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[opensuse-factory] Tumbleweed - Nvidia 340.102 & Kernel 4.11

Tumbleweed was updated with Kernel 4.11 today on my machine. As far as I
know, there are two ways to patch the Nvidia intaller files to successfully
install the driver.

In either case, the files have to be extracted from the Nvidia installer
package. This is done by using -x flag on the command line while running the
installer (for example, ./ -x). A separate
folder is created with files extracted. After patching the files, the ./nvidia-
installer command to install the driver should be run from within this
extracted folder.

Three patches have to be downloaded from:

The files are 4.10.0_kernel.patch, 4.11_kernel.patch and 4.9.0_kernel.patch.
Copy these into the extract folder created by the installer and apply the
patch command 3 times, one for each file (patch -p1 < name_of_patch, or patch
-p0 < name_of_patch. If one command does not work, try the other).

I strongly recommend that the patches be applied in order, 4.9, then 4.10,
then 4.11.

I applied 4.10 before 4.9 and 4.9 patch did not work and I had to manually
apply 4.9 patch to source files.

Alternatively, a single patch can be downloaded from:

Copy this into extract folder above and apply the single patch. Detailed
instructions are available at the site above on how to apply the patch.

Many thanks to Roman Bysh who provided me with this solution to patch Nvidia
files and a link to the where the patch file is provided.

I would recommend the single patch as it is easier.

I have tried both methods on my machine and the Nvidia driver was installed

Hope this helps others.

Sudhir Anand
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