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Re: [opensuse-factory] Leap 42.3 - Review request for python-bcrypt
On Sun, 18 Jun 2017 20:29:30 +0200
Axel Braun <axel.braun@xxxxxx> wrote:


this Request is pending since 2 weeks, can someone please push it



I had a look and I'll review it as ok, but I will take this opportunity
to educate the list on how reviews are prioritized and how the openSUSE
review team works, as well as a call for help.

First, the review team is small and its not our full time job:

Our general guidelines on how we work:

How Factory and Leap 42.3 submissions work:


* This needs updating.

I work on the shared queue for the review team and, in general, I
prioritize submissions like this:

1. Security and maintenance. Obvious in itself. We do not want users
waiting days for security updates. In my experience, once a security
fix is requested, it is reviewed in less than 24 hours.

2. Stagings:

Stagings are groups of packages which ideally come into Factory and TW
a cohesive whole e.g. KDE, GNOME. multimedia etc. This way TW is never
in a situation where upgrades do not have their dependencies missing.
The great thing is both KDE and GNOME teams work well together to make
sure when a major update is on the way incompatible changes do not land
at the same time. On the other hand good coordination meant we had
Gnome 3.24 shipped before anyone :-)

3. Everything else.

Now, as to why this package was waiting two weeks ? Simply we need more
people helping with reviews. This is not a failing of the community,
it is a sign of success and the fact that the number of *new* packages
going into Factory, hence TW grows daily.

On average, my review list is about 150-250 deep at anytime.

So, how can you help ?

Cribbing notes from Dominque:

A qualified candidate would display the following characteristics:

a) works well with the Review Team and the openSUSE (and greater Linux)
b) considerable expertise with RPM packaging
c) considerable expertise with openSUSE packaging methods and standards
d) reasonable awareness of Linux security concerns
e) an appreciation for quality controls and the value of solid, quality
f) an availability to routinely perform these tasks for the
community. Typically a few hours per week divided over several days
during the week.
g) willing to apply the rules to everybody; primary
goal is to safeguard quality, not friendship :) You’re even
allowed to decline coolo’s request!

So, I hope this email is instructive and a call for help.

Moreover, for anyone interested, I am glad to help mentor new folks
over IRC.


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