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Re: [opensuse-factory] out of curiosity - / grow from 10 to 12GB
Peter Mc Donough composed on 2017-06-03 21:48 (UTC+0200):

I noticed that the stuff on my ext4-root-partition has grown by more
than 20% over the last few month and I'm not aware that I added anything new.
Usual requirements have been for years around 10GB.

So, just out of curiosity, did the system miss some housekeeping or does
Tumbleweed simply require more space.

Which DE(s) is/are installed?

Are your logs being rotated?

What's in your /var/log/journal/*? Those can get large, old and useless.

Is zypper keeping all your installed packages in cache?

How many kernels are installed?

Here on host gx62b, Plasma and IceWM are the only installed DEs. 5 kernels
remain installed. 95% of 5655815 1k total blocks are in use on EXT3 /, compared
to 77% of 5655815 for TDE/IceWM on 42.3 with 2 kernels, 87% of 5655815 for
TDE/IceWM on 42.1 with 5 kernels, and 76% of 5655815 for KDE4/IceWM on 13.1 with
4 kernels. TW/Plasma does seem rather bloated here.
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