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Re: [opensuse-factory] out of curiosity - / grow from 10 to 12GB
Am 05.06.2017 um 14:41 schrieb Anton Aylward:
On 05/06/17 06:12 AM, Peter Mc Donough wrote:
Well, yes, it is that, but I use if even on single drive machines for "deferred
design", that is, I don't need to make hard and fast space allocation
provisioning up front. or correcting an imbalance: too much given to one FS and
not enough to another. Or a Thin Pool :-)

Good, but the question is, do you really need different system-partitions or is
is just because you are used to it?

Are you an Archetypal-Irish to answer a question with another question?
No, just wondering whether LVM for a system is really necessary unless you now that system space requirement are really increasing that much over time.

I don't know what you mean by "different system-partitions", and you still
haven't begun to explain how or why SSD partition management or space management
is superior to LVM?

Sorry, I look at it from my perspective.
Years ago, when I started with Linux, SuSe in fact, it was customary to have several system-partitions on an HDD, for example for / /swap /boot /tmp /usr /var and /home anyway, the reasons for it, I forgot. It was probably the size of HDDs, reliability and one may have needed more than one HDD for a decent system.

I don't think it is necessary for what I do with computers to have more than / and /home for each physical OS, especially as my computer is set to BIOS-mode.
With UEFI it may be different, but not my problem, yet.

As for SSD vs. LVM.
LVM is, as you said, superior if you need the flexibility of resizing partitions on a running system the and capability of adding storage space to it.

I don't need it presently. It would probably be different if I worked extensively with virtual plus physical machines and really needed the space.

I haven't used LV lately, but if I remember correctly, no matter what you do with LV, for booting an OS you need a physical boot partition, which can luckily be in an extended partition but not in a LV.

There are many justifications to having 'containers': security, backup,
conceptual boundaries, packaging. I've discussed many of my personal reasons
for LVM and for the size partitions & pools I use many times on this forum, and
many people have bloged, written academic articles and given presentations back
and forth over this.

To paraphrase someone from the security arena, there are two philosophies for
security/robustness: one is to compartmentalise, replicate and work on the
assumption that any single loss is not crippling; the other is to 'put all your
eggs in one basket' and watch the basket very carefully.

I'm a proponent of the former.

The former philosophy requires separation of data from system and different physical drives for either are a must.
The latter needs several backup baskets.
I run a combination of both.

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