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Re: [opensuse-factory] TW auto suspend on low battery level
Il 04/09/2017 09:49, Cristian Rodríguez ha scritto:

El 03-09-2017 a las 16:59, Marco Calistri escribió:

the abandon of pm-utils,

which was really broken to begin with..


which does not handle your usecase..

or kernel

if systemctl suspend works then kernel not to blame either.. hint,
hint .systemctl suspend is the exact equivalent to

echo mem > /sys/power/state

or whatsoever, the fact is
that nothing seems working anymore now also by attempting to
reconfigure DE power managers.

What is the problem with DE power managers.. which one are you using
and what specifically are the results ? maybe there is a problem
with them or with upower..hard to tell.. you are not giving us any
evidence to draw a reasonable hypothesis of what might be broken.

Well, honestly I've not reported anymore to Bugzilla since long time now.

My last bug report neither received a single feedback, may be due my
fault in being not compliant or even having not filled a detailed
description, I don't know.

But I'm sure to not to be the only one suffering with a non working
suspend/hibernate on laptop here on Tumbleweed (tested on Gnome, XFCE
and Cinnamon) and probably there (other Linux flavors). I say this
because after I Googled looking for this matter, I found many users with
exactly the same issue. For the Ask-Ubuntu forum there are plenty of
discussion on this matter with suggestion and work-around, while I've
found just few for openSUSE, this is another fact which difficult a bit
the resolution of a eventual problem for us users of TW. Now I have
resolved my problem just by adding some very basic scripts and I hope
that someone else could use it to resolve similar issues. Of course I
hope that openSUSE Tumbleweed will be working out of the box without
such additional scripts in the future, but currently and at least for me
it doesn't.

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