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Re: [opensuse-factory] Tallying the quality of package descriptions
On 19.05.2017 10:44, Michal Kubecek wrote:

Do not take me wrong; in no way I want to say all checks are pointless.
But some of them definitely are ("summary should not end with a period"
is one of them) and I'm really worried to see that the overall attitude

Hi Michal,

Put yourself in a reviewer's shoes for a moment. The rpmlint check about
this summary thing is pretty old - and afaik not even a SUSE thing, but
an upstream check.

Plus it's really easy to fix if you see it. And the fact that packages
are submitted without it being fixed indicates to reviewers that people
ignore rpmlint (and they are right as far as my person is concerned :).

But if packagers ignore rpmlint, it's up to the reviewers to have a look
if (more important) warnings were ignored. And this is a tiresome work
and if you do it often a day your focus shifts towards details.
Thankfully our review team *does* it often a day and it's an important
part of our development process. So bear with them heading into details
and support them by not questioning *everything* they say.

Now I would like to stress that this goes into both directions -
reviewers tend to forget how important the 99.9% are that make up
packaging and are not summaries with dots. So they need to put
themselves into 'imperfect packager's shows more often. Because I think
"that will teach them" is a) a signal of abuse of power and b) a signal
of 'us vs them', that is very unhealthy in this context.

So please guys: work together not against each other.

Thanks, Stephan

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