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Re: [opensuse-factory] Leap 42.3 latest kernel 4.4.71 cannot install Nvidia blob
On 17/06/17 04:45 PM, Roman Bysh wrote:
On 17/06/17 02:05 PM, pit wrote:
> Roman Bysh wrote:
> > On 17/06/17 12:03 PM, Roman Bysh wrote:
> >> On 17/06/17 08:47 AM, pit wrote:
> >>> Roman Bysh wrote:
> >>>> Hi all,
> >>>>
> >>>> Has anyone been successful installing the Nvidia blob with kernel
4.4.70x and 4.4.71x
> >>>> while using Leap 42.3?
> >>>>
> >>>> ERROR: Unable to load the kernel module 'nvidia-drm.ko'.
> >>>
> >>> No further info (via 'modprobe -v' or from syslog)?
> >>> Which version of the BLOB?
> >>>
> >> I'm using 381.22.
> > I have attached the nvidia-installer.log.
> > Note:
> >
> >
/tmp/selfgz1995/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-381.22/kernel/nvidia-drm/nvidia-drm-drv.c: In
function ‘nvidia_drm_get_client_capability’:
> >
warning: unused variable ‘nv_dev’ [-Wunused-variable]
> > struct nvidia_drm_device *nv_dev = dev->dev_private;
> That is only a warning about unused variables. The compile of that part
> finishes fine. The kernel messages at the end are irritating though...
> Have you tried compiling/installing 375.66 instead? That one I run both on
> 4.4 (Leap 42.2 via the nvidia repo) and 4.11 (bumblebee/dkms compile).
> If that one works I'd also think it is an issue of the 381 line...
Yes. I tried 375.66 and it gives the same message. It builds but won't load

You can install the driver with the switch -no-drm. For example:
./ -no-drm
./ -no-drm

However you will get a warning message:
WARNING: The nvidia-drm module will not be installed. As a result, DRM-KMS will
not function with this installation of the NVIDIA driver.

There is some discrepancy between Nvidia developers and kernel developers about
the use of drm-kms. Wayland requires it.
The DRM KMS support in nvidia-drm.ko is still unproven, and has some
interaction issues with SLI, so it is disabled by default in the kernel.

Known Issues


The NVIDIA DRM KMS implementation is currently incompatible with SLI. The X
server will fail to initialize SLI if DRM KMS is enabled.


The NVIDIA DRM KMS implementation does not yet register an overlay plane:
only primary and cursor planes are currently provided.


Buffer allocation and submission to DRM KMS using gbm is not currently

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