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Re: [opensuse-factory] openSUSE BugHunting 2017
Basil Chupin composed on 2017-08-02 11:21 (UTC+1000):

I think what you arguing about is more relevant re another option which
Petr put forward, namely: "Wontfix/Feature: issue is a feature
request/or something that should not be fixed by us".

If it isn't going to be "fixed by us" then who should "fix" the problem
reported by a user?

If it is a "feature" requested by a user then to whom should the user
have reported the feature in order for it to be considered for

In both case this is where your comment about "why bother to report
anything if it is going to dismissed out-of-hand" comes in.

The artificial distinction between bug and feature is unfortunate WRT openSUSE
triagers and users. Whether the benefits of separate trackers outweigh their
costs WRT devs I have no idea. Bugzilla software offers tagging as
"enhancement", which is how "features" in other Bugzilla installations are
handled. In those if a bug report should classified as feature, a triager can
simply change a check or select box to convert a bug report into a feature
request, and vice versa.

Separate trackers as we have mean the trouble of assignee or triager closing the
bug, explaining to the reporter what "should have been" or "should be" done, and
leaving it to the perplexed reporter who may or may not appreciate any
distinction between the concepts WRT his report to start all over elsewhere.
Correspondingly, when someone decides to implement an existing feature, there
are two reports to deal with, a fate to close, and a bug to implement and
handle, using entirely different UIs for each.
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