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Re: [opensuse-factory] TW: Problem with disk space needed on installation

Hi Bruno and Martin,

Am 14. September 2017 00:18:34 MESZ schrieb Martin Herkt <lachs0r@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
On 2017 M09 13, Wed 21:20:28 CEST Axel Braun wrote:

I'm currently upgrading my travel-Laptop, ASUS eeePC 901, from TW
201702* to
the latest TW. Single root/home partition on ext4.

It has only a tiny SSD in, and during upgrade it fails with the
that ' the installation of package x...needs 189 MB on the / file

df -h shows 371 MB free space.

Looks like enough whats the point?
Any (hidden) files i should delete?


Maybe it needs 189 MiB *additional* space?

That's not what it says....
Actually I cleaned /tmp and /var/tmp, a reboot (fingers crossed, worked) and
installation went through. Now Rhee is 1.8G free space again

(Also, surprised you can still use this thing. I have an eeePC 900 and
way too slow, the display resolution is too low, the keyboard is hard
to type
on and its battery runtime is quite short… Not to mention it’s 32-bit
and has
no SSE2. I don’t use it anymore. Moved on to better hardware.)

Well, I have it, and it serves the needs. So it's a matter of sustainability to
not bin it as long as it works.
For watching a movie on the plane, checking weather and writing travel diary
and mails it is ok. Resolution on a netbook was already to low when I bought
it. But it still feels more responsive than the ThinkPad x230 on W7 I have to
use at work
32bit support may really become a problem, indeed. Let's see how long it lasts.

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