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[opensuse-factory] About packaging chef for openSUSE and SLE12/12, systemsmanagement:chef:* and multiple ruby's
Hi everyone,

because I needed to play around with chef for work I looked for
packages for openSUSE and SLE11/12 (to avoid installing a 200MB rpm
that installs about 60000 files, various rubygems and what else and
cannot be easily update, as there is no repo, but that is another story).

I found some odd things (and please, this should not be meant as
negative or destructive or as a rant, that is not my intention).

I found systemsmanagement:chef:12, which packages Chef 12 and all its
dependecies (rubygems, mostly). But as Chef 12 has a dependency on
ruby2.2, it builds for only Tumbleweed.

systemsmanagement:chef:master has a broken link, as apparently the
package in factory got removed.
I issued an SR to delete and relink it:

I looked in d:l:r:e and found most of the stuff needed for chef, as
well as chef 13. As this version has a dependency on ruby2.3, it does
not build for any of the build targets in d:l:r:e.

I went ahead and tried to build it myself, and although I had little
understanding of ruby (as can be seen on the packaging list) and the
ruby-related documentation sucks^W leaves room for improvement, I got
most of it working. I added newer ruby version and somehow got gem2rpm
to build, and after that most stuff builds (and, as far as I have
tested it, works).

home:ojkastl_buildservice:Chef_12_openSUSE (42.2/42.2/42.3/TW)
home:ojkastl_buildservice:Chef_13_openSUSE (42.2/42.2/42.3/TW)

I issued several SRs to update versions or add new packages or add
packages with a specific version to fulfil chef's dependency:

I have no idea if they are correct/valid, but I would be grateful if
someone could have a look. Any hints are appreciated.

I am still having trouble with SLES11, but got no replies on the
packaging list this far.

Soooooo, tl;dr:

Is there any reason why systemsmanagement:chef:xyz can not include a
newer ruby to allow builds of chef on things other than Tumbleweed?
Especially as chef in systemsmanagement:chef:master does not build for
a single buildtarget (even if the broken link was repaired)?

If desired, I could sr some packages to the systemsmanagement projects.

Or is there just no one using chef?

Please excuse the long mail.

Looking forward on your opinions,

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