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Re: [opensuse-factory] out of curiosity - / grow from 10 to 12GB
Am 04.06.2017 um 13:21 schrieb Neil Rickert:
On 06/03/2017 02:48 PM, Peter Mc Donough wrote:

I noticed that the stuff on my ext4-root-partition has grown by more
than 20% over the last few month and I'm not aware that I added anything
Usual requirements have been for years around 10GB.

Addition: This is fresh "KDE-Tumbleweed" from around Nov. 2016, with one "/" and one "/home" partition, both on ext4.

I'm still under 10G.

That size I know from previous openSuse variants, below you can see that tmp is set to be regularly cleaned by the system.

Check how many kernels you have:
ls -l /boot/vmlinuz*

the usual suspects:
du -hx /boot 72M /boot
du -hx /tmp 80K /tmp
du -hx /var/tmp 84K /var/tmp
du -hx /var/lib/systemd/coredump 2,0M /var/lib/systemd/coredump
du -hx /var/log 314M /var/log

du -hx / shows

4,2M /root
1,4M /srv
2,3M /bin
8,5M /sbin
14M /lib64
19M /etc
706M /lib
767M /opt (libreoffice 5.2)
1,1G /var
8,8G /usr
12G /

/usr with 8.8G is the frist suspect,

59M /usr/sbin
35M /usr/include
692M /usr/lib
2,5G /usr/lib64
132K /usr/local
522M /usr/bin
1,6G /usr/src (two kernels, 4.11.3-x, 4.11.2-x)
3,5G /usr/share

Also, open Yast Software Management. Select the "Package groups" view.
Click on "orphaned packages". These are packages that are no longer in
any of your enable repos. I do a cleanup there from time to time.

Nothing "red" there.

Could you have a look at the size of the biggest directoryies in /usr

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