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Re: [opensuse-factory] out of curiosity - / grow from 10 to 12GB
On 04/06/17 09:29 AM, Peter Mc Donough wrote:

Addition: This is fresh "KDE-Tumbleweed" from around Nov. 2016, with one "/"
one "/home" partition, both on ext4.

How big is your disk drive, overall?

Tucked under my desk I have my old laptop. Now it serves as my MySQL-server and
email archiver, but in days gone by it was my workhorse.

It had a mere 90G drive (and still does) that was (and still is) set up with
LVM. As it turns out I don't use all of the drive. I never did.

However with LVM I made the point of having separate /tmp, /var, /usr/share and
/srv. Now I also have a partition dedicated to the SQL database.

It made backup much easier.
It also avoided some vulnerabilities that could arise from hard-linking to
between /tmp and /sbin, and others that could arise from soft-linking, because I
mounted /tmp "nosuid,nodev,noexec". Heck, ~Downloads and ~MyDocuments and
~MyMovies and ~MyMusic are mounted that way too. A good, if slightly, paranoid,
attitude. YMMV on that.

As I've pointed out, if my RootFS grows then I'm *sure* something is wrong.

When you have all your non-home stuff on your RootFS a lot of things can happen
to alter its size and more, some perfectly legitimate, some a slackness in
administration, and some that can be dangerous. Some of that dangerous stuff
might even be malicious.

I don't think my "precautions" are excessive. They may seems lot to people who
don't make use of partitioning or LVM, but with LVM, its easy.

Yes there are people who think that LVM is complex. Well Bully! Driving a car
is more complex! You have a lot more things to consider and end up doing it for
a much longer period of time when driving a car.

I mention my old laptop because it has only the 90G drive, Its running 13.2 and
isn't going to get LEAP'd since its a i586 machine (see 32-bit vs 64-bit
thread). Old as it is, it would still server as a writing/browsing/email engine
for everyday use, if it wasn't for its weight!

An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. -- Friedrich Engels
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