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Re: [opensuse-factory] NVIDIA gfx driver RPMs available for Tumbleweed ...
On Wed, Aug 09, 2017 at 05:45:53PM +0200, Bruno Friedmann wrote:
On mercredi, 9 août 2017 15.56:11 h CEST Stefan Dirsch wrote:

Since yesterday there are NVIDIA gfx driver RPMs available for
Tumbleweed. Feel free to give them a try by adding the repository manually

zypper ar

and install them via

zypper inr

The kernel module is being built during installation (as it's done with the
Leap packages). But the kernel module is also being rebuilt and reinstalled
after a kernel update has been done, since we don't necessarily keep the
kABI stable for TW. This has been implemented by making use of RPM's
trigger scripts.

If gdm doesn't come up, try using another DM. xdm worked fine for me.
Something is weird with gdm, but I couldn't figure out yet, what. :-(
Don't worry, I've a similar issue, autologin doesn't want to work for me with
sddm, xdm and all it the laptop is connected to the docking station.
If docked the laptop is just getting a freaking freeze state with no log no
trace :-(

Hmm. I have no issues with sddm and xdm, but gdm.

You can provide feedback here in this mail thread or via bugzilla. If you
use Bugzilla, please use

Personnally I was building packaging locally the driver from its obs source
since almost 1.5 years, because was easier than the .run.
So I know the build works, and now that I've switched to the official repo,
everything is working like a charm.

Wow! First positive feedback I receive. :-)

About updates, I've seen regulary mixed result when Mesa got updated, so my
own rule is reinstall nvidia drivers if Mesa or Kernel is updated.
Now if I found that one of gl links is messed up by Mesa or Nvidia driver, I
will report it (will have time now that I don't need to rebuild ;-))

Well, this mess-up should no longer happen. That's the reason I've switched to
libglvnd. Actually this should not have happened for you since some time (end
of may 2017).

ps: For those who use .run, you must firstly run the uninstaller before
to the package ....

Yes, that's correct. I'm sorry I forgot to mention this in my
announcement. And of course you should uninstall RPMs before switching to


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