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Re: [opensuse-factory] Can't mount fat32 USB sticks anymore
* Pierre de Villemereuil <flyos@xxxxxxxxxx> [06-24-17 20:55]:
Oh, yeah, forgot to say, I tested different USB keys (all FAT32), they all
behave the same. All where used to host a live USB though... Another thing is
that they all work on another laptop with Linux Mint installed.

I managed to find a key that worked. The main difference of that key is that
it's a USB3-compatible one. It might that it was erased "better" than the
others after hosting a live USB, though I don't remember doing anything
different with it.

If it helps, Gparted recognise the partition of the USB sticks not working as
"iso9660" (I'm positive they're in fat32 and they are recognised as fat32 on
the other laptop), while the USB stick that is working is actually recognised
as a fat32.

I'm clueless about what's happening... Thanks for your help!


Le dimanche 25 juin 2017, 12:37:21 NZST Carlos E. R. a écrit :
On 2017-06-25 02:26, Pierre de Villemereuil wrote:

Since a recent update (also had a problem with snapper rollback, so I
can't be too sure the problem is from the update), I can't mount fat32
USB sticks any more using Plasma interface. The displayed name of the USB
key is wrong (it displays a name like Kubuntu-x64-xxxx from when the USB
was formatted to be a live USB, which it's not any more, very strange!)
and clicking on "Open in File Manager" results in "Impossible to mount".

This means that you did not erase the critical areas before formatting
it again as FAT. That situation has been described here some time ago,
but I don't remember details enough to locate the thread or link.

It doesn't fully explain why it does not mount automatically, only why
the label is confused. maybe the system is sufficiently confused to not
attempt to mount automatically.

I would, thus, try with a new stick or a used one that you did not

I am running Tw 20170622 and have no problem reading fat16/32 cards via a
usb3 hub or usb2 hub.

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