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Re: [opensuse-factory] Command failed (Tumbleweed)
Neil Rickert composed on 2017-06-21 20:57 (UTC-0500):
I should note that I removed "splash=silent" from the boot command
line, so I am seeing startup and shutdown messages instead of the
Plymouth splash screen.
When I shutdown (or reboot) Tumbleweed, I am seeing around 40 lines of
"Command failed" or similar wording. The 40 is a guess. It happens
too rapidly to count, but it does fill more than one screen.
After that, there is a line "Read failed ...". It disappears too
quickly to read the full line.
All of this happens after "target shutdown reached".
I'm not at all surprised that commands are failing after shutdown, or
that files cannot be read after shutdown. But it seems to me that
something is wrong, that it is even attempting to run commands and
read files after shutdown.
I'll note that this is not actually causing problems. But I thought I
should report it. I don't think it is possible to catch any data on
this, so I have not reported a bug.
I always boot with no splash=<anything> and no quiet. To me, not seeing boot
messages is anathema to Linux not being Windows.

Are you seeing failure messages at boot, maybe not perceptible during boot, but
in the journal? If yes, don't be surprised to see corresponding failures at
shutdown. Systemd routinely tries to stop units at shutdown that failed to start
during init. Numerous things that never started cannot be successfully stopped.

Some that systemd tries to stop can cause long shutdown delays, sometimes even
unlimited, and not unusually 90 seconds. IIRC, common ones here seem to be
various non-critical networking connections, e.g. NTP, NFS, ?MB.
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