714-ALPN-changes-for-OpenSSL-1.1.0f-3094.patch
- drop SUSE_ASNEEDED=0 as it is not needed anymore

==== util-linux ====
Version update (2.30 -> 2.30.1)
Subpackages: libblkid-devel libblkid1 libblkid1-32bit libfdisk1 libmount1
libmount1-32bit libsmartcols1 libuuid-devel libuuid1 libuuid1-32bit

- Update RPM categories and summaries.
Do not ignore errors from useradd.
- Ensure libreadline usage as well as _GNU_SOURCE
- Fix prerequirement of groups tty and uuidd (boo#1057937).
- Update to version 2.30.1:
Bugfix release, more details at:
- Drop upstreamed patch
- Make sure group tty is defined

==== util-linux-systemd ====
Version update (2.30 -> 2.30.1)

- Update RPM categories and summaries.
Do not ignore errors from useradd.
- Ensure libreadline usage as well as _GNU_SOURCE
- Fix prerequirement of groups tty and uuidd (boo#1057937).
- Update to version 2.30.1:
Bugfix release, more details at:
- Drop upstreamed patch
- Make sure group tty is defined

==== virtualbox ====
Subpackages: virtualbox-guest-kmp-default virtualbox-guest-tools

- Make changes suggested in bsc#1060072
The specific changes are:
(1) Remove the test in as the script tests for the wrong file.
This is safe because
if the package is not installed, the script will not be there.
(2) Move to package virtualbox-qt. With this change, packages
libQt5Core, libQt5Gui
and libQt5Widgets are no longer needed with package virtualbox. As a
result, a text-only
server no longer needs to load QT to support headless virtual machines.
- Update "fixes_for_4.14.patch" to handle additional API changes in kernel 4.14.
These include the following:
removal of gamma_set and gamma_get from struct drm_fb_helper_funcs
removal of set_busid from struct drm_driver
replacement of drm_pci_init() with pci_register_driver()
replacement of drm_pci_exit() with pci_unregister_driver()
removal of load_lut from struct drm_crtc_helper_func
- Update "fixes_for_4.14.patch" to handle missing SKB_GSO_UDP in kernel 4.14

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