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Re: OT: Userfriendliness of mailing list, was: Re: [opensuse-factory] Leap 42.3: Only GTK apps start, all others segfault at startup
On 06/18/2017 07:43 PM, Larx wrote:
This is slightly (completely) OT, but I really had to convince myself
to sign in to a mailing list one again. When I started about probably
20 years ago, it was OK to have mailboxes full of list traffic. Now I
have other priorities in live, and nowadays am used to have e.g. user
friendly forums with attachments for logs, Github issue pages, the
option to selectively follow only the topics I'm interested, and so on.
I can concentrate on other things in life than browsing through lists.

As I like SUSE and want to have an usable 42.3, I once again plunged in
the openSUSE infrastructure and am appalled at how backwards (sorry)
this all seams. Mailinglists with 90ies interfaces, unusable on mobile,
a completely seperate place to put logs, and a Bugzilla with a strange
UI (compare it to others), where I have to create an account which
wants to know all kinds of things from me as if I am a corporate
customer of Novell.

Mailing lists are still and will most likely remain the main way of
interacting with FOSS community for foreseeable future. There are many
reasons for that, but you can just look at how "email is dead" and long
live "XYZ" for the last 2 decades.

You can have multiple folders in email - just filter mailing list to
another folder so you don't get your email spammed as much.

Unusable on mobile is a different problem.

Bugzilla is legacy here, I would rather refer to it as "enterprise" and
it is just as likely to change. Every system has its quirks. Debian has
their e-mail based bug tracking system. OpenSUSE has Bugzilla.

The Novell signup page for Bugzilla account has been talked about for
quite some time. People are aware of it for just as long, but it's not
as straightforward to change things as wishing for them.

I am really also appalled to hear network traffic limitations as a
reason for this - time has moved on and we should not longer take 33.6k
modems into account.

I'm not sure what you mean by "network limitations"?

The reasons cited is the same reason you cited - they don't want their
mailbox filled with uninteresting stuff like megabytes of someone's logs ;)

This complete infrastructure is unworthy of this great distro!!

No, that is just ignorance on your part ;) It kind of reminds me of when
I was in university and someone was complaining loudly how they dared to
teach in such obsolete environment as "xterm" and "gcc" instead of
"modern OS like Windows and Visual Studio".

Anyway, back to your Qt issues. Without at least a backtrace, we can all
just be guessing at the problem. Is it possible for you to get a
backtrace of the crash?

- Adam

PS. As always, I only speak for myself.
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