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Re: [opensuse-factory] Adobe is shutting down the flash player by 2020
On 31/07/17 03:47 PM, Roman Bysh wrote:

There's a petition for Adobe to open source flash, add a star if you have a
github account.
Dave P
We are better off to let Flash die and move on.

In my DatabaseOfDotSigQuotes there is this:

The proof that IBM didn't invent the car is that it has a
steering wheel and an accelerator instead of spurs and ropes,
to be compatible with a horse.
-- Jac Goudsmit

Sometimes it is important to let go of the past in order to make progress.

My great fear with open sourcing code as clearly buggy (and probably complex,
which is why it was maintenance nightmare and cascaded further bugs) as the
Adobe flash player is that it will be used as a learning example in the wrong

If it is held up as a "Don't Do this" example, that's one thing, but if its
going to form the base of a FOSS project to preserver the 'product' then I think
it will serve as both a bad example and will suck in effort that could be better
used elsewhere.

I recall back in the 1980s when I was asked to do a study on the impact of the
code base change from the V7 Unix of Dennis and the original Gang to the
'professional' code base produced by USG. I was horrified. The simple, clear
code I had grew up on, had learnt C from, was being replaced with bloated,
highly entropic spaghetti code that was far from clear. The structure
analysers I used to assess quality of code completely balked on the USG
equivalents of V7 programs that they handled nicely.

When Rob Pike spoke of things like "do one thing and do it well" he was
addressing matters like "'Cat -n' Considered harmful' as a principle.
But it runs deeper than that.

Years later I compared Bill Joy's original VI code-base against an early version
of VIM. Bill's code did not come out well. The VIM had been re-implemented
against functionality rather than by being based upon and tweaking Bill's code.
That's a good thing. Bill had coded with an enormous number of global variables
(often used instead of parameter passing even though their scope was very
localized) and very little planned structure. You could he how he'd hacked it
together in an ad-hoc manner.

The idea of the Adobe flash code base being used terrifies me.

if we need Flash, which is an idea that I am in no way convinced of, I think
it's a 'backward comparability' feature we need to let go of and strongly
depreciated, then it should be a specification-driven clean-sheet

Oh, wait ... hey is GNU Gnash still around?
What about LightSpark?

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