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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: What actions for PowerPC TW to continue to be in sync with TW project ?

On 06/06/2017 09:36, Andreas Schwab wrote:
On Jun 02 2017, Normand <normand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What is supposed to be the "normal" process to have PowerPC TW project to
be in sync with TW ?

In which way are they not in sync?


Hello Andreas,

I initially thought there was something not in sync because the dvd iso did not built for some time between 20170527 and 20170602 as per jobhist (1) despite the source change.

It seems that now some actions was done that allow the iso to build
and so the iso to be submitted for openQA tests (2)
Is there a way to find the actions that solved this problem ?

$osc jobhist -l20 openSUSE:Factory:PowerPC _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le images local
time package reason code build time worker
2017-05-29 20:22:15 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le meta change succeeded 6m 51s typhoon2:3
2017-05-29 22:43:14 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le source change succeeded 6m 44s typhoon2:2
2017-05-29 22:51:31 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le meta change succeeded 6m 41s typhoon2:2
2017-05-30 04:00:26 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le source change failed 1m 18s typhoon2:3
2017-05-30 17:15:04 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le meta change failed 0m 58s typhoon2:1
2017-05-31 17:15:57 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le source change failed 1m 8s typhoon5:3
2017-05-31 22:05:14 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le meta change failed 0m 44s typhoon5:1
2017-06-01 00:25:59 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le meta change failed 1m 3s typhoon2:2
2017-06-01 14:43:22 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le source change succeeded 9m 23s typhoon5:4
2017-06-01 19:11:17 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le source change failed 1m 16s typhoon2:4
2017-06-02 10:16:20 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le meta change failed 0m 59s typhoon2:1
2017-06-02 10:38:13 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le source change failed 0m 57s typhoon2:1
2017-06-02 16:24:30 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le meta change failed 6m 29s typhoon5:4
2017-06-03 10:16:48 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le meta change failed 1m 25s typhoon2:4
2017-06-03 11:52:44 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le source change succeeded 7m 2s typhoon2:3
2017-06-03 12:01:09 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le meta change succeeded 6m 55s typhoon2:4
2017-06-03 12:09:57 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le rebuild counter succeeded 7m 1s typhoon2:4
2017-06-04 05:07:40 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le source change succeeded 7m 22s typhoon2:1
2017-06-04 22:23:11 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le meta change succeeded 7m 39s typhoon2:1
2017-06-05 22:57:29 _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le source change succeeded 6m 33s typhoon5:2

no openQA tests between 20170527 and 20170602

Michel Normand

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