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Re: [opensuse-factory] Next steps for Firefox on TW
Am 12.08.2017 um 00:34 schrieb Christian Boltz:
Parallel installations would be perfect, but if it's too much work,
having MozillaFirefox and firefox-esr conflict is also ok. Unless someone
steps up to help, you'll have to do the work, so you decide ;-)

BTW: AFAIK Debian ships firefox and firefox-esr. I don't know the details,
but a quick look indicates that they don't have conflicts. I know for
sure [1] that Debian uses /usr/lib/firefox-esr/ paths, so it's likely
that they allow parallel installation.

I just checked Debian 9.
I do not see that they are shipping regular Firefox but only ESR (at
least in official repositories).
In any case from a quick check of their package and behaviour they may
allow parallel installation looking at the prefixes at least partly.
Firefox is installed in firefox-esr directories indeed. But the package
also provides /usr/bin/firefox. Also the profile directory is default
with .mozilla/firefox.

Do you know the Debian maintainer so that you could ask if/how they
handle the user profile? If not, I can try to get you in contact via the
Debian AppArmor maintainers ;-)

I know him. At least I think it is still the same guy who works for
Mozilla for several years now so I could ask him but for the moment it
seems pretty obvious for me that they basically do pretty much the same
as we do atm with the exception their package is called already *esr

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