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Re: [opensuse-factory] Delayed new Tumbleweed snapshots
On Wed, 2017-07-19 at 16:04 +0000, James wrote:
I'm just wondering if it is me. I have not seen updates in a long
now and things are being released like the kernel 4.12 and Plasma
other things. Am I on the wrong repos?


Hi Jim, and everybody interested,

I meant to write to yuou all, but the questions started rising even
earlier, so here I come with the explanation on why you have not seen a
new Tumbleweed snapshot since 0712 was released:

* As you certainly know, Tumbleweed is going to be the base (again) for
the next, upcoming SLE15, where development has started as well, and I
was asked to give the linked repository for SLE a moment to catch up,
especially also for the 'slower archs' (slower by build time, like
aarch64, s390x). As those archs are not generally in the main focus of
TW, checkins happen usually before those archs are ready with new test
ISOs, making it hard to get a view of how well/bad they perform. So
starting from July 13 until July 17, I made a 'freeze' for those to
catch up.

In this period, we focused mainly on Stagings and we ended up with
quite large ones - and impacting ones.

For example, we dropped Ruby 2.2 anf Ruby 2.3, switching the entire
Ruby stack to version 2.4, including YaST. This change was checked in
on July 17 - but then took a long time to build (I switched to a more
thorough rebuild strategy, as the change was substantial). Last night,
this got us a snapshot which looks 'ok-ish' - but not good enough to
release to the wild (ruby 2.2 was removed from the repos, but it was
not tagged for removal from the workstations, which would have resulted
in file conflict warnings on every single TW installation). So we used
today to analyze how it could be that this was happening, solved the
underlying issue and are currently building Snapshot 0719. This
snapshot should hit openQA somewhen in the early morning hours (CEST) -
and if we actually caight the right bits, we should see a release
happening somewhen tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay, but I am sure everybody prefers having a couple
snapshots 'missed' instead of having to fix their machines afterwards.

SHould there be any further questions, please feel free to ask.

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